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Sunday, May 15, 2011

AIDS Denialism in Action: Clark Baker and the HIV Innocence Project Part II

Clark Baker and the late Karri Stokley
I received this email the other day. The writer's identity is concealed, although he did not ask me to do so. He nearly fell for Clark Baker's Innocence Project. Fortunately he had enough sense to recognize Baker was a sham. Baker's suggestion to stop taking his medications was a dead giveaway that he was dealing with a mad man. Good news is that this guy searched Clark Baker and found my blog. Mission accomplished! Below are the correspondences he gave me permission to post.

Dear Seth,

I just found out that the HIV innocence project is a fake! I was wrongly convicted for being HIV positive and spent two years in jail. I read about the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OSMJ) and thought I had finally found some help. But all I'm getting from Clark Baker is double talk. He won't take my case! I wonder if his project exists at all. Why won't he put me in touch with lawyers?

Worst of all, is this man trying to kill me? He wants me to go off medicines. I'm not a fool- I need legal help. But I want to stay healthy. Why would any detective tell me to go off meds? I'm reading on the internet about Karri Stokely. Is this what happened to her? Is this legal? Why is Baker harming his clients?

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Denialist Henry Bauer's Logic and AIDS

What Constitutes Common Knowledge?
Guest Post by Concerned Citizen 

Very recently I attempted to engage Henry Bauer in dialogue at his HIV Skeptic site.  From the start of my argument it was obvious that I was not a dissident, but to his credit, Bauer went along with the dialogue.  Unfortunately, the dialogue ground to a halt after my third post.  I attempted a discussion on the reliability of HIV Testing based on the specificity of antibodies.  As proof of the highly specific nature of antibodies, I gave an example of vaccinations.  Vaccines are incredibly successful against the organism being inoculated against because of the specificity of the antibody elicited.  I also conceded that the dialogue was doomed to failure since Henry claims HIV has never been isolated and therefore, by that logic, the specificity of the antibodies to HIV could not be confirmed. 

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

AIDS Denialism in Action: Clark Baker and the HIV Innocence Project

AIDS Denialist Clark Baker with the late Karri Stokely
WICHITA, Kansas, – Effort is being made to get a new trial for a McConnell airman convicted of hiding his HIV status from sex partners in Wichita. KSN has learned the Innocence Project has its sights set on Wichita. It plans to help Tech Sgt. David Gutierrez get a new trial after he was convicted in a military courtroom in January.

It was a case that aired Wichita’s dirty laundry from Coast to Coast: an airman sentenced to eight years behind bars for hiding his HIV positive states at swinger parties.

Robert was one of the victims.

“As many people as he tried to infect, and I'm sorry, kill, in my book, I think he should get the death sentence,” he said.

But not everyone agrees. The HIV Innocence Project has joined Gutierrez in a push for a new trial. The non-profit group helps defendants accused of HIV-related crimes. It took on 20 criminal cases last year, saying in almost every case the charges were dropped. The group’s leader, Clark Baker, calls the Gutierrez case disturbing.

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