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Monday, August 1, 2011

New Website Takes on AIDS Denialists in the Courts

HIV criminalization laws were borne out of fear and hysteria in the early days of HIV before much was known about the virus or modes of transmission.  Originally these laws were meant to make those who were HIV+ think about the consequences of intentionally exposing another person to the virus.  Unfortunately however, these laws have only furthered the stigma of HIV as well as stripped away the incentive for many people to be tested.  Many people think if they do not know their status, then they can not be prosecuted.  This too has proven to be false as many states (and other countries) have become increasingly aggressive in the pursuit of these charges.  These prosecutors hide behind the claim that tougher laws will reduce or eliminate intentional, malicious transmission of HIV.  

According to UNAIDS, this is simply not the case and can in fact prove the exact opposite:

"Such malicious acts in the context of HIV are rare, and the available evidence shows that most people
living with HIV who know their status take steps to prevent transmitting HIV to others.
There are no data indicating that the broad application of criminal law to HIV transmission will achieve either criminal justice or prevent HIV transmission. Rather, such application risks undermining public health and human 

There are many legitimate organizations working to get these barbaric laws changed through education, logic and proper legal channels. The Positive Justice Project is one such initiative via The Center for HIV Law & Policy.

The Positive Justice Project is CHLP's response to this issue: a truly community-driven, multidisciplinary collaboration to end government reliance on an individual's positive HIV test result as proof of intent to harm, and the basis for irrationally severe treatment in the criminal justice system.

We believe that success in reducing and ending reliance on criminal laws to single out and stigmatize people with HIV, educating courts, prosecutors, media and, ultimately, in lessening stigma and discrimination, begins with a focus on the very real and serious public health ramifications of HIV criminalization. This in no way involves abandonment of civil liberties principles, but rather broadens the focus of advocacy to the public health consequences of ignoring individual rights. 

Unfortunately the AIDS Denialists, forever the opportunists, have begun to infiltrate this area as well.  However, their intent is not on improving human rights or ending stigma.  Their sole purpose is to further their agenda of disproving HIV Science and they feel their best chance to spread their propaganda is through the court system.  This fact is highly evident at their Rethinking AIDS Conference in San Francisco.  Clark Baker stated on video that they must focus on the courts.  And to that end, Clark Baker formed The HIV Innocence Project through his Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (later he was forced to changed the name to The HIV Innocence Group for legal reasons). 

Clark Baker clearly states at his website:

OMSJ's (Office of Medical and Scientific Justice ) subordinate objective is simply to identify one high profile trial that includes, 1) an intellectually curious attorney, 2) a defendant with a lot to lose  and shares a significant stake in society and 3) a community that pressures a prosecutor to not offer a plea bargain.

Because of Mr. Baker's transparent agenda of lying about HIV Science, I have started two new websites, both with identical content.  The content will simply be to prove that Mr. Baker is being less than truthful about the supposed cases he has helped and the way in which this supposed help manifested.  There are two sites because Mr. Baker was forced to change the name of The HIV Innocence Project to GROUP and because both names are still in use, I wanted to make sure that no matter which site was Googled, my sites would also come up to show the reality and truth about the content of Baker's sites.

Please visit The HIV Innocence Project for more information.

Note: This post comes from a reader who goes by the name "Truth Teller". Comments and questions specific to the post can be directed to Truth Teller. 


  1. For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.

    These AIDS Denialists need to realize that for every lie they tell, there will be a "Truther" right behind them with facts and the truth. Kudos to Truth Teller for these new sites.


    Here's another example of the shonky drug companies modus operandi and how they bribe doctors to prescribe medications outside of the mandated treatment guidelines for HIV. All part of the 6.6 billion grab for cash.

    HIV + AIDS = Greed not death

  3. That is so far from relevant. The truth is Clark Baker is fronting a website that is devoid of truth and devoid of facts. If Baker could provide an iota of fact, then these other websites would not be necessary. The truth is, Clark Baker is saying he has helped with cases but has provided zero proof. It is not adequate for Clark Baker to simply link to cases and say he has been beneficial, but not provide proof of how, when, why or how. HIV Innocence Project Truth and HIV Innocence Group Truth have shown without a doubt that Baker is full of Wishful Thinking at the very most. There is no doubt that Baker needs to provide more than his word. It is not adequate just to say that his organization has been involved. Baker needs to provide specifics. SPECIFICS. How difficult is that if indeed Baker has been involved?