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Have you or someone you know been harmed by AIDS Denialism? If you, or someone you care about, have been advised to stop taking HIV meds, ignore HIV test results, purchase a 'natural' cure etc., please email me.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If it looks like a Nut and smells like a Nut, it's probably a Nut

Why do so many Tea Party people sound like AIDS Denialists? I previously posted on libertarian/Tea Party US Senator Rand Paul's membership in The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, an ultraconservative group that endorses pseudoscience and AIDS denialism. In addition, Celia Farber,  a vocal AIDS Denier, is aligned with the Tea Party movement. Several AIDS Deniers have posted their nutty views on the libertarian Lew Rockwell website. So it should not be surprising that leaders in the Tea Party can look a lot like AIDS Denialists. 

Case in point: The Huffington Post has collected "The craziest things Michele Bachmann has ever said".  Congresswoman (and potential Presidential Candiate) Bachmann has weighed in on intelligent design, germ conspiracies, vaccine hazards, and homophobic paranoia. It is just a matter of time before she claims that HIV does not cause AIDS. Here are some favorite Bachmann quotes from the Huffington Post article. If you have a couple minutes, visit the article and watch some of her videos. 

"And what a bizarre time we're in, when a judge will say to little children that you can't say the pledge of allegiance, but you must learn that homosexuality is normal and you should try it."

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Denying AIDS is Turning Japanese

Denying AIDS has been published in Japanese. This translation was in the works for more than two years. 
AIDS Denialism has a foothold in every region of the world. There are AIDS Denialism websites throughout Asia. The Japanese have a strong interest in Denying AIDS. Sadly, it is hard to see the book finally finished at this dark hour. 
The horror of Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami has gripped the world's attention. To receive my copies of the Japanese translation at this moment leaves me speechless. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seeing is believing: Oxford University Students Learn about AIDS Denialism

Seeing is believing
by Abu Abioye | 11:26 GMT, Tue 01 March 2011
It seems almost absurd to me that “sensible” people are able to deny evidence that AIDS is caused by HIV. Without trying to sound flippant, I would invite these people to voluntarily infect themselves with HIV and see how they fare. From the holocaust to smoking causing cancer, denialism appears to be rife – posing as skepticism. One might argue that we cannot deny freedom of expression. Indeed, revolutionaries such as Copernicus and Galileo held ideas that contradicted the scientific dogma of their time, and some doctrines that were once accepted by the scientific community have turned out to be false. However, it is important that we stick to the scientific method and provide valid proof for whatever theory or claim we may have, be it in line with or against the scientific consensus.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

How AIDS Denialism Can Kill You Part VII: Nadezhda

David Crowe AIDS Denialist
A Russian woman has posted her story at David Crowe's Alberta Reappraising AIDS website. It illustrates how the AIDS Denialism movement attracts people who are unable to cope with their HIV diagnosis. Her T-cells are dropping and she believes it is nothing to worry about. Nothing to with AIDS. Rather than correcting her misinformed beliefs, Crowe is happy to confirm them. He is a primary vector for the spread medical misinformation. If you have read the tragic story of Emery Taylor below, Nadezhda's post will sound very familiar. Here are some excerpts. I encourage you to visit Crowe's website, if you can stomach it. 

My name is Nadezhda. I am 31 years old. I tested HIV-positive 2 years ago, I am asymptomatic and healthy and never have been sick since my “diagnosis”. I didn’t ask for this testing, it was mandatory testing for official purposes.

Prior to my test I already had seen sites online saying that “HIV=AIDS” is a myth. One of them is run by a doctor who writes about healthy lifestyle and natural ways of healings. He also writes against HIV=AIDS and vaccinations and other medical dogmas and since he was a doctor himself I trusted his opinion. When I read that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, I just knew that he was right deep in my heart. But I didn’t know any details.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Denial Desperation

Guest Posting by Concerned Observant Citizen

The death of Emery Taylor has set off a disturbing action in the “dissident” (denialist) community.  They have taken this death as a Publicity Opportunity to “Circle the Wagons”.  Mr. Taylor’s death has become a call to arms to batten down the hatches and decide if you are a true “dissident” or a “denialist”.  This has started because Mr. Taylor’s death was a “classic AIDS Death” according to Gos, an AIDS dissident blogger, who is also afraid this fact “will prove to be a massive crisis of faith for many who currently call themselves ‘AIDS dissidents’”.  Gos goes on to conjecture that the truth of Mr. Taylor’s death “will make or break us.”

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