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Friday, October 14, 2011

An Open Letter to Clark Baker from Concerned Citizen

Dear Mr. Baker,

You recently wrote a letter to Dr. Kalichman requesting his expertise in HIV Criminalization Cases.  You made this request for the prosecution, even though you speciously claim to work for the defense.  Would you consider this to be an ethical request?  If you wish to be accepted as a serious, respected, criminal justice professional, a letter with such childish pandering does not bode well for your credibility.  It is not only unprofessional to taunt a man credentialed and well respected in his field, it also gives you the appearance of a bully.  It is also a waste of Dr. Kalichman’s precious time.

Strategy & Slander
First you mention the so called strategy of OMSJ.  Your stated strategy in the letter is to go over the medical and scientific evidence to be used by the prosecution and “render opinions as to whether they have sufficient evidence or not.”   That is the only truth I have ever seen you write.  You admit that what you are offering is opinion; speculation; conjecture.  How could you offer an educated opinion when you do not accept the current, accepted science of HIV?  Or when you do not have the necessary education or experience to render a valid opinion?  This obvious oversight on your part is not lost on logical, mentally stable people.
 However, the true strategy as stated at your OMSJ site is to perpetuate an agenda of “HIV Science as incoherent gibberish”.  You state that “HIV tests are worthless” and that “HIV tests are designed to do nothing more than market HIV as a disease.”   You accuse HIV Scientists, Researchers and Doctors as being “Pharma Sluts” and anyone else who disagrees with you as “meth trannies.”  How can you make these ridiculous, unsubstantiated and libelous accusations and expect to be taken seriously?

Specific Slander of Dr. Kalichman
In your letter to Dr. Kalichman, you write:  “As you know, OMSJ has been extremely impressed by your knowledge and expertise in the field of HIV and AIDS.”   And yet there are several examples of your extreme libel and slander of Dr. Kalichman at all 3 of your websites.  In July of 2010 you wrote at your Ex-Liberal site that “Professor Kalichman is paid $17 Million Dollars to write (this blog), Denying AIDS and to write harassing emails.”  That proves not only your insincerity, but your complete disregard for the truth.    

Contradictions VS Proof
The contents of your letter were also contradictory as well as lacking in substance and facts.  For example, you claimed that OMSJ has “been involved in several dozen cases since 2009.”  However, you only list 28 cases at your OMSJ site not 36.  Where are the other 8 cases, Mr. Baker?  You also falsely profess a glowing success in “every case that defense attorneys have worked with OMSJ.”   I have an entire website in which I meticulously document the truth behind those cases you list at OMSJ.  Even though you merely list the name of a defendant and a link to an original news article of the arrest, I have spent a great deal of time documenting case numbers, court documents, attorney records, correspondence with attorneys and court clerks as well as current news articles specific to the outcome of the case.  Here is a true summary of why charges were dropped in 8 of your 28 cases: 

Charges Dropped Due to Precedent Established in Previous Case
1.       Shan Ortiz
2.       Darren Chiacchia
 Charges Dropped Due to Defendant Testing HIV Negative on ELISA
1.       Jose Alex Perez
2.       Daniel Hay Lewis
3.       Shan Ortiz - this defendant was also shown to be mentally unstable and did not commit the crime of molesting a child.  Also, the physical examination of the child confirmed the child was not molested.

Plea Deals - Both Defendants Convicted; Received Incarceration and Fine
1.       Cordlin Comer - This was a plea deal.  The first time the plea was offered, the defendant turned it down "waiting for medical records".  Once they received the medical records proving the defendant was indeed HIV+, the defendant accepted the exact same plea deal, not a reduced plea.  One charge was dropped (and the defendant married that accuser who also gave birth to their child). 
2.       Jerome Walker - HIV Tests proved the defendant was HIV+.  He was convicted of 2 of 4 charges and 2 years of confinement.

Attorney Confirmation via email 
1.       Daniel Allen - Attorney James Galen sent me an email verifying that Baker lied about being "instrumental" in this case.  Mr. Galen went on to confirm Mr. Baker not useful at all.
All of these cases prove definitively that you have lied about at least 8 cases that you claim “complete success”.  Several of these cases have charges dropped as a direct result of the very science and HIV Tests you claim to be fraudulent and worthless.  How do you accommodate for those facts?  Detailed information about these cases can be found at the HIV Innocence Project. 

How else will you chose to embarrass yourself, Mr. Baker?  How about coming clean and provide some transparency?  How about providing specifics as to exactly how you have helped each case?  How about providing some information about your staff of experts and attorneys?  Or is OMSJ just one man perjuring himself with phony affidavits?


  1. Problem with this open letter:

    It is logical and coherent. Clarkie's nonsense is obvious to any reasonable person.

    But Clark Baker has an obvious psychological disorder. It is clearly punctuated by narcissism, and bolstered by his lies. There are elements of self-loathing in his personality, exaggeration, and flat out dishonesty.

    The personality disorder/s that Clark demonstrates time and time again will be prohibitive in any effort made to demonstrate any of this to him.
    He is a hopeless loser.

  2. I have never lost a case. I have traveled more streets of Rio, Calcutta, Pakistan. But there is only one person I could never get off. Clark Baker is guilty! guilty! guilty! He has blood on his hands. The dead of Africa and the world cry out for justice.

    I took an oath to defend anyone. But now there is one man I will never defend. Clarkie must be convicted.

  3. Before being censored from Rethinking AIDS Facebook page, I started a thread with over 50 comments. In that thread, when confronted with the fact that Attorney James Galen definitively stated that Baker was not involved in the Daniel Allen Case, Baker called Mr. Galen a liar! That says it all. No matter what indisputable facts and proof are presented, Mr. Baker will chose to lie. His credibility is shot and yet he soldiers on. The only word for that is...DENIAL!

  4. I have always believed that every human psyche, no matter how warped, or inhumane, or cruel, can be analyzed, understood and healed.

    But even I know Clarkie is an exception. His is the most inscrutable criminal mind of the century. He is fixated on the idea that he is a private detective, and sublimated that he is really the criminal he seeks. He lives out his Oedipal fantasies, compounding them with the fantasy of transmitting and killing both parents with the HIV that fascinates his every waking moment.

    Clark poses as a Shakesperean who appropriates from Hamlet. But he protests too much. Oedipus was in fact based on Hamlet. If Clark indeed continues to project himself as Queen Gertrude's son (Hamlet), a very bad end is to be expected. He must see that in fact he is Queenie herself. The intense repressed conflict of his sexuality is at the root of his self-hatred, and continue wish to reach "felicity", an outcome profoundly to be wished.

    But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and Clarkie is just a crook posing as his alternative. This is one case I can't solve.

  5. A Private Investigator I know in California is well aware of Clark Baker. Mr. Baker, according to this source, is considered a joke by everyone in the criminal justice system in Cali. Other officers who worked with Baker in the LAPD did not feel safe when on a call with Baker around. He was known to be a loose cannon who more often than not would lose his temper and could set off a potentially dangerous situation for the other officers present. Also, I have been told by a very confident source that many times drug busts would not go off because someone, probably Baker, would tip off the subjects. It was believed Baker did this for a monetary kick back and that is why Baker now lives in a million $$ mansion!!

  6. Hey LAPD Source:

    The house Baker lives in is not his. He lives with a 78 year old "lady friend" who inherited the money, and Baker lives off her.

  7. As far as I can tell, Baker had two jobs with the LAPD: traffic policeman and then complaint desk jockey. I doubt either role would have given him access to information on drug busts.

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  9. OMSJ recently identified “Kralc Rekab”, aka Snout, as disgraced Emory medical student Kevin Kuritzky, aka David Regev. OMSJ investigators tracked Snout to Kuritzky's apartment and IP address to a Comcast account near Harvard University. A year later, Comcast identified “David Regev’s” address within walking distance from Harvard University, where OMSJ’s server logs show that he spent many hours and months on OMSJ's website in an apartment with apparently no legitimate means of employment.

    Shortly after he fled (using a new passport, Florida ID and SSN), investigators tracked him down in Georgia, where he was arrested by sheriffs deputies on a fugitive warrant. Three weeks later, Mrs. Tovah Kuritzky filed for divorce.

    Last March, Kuritzky pled guilty to embezzling at least $150,000 from his former employer, a FELONY. During the sentencing hearing, his attorney disclosed Kuritzky’s earlier vandalism conviction and cited his bouts of mental illness (see transcript).

    Why does Seth Kalichman enlist felons like Kuritzky, alcoholics like DeShong and perjurers like Murtagh to defend AIDS Inc? Can’t he find anyone more credible than himself? For more info and links, visit