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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rethinking AIDS: When 99% of the world disagrees, we must be right

The AIDS Denialists are planning their World AIDS Day conference. If you are in Washington on December 1, you should drop by the Washington Court Hotel. In case you find it hard to believe that anyone in 2011 questions the existence of HIV, seeing these guys is believing.  Here is the latest announcement that Rethinking AIDS emailed to potential attendees.  Remember, this is not a joke, at least it is not meant to be a joke.

UPDATE: As discussed in comments below, the AIDS Deniers have cancelled their 2011 Rethinking AIDS conference. 
So sad. 
The reason is obvious -- 
     a clash of delusions. 
The AIDS denier camps are fighting, again. There is a battle between those who say HIV does not exist (Perthians) and those who say HIV exists but is harmless (Duesbergians).
I am not sure why they just don't have a denialist debate? What are they afraid of?  I would be happy to sponsor the debate and host it on this blog. 
Any takers?
Have a few minutes for some mindless entertainment? Visit the Rethinking AIDS page in Facebook. 

99% of the world believes that HIV causes AIDS and quickly death, that HIV is sexually transmitted and that lifelong treatment with AIDS drugs is necessary.
We, at Rethinking AIDS, are the 1% who have the evidence that this is false. Join us at our December 1-3 Rethinking AIDS 2011 conference in Washington DC.For further details and information, please visit

The conference will start with the keynote speech, "The Racist Face of HIV/AIDS", by Neville Hodgkinson, former Sunday Times science reporter. Neville was once a fervent promoter of mainstream views but, once he started considering the evidence, adopted the opposite viewpoint, eventually costing him his job. Click here to see the full program

Another highlight of RA2011 will be the North American premiere of "Positively False: Birth of a Heresy" by Joan Shenton and Andi Reiss. Joan is well known for the documentaries she made for major British channels in the 1980s and 1990s, eventually causing her to be blacklisted. Click here to learn more about this documentary

There will be two full days of educational sessions on Friday December 2nd and Saturday December 3rd with participation from well known AIDS rethinkers like Duesberg, Rasnick and Giraldo as well as new voices like MDs Matt Irwin and Nancy Banks, breastfeeding advocate Marian Tompson, and long term survivor of the diagnosis, Raul Ehrichs de Palma. Click here to see all speakers

Free Session
If you know someone in the Washington DC area who could benefit from this information but might be reluctant to pay for the conference, suggest that they register for the free, two-hour, pre-conference session led by Rethinking AIDS president David Crowe, former Virginia Tech dean Dr. Henry Bauer and Nancy Turner Banks, MD.

Event details: December 1-3, 2011 | Washington, DC | Washington Court Hotel


  1. That is an eclectic program.

    Weird. I'm totally speechless.

  2. How about that, they lie right off the bat by saying that HIV leads "quickly to death." That is just plain old BS. This latest very large study shows that life expectancy with HIV and HAART gives a person a regular old life expectancy. The study shows people with HIV and HAART living to be 75 to 80 years old. Not quite Karri Stokely, now is it?

  3. Hi Seth

    Wouldn't you be better off writing a bogus report with say Ken Witwer and publishing it the journal you edit and then claim that it's a peer reviewed piece? Oh sorry you've already done that.

    Perhaps you could team up with a pile of AIDS activists and provide pseudo scientific content to a web site that promotes the use of toxic pharmaceuticals to vulnerable Africans. Oops already done that too.

    Maybe get funded by a pharmaceutical company to attend and present at an AIDS conference where toxic drugs are prescribed to scared and vulnerable people? You guessed it, those bases are covered too.

    Really old boy you have about as much relevancy and ethical cudos as Gadaffi did a week ago. It's a shame you haven't met the same end though.

  4. Im looking forward to watch Karri Stokely and Emery Taylor talking about how alive and well they are without drugs......oh wait..

  5. Really to Gadaffi? You're saying that Kalichman embezzled countless sums of money, murdered people in secret prisons, and arranged for the bombing of an airliner. Well, actually, I guess you are, seeing as you think Kalichman gets paid $17 million dollars in tainted money to write a FREAKING BLOG, and is the spawn of Satan. But most reasonable people see claims like that and assume you are insane.

  6. Hey Golden Gun, let's put up Seth's journal against Bauer's JAAPS rag and see which one garners more peer review, shall we?

    As a matter of fact, I bet Seth would be happy to go against any of your denialist buddies for credibility and he would win every time, hands down.

  7. As I have pointed out many times, denialism is a mental health problem... Denialists have a preconceived world view and they select reality, or make up reality in this case, to confirm their beliefs.

    So Golden Boy,

    I do not believe I ever wrote anything with Witwer that was published in AIDS and Behavior.

    I have no idea what pseudoscience I ever posted on a website for Africans.

    I have never been funded by any pharmaceutical company. Ever.

    I do not believe drugs are ever prescribed by or at conferences.

    And is that last line a death threat? Please confirm so I can contact that the cyber security people at Google. I think they take death threats pretty seriously. It is pretty easy to track down comments in Blogger....a good reason for using this product.

    Thanks for the comment.

  8. It probably is a death threat..but hollow and impotent like his brain.

    Speaking of people who should die, let's talk about pedophiles. Clark Baker just claims to have gotten a Child Rapist (he raped a girl from age of 9 to 11) a drastically reduced sentence!! Yes, it's true. Baker "the Good Cop"! All the info is at my site, HIV Innocence Project Truth.

  9. Dr. Kalichman - you say that "denialism is a mental health problem," but I'm not sure I believe that. Do you base your opinion on your training and expertise as a University professor and psychology PhD, or are you just talking as a blogger?

  10. The conference is off.David Crowe and Peter Duesberg runs Rethinking AIDS as their own little organisation.

    Statement: September 12, 2011

    RA Board and other rethinkers:

    Due to an irreconcilable difference with the other two organizers of RA2011, I am withdrawing my participation in, and my support for RA2011.

    David Crowe and Siggi Duesberg seem to think the conference should be another effort at rethinkers talking to each other. From the beginning, I promoted the mission of this conference as an outreach to the victims of HIV=AIDS–gay men, Africans and African Americans–who are not even represented on the RA Board. I urged that it be held in the epicenter of the HIV=AIDS myth, Washington, DC, with our large number of gay men and African Americans, and in the city that will be the venue seven months later for the International AIDS Society 2012 AIDS-fest conference of 15,000-20,000 cult members in Washington, DC. I urged that the conference begin on World AIDS Day as a way to facilitate some kind of media attention for our effort.

    I have spent countless hours in planning for the conference, beginning with visits to a half-dozen possible hotels ten months ago, including the one we eventually contracted with. Though I have no personal wealth, I committed to $2000 in donations to RA, $1,250 of which I have donated, including paying the $150 registration fee.

    The only thing I asked was to be able to do a two-hour special seminar for local people. This was after David and Siggi refused to even consider allowing local people to observe the conference without paying the steep registration fee. The local attendees would be gay men and African Americans who have never heard of opposition to HIV=AIDS; just people who I would persuade to open their minds to hearing us.

    I also recently urged that a student, young adult or low income special registration fee be offered, but again, Mr. Crowe and Ms. Duesberg just dismissed the idea.

    And now, I understand that David is trashing me as uncooperative, trivializing my efforts. It is correct that I am insisting on starting my seminar no earlier than 3:30 pm on World AIDS Day. It is an absolute fabrication that I EVER agreed to starting at 1 p.m. I told David and Siggi a long time ago that my best guess is that the AIDS Industry here will be doing another free AIDS Day luncheon for members of the local Industry, and I wanted my seminar at the end of the day. To begin at 1 pm or 2 pm would mean local people would have to take off their entire afternoons from work. I reluctantly agreed to 3 p.m. as a start time, and then Siggi and David arbitrarily demanded that I start at 2 pm. I suggested that the conference start at 6:30 pm instead of 6 pm so I could start later. All of that was rejected by them–reflecting their lack of commitment to making this conference an outreach to the community of victims of HIV=AIDS. And, RA Board members will recall the doom-and-gloom report that Ms. Duesberg gave in the last RA Board conference call, with an incredibly negative attitude toward the success of the conference.

    I will continue to research and write about the HIV=AIDS myth, but I will do that independently from Rethinking AIDS.

    I thank you all for your efforts at ending the psychological terrorism and the drug poisoning of the HIV=AIDS myth.

    –Terry Michael

  11. Denialism is a mental health problem, in a clinical sense, not a blogger sense. The psychopathology of those who spread AIDS misinformation looks like a garden variety of paranoid , narcissistic, antisocial, and schizoid personalities. Some seem fully delusional. People who are hooked into their misinformation tend to be highly suspicious, not quite paranoid except in the more severe cases. Their suspicions culminate in conspiracy thinking. That seems to represent the people who are into AIDS Denialism but are not affected by AIDS. Denialism just fits their world view. For those who are affected by AIDS, either because they have been diagnosed or someone they care for has been diagnosed, are more likely experiencing what psychiatrists call pathological denial. It is this last group that motivates my interest in AIDS denialism. I wrote about all of this in Denying AIDS. Buy a copy, the royalties are used to buy HIV meds in Africa.

  12. Infighting among AIDS Deniers is nothing new. What is surprising is Claus Jensen flaming the fires. Apparently the snake pit is raging on Facebook.
    If you ever worked in a psychiatric facility this will all be familiar. Someone needs to put the trouble makers in isolation and put on some calming music.

    And why is the Rethinking AIDS website down?
    Could it be that David Crowe has imploded? Looks like his Alberta Reappraising AIDS website has become a tool for Clark Baker to market himself as the legal beagle of AIDS Deniers.

    If they really cancel the conference, I will see if the Washington Court Hotel can give us a deal on the space. We could have a Denialism Symposium and book fair... several new books are out and more are coming out...stay tuned.

  13. I would say there was an era during which HIV/AIDS denialism wasn't necessarily pathological. There was some room to be misled or to question the consensus model of HIV disease, up until and particularly during the era of AZT monotherapy. But once we got HAART and could see the dramatic, unequivocal results, it absolutely did become insane, at least in the colloquial sense. Whether all of these people suffer from the personality disorders Dr. K attributes to them I'm not sure though. Some just have their identities and self-esteem so wrapped up in their erroneous beliefs that they don't have a way out. This is a psychological problem, but I don't know if it merits a disease label. But that's really a semantic quibble.

  14. Cervantes
    We agree.. today AIDS denialism is a mental health problem...labels and diagnostic boxes are unnecessary and probably counter productive.
    But definitely a psychological problem.

  15. Henry Bauer confirms that the RA Conference is OFF! Bauer says that most people could not muster the funds to go "in these tough economic times."! What a crock! They had over a year to save money. But then again, since most of them are unemployed and suck off of the Government Teat (as Jonathan Barnett and other members discussed how to defraud the gov't) I guess they are all too broke to go. Sad really. Too lazy to even work some under the table job to get some extra bucks to go to that stupid convention. Pathetic.

    And, why would they cancel with only a month left to go? They are so disorganized. They are constantly in-fighting. Their little organization is done. Over. Kaput!

  16. Hilarious. Am catching up with all the debate on facebook.

  17. Where is this Facebook group? I want to be in the loop.

  18. The Rethinking AIDS Group is what I saw.
    I also think that Claus Jensen is worth reading... be sure to be seated to avoid falling over laughing.

  19. These people are all a disaster! At ReThinking AIDS FB there is some crazy talk going on. John Hankins lives in DC and says he has been active for months passing out fliers and asking people on the street to come. He also says he saw some big wig in the grocery store and the man laughed in Hankin's face and said "Oh, you're that guy!"

    This is a perfect example of how 99% of the world sees these delusional retards.

    Hankins is offended that David Crowe sent him a hundred bucks for his trouble and Hankins sent it back calling it a "booby prize". But not before threatening to spend it on drugs "to forget." WOW! These people are way off balance! Sad, sad, sad.

  20. Baker lying again. He claims Jason Alexander Young will be out of jail by December thanks to OMSJ. Unless he means December 2021 he is full of crap. The guy plead guilty to two counts of Intentional Spread of HIV to Another and got ten years!! What a tool!!

  21. Anyone else notice that the Rethinking Aids site is down? Hopefully this is permanent.

  22. Hey clowns, <a href="
    >Deny This</a>. Impact of late diagnosis and treatment on life expectancy in people with HIV-1: UK Collaborative HIV Cohort (UK CHIC) Study

  23. Clark Baker is coming unraveled. He finally made the threat to my website I knew would eventually come! He lies and says I misrepresented myself and is threatening to take down my websites!!

    What a predictable, pathetic tool.

  24. And there is news of more deaths, Ariela Cordero Pardo who apparently also attended RA2009 and Isabel Otaduy who made the film "The Science of Panic" (not sure if she also attended the conference). Meanwhile, like the Queen Mother, Duesberg and the other crotchety old bigots and closet cases who make up the HIV-negative leadership of denialism just keep on going and going and going.

  25. Noreen Martin has been making some comments on my blog. Her CD4 is 74 and she thinks that's normal. She's refusing treatment and probably trying to persuade other HIV +ves to follow her lead. Its so depressing.

  26. My understanding from her posts online is that antiretrovirals have restored Noreen's health at least once if not more when she's been very sick. She explains her rationalizations about short term use in this thread on here:

    Of course, if the denialists she supports had their way, there wouldn't have been any antiretrovirals for her to take.

  27. Heh don't associate the late Queen Mother with Deusberg. She was one member of the Royal Family who was not descended from the Germans! And she was basically awesome and totally happy around theatrical types.

    As for Noreen, she's a rabid denialist from what I can tell. CD4 count in the 70s is not good.

  28. Clark Baker better try and get RA Facebook off line. It has accounted for over 50 new visitors to my site over the last two days. That's 100+ new visitors seeing that Clark Baker is a lying tool from the very site that is supposed to be blindly supporting him!!

  29. Finally! You fellows have exposed Clark Baker for who he is. Baker, the ultimate opportunist, tries to work for two groups that are diametrically opposed. It is obvious that HIV does not exist. But Baker and his lapdog Duesberg claims that HIV is a harmless passenger virus. THESE TWO IDEAS ARE OPPOSITE AND CANNOT COEXIST! What really gets my fire is Duesberg/Baker pretending to support "House of Numbers." HON is a Perthian film, and supports that HIV doesn't exist. Get it right guys!

    We Perthians are disgusted by the weak-minded alded Baker/Duesberg. This is why we are going to disrupt and destroy any effort to hold a Rethinking AIDS meeting. What is there to rethink? We must be ideologically pure.HIV DOES NOT EXIST, PERIOD!

    Further, we denounce Baker's incredibly muddled OSMJ. The only defense of any so-called innocence project must be (can only be) that HIV does not exist! Arguing that HIV does not exist and also that HIV exists but you can't prove it undermines our entire groups credibility!

    After much debate, we have decided to back the members of this blog. We have more in common with you scientists. Truth emerges from error faster than from muddle. Baker is just one muddle.

    To have any chance of success, true rethinkers must join with truthers to rid all of us from Clark Baker. Baker's extremism and thugishness ruins the potential for any real debate.

    So, we Perthians ask for a truce with everyone on this blog. We want to unite to end Clark Baker. Baker is harming us more than you!

    After we eliminate Baker from the debate, then we challenge all of you to a reasoned, rational debate.

    What do you have to say? Workers of the HIV world, unite! We have nothing to lose but our chains!

    Down with Clark! Down with Duesberg! Back to legitimate science, and for real engagement between scientists who have real legitimate differences!

  30. ReThinking AIDS Facebook has slightly over 1200 people. That ain't much!! has not even 70!

    This stupid RA Conference just cancelled due to lack of interest. That says it all. AIDS Denial, or Dissidence if you prefer, is very low on the totem pole!! Face it, losers, you are losers!!!!

  31. As there is still no proper treatment for HIV, these kinds of workshops are good ways to inform people about the protecting methods. It is unbelievable that this subject is still been denied.


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