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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vaccine Hysteria Takes Hold in the USA

Vaccines not safe, say one of four Americans in new poll
Posted on October 1, 2011 by Stone Hearth News

ANN ARBOR, Mich. and WASHINGTON, Sept. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — More than one-quarter of Americans are concerned about the value and safety of vaccines and 21.4 percent believe vaccines can cause autism, according to the Thomson Reuters-NPR Health Poll.

Thomson Reuters and NPR conduct the monthly poll to gauge attitudes and opinions on a wide range of health issues.

In the latest survey in the series, 26.6 percent of respondents expressed concern over the safety of vaccines. Households with children under the age of 18 demonstrated the greatest level of concern (30.8%). The lowest level of concern (18.5%) was found in respondents 65 years old and up.

Among those with concerns, 47.3 percent attributed their fear of vaccines to future long-term impact on health and 46.0 percent said they were worried about side effects.

Nearly one in five said they have questioned or refused a vaccine for themselves or their children — with a higher rate among those under 35 (28.1 percent) and a lower rate among those 65 and older (12.7 percent).

When asked about specific safety concerns, 21.4 percent of respondents said they believe vaccines can cause of autism, 9.2 percent said they believe vaccines can be linked to cancer, 6.9 percent believe they play a role in diabetes, and 5.9 percent cite a connection between vaccines and heart disease.

Overall, 24 percent of respondents said their opinions of vaccines have changed in the past five years. Of those, 59 percent say their views on vaccines have become less favorable.

“Ironically, these survey results are a testament to the effectiveness of vaccines: older people remember what illnesses like polio did to cripple and kill patients, but the younger generation has never seen someone with polio,” said Raymond Fabius, M.D., chief medical officer at the healthcare business of Thomson Reuters. “Because of the elimination of diseases through immunization, there is a lack of understanding that the benefit of vaccines greatly outweighs the minimal risks of side effects both short and long term.”

For a copy of the vaccine survey results. click here

To date, the Thomson Reuters-NPR Health Poll has explored numerous healthcare topics, including generic drugs, abortion, vaccines, food allergies, and organic and genetically modified foods. NPR’s reports on the surveys are archived online at the Shots health blog here.

The Thomson Reuters-NPR Health Poll is powered by the Thomson Reuters PULSE(SM) Healthcare Survey, an independently funded, nationally representative telephone poll that collects information about health-related behaviors and attitudes and healthcare utilization from more than 100,000 US households annually. Survey questions are developed in conjunction with NPR. The figures in this month’s poll are based on 3,011 participants interviewed from August 1-16, 2011. The margin of error is 1.8 percent.


  1. I suppose the biggest problem you pharma whores have is that eventually when enough people decide vaccines are a waste of time you'll have a consensus against them. Then You'll have to admit you are wrong, as we all know that a consensus dictates the veracity of a scientific statement. Well according to your skewed logic.

  2. Really? Clarkie? "Vaccines are a waste of time"? Take that polio! A failed police officer says you are a "waste of time"!

    Of course! Everyone knows - Jonas Salk was a secret socialist! And the Hepatitis vaccine implants government chips inside of you!

    Parents - say no to your children getting protected against diphtheria!

    When you get cut with rusty metal - remember - tetanus is just a myth!!
    Rabies doesn't happen! It's made up by "big pharma"!!

    And so what, rotavirus! Who cares about a fake virus that kills!

    And why vaccinate against chickenpox? I mean, with "chicken" in the name it can't be that bad!

    Vaccines = Bad
    School = Bad

    We don't need no education. We don't need no mind control. Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!

  3. I think we actually need more research on which vaccines are being given and why. For example, it is obvious from the rate of chickenpox infections that the use of the vaccine is skyrocketing. There is no other explanation I can think of that would explain the precipitous drop in infection rate. And this at the time when Wakefield was in his prime.

    On the other hand, HIB use seems to be declining. And the, admittedly unscientific surveying I have done, seems to indicate that most of the ire is directed at flu shots and Hep B.

  4. Everyone dies. Without vaccines, they will die sooner and decrease the surplus population. We need to create a superman through selective breeding program from mine shafts.

    Join Sarah Palin and Clark Baker: destroy humanity now! Die now and beat the rush! The only way to beat Big Pharms is to have the entire humanity take the Kool-Aid and die! That will show Big Pharma.

  5. Dr. Strangelove:
    You are absolutely right! We need to also help Clark Baker start the "Tea Party Innocence Project."

  6. Christopher ColumbusOctober 13, 2011 at 11:52 PM

    The world is flat! If only Clark had been alive in 1492! He could have strangled science in its cradle. Yes, imagine a world without Big Pharma, without Big Science, without Big America! We all need to ignore science. No need for warm houses or electricity. Crush science! Crush discovery! Back to the mud huts and back to plague. That is what real humanity on the streets of third worlds teach us! Up with Inquisitions! Up with Clark, and Clarkism forever!

  7. Hey, stop pickin on my pal Clark!

    We don't need all this vacciny stuff. Real Americans don't like science! Hot dogs, apple pie and flat earth! We can all dress up in sheets for Halloween! Go rogue! Ignore race! Let's get Mavericky.