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Friday, March 4, 2011

How AIDS Denialism Can Kill You Part VII: Nadezhda

David Crowe AIDS Denialist
A Russian woman has posted her story at David Crowe's Alberta Reappraising AIDS website. It illustrates how the AIDS Denialism movement attracts people who are unable to cope with their HIV diagnosis. Her T-cells are dropping and she believes it is nothing to worry about. Nothing to with AIDS. Rather than correcting her misinformed beliefs, Crowe is happy to confirm them. He is a primary vector for the spread medical misinformation. If you have read the tragic story of Emery Taylor below, Nadezhda's post will sound very familiar. Here are some excerpts. I encourage you to visit Crowe's website, if you can stomach it. 

My name is Nadezhda. I am 31 years old. I tested HIV-positive 2 years ago, I am asymptomatic and healthy and never have been sick since my “diagnosis”. I didn’t ask for this testing, it was mandatory testing for official purposes.

Prior to my test I already had seen sites online saying that “HIV=AIDS” is a myth. One of them is run by a doctor who writes about healthy lifestyle and natural ways of healings. He also writes against HIV=AIDS and vaccinations and other medical dogmas and since he was a doctor himself I trusted his opinion. When I read that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, I just knew that he was right deep in my heart. But I didn’t know any details.

Then I myself got this diagnosis and, at first of course, I was very stressed and depressed for several months. My husband is “negative” despite unprotected sex with me and stays negative even today. Soon after my diagnosis he found a film for us to watch – “AIDS hoax” – we saw Peter Duesberg talking and we both believed him. After that I did my own research, reading all the information I could get both from orthodox AIDS sites and from dissident sites and many other educational, medical and scientific sites. So my opinion now is not just because I trust that first doctor’s site or because I like Peter Duesberg, but also because I found my own evidence of the HIV=AIDS fraud.

I am not just alive and well but also happy in my marriage and my everyday life. My husband is also a happy man. I want to say to all of my Positive brothers and sisters around the world – you don’t have to be a monk if you are Positive, you don’t have to hide your “status” and hide yourself from finding somebody to share your life with – because the person who loves you would never leave you just because you are “positive”
And by the way – about my “risks of transmission of the horrible virus” – as I said – my husband is negative and I also checked some of my former boyfriends and I didn’t find any of them HIV positive. I had never used IV drugs, had surgery or received blood transfusions.

”Positive” for me is being really positive in all aspects of my life from a healthy lifestyle to positive thinking. I do exercises every day – yoga, cycling or jogging, I have very careful eating habbits, trying to exclude everything that can be bad. I also meditate and do mind and breathing work. I never took any recreational or other drugs, never HAART, of course, and I am never going to take them no matter whether my doctor prescribes them to me or not. He didn’t prescribe me HAART yet because my CD4+ count is not very low yet (they are a little bit lower than considered to be a normal during all recent years despite that fact I had not been sick recently) and my PCR RNA (viral load) is really low. All my other blood work is absolutely good, within the normal ranges. I don’t care about “viral load” because I have looked into those RNA primers myself and they are not indicating HIV or any other viruses – they show “human chromosomes” – that’s it.

So the only thing which is not “normal” is my CD4+ count, about 370 now, and during all 2009 and 2010 they were also low like this.

I have read immunology sites to find the true scientific answer to this question: Are CD4+ T cells the most important cells in our immune system?

I didn’t find the answer – there is no any scientific article telling us that CD4+ cells are the most important. On the contrary, I found that the most important cells that fight against opportunistic infections are CD8+ T cells! 

So this is what I am doing: I look at CD4/CD8 ratio from “another side” and it works for me because I know I have many good cells protecting my immune system CD8+ lymphocytes and I don’t care about “helpers”. 
And here is a more funny thing illustrating what modern science really knows about how the human immune system works and about all those cells and what are they doing there. Look here please and laugh:
It’s the first website that Google gives you when you search for WBC (White Blood Cells).

There is nothing about lymphocytoses at all :) The most important cells are Neutrophils! he he he. So forget all the bullshit about risk for your immune system even if your CD4+ is very low – it doesn’t matter! Modern science doesn’t know how our immune works – please don’t let them fool you. If you doubt – try to research immunology as I did – about the different cells of immunity and you will see – they don’t know how our immune system works and they are not certain what those many different kind of immune cells are for. Just remember – there are so many types of cells of the immune system, and CD4+ is just one of them and not the most important one.
Nadezhda K


  1. One of the most telling signs of the ignorance of this person (and ingnorance is not a bad word...except when you perpetuate this ignorance to influence others) is how she discusses white blood cells. Neutrophils are the "most important"? Really? The most plentiful yes, but most important? Why? And yes, CD4 cells are just one part of the immune system, but are indeed very important. They activate and regulate other parts of the immune system which is a very important function. And without them, your immune system will not work. Just ask Emery Taylor, Miss Nadezhda!

    Also, Nadezhda says that modern science does not know shit about the immune system. Come on. That alone shows just how credible she is! NOT!

    She and other denialists show their extreme ingnorance every day. The sad part is, they do not know just how ignorant (and even stupid) they are and therefore just how complacent they are in killing others: i.e. Emery Taylor.

  2. I really don't know what is wrong with these people. They see their CD4 count dropping and feel healthy so claim they are healthy. They claim HIV is harmless or doesn't exist. They claim they think out of the box and have a superior ability to question medical science. Believe it - HIV will kill you if left untreated.

  3. CD4 count does not matter?? Tell that to my husband who when his were low, 8, he was on his death bed and I watched him nearly die.
    Thankfully he recovered due to treatment for PCP and ARVs, but I nearly watched him die and without this treatment he would have.

    Sorry it's Veritee could not log in from my iPad as don't have my google password with me

  4. What does Crowe get out of all this? Is it some kind of power trip, control, money, glorification, mischief? He's a key player in the cult, but why?

  5. Jonnyneviripine
    I spent some time interacting with Crowe when I was working on Denying AIDS.

    He is not stupid.
    He has two BS degrees.
    No advanced degree.
    Do you know anyone else with two BS degrees?

    He believes that the entire scientific enterprise is corrupt and that all scientists, except a few like Duesberg and Rasnick, are on the take.

    He is also a social libertarian, environmentalist, anti-chemical, anti-cancer treatment, anti-drug company, anti-academic, anti-establishment, anti-intellectual conspiracy theorist.

    He knows The Truth, the rest of us a fools.

    Anti-social? Yes.

    So in response to your question....

    Power trip YES
    Control I think so
    Money NO
    Glorification Maybe
    Mischief Definitely

    He is a player because there are people who will listen to anything that confirms what they need to believe to protect their bubble... regardless of the source.

  6. Do you know anyone else with two BS degrees?

    Yeah I know people like this - they spend their life at university because the big bad world of work is a little scary for them.

  7. He seems to be one of those.
    I was using the name Joe Newton, a student of public health, when I was emailing with him. I told him my Professor was Seth Kalichman, and he looked me up. He saw my NIH funding and said I had corporate ties (I have none). He said I had everything to lose by not accepting the truth about AIDS...the truth that he so easily could see. I am sure he would tell you that there is some Professor who had it in for him and destroyed his chances of becoming one of the world's great scientists. But he found a way around all that.

    Freelance journalism on the internet.

  8. He also writes against HIV=AIDS and vaccinations and other medical dogmas and since he was a doctor himself I trusted his opinion.

    If nothing else, this statement alone demonstrates the level of cognitive dissonance denialists are able to maintain.

  9. Seth
    You are being too generous to Crowe. He is a genocidal maniac with some fetish for killing gays and poor people. I am not saying he is racist, but I am not sure. If he knows better and still spreads misinformation that contributes to the death of people with AIDS, why not call a crazy bastard what he is...a crazy bastard. I understand you are trying to be evenhanded here, but common... This guy should be put away.

  10. Over at Jonathan Barnett's blog, they are still trying to blame poppers for Emery's death. Everyone from JB to Celia Farber to Elizabeth Ely to Tony Lance are all accusing Emery of doing poppers despite Emery's partner definitively telling Jonathan that Emery did not do poppers and never would!

    What a bunch of horrible people.

  11. Gay Hornet

    Seriously? Poppers?

    What a bunch of retards.

    Poppers killed Emery Taylor as much as Law & Order killed Christine Maggiore.

    Tony Lance? I thought Tony believed AIDS is caused by Gay men having anal sex--all that leaky gut least that is what he said to the BBC.

    Celia Farber? Poppers do not cause stress. What happened to bad vibes causing AIDS?

    Elizabeth Ely? Can she even think for herself?

    BTW, where is Henry Bauer these days? Did the old folks home restrict his internet access? Again? You know Henry would say that Emery died because he was Black... that thing about Black people having 'different' immune systems.

    AIDS Denialists. What a waste of protoplasm.

  12. Why is Emery Taylor still alive and well @ Rethinking AIDS?
    Why no memorial?

  13. I live in LA. Does anyone know where Brian Carter is buried? Or was he cremated?

  14. Seth, yes I do know someone HIV +ve with two BS Degrees! But hey, people with brains and too much time on their hands. A dangerous thing if controlled by bad hearts. By social libertarian is that "Tea Party" politcs?

    I've said it before a few times, but there's a strange clustering of right wing social conservatives, climate change denialists,anti-scientists and god botherers typified by people who read the Spectator Magazine in the UK, and I guess they have the same in the US.

    It sounds as if Crowe failed somewhere in life and this is a mission for him to feel useful and important. I'd never heard of Alberta, and still not sure where it is, until Crowe came along. I mean its not the Canadian Society of the British Society is it!

    As for the "poppers" accusations. Clucking Bell, these people are odd. Seriously desperate attempts to grasp at anything but AIDS.

  15. "Brian Carter" is sill posting on Unless someone has a verifiable source to corroborate his death, can you please not assume the poor guy is brown bread.

  16. "BTW, where is Henry Bauer these days?"

    Henry Bauer is busy supervising university graduation theses, along with his friends Marco Ruggiero and Stefania Pacini.

    Then they post about it on their blogs, so everyone can marvel at the utter contempt he and the other denialists show for basic academic standards.

    HIV/AIDS Denialism at the Unversity of Florence

  17. jonnyneviripine
    Means nothing that someone is using his name and ID to post comments. He was so angered by our posting on Maggiore's death that he would have instructed them to conceal his.

    I am not saying Brian Carter is dead. I am just asking questions.

    Truth is, Brian Carter is so insignificant it does not matter if he is alive or dead. Wont make a bit of difference to me. He is not Christine Maggiore.

    They are all Italian theses, right? Not Virginia Tech?

  18. No, Seth, you DID say Brian Carter is dead:

    "And yes, Brian Carter is dead. There is no speculating on the cause." (February 27, 2011 10:10 PM, on the comment thread here.)

    In several other comments you refer to him as the "late Brian Carter".

    You couldn't post enough disinformation about Carter back then, but now you want to dismiss him as insignificant.

    What a lame attempt at backpedaling. Do you use the same degree of fact-checking for your books and published papers?

  19. Seth, both theses are by undergraduates at the University of Florence in Italy, although they are in English. I don't know whether Henry is allowed anywhere near students in the US. I certainly hope not.

    Denialists associated with Rethinking AIDS (particularly Ruggiero and his wife but also their friend Henry) have a little scam where they "teach" denialist bullshit to naive students and then mark their theses highly. They then promote these student works on the web as evidence of genuine denialist academic activity. It's all part of trying to create the illusion that denialism is a bona fide scientific position in a real-life university.

    Thing is, both theses are not only confused crap by not-very-bright students, but they are almost entirely plagiarised off denialist websites on the net. Ruggiero, Bauer, Pacini and the other denialists were fully aware of this when they assessed them - they were the original authors of the drivel their students plagiarised.

    It's hard to believe they could be so blatant in their academic misconduct. The University of Florence is aware of what they are doing, but does not seem to care.

    Given the recent events in Germany, the University of Florence's attitude to academic misconduct is hard to understand. Bauer, Ruggiero and the other denialists have shown their utter contempt for the most basic of academic standards.

  20. Snout...Amazes me. Remind me not to send anyone to University of Florence.

    And by the way Anonymous... sorry for the mixed communications.

    Brian Carter is no longer with us.
    The late Brian Carter.
    Brian Carter is dead.

    That is what every piece of verifiable evidence suggests. I hope I am wrong. A time stamped YouTube video would prove me wrong. Brian Carter reading from today's newspaper would result in my public apology. Until then, I only offer my public eulogy.

  21. Is that the University of Florence Henderson? Nah, it can't be...Bauer and Ruggiero don't even have Wesonality!

  22. "What a lame attempt at backpedaling. Do you use the same degree of fact-checking for your books and published papers?"

    The difference between Seth and HIV denialist's is that when Seth is wrong, he's willing to post here and admit it. Pretty rare you'll ever see a denialist "backpedal" on their belief that HIV doesn't cause AIDS, no matter how much evidence is presented.

  23. You call anonymous comments on your blog verifiable evidence? LMAO. Are you a comedian or what?

    A psychologist is calling for a living person to "prove" they are alive by posting a time stamped youtube video! Amazing.

    Very credible and professional behavior, Professor Kalichman. I'm sure your peers are very impressed with your ethics.

  24. It is not the anonymous comments that suggest Brian Carter is dead. It is his abrupt end to moderating QA, what QA members have said about his departure, and his declining health.

    By the way, are you suggesting that the review of my peers might be valid? Now that is something new for an AIDS Denialist to say.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. David Crowe's RA Alberta Site is a joke! One of the headers is "Legal Documents". There are 10 "documents" and most are not legal even by an AIDS Denialist's standards! What a joke!!

    It is not just the ludicrous ramblings and inane blatherskiting of these people that steals their credibility, but even their websites are jokes!

    Seriously, what a bunch of idiots and losers.

  28. Mrs.Crowe

    What is particularly amazing is that maintaining that website appears to be David Crowe's full time job.
    Seriously, he is a 'freelance journalist'.. which of course means he is unemployed.

    It is not funny, but it is a joke.

  29. Poor old Seth.
    So you think someone's 'living' needs 'proof' and not their 'death'??? lol

    For a 'psychologist' you are something of a charlatan - apart from truly vulnerable people with too much money, you wouldn't get a clinical referral from *any* reputable MD or practice to give therapy or treatment to anyone.

    You are simply a very very sad and unfortunate fraud.

    Your head must be full of such unpleasantness is doesn't bear contemplating.

  30. The comments that Snout deleted (for posterity):

    Snout said...

    Seth, there are several alternative hypotheses for Brian Carter's abrupt end as a moderator at QA and what other members have said about it. The one I favor as a long-term connoisseur of the QA idiocy is that the other moderators finally... finally... clued into the fact that Brian is several orders of magnitude madder than the rest of them.

    Which isn't saying much, I grant you.

    My observations of "Brian Carter's" posts after his demise as a moderator of QA suggest they contain exactly the same mangled syntax and off-the-planet worldview as those posted on QA while he was still a moderator.

    I can only conclude that they originate in the same loosely organised grey matter as produced these Youtube gems:
    March 7, 2011 4:16 AM
    Snout said...

    Seth, we clearly have a major controversy here.

    On the one hand we have numerous anonymous posters on the internet insisting that Brian Carter is dead.

    On the other hand, an equally vocal group is insisting that he is alive.

    Pretty obviously, the truth must lie somewhere in between.

    Could I propose a compromise which I hope will be acceptable to both camps?

    Let's say that Brian Carter is technically alive in the sense that he is currently breathing, eating, going to the toilet and posting what passes for his "thoughts" on the internet. But let's also acknowledge that he has been brain dead for as long as anyone can remember.

    I hope this sorts out the issue once and for all.
    March 7, 2011 4:41 AM

  31. Snout said...
    This post has been removed by the author.
    March 7, 2011 4:16 AM
    Snout said...
    This post has been removed by the author.
    March 7, 2011 4:41 AM

    Oh dear. Say it isn't so Snouty. You are disassociating from Krazy Kalichman the wannabe Mother Teresa of Africa, saviour of the world from evil dissidents?

  32. "So you think someone's 'living' needs 'proof' and not their 'death'??"

    Brian Carter should not have to prove he is alive, he should prove he is dead.

    Why didn't I think of that?
    You AIDS Deniers are so smart.

  33. As I have said and as Snout has said, Brian Carter has proven he is brain dead for the past several years. Brian was a Meth addict which is obvious from his mouth twitching observed from his videos. Brian is a perfect example of a Duesberg Crystal Meth/Heroine death.

    Jonathan Barnett could bastardize Carter's death quite easily, eventhough it would not be true nor accurate. The truth is not something Jonathan Barnett is bothered with.

    How long will it be before Barnett places a Skull and Crossbones over Carter's visage?

  34. "Say it isn't so Snouty. You are disassociating from... blah blah..."

    Anonymous, thank you for trolling.

    I put up two posts intended to parody the idea commonly presented by denialists that if there are two or more conflicting viewpoints on the internet about subject, then "the truth must lie somewhere in between".

    Parody is tricky. I deleted the posts because I later decided that some of the less intelligent readers might miss the point I was trying to make and take what I said literally.

    It was a judgement call, and on a thread less infested with dumb trolls such as yourself I might have let the two posts stand.

    But thanks for asking. Can I now ask you a question?

    What do you think of the "academic standards" of Henry Bauer, Marco Ruggiero and Marco's wife Stefania Pacini as revealed by the graduation theses they supervised and then later proudly promoted on the internet as quality examples of "dissident" student work?

  35. Deniers always say that they are denying that HIV causes AIDS. They claim not to be denying the existence of AIDS. Yet, the most vocal deniers all poo-poo the CD4 count or the importance of T-cells at all. AIDS is defined by the destruction of the immune system, specifically Helper T Lymphocytes. If you deny the importance of them, or of a disease caused by the lack of them, aren't you automatically denying AIDS itself?

  36. @ notElon

    That's mighty circular of you.

    I at least, maybe some of my contemporaries too, certainly don't deny the existence of some sort of an immune deficiency syndrome, but it's all built on faith.

    Faith that counting T-cells and/or all the other HIV diagnostics for that matter, means something in the presence of so called HIV antibodies. You can look at the science of HIV and come to your own conclusions, but they don't mean anything. Or, in other words, it's all bull shit.

  37. Seth exclaimed: "He lives?"

    Seth, I have seen with my own eyes the mangled syntax and the bizarre non sequiturs and I have poked my paw into the gaping holes in his what passes for his "logic".

    I have read his post over and over, and each time thought - "WTF is this guy on about?"

    I believe. Blessed are they that have not seen, yet have believed.

  38. I don't know, Snout, the post by "Brian Carter" is actually written better than most of Carter's inane blatherskiting. Maybe Carter's Ghost is smarter than the flesh and blood version.

  39. Carter is not dead?
    Oh well. Wishful thinking.

  40. I just watched House of Numbers online and was planing an open minded look at it,but the denialist agenda was just to obvius and the whole "documentary"-setting was totaly rubbish.The only interesting comment in my eyes where Luc Montagiers claim that " we can get exposed many times with the HIV virus without being infected because a strong immune system can fight it off before it becomes chronical". I was wondering if there was done any research on this claim and if this claim is correct or not? Maybe Snout could help me with this?

  41. Hi Anonymous
    Others can join in.
    I am glad you were able to see through House of Numbers. It is sad when people fall for it.

    About Montagnier's statement..
    Sometimes it is hard to know where he is coming from. But in this case, it is easy. People can be exposed to HIV many times, especially in mucous membranes, without getting infected. This is well known. Natural immunities and other protective mechanisms clear the virus before HIV gains access to infectable cells. I think that infection can even be cleared after cells are infected at the mucous membrane level. I am not so sure about the interpretation of a 'strong immune system'. He may have been trying to simplify things because he detected that Brent Luang is a moron. It has more to do with protective mechanisms in the membranes. Consider the role of other sexually transmitted infections in HIV transmission. Having an STD increases the risk for HIV transmission because the protective barriers are breached, infectable cells are abundant, and there is direct blood access. It is not so much a weakening of the immune system as it is the local inflammatory processes. So this statement by Montagnier is easily twisted by the Deniers, but that does not make it wrong.
    Now treating HIV with pineapple juice, or what ever juice he is talking about, that seems more odd.
    Now, whatch the convoluted response of our AIDS Denialists.

  42. I don't get how denialists can totally discount T-cell counts. If your cd4 count is under < 100, your immune system is fucked. Surely medical science has known this long before HIV came along. I wonder that Brian Carter and friends think about this? Oh some nut job blames Benzine of course. Then there's poppers.

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