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Sunday, May 15, 2011

AIDS Denialism in Action: Clark Baker and the HIV Innocence Project Part II

Clark Baker and the late Karri Stokley
I received this email the other day. The writer's identity is concealed, although he did not ask me to do so. He nearly fell for Clark Baker's Innocence Project. Fortunately he had enough sense to recognize Baker was a sham. Baker's suggestion to stop taking his medications was a dead giveaway that he was dealing with a mad man. Good news is that this guy searched Clark Baker and found my blog. Mission accomplished! Below are the correspondences he gave me permission to post.

Dear Seth,

I just found out that the HIV innocence project is a fake! I was wrongly convicted for being HIV positive and spent two years in jail. I read about the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OSMJ) and thought I had finally found some help. But all I'm getting from Clark Baker is double talk. He won't take my case! I wonder if his project exists at all. Why won't he put me in touch with lawyers?

Worst of all, is this man trying to kill me? He wants me to go off medicines. I'm not a fool- I need legal help. But I want to stay healthy. Why would any detective tell me to go off meds? I'm reading on the internet about Karri Stokely. Is this what happened to her? Is this legal? Why is Baker harming his clients?

Is this Innocence project just a trap to get people off of meds? Why on earth would anyone not want to take life-giving medicine?

I hope you can use this message from Clark to warn people not to go off meds.

Do you know anyone who could really help? A friend of mine is still in jail for being HIV positive- I'm afraid he will get hurt in jail unless I find some real help.

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Clark Baker <>
Subject: Need Help- HIV innocent

Your story is one of millions that have occurred since 1984.  I feel awful that you endured this.

The first thing you must do is establish exactly who diagnosed you and exactly how they did it.  If you think you were lied to and are not HIV+, you can decide to stop the deadly drugs you’re taking – but do it slow.  Atripla contains a highly addictive drug and will make you sick (withdrawal) when you stop.  You’ll need to taper off of the Sustiva.  If you get sick from withdrawal, your clinician will scold you for interrupting you drugs and try to convince you that you’re dying from AIDS.

Do you have access to your medical records?  How far back do they go?  If statutes still run, you may have a claim… but I suspect the better opportunity may come in the future when we begin to file class actions.

OMSJ is now focusing on new criminal cases to demonstrate the widespread incompetence and corruption that permeates universities and hospitals and interrupted your life.  When we have a sufficient record, we plan to use our evidence in a wide case that should include you.

In the meantime, stay healthy, eat right, and stop trusting doctors who take bribes from drug companies.

I urge you to tell your story… write about it and blog on OMSJ’s website.  We have a blog section for people like you to share your experiences.  We can’t change the past – we can only try to change the course of our future. 



  1. Bizarre and sick.

  2. Wow. Baker is such scum. Will he comment on the death of Stokely yet?

  3. I wish I could post this under my own name, but Baker and his cohort continue to threaten my jobs. His cohort has actually made up evidence against me in court. They harassed my father on his death bed. If our legal system were just and swift, the courts would protect us from Baker. But defamation and extortion suits are expensive, and outcomes are uncertain.

    What we need is an innocence project to protect us from Baker! Baker's OMSJ is nothing but a trap for the gullible. How many Baker clients have to die before law enforcement puts this man away? Baker preaches that we should not trust doctors- I guess he wants us to put our faith in witchdoctors.

    Stokely is dead. Others are dead. 300k in Africa are dead. How many more deaths are needed before Clark and his cohort are stopped!

    I sure wish I could post this under my own name. But I need to work, and Baker retaliates against any employer who hires anyone who opposes Clark.

    We need more deep pocket lawyers. With the right lawyer, we can end the epidemic of Clark misconduct.

    New Paradigm: Clark=HIV untreated=death

  4. Clark Baker is a walking fecalith that embodies a dichotomy:
    On the one hand, a normal person would reflexively laugh at such silly compensatory actions being taken by such an obvious failure in life,
    uneducated and desperate folks even more stupid than him can fall for pudge-man's idiocy.
    And that is sad.

    Did Clarkie attend the funeral of Stokely? Is Al Bayati going to make an appearance? Probably not. Stokely wasn't important enough. She was about as irrelevant as post 2007 Farber.

  5. Clark Baker:
    The Douche Doth Protest Too Much!

    WISH-TV in Indianapolis is considering doing an expose on Clarkie's fake organization and his crookedness.

    If you are interested in this being exposed, you need to call
    317-931-2222 and express your interest to the newsroom producer. Tell her that the station made an error in even talking to Clarkie in the Tony Perkins story on May 5.

    Keep the calls going! They seem interested!

  7. Awesome! I have just called the newsroom and am waiting on a call back from Mr. Sanchez, the reporter who worked on that story!

    Keep those calls going. I'll report back about the conversation I have with Mr. Sanchez.

  8. Celia Farber's Last Neuron (On life support)May 19, 2011 at 5:38 PM

    Clarkie just copies and pastes "propublica" emails on his site. Here is the background of the author of his latest article-plagiarisms:

    The author is trying to do a thesis:

    "The learning sessions would focus particularly on the possible effects of Ayurveda consciousness with regard to what in allopathic medicine is called “HIV/AIDS”. He has been unable to get approval to proceed with his thesis."

    Most people would be embarrassed to even repost anything from such a moron! Not Clarkie!

  9. Baker's Brother In ChristMay 21, 2011 at 9:39 AM

    OK, let's talk about the REAL elephant in the room: Clark Baker! He is as fat as a god damned elephant!! And in that picture with Karri, he is wearing that stupid, cheap "blouse" of Seagulls!! REALLY? Who does that except a big, fat, old, douchbag who was once hot and is now the poster child for fat, unlovable, pathetic LOSERS everywhere?

    Seriously: Baker used to be smokin' hot! Now he is so gross he can only get his pencil dick sucked off in a back room at some horrible swingers bar in LA 'cause even the skuziest bath-house in America (probably the one in KC, MO. Jonathan Barnett frequents because he is too sick to venture further than across the street) won't even touch his cock without POPPERS, which we all KNOW cause AIDS!!!

    Leave Baker alone! His lesbian girlfriend has even dumped him and he cannot get back into the Mansion that he cannot afford on his LAPD Pension that he does not deserve due to his Police Brutality!!!!!!!!!

    Clark Baker is THE God of stupidity and hilarity!! Long live THE God!!!

  10. Apparently he had to do 350 hours of community service and also was banned from having a gun as a "wayward" police officer:

    Seriously - something SERIOUSLY wrong with this douchebag.

  11. He was also FORCED to retire at the 20 year mark. Yep, the Police Force forced out Baker the Bad Apple as soon as they could get rid of him. They knew he was poison to their credibility.

    Perhaps that is why the Denialists embraced Baker; they don't have a problem with lack of credibility. They already lack credibility so why not take on a pushy, lying bully? They just wanted to use Baker as the Mafia used stupid Guidos as muscle. Too bad Baker has turned into a lump of big, fat table muscle!

  12. Clark Baker is homophobic, violent, scientifically ignorant, self-aggrandizing, and quite possibly insane. Isn't that enough? Do we really need to stoop to insulting his weight and dress sense?

  13. Hey you've had sufficient time now, how about the autopsy report??? where is it?

  14. what a strange letter. If he was wrongly convicted of being HIV+, then I believe he SHOULD stop taking meds, no? What ailment is he taking them for?

  15. Clarkie:
    When you say you need to "get back to work" does that mean that you go to
    I mean, you refer to "your team" like you have a crack team of aces!!

    The charade is over, little boy. Your silly posts about "changing the justice system" etc from your one man idiot box are nothing more than obvious spotters from a bloated uneducated fool who walks around in sandals and moo-moos whining about being taken seriously. You are constantly "goosed" all over and can't seem to take it. You have too much "santorum" coming out your mouth. Seriously, Google it- it is what comes out of your mouth every time you try and sound coherent. It can be your new word/quote of the year. I know you like to try and write like a big boy and use big words, but you don't seem to be able to do that very well. What ever happened with service in your fake lawsuit? No one hides from you - you don't scare anyone, pudge. The problem is no lawyer says you have anything to do with them- they all know that you are an inflated douche-nozzle.

  16. Luke Montagnier CabernetMay 25, 2011 at 2:22 AM

    Yeah- where's the autopsy? Or commentary about Karri?...Crickets.....I do like the "flock of seagulls" shirt that C-Douche has on in the photo. It nicely matched up with the feminine sandals he walked around in. I am glad to hear that his lesbian "elderly lover" wised up and tossed him from her house. I guess she finally got fed up with his bullshit as well.

  17. I don't get it -- "convicted of being HIV+"? WTF is that all about?

  18. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    Everything that Clark Baker has put out into the world will come back to him. It will happen. His lies and deception are already at work in his life and he will reap what he has sown. I am sure he is already miserable. How could he not be? Even though he has no soul, he is still miserable. Believe it.

  19. Cervantes and Tony, the writer didn't say he was convicted *of* being HIV positive. He said he was convicted *for* being HIV positive.

    While I agree that it's ambiguous, *for* in this case means *because* he is HIV positive. The bit he has almost certainly left out is that he failed to disclose his HIV positive status to one or more sexual partners, and that this was the reason for his conviction, not just that he was HIV positive.

    There are good human rights and public health reasons why there shouldn't be specific criminal sanctions against HIV positive people who fail to disclose to partners, and many HIV specialists and legal and public health experts are working to to change such laws where they exist.

    For starters, such laws can be a major impediment for some people at risk of HIV to come forward for testing. They also create a false sense of security for HIV negative people who might be led to assume that anyone infected with HIV will volunteer this before they have sex. In real life this doesn't happen - often because the infected partner is unaware they have HIV. The majority of HIV transmissions in some settings occur during the earliest stages of infection - and sometimes before the person would even test positive even if they did an antibody test that day.

    But this is not what Clark is on about. He is trying to get courts to accept that HIV positive defendants have been misdiagnosed, as part of his campaign to deny that HIV causes AIDS. Unfortunately, he and his "experts" are utterly clueless about HIV diagnostic testing.

    Clark has claimed on numerous sites that his strategy has been accepted by about a dozen courts already. He has been unable to provide even a skerrick of independent evidence this is the case, and is almost certainly lying in order to draw desperate defendants and their attorneys into his delusional project.

  20. WISH-TV in Indiana has modified their article on Perkins and pulled all references to Clarkie or his fake "OMSJ" idiocy:

  21. The problem with Snout is that he has to defend the single germ theory of AIDS, otherwise he has to admit that his lifestyle is both unhealthy and ungodly, not much incentive for him to come clean (sic).

  22. "WISH-TV in Indiana has modified their article on Perkins and pulled all references to Clarkie or his fake "OMSJ" idiocy"

    While it's an improvement to remove the references to Clarkie's delusional empire, it's still reprehensibly sloppy journalism. We can do without the tabloid headline descriptor "HIV predator" to describe someone who had sex without revealing his HIV status, whatever the law might say about his actions.

    The "Colorado doctor" who reportedly "found the 2002 test that found him HIV positive to be a false positive" is HIV/AIDS denialist Rodney Richards, who has no medical qualifications whatsoever. This should be made clear, rather than misleadingly describing him as a "Colorado doctor".

    "The problem with Snout is that he has to defend the single germ theory of AIDS, otherwise he has to admit that his lifestyle is both unhealthy and ungodly, not much incentive for him to come clean."

    And a very Good Morning to you too, Clark.

  23. Anonymous, Occam called. He wants to know if you shave.

    Yes, the idea that the same disease could have the same cause in different people is such a radical one.

  24. Maria Papagiannidou is back on ARVs after fighting against them all over internet/tv/news for the last years.What is wrong with these people?

  25. "When the other methods I use fail or when I don't see any other solution and the patient gets worse, then yes, it may make sense to use arvs not as antiviral drugs but as suppressant drugs to stop inflammatory processes that are damaging to the organism. They can be used only in case of emergency, not just to make sure a patient has altered numbers and feels O.K. That's unacceptable".

    Weird, that poisonous drugs randomly chosen to cure some nonexistent disease actually save lives, somehow.

  26. Yes, Snout, it is sloppy journalism indeed. It is also a cop out to simply remove any mention of Baker and his bullshit rather than write a full retraction and correction. Celia Farber must be their model of "journalism".

  27. ARV drugs do not cure people of the HIV virus or AIDS, they only make people sick. Most people do not realize that ARV drugs actually feed the HIV virus so that the virus doesn’t go into full blown AIDS and consume the entire body. Thus, ARV drugs keep one alive but at the expense of immense pain and suffering, feeding the virus their happiness and energy.

  28. Snout, can you tell me exactly what your professional qualifications are? You make what sound like educated statements on subjects like microbiology and virology so I'm just curious as to what your degrees are in?


  29. Ida, that is ridiculous! You are saying that ARVs are actually food for HIV. That ARVs provide fuel and energy to keep HIV, the virus, alive. But then you say ARVs actually "keep one alive" meaning the person who has the virus in their body. So, just how can that be? That is quite the dichotomy and quite the conspiracy theory.

    I have been consuming ARVs for close to two decades and do not experience any pain and suffering...well, except when I read ridiculous, nonsensical statements such as the one you wrote above. I don't know if I should laugh or cry at your ignorance.

    That is really going to take me some time to wrap my head around such an ignorant, nonsensical statement.

  30. Ida, viruses aren't alive. Their only "food" is fresh cells to infect.

  31. I'm still waiting for Snout qualifications?

  32. "I'm still waiting for Snout qualifications?"

    Why? There are hundreds of thousands of research papers authored by highly qualified people on the subject, and you're asking about the qualifications of someone patient enough to try and explain some of what those papers contain in comments on the internet. Your priorities are fucked up, I would politely suggest.

    Ida333's message is part of an ongping internet spam campaign for this latest bogus AIDS cure, which also comes with an offer to assist the Miami Dolphins win the Superbowl by training them in the Scottish Knights Templar battle technique.

  33. "Curious", I provided an answer to your question on the other thread on May 23, 2011 11:49 PM.

    As I explained there, I’m not a biologist, nor am I any kind of scientist. I have no degrees or practical experience in the disciplines of virology, immunology or epidemiology and my opinions about these areas are based on reading scientific literature, studying of scientific literature, and spending a considerable amount of time thinking.

    So of course I would never claim to be an expert in the field of HIV/AIDS.

    I might add that my opinions on HIV/AIDS denialism (which is the subject of this blog) are similarly based on reading and studying literature written by HIV/AIDS denialists (and others) and spending a considerable amount of time - well you get the picture.

    Can you explain why this is a question of such import to you that you felt it necessary to ask it twice on this thread?

  34. Snout's qualifications?

    Let's start with snout's sanity.

    Duesberg has lots of credentials and no credibility. Henry Bauer has a PhD and can be found sucking his toes in a rubber room. Mullis won a Nobel for God's sake and he is a raving lunatic.

    It is about credibility, not qualifications and credentials.

    Such an amazing waste of time these people are.

    1. Well you couldnt have been a very credible witness which is why you were not used as one a few weeks ago ya muppet.
      Andy Lindsay.

  35. The question of credentials from those who obviously lack any credentials themselves is analogous to the same people who scream about posting with pseudonyms while they post as "anonymous". It's sad and hilarious that they do not see the hypocrisy.

  36. Wait!!! You forgot Clarkie's qualifications! He grew up in the mean suburban streets of suburban Los Angeles! He handed out parking tickets for the better half of 20 years! He didn't waste time doing something silly, like going to college. He got his PhD in hard knocks - by hitting jaywalkers!

  37. Seth,
    You might want to delete the above comment about "N". It is troll from a woo website. Here is a sample from the site:

    "Listen to how ancient techniques, alchemical drinking waters and 4,000 year old songs heal one of the virus, (HIV), that causes AIDS."

    4,000 year old songs??? hahahaaa

    It reminds me of when Celia Farber went to Arizona and crawled inside a box that shone light "the frequency of pure love".

  38. ARV drugs do not cure people of the HIV virus or AIDS, they only make people sick. Most people do not realize that ARV drugs actually feed the HIV virus so that the virus doesn’t go into full blown AIDS and consume the entire body. Thus, ARV drugs keep one alive but at the expense of immense pain and suffering, feeding the virus their happiness and energy.

  39. Hey, still waiting for that autopsy report,you aids trolls have had long enough to produce some fabricated cause of death by now, what the hell is gong on???????????????????

  40. Seth,
    How about posting an update on Clark Baker and let everyone know that Baker was forced to change the name of HIV Innocence PROJECT to GROUP!? The legitimate Innocence Project which uses DNA to get people off of Death Row forced Baker to stop riding their coat tails for any semblance of credibility.

    Also, his website now boasts 23 cases he has helped, but he only provides "proof" in one case. ONE. And that proof is a letter from an attorney claiming that Baker's "sample affidavit" was "instrumental" in getting the case resolved. That term "sample affidavit" is very suspicious! That all deserves an in depth post.

  41. House of Numbers producer goes to Italy:

    Looks like he'll be in Rome at the same time as the International AIDS Society conference, staying in a 5-star hotel.

  42. On Clarkie's latest Youtube advertisement ( he states:

    "HIV/AIDS drugs cause cancer and kill."

    He also advertises this STILL as the "HIV Innocence Project"

    Perhaps he should take this post down?

  43. David Syner, the "House of Numbers" Producer going to Italy seems an interesting character. Some quick searching and IMDB researching indicates that he was actually an assistant make-up person for various TV pilot episodes and short-lived unheard of television shows until 2001.

    He then worked on a "stunt awards" show in 2003. He remained unemployed until "House of Numbers" in 2009.

    He has been unemployed since then.

    I wonder if he was living off "disability" pay in his 8 years of unemployment? Interesting that he can afford a 5-star trip to Italy...perhaps he has an 80 year old Sugar Momma like Clarkie Baker?

  44. And so dear Kralc, just how many of the eminent doctors attending the International AIDS Society conference will be getting their funding directly or indirectly from major pharmaceutical concerns?

    How many are receiving stipends, appearance fees, consultation fees or just plain old kickbacks from those same companies Kralcy?.

    How many papers will be showcased at this meeting that are nothing more than a ghost written sham advertisement for the latest blockbuster drug?

    Do you realise that your name tag now has E-tracking on it so you can be direct marketed wherever you may try and hide.

    And if not a direct payment how many claim attendance for 2 weeks as a total tax writeoff after attending only one session? (Hey Seth)

    Give me a break, Clark couldn't in his wildest dreams hope to be in your league. Hanging this sort of stuff out simply proves what's been previously stated, A. you're a liar or B. you're an idiot.

    I like to think it's the B choice myself. Now off you go and wipe the drool from your chin.

  45. PatheticLittleLoser,ClarkieJune 19, 2011 at 6:51 PM

    Hey Anonymous,
    Paranoid delusional conspiracy theory much?

    At least Seth never paid for his own fake book award like Dr. Nancy Turner Banks of "AIDS, Opium Diamonds and Empire" pseudo fame! hahaha
    Such a sad, pathetic move. I guess that's what yo have to do when no one bothers to buy your sad, little tome!

  46. "Do you realise that your name tag now has E-tracking on it so you can be direct marketed wherever you may try and hide."

    Wait, what? Seriously? I'd better wrap the thing in tin foil and hide under my bed.

  47. This "sample affidavit" from Clark Baker, you're all talking about, can anyone provide a direct link?


  48. Concerned CitizenJuly 1, 2011 at 7:57 PM

    The problem with the "sample affidavit" is that there is no link and the very name implies subversion and duplicity. It's so non-specific it can not really be of any importance. It is simply another smoke screen put up by Baker. Baker has caved in to the pressure from people who have been screaming for proof of his involvement in the cases he haphazardly and indiscriminately lists at his OMSJ site.

    It also comes, suspiciously, at the very time when Baker was forced to change the name of HIV Innocence Project to HIV Innocence Group. He was forced to do this by the real and legitimate organization called The Innocence Project. Baker tried to ride the coattails of a real and legitimate organization because he knows his credibility is sorely lacking. This is further underscored by the very fact that Baker was forced to change the name.

    Clark Baker will soon implode from the weight of all the lies he hides behind.

    1. i have that very affidavit in front of me you morons.

      have a nice day.

  49. Clark Baker may also implode under the weight of all the fat that covers him. He likes to send around pictures of himself from 20 years ago, not the more accurate pics of him wearing his usual moo-moos.