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Thursday, February 24, 2011

How AIDS Denialism Can Kill You Part VI: Emery Taylor Dies at age 28

The Rethinking AIDS Website predominantly displays Emery Taylor as one of many people  living just fine without HIV medications. The Home Page at Rethinking AIDS says…
“HIV+ for over 10 years, no meds, healthy
Emery Taylor was interviewed at the RA2009 Conference:"According to the numbers I have AIDS, but when you look at me you see a healthy 28-year old ... I don't spell AIDS at all ... I work 70 hours a week ... It's just not consistent with what my doctor said would happen eleven years ago when I tested positive."

Emery Taylor has died. The following Facebook page announces his memorial service.

"It's with heartfelt sympathy that Rehoboth Temple communicates the passing of one of its members, Emery Taylor. 
Our condolences and prayers are with his family, friends and the many whose lives were touched by him.

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Funeral memorial arrangements are currently being arranged. Once the information is received, we will share it. 
Emery was loved greatly and will be missed!
We will hold a vigil tomorrow of Praise, Prayer and Reflection for the community to share in. The event will be from 6pm-7:30 in the sanctuary of our church.

We look forward to sharing together.
Pastor Joseph Tolton & the Rehoboth Temple Community"

Karri Stokely, another person with AIDS being exploited by AIDS Denialists, is very ill. 

Kim Bannon continues to decline and requires assisted living.
How many more people with HIV infection will fall for the false hope dished out by the AIDS Denialists? 
How many more will die too soon because they live under a delusion?  
How many more people will Peter Duesberg, David Rasnick, David Crowe and the other AIDS Deniers fool with their sick lies?

I am truly sorry that it is too late for Emery Taylor.

UPDATE: Jonathan Barnett provides more information on Emery Taylor's AIDS denialism.


  1. Another pointless death. News from Karri has been very thin on the ground. I suppose the end is near. Meanwhile the lunatics on carry on regardless.

  2. Sad.Just so sad.Emery Taylor seemed to be such a nice,funny and sweet guy.Another beautiful person who might have died unnecessary.By the way i think he became 30 years old Seth,not 28.

    R.I.P Emery

  3. From

    Kerri: "I am doing well. It took 6 months to heal from the rectal abscess. With doctors that refused to operate on me because I don't take the ARV's, I nearly bleed to death and had to have 4 units transfused. I spent 2 hrs a day, every day, in a hyperbaric chamber, which really helped heal the wound. I am now back at the gym working with a trainer and trying to rehabilitate and regain some strength.
    Thank you for asking about me."

  4. How bout a bet that Karri Stockely is either gone or unable to attend the Rethinking AIDS Conf of December 2011? How about this for a wager..

    If she is there, AIDSTruth shuts down.
    If not, RethinkingAIDS shuts down?

    How about Rasnick, willing to eat some Crowe?

  5. On a podcast a few months ago, David Crowe spoke of a "healthy" young man with very low T cells who "worked 70 hours a week". Crowe said that he attended doctors' appointments with this young man to argue with the physician who was desperately trying to get the young man to accept the treatment he needed.

  6. I hope you burn in hell for the way you are out to destroy a person's, with such positivity, life. You should be ashamed as well as your whole family... This article shows such ignorance and stupidity. You are not a reporter or blogger of any interest. I can see why no one would ever read them because no one should engage themselves in such ignorance and disregard for the value of another person's life and utter disrespect to yours and their family... This article displays the environment in which your family raised you and shows that they would be just as ignorant.. I hope such tragedy happens to you or someone in your family and watch the media and other bloggers totally disrespect you and your family the way you do others... Please remove this ASAP or I will start blogging about you and you will be embarrassed a shit when I am done.... You have 8 hours to remove this ignorant article or else I will put up a blog that will keep you updated and embarrass your family... I am a real reporter so I don't think you want me to utter your name in my articles.. Unlike you I tend to compose myself better than a 7 year old would.. You and your family should be shamed and you can rot in hell...

    1. you are an idiot, "oh im a real reporter" blah blah, look how many comments there are here asshole, I guess people are reading it lol, now fuck off and die, denialist piece of shit

  7. Did Emery die of AIDS? How certain is this? What does the post mortem say?

  8. Well, let's see

    He was HIV+

    The QuestioningAIDS thread says he had stated "Originally Posted by Etay1207
    My T-cells are low. I mean, my T-cells are so low pretty soon I'm gonna owe T-cells next time I go."

    So what do you think?

  9. You really are the vilest of cretins $eth.

    "What did he die of?"

    "He was HIV+"

    Such is the low state of your intellect and moral fiber that words really escape me and can't do the contempt I have for you justice.

    I wish you cancer in any form, preferably a slow festering type as you deserve.

    Burn in hell Kalichman.

  10. Thanks 'Mom'
    I love posting comments like this. They help show the world what hateful Mother F#@kers you AIDS Deniers are.
    So thanks.
    You have killed so many people with your insane lies. Emery Taylor is just the latest sad victim. He approached his collapsed immune system with humor and you laughed right along with him. His doctors tried to get him on treatment, and Rethinking AIDS encouraged him to stay in denial.

    I know you sleep well at night. You are insane.
    But I lose sleep over you and those who have been fragile enough to listen to you.

    Now, please reply. The more you spew this crap out the better.

  11. Seth's Mom aka Brian Carter.

  12. Actually, I heard Brian Carter died a few weeks back of KS complications. I know AIDS denialists don't stop. but if they could blog from the grave we would be hearing from Maggiore. You know that bitch would never stop!

  13. That post from "Ken" was the funniest thing I have read in a long, long time! He claims to be a "real reporter" but he writes about as well as Celia Farber. Maybe "Ken" is really Celia! I would be very, very frightened if I were you, Seth. Ken/Celia claims he/she will "put up a blog that will keep you updated.."!! Is that supposed to be scary or helpful? It sounds like Ken/Celia is going to keep you abreast of current events!! hahahahaaaaaa

    It has been well over the 8 hours Ken/Celia afforded you to take down "this ignorant article" and Ken/Celia has still not put up the informative blog promised to "keep you updated"!!

    Oh, Ken/Celia is a comic genius!!!!

  14. Seth,
    It looks like "Ken" above may be a person who goes by "Gos" at Here's what he wrote:

    "If Seth feeds off of our response, then I'm about to deliver him a buffet. I'm not saying yet what I plan to do, because all of the pieces aren't in place yet. But trust me, as of today, Seth Kalichman has bitten off FAR MORE than he's going to be able to chew. I hope the motherfucker chokes."

    They are also discussing contacting UConn. Although I know you have said others have tried this and UConn sees thru their bullshit and puts the weight and gravity to their complaints that they merit: NONE!! But don't you love how these Denialists rage against "Censorship" but they practice it daily? It seems D4D fell victim to their censorship, I'm glad UConn will stand behind you and the truth!

  15. Yes, they are definitely pissed at me.


    Because I post their lies.
    I post when one of them dies.

    Every time this happens they react the same way. They deflect reality to stay in the bubble of their denial.

    Amazing, really amazing.

    I am sorry to hear about Brian Carter. I hope he did not suffer. KS. Man, that is awful.

  16. Seth
    They were watching this poor guy die and did nothing but push him along...
    he posted in August 2010 the trajectory of his declining numbers......

    POZ since 1999
    10/00 tcells: 837 vl: undetectable
    2/01 tcells: 906 vl: 400
    8/01 tcells: 1377 vl: 3437
    12/01 tcells: 1064 vl: 554
    2/02 tcells: 1067 vl: 431
    5/02 tcells: 1058 vl: undetectable
    3/03 tcells: 1314 vl: 1677
    12/03 tcells: 1214 vl: 1100
    7/06 tcells: 587 vl: 3,298
    1/07 tcells: 530 vl: 72,922
    7/07 tcells: 542 vl: 26,577
    9/08 tcells: 339 vl: 56,120
    7/09 tcells: 267 vl: 663,160
    11/09 tcells: 71 vl: 498,670
    02/10 tcells: 52 vl: 322,000
    no meds and feeling great!

    Criminal! Simply criminal!

  17. Seth, Brian Carter is still around, and actively posting on the net.

    I'd be bit careful about publishing comments by people like "Prince" and "Jimmy the Geek" above: as you and I both know, the denialists will do anything to deflect attention from their own responsibility when their cult leads to preventable deaths and serious illnesses amongst their number.

    One of the tactics they use is to pose as their opponents and make crude and ill informed comments in order to discredit any reality-based criticisms of their cult.

    Sometimes such trolls can be hard to distinguish from people who are genuinely angry about the destruction denialists cause, but I would certainly be drawing the line at "wagers" about who the next denialist to die is going to be, and also at unsourced rumors that denialists have died when they clearly haven't.

  18. I read that Emery died of Lung cancer, but as far as I know cancers are not caused by immuno deficiency, Oportunistic Infections and malnuorishment are. We don't know whether he was taking drugs, even if he was saying that he didn't. Homosexual men are known for taking hard drugs. Plus he was on receptive end. Receptive partners are more vulnarable to getting all sort of health problems. There could be many other factors that led to the development of lung cancer. Again, we jump to conclusions. Think about it. If you look at his numbers chart they flactuate quite a bit. He did not take ARV's, but got his viral load undetectable few times. What could reduce viremia in 09 from 660, 000 to 300,000 in 2010? There are a lot of questions surrounding his death that need to be answered.

    1. He did not die of lung cancer, He had KS in his lungs, which is a form of cancer i guess, but KS is an AIDS defining illness, he also had it on his upper thigh, so saying that he died of lung cancer is just a little way for them to bullshit us all while still telling a strand of truth, and yes this type of cancer happens from immuno deficiency, and a few others at that.

  19. I saw lung cancer mentioned at QA. Lung cancer in a a young man his age is exceedingly rare. The thread specifically said...

    "About a year ago, Emery posted a video on YouTube in which he said he was having chest pains. Initially, he thought it was heart disease (which runs in his family,) but further cardiac testing showed his heart to be healthy. His doctor told him that it must be gas, but it's always possible that it was an early indicator of lung cancer."

    Since when is chest pain an early sign of lung cancer?

    I really do not want to go back and forth on this. It is a waste of time. There is no mystery here. He had untreated HIV infection and had developed AIDS at least a year or two ago. He chose to stay untreated. He had that right. But he was misinformed by a bunch of crooks and cons. No one has the right to misinform people about their health.

  20. Seth,

    I was wondering if you could explain to me why these people are so angry with you. All you have done is report on the unfortunate death of this person. You are not gloating, reveling or in any way pretending to be happy about the passing of Emery. Do you think it is because his death can not be explained away with their usual trickery and word play?

    Here we have a very young man, 28 I believe, who by his own admission was incredibly healthy and happy. He does, however, admit that he has almost NO T-Cells. Where did they go? They were not ravaged away by ARVs as (supposedly) happened to Karri Stokely since Emery did not take ARVs. I believe the denialists are irrationally angry that his death fits so neatly into the standard, predictable definition of an AIDS death. They cannot explain it away by stress, old age or even a broken heart.

    I guess they could falsely accuse Emery of being a drug addict and hiding his addiction the way Duesberg did to Raphael Lombardo. Duesberg had such faith in the health of this man that he published a letter by Lombardo in his book “Inventing the AIDS Virus”. Then when Mr. Lombardo died a year later, Duesberg publicly wrote that Lombardo was secretly doing drugs. Duesberg even called Mr. Lombardo’s sister a liar when she confronted Duesberg! (Much the same way Celia Farber called Kim Bannon’s family and life long friends liars at

    Of course that is not the first time Duesberg tried to cover up the death of a denialist by accusing them of secretly being drug addicts. Duesberg did the same thing when Huw Christie Williams died. Duesberg wrote in an email to Richard Jeffreys that Huw had died of “long-term over-use/addiction to poppers.”

    Liam Scheff also slandered a dead denialist named Mark Griffiths by claiming he was still using heroin and as proof said that “he seemed a bit groggy sometimes.” That is some sound journalistic investigative reasoning! Reasoning and logic about as good as anything Celia Farber has ever done. OH, yeah, Scheff further slandered his dead friend Griffiths by concluding Griffiths was also abusing alcohol.

    Maybe on the year anniversary of Emery’s death, they can roll out a review of an autopsy instead of the actual autopsy the way they did on the one year anniversary of Christine Maggiore’s death.

    Or maybe they can wish it away with magical thinking the way David Crowe did with Ken Anderlini saying he died rapidly over two years of “a strange neurological disorder no one could pinpoint.”

    Yes, Seth, I must admit, you are a horrible person. How dare you treat the death of a human being with dignity and respect instead of claiming Emery was a drug addict or an alcoholic (as 'anonymous' above has done). Maybe we’ll know more about his death when his “friends” begin to disparage and slander his life or when they cover his face with a skull and crossbones.

  21. Why don't you blog about Clink Walters? ARV poster boy who dropped stone dead in spring 2010? He was the same age as Emery, but had spent more than 10 years on ARVs.

  22. I am not trying to go back and forth. And you are incorrect, chest pain CAN be one of the symptoms of lung cancer. At this site under the symptoms you'll find chest pain as one of them. So, he had chest pains that were left untreated. If he would be properly diognosed, he possibly could still ow. Again, cancers are not casued by immune supression! And yes, it accurance in young people is rear, however it does happen in young people and children. How is it that his viral load suddenly dropped by 300,000 copies in 2009 if he did not take ARV's and we know that HIV constantly mutates and produces millions of copies on the regular basis. According to present knowledge he would have been dead long time ago. I am just asking questions and want to know answers to them. That is all. I am trying to have respectful conversation.

  23. Ok,
    Chronic chest pain is a symptom of lung cancer... not an early symptom. The problem is there are rarely early symptoms of lung cancer...they come late.

    The immune system has everything to do with cancer. Ask Peter Duesberg...the immune system keeps those aneuploidy cells from developing into cancers...and when they fail people develop cancers.

    BUT you are right in that the branches of the immune system that are cancer protective (NK cells particularly) are not HIV infected. Late HIV infection/AIDS is when the immune system crashes. By then, people die of much faster killers than most cancers.

    So this ends here.
    No debate about the cause of death of Emery Taylor. Truth is none of us know how he died. He may have died in a car crash for all I know.

    Just as I wrote about Cristine Maggiore, it does not matter how he died. He was an AIDS Denialist. He was telling his supporters and perpetrators that he was very sick and they ignored him. They protected the bubble over caring about him. And now he is gone.

    And by the way, I am not the one scrambling to explain his death. That is happening at Questioning AIDS. It is the late Brian Carter who would have to explain why this young man, so healthy, so full of life (with an HIV+ diagnosis and collapsed immune system), died.

    And finally, no one said ARVs are a cure for HIV infection. I have never said everyone with HIV should take them. People refusing treatment is not the problem.

    The problem is that people are listening to psychopaths like David Rasnick and Harvey Bialy, crazy old men like Duesberg and Bauer, narcissists like Null and Farber, and morons like Rebecca Culshaw, Clark Baker, Michael Geiger, and the late Brian Carter. That is the problem.

  24. @Gay Hornet, by all accounts Emery was deeply loved by many people - his partner, their two kids, his family, his friends at church. Many of them tried very hard to get him to accept competent medical treatment when it was more than obvious to anyone outside the cult he was in serious trouble. Emery talked about this in his videos.

    Now he is gone, I expect there will be lot of people who were very close to him and in due course will want to understand how this could have happened.

    That is why the denialists are going crazy.

  25. It is also incredibly pathetic and disgusting that still has Emery Taylor's post saying how healthy and great he is doing eventhough he has been dead for a week. If they truly had human feelings for this person and were not just using him, they would post some sort of decent notice of his death. This is just further proof of what horrible, awful monsters these people are.

    And BTW, Brian Carter, although brain dead for years, is still physically alive. He has simply stopped being a moderator at, the website he and others stole. I believe he quit because his health has become so bad he cannot do much these days. Either that, or he is too busy traveling and playing on the Disability Insurance money he is defrauding from the U.S. Gov't.

  26. Yeah, you're right Seth. The speculation ends here. None of us know how Emery Taylor or Brian Carter died, so we should probably just let them rest in peace.

  27. @Seth I personally knew Brittany Murphy and how old was she when she died? Let me help you out...32. What was the cause of death? Cardiac Arrest. Very rare but it happens. The sad part about this whole HIV bullshit is that people will die eventually. Unfortunately, we have quacks like you who will label HIV the cause when eventually they die. I'm just happy the he didn't slip on ice and crack his head. Because quackery people like you will say that it was the HIV that created him delusional in which he couldn't maintain his balance. So HIV caused his death.
    Quack. Quack.
    Who's there?
    Dumbass who?
    Dumbass who don't mind their own business and stop the quackery!!!

  28. @ Seth. Now I see why you work so hard to protect your belief. Because IF you're wrong, you WILL have lawsuits against you for malpractice. So I guess if I was you, I would do and say anything to protect myself. You have a LOT of financial gain riding on this.

  29. This is a disgusting article, and yes, it gloats over the death of a friend of mine. On the flimsiest of preliminary evidence from Facebook, you make horrible charges against suffering people. And you do so without any accountability whatsoever as a faculty member at a major public university. If anyone is upset by this, you make all kinds of judgments on their characters. Not only is academic and scientific rigor missing from your statements, but also human compassion. The fact remains, never actually disputed by you as an academic researcher, that the "HIV tests" neither find nor are claimed by their manufacturers to find evidence of a specific virus. What are we supposed to do with that information? "Deny" it? You are indulging in a clear and public abuse of power.

  30. You forgot to add Dr. Luc Antoine Montagnier (French virologist and joint recipient with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Harald zur Hausen of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, for his discovery of the HIV) to list of psychopaths. Because in his interview he clearly states that if you have a good immune system, you can naturally get rid of HIV. In his unedited interview at 1:36.

  31. Can't help yourself, can you Elizabeth?

    "The fact remains, never actually disputed by you as an academic researcher, that the "HIV tests" neither find nor are claimed by their manufacturers to find evidence of a specific virus. What are we supposed to do with that information? "

    Well, what I'd suggest is you stop mindlessly parroting complete and utter bullshit that you read on a denialist website and trying to pass it off as "information".

    That'd be a good start.

  32. Again Seth, you are wrong. I am not trying to be disrespectful, but you are wrong about the early symptoms.
    You said: "Chronic chest pain is a symptom of lung cancer... not an early symptom. The problem is there are rarely early symptoms of lung cancer...they come late.
    Many medical sites on lung cancer particularly state that

    The FREQUESNT EARLY SYMPTOMS of lung cancer are: -

    •CONSTANT PAIN IN THE CHEST OR ELSEWERE, (possibly from the cancer spreading to a bone).
    •Excessive fatigue.
    •Deteriorating breathlessness.
    •Chronic cough.
    •Weight loss &loss of appetite
    •Pyrexia of unknown origin
    None of the trusted medical sites list immune deficiency as one of the causes of lung cancer.
    Hank Wilson did a tramendous research on poppers. Gay men are known for abusing the substance. He, himself eventually died from lung cancer. He also abused poppers in the seventies and eighties. Emery could have abused that drug too. We don't know. Poppers are toxic by inhalation. Who knows maybe Emery did sniffed that shit, we'll never know. But to say with such certainty that HIV caused his untimely death is not responsible to say the least. Please Seth, don't be angry at me, but you are wrong on at least two points here.

  33. Incidence of cancers in people with HIV/AIDS compared with immunosuppressed transplant recipients: a meta-analysis

  34. What would be a good start is starting with facts, evidence, data, not labels like "bullshit" and "denialist."

    And giving your real name when blogging an opinion against a man who lived and died honorably.

    I'm Elizabeth Ely, and I've been studying this for 18 years. If you provide me with convincing data that the "HIV test" identifies a specific lethal virus, I'll shut up for another 18.

    The shame of this academic abuse of power will follow all of you. "Have you, at long last, no decency, sir?"

    And by the way, I spoke with Brian Carter today, who is alive and in good health.

  35. Of course they are saying that Brian Carter is not dead. If they are this up in arms about Emery Taylor passing, can you imagine how their little world is shaking with Brian Carter dying?
    There is no end to their denial.

  36. "I'm Elizabeth Ely, and I've been studying this for 18 years."

    How about some details on your studies?
    Aside from the internet and talk radio, what have your studies consisted of?
    What books have you read?
    Courses you have taken?
    Seminars attended?
    Journals subscribed to?
    Conferences attended?
    And what is your degree in?

    And just what would you accept as "convincing data"?

  37. Yes, Libby, I was well aware who you are, and I stand by my descriptors "bullshit denialist".

    You said, "the HIV tests neither find nor are claimed by their manufacturers to find evidence of a specific virus".

    Is that what you and your RA friends told Emery?

    Did your "18 years of study" extend to reading anything at all that wasn't on one of you cult's websites?, For example, reading the package inserts describing the intended use of the various diagnostic HIV assays current approved for that use?

    Here's one:

    "Intended Use
    The APTIMA® HIV-1 RNA Qualitative Assay is an in vitro nucleic acid assay system for the detection of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) in human plasma. It is intended for use as an aid in the diagnosis of HIV-1 infection, including acute or primary infection.."

    Other HIV diagnostic tests, including antibody tests, are designed, intended and approved to identify evidence of HIV infection. Used correctly in appropriate algorithms, they do this very accurately.

    I realise that as a "public relations" professional, the concept of telling the truth is likely to be foreign to you, but some of us consider it important, especially when your dishonesty and deliberate exploitation costs lives.

    And for the record, Lizzie, no one here is "blogging an opinion against a man who lived and died honorably." It's the sociopaths of Rethinking AIDS who lied to him and exploited him we're holding to account.

    So no, don't try the tired old PR trick of confusing the exploiter with the victim. It won't wash.

  38. I hear that the other co-moderators of QuestioningAIDS have taken over Brian Carter's account and are using it as a sock puppet in a pathetic attempt to convince everyone that Brian Carter is still alive!

    Priceless! What'll these denialists think of next?

  39. "Elizabeth Ely is a freelance writer and public speaker based in New York City, who has learned all the wrong lessons from being thrown out of a major Protestant church. She is working on a book about the religious nature of AIDS-think"

    There you have it Seth,a real scientist just like Celia Farber,freelance writer and public speaker.What a bunch of idiots

  40. All for you Seth:
    "It is with a heavy fart and giant crocodile tears streaming down my face that I announce the tragic :snicker: passing of the reputation of Seth Kalichman.

    Kalichman's reputation is preceded in death by his humanity, his decency, his conscience, and his dignity. It is survived by the reputations of Christine Maggiore, Emery Taylor, Kelly Jon Landis, and Ken Anderlini. It is also survived by Jon Barnett, Tony Lance, John Bleau, "the late" Brian Carter, Karri Stokely, Kim Bannon, Gos Blank, and the rest of the gang at QuestioningAIDS.

    Kalichman's reputation found final peace at 12:04AM on Thursday, February 24, 2011, apparently from acute rectocephalism and advanced AIDS dementia. AIDS dementia is a common side effect of AIDS cocktail drugs, and rectocephalism is a common side effect of sucking the corporate dick. However, Kalichman's doctor blames a drug-resistant strain of HIV for the rash of ridiculous and slanderous claims made by Kalichman on his blog that mortally wounded his reputation.

    Kalichman himself is under suspicion in his reputation's death. Police say that they've received several 911 calls from neighbors ever since December 27, 2008, saying that Kalichman was beating his reputation like it owed him money. A police spokesman said, however, that given his stunted emotional level, it is doubtful that they could try him as an adult, and even if they could, he'd probably get off scot-free on an insanity plea anyway.

    Memorial services for Mr. Kalichman's reputation will be held on March 5, 2011."

  41. Elizabeth Ely will never address the question of her studies nor her credibility. She is all talk and never backs up her mouth with facts.
    Come on, Elizabeth Ely, you so proudly proclaim your name, now how about proclaiming your credentials?

    Her credentials are as hollow as her head and her soul. She deserves our pity.

  42. Again, Seth, nowhere in does it say that LUNG CANCER is caused by immuno deficiency. Lung cancer is not even listed there. You still can not give me an answer to my earlier question. How is it that an HIV+ person's viral load can drop so significantly by hundreds of thousands in one year who has not been taking ARV's for ten years. We know that HIV is a vicious virus on the loose who replicates and mutates at the speed of light. How is that drop possible? Also, I provide you with info on the COMMON EARLY symptoms of lung cancer. ONE of them is constant chest pains. Here's the link again, this time from yet another web page: You did not post my earlier comment.

  43. Is Carter dead or not ?! I am very confused now.

  44. "Again, Seth, nowhere in does it say that LUNG CANCER is caused by immuno deficiency."

    Do you have trouble reading?

    p64 "rates of lung cancers were increased in both populations."

    "Both populations" meaning people with HIV and immunosuppressed transplant recipients.

    p65 "However, rates of lung cancer were increased in both populations. In kidney transplant recipients, the magnitude of the increase in lung cancer rates is much greater after transplantation than during dialysis, suggesting that immune deficiency could have a direct role."

    And here's another independent study:
    Paper # 30
    HIV Infection Is an Independent Risk Factor for Lung Cancer

  45. Brian Carter died in the beginning of February. The other co-moderators of QA have taken over Brian Carter's account and are using it as a sock puppet in a pathetic attempt to convince everyone that he is still alive! They have also create a thread simulating that Brian resign from the forum moderation:

  46. I thought we were going to stop speculating about how Emery and Brian died?

  47. Anonymous, why are you so hung up on this Viral Load Drop? I thought you guys did not believe in VL Test. You all harp on PCR being a "Viral Load of Crap"! Is it not a bit hypocritical of you to harp and harangue about a test you claim is useless?

    Please answer that and then we can discuss the possiblity that those results are faked just like Maggiore's Autopsy "Report" of the actual report or the faked EJ Autopsy "Report" of the actual report.

    Or how about the faked results of Tommy Morrison's HIV Tests?

    Or, for that matter, the faked results of Maggiore's tests: positive, negative, positive, negative, negative, positive etc...

    Shoul I go on? You Denialists have a looonnnggg
    history of saying whatever you want with absolutely no proof to back it up?

    Lastly, where is Elizabeth Ely? Looks like she has taken a runner as usual!!

    How can you guys be so surprised that you have no crediblity when your entire world is predicated on lies?

  48. @NM, however right in the beginnig of the document in FINDINGS, it says: 20 out of 28 types of cancers were examined, there was a significantly increased incidence in both populations. MOST OF THOSE 20 WERE CANCERS WITH A KNOWN INFECTIOUS CAUSE ( was the CAUSE of those cancers an HIV infection?), including all THREE types of AIDs-defying cancers, all HPV-related cancers, as well as Hodgkin's lymphoma, liver cancer and stomach cancer. Most common epithelial cancers did not occur at increased rates. Further, in INTERPRETATION it reads: The similarity of the pattern of the increased risk of cancer in the two populations SUGGESTS ( not conludes or proves, only SUGGESTS) that it is immune deficiency, rahter than other risk factors for cancer, that is responsible for the increased risk. The quote you site:
    p65 "However, rates of lung cancer were increased in both populations ( lung cancer mentioned only once for HIV infected people in a whole entire document) IN KIDNEY TRANSPLANT RECIPIENTS, the magnitude of the increase in lung cancer rates is much greater after transplantation than during dialysis, SUGGESTING ( again, SUGGESTING, not concluding) that immune deficiency could have a direct role." The second part of the quote relates to kidney transplant recipients. We all know that organ transplant recipients have weak immune systems. Finally, p66 talks about The Theory that has been proposed by Burnet predicting that immune deficient populations should experience high rates of cancer of all types. Clearly, this is not the case and until now it has been concluded that only a few viral- associated cancers are related to immune deficiency.

  49. The one thing that amazes me in all of this is not that a HIV+ man with a t-cell count of nearly zero died. It's the reactions of the people who convinced him to throw his life away. One commentator makes reference to the 'hard drugs' that Emery must surely have been taking, given he was a homosexual. Others just lash out at Seth in a misguided attempt to project their own guilt and complicity in the death of another innocent. So far we've seen posts from Celia "Light Treatment" Farber and the inimitable Baker himself, furiously debasing Seth as though he were responsible for Emery's death.

    The denialists often accuse rational commentators of "grave-dancing", of using the tragic and preventable deaths of these individuals to score points in an argument. While we mourn the senselessness of their passing (while dancing on their graves), the foaming imbeciles of bandy about accusations of drug abuse and lifestyle-related impairments to explain away their sudden deaths.

    Just one more sad death in a parade of reckless stupidity. Tally up another one, Duesberg. Shine on, you crazy diamond. One more poor bastard you and yours have indoctrinated away from proven medical science and into an early grave.

  50. And oh yes. Elizabeth Ely.

    Eighteen years of study. Right. What part of that study didn't involve mindlessly absorbing the dogma fed to you by denialists? How many peer-reviewed journal entries have you been involved in, or even read? And most importantly, why are you so furious with us when it was your handlers that convinced a young man to kill himself through inaction?

  51. An AIDS Denialist dies and look what happens.

    They come out of the woodwork. Just press on the bubble and on comes the panic.

    And yes, Brian Carter is dead. There is no speculating on the cause. And it was not the stress of Christine Maggiore's death.

  52. Poor Seth, if you were a lawyer you'd be out chasing ambulances right now.

    Love the commentry at, I got great laughs about their "kalichmans", doubt you'll ever suffer any anal problems though, seeings as you are the perfect asshole.

    Schmuck is as Schmuck does.

  53. I now have several 'Brian Carters' ..from different places around the country.. claiming to be him. Most of them cross the line with profanity trying to be authentic. I will not post them.
    They just cannot accept these tragedies. Really sad.

  54. I caught another lie: To the person who "knew" Brittany Murphy, you must not have known her very well. She did NOT die of Cardiac Arrest!

    According to the AUTOPSY Report it was by Community Acquired Pneumonia, Multiple Drug Intoxication and IDA (Iron Deficiency Anemia). See below or just google Brittany Murphy Cause of Death and you will get multiple hits, all with the same info which came from an autopsy performed by a real, legitimate licensed Pathologist (i.e. NOT Al-Bayati).

  55. Gay Hornet
    They always lie..
    It is the core of denialism.

  56. Just like they're lying about Brian Carter being alive.

    They're so deep in delusion that they aren't even considering what's going to happen when the truth comes out and they can no longer deny that he's dead.

  57. What's next?
    Christine Maggiore is alive and well?
    Lambros has been on vacation?
    Kim Bannon is at a spa resort?
    Baby Eliza Jane is away at boarding school?
    Brittany Murphy is working underground as a counter-IRS agent?
    David Pasqualli is in the CIA?

    Common people, wake up!

  58. I'm sure Brian will make a video if rumors of his demise are exaggerated.

  59. Now they have posted an Youtube video uploaded on the 09/03/2010 to prove that Brian "sick fuck" Carter is alive. Why don't you bastards post a video with today newspapers on his hands??? Come on, prove that he is alive!!!

  60. It's pretty simple for Brian to show he's alive. There's at least one year-old video of Brian Carter on youtube so people know what he looks like.

    He should just make a new video holding up a newspaper from today or some such thing. Or show him surfing these Comments from today or the QA forum or Perez or TMZ or whatever.

    Boom. Controversy over.

  61. Personally, I do not see any controversy.

    What, because Elizabeth Ely says she has talked with him?

    But I agree, why not prove he is alive?

    A video may do it.
    A static image would would be too easy to put Brian Carter's head on Clark Baker's body. (not an improvement for either of them)

    Having to prove you are alive has to be unique to AIDS Deniers.

    They even have to prove their causes of death.

    Where else do you find that?

  62. "A static image would would be too easy to put Brian Carter's head on Clark Baker's body. (not an improvement for either of them)"

    ROTFL!!! :D


    OMG, he looks like a f****** retard!

  64. ...and speaks like a f****** retard!

  65. ...and now he is f****** dead!

  66. Wow - now Carter and Maggiore are dancing the happy denialism dance! I hope they are saving a chair for Bannon, Stokely and Clark Baker.

    Unfortunately, Clarkie recently tested HIV + a couple months ago. I feel really bad for his wife and kids...

  67. Source for Clark Baker now being HIV+?!

  68. I am here desperately seeking actual factual answers about Brian Carter. He is my friend and I can't get through to him and really want to know the truth please. Who said he is dead? What is the source? It must have come from somewhere? Did somebody REPORT it?

    Can you please refrain from all invective long enough to just answer in a clear manner?

  69. Have you seen Jon Bernett's blog today?

    Emery Taylor died of KS.

    Let's see what kind of mental contortions the denailists attempt to try to wriggle their way out of THIS one.

  70. Celia, there is no evidence I'm aware of behind the reports of Brian Carter's death. Someone just said it on the internet. Funny how when people just say stuff on the internet without evidence it can end up taking a on life of its own, eh?

    I think that is the point, anyway, but who knows?

    Jonathan Barnett has posted about Emery's cause of death. And no, I don't think Jonathan's "just saying stuff" there. But sometimes it can be hard to tell.

  71. Thank you Snout.

    "Someone just said it on the Internet...?"

    WHO? Where?

    Who would do something so sick?

  72. Hey Celia

    Before you start calling people sick, you came here concerned because you are unable to contact your friend.

    Seems like something may have happened to him. I mean, where is he?
    I think we all share the same concern.He may no longer be among us.

    I have been getting comments from various places around the country claiming to be Brian Carter. What is up with that?

    Did he ever tell you that if he were to fall ill you should keep us orthodoxers from knowing??

  73. KS! OMG. Pointless. Totally pointless death. What a waste.

    I see SteveUK on the QA forum is doing his absolute best to persuade people that the improvements they've found in their health since starting ARVs are entirely placebo.

    And funny how those same people are starting to wonder why they have so many symptoms in common ? Perhaps they really do have HIV after all!

  74. Well Celia, the internet's a funny place. I've seen all sorts of weird claims.

    For example, I've seen Peter Duesberg described as "an AIDS expert" when in fact the guy has no clinical qualifications at all and has never performed any actual research into either HIV or AIDS. I've seen Mrs Eleni Eleopulos-Papadopulos referred to as a "Professor of Medical Physics" who sits "on the faculty of the University of Western Australia's medical school" when in fact she's a lab technician who tests people for sensitivity to radiation.

    I've heard Roberto Giraldo of New York referred to as a "specialist in internal medicine" when in fact he doesn't even hold a medical license in the US. And one of the commenters on this very thread described Mohammed Al-Bayati on her website as a "forensic pathologist" (another medical specialty). Guess what his actual medical qualifications are to conduct autopsies in real life?

    So I guess you can't believe something just because someone's said it on the internet. Sad, but true.

  75. Now Seth's looking for conspiracies about Brian Carter!

    Think about it Schmoe, has anyone actually hidden a death from you goons before? Still it's interesting to see the depths this blog has plummetted to, you stating he's dead without a shred of evidence either way, now Clarks HIV+ too.

    I guess it meets your usual standards of intellectual probity though, perhaps you could run an op ed in Aids and Behaviour on it, self peer reviewed of course, then use it as a reference in one of your next papers. A good follow up would be some randomised phone calls to AIDSTRUTH members asking if they believed Brian was dead, if you reach a consensus then it must be so.

    Then the NIH could put a piece in their website on;

    "The Truth that Brian Carter is Dead".

    Or perhaps even a website;


    And, coin the term "Carter Denialists".

    Keep up the good work though, your farce keeps me amused endlessly.

  76. its sad to see a blog where bloggers have to impersonate Celia, use Clark Bakers name in reverse and thrive on the alleged death of dissidents - who, as Brian, are alive and well. it shows the sick psychology behind all this - an embarrassment for some who claims to be a trained psychologist.

  77. Does anyone know what happened to David Collins' blog in which he showed pictures of his KS lesions and how it almost killed him until he finally went thru with Chemo? It was pretty amazing. Now it is gone! Imagine that.

    But it was amazing and crazy how he admits to almost dying from the KS it was so bad (completely covering one eye as well as on many other body parts...complete with pictures) and then claims to still not believe in HIV or the meds that saved his life! Utterly fascinating in a car wreck kind of way.

    But now it is gone and I can't even find a cache of it. I guess his Denialists buddies forced him to take it down. The proof/truth was too overwhelming for them to deal with.

  78. In case you have not read it, you should read the Emery story at Resistance is Fruitful.

    "While Emery was in the hospital a year later, doctors did find the source of the troubling chest pains and that proved the final blow for Emery. KS. Kaposi Sarcoma. One of the original AIDS-defining diseases, was disseminated in Emery’s lungs. There was more KS on his upper thigh. Billy [Emery's partner] prefers to call it a “sort of cancer”, hence the less-than-accurate Internet reports that Emery had died of lung cancer.

    Emery finally broke. He agreed to take ARVs, and the doctors prescribed Atripla, but Billy is not sure Emery took the drug regularly, if at all."

    Finally broke? Like his doctor was using extreme interrogation techniques.

    What the F#@K is wrong with these people?

    Anyway, once Crowe and Rasnick see the story they will want it taken down too.

    And by the way, I think Celia is The Celia. I try not to post comments where the person is not who they say they are...I mean I was Joe Newton and Snout is Snout. But if Snout said he was Duesberg...well you get it. That is why did not post the comments by the late 'Brian Carter'..they were fakes.

  79. And the story goes on to say...

    "The supplements Billy ordered for Emery finally arrived from Canada. The shipment had been held up at the border, first by customs officials who then called in the FDA to conduct an investigation. FedEx handed the package to Billy nearly a week after Emery had transitioned.

    “I am going to carry on his legacy,” says Billy. “I want to reach out to people with HIV who need help and who cannot or will not take toxic drugs.” Billy says he is committed to finding alternative treatments and he does not believe Emery had to die when he did. “It just wasn’t his time.”"

    Billy, WTF!

    Refuse treatment, sure. But get your yourself deprogrammed and informed first.

    How many more posts like this one do we need?

  80. I read that too. I freaked out, same reaction as you. I have to switch off. These people make me both angry and very depressed. It gets to me on many levels.

  81. Emery Taylor chose to live life, and deal with his 'diagnosis' as he chose. He received support and not condemnation from his friends and loved ones, including his life partner even though they did for a long time disagree. But that is the honesty and love that separates Emery, Billy and his family from Seth Kalichman and his venal blood sucking vultures here.

    Unlike Kalichman et al, those of us who question the 'HIV/AIDS' hypothesis do not gloat over the 1000s of deaths among young men on HAART - even when they are as well-known as the activist Clint Walters. A genuinely inspirational young man to many who chose to believe the 'HIV/AIDS' hypothesis, and campaigned tirelessly (for his *entire* adult life) to get young people into clinics, to get them tested and to get them on ARV chemotherapy, just like himself. Similar age to Emery, 'diagnosed' at the same age as Emery but unlike Emery spent 14 years on HAART and dropped stone dead of a 'haart attack' on 4 April 2010.
    But then, as was said at the time: "Mr Walters was doing well on medication and doctors were pleased about his fitness levels. He died after suffering a heart attack on Sunday."
    One of Clint's closes friends wrote in Baseline UK Magazine Issue 3 'Clint was the fourth poz friend of mine to suffer a fatal heart attack in the past 18 months' ALL of course on HAART.

  82. @where is, how do we know you are the real whereistheproof we all know and love, and not some impostor who is trying to discredit Celia Farber?

    When I clicked on your Blogger profile to check, it came up "Profile Not Available" - always a red flag for me, especially on this site where fake identities are common in the comment threads.

  83. "I mean, I was Joe Newton."

    WTF? now you beleive in your own alter ego, really Seth you are creeping us out, you're showing definate signs of either dementia or delusional behaviour.

    I suggest you get out of this industry, take a nice little break, maybe get some counselling and hopefully you'll get back on track.

    All the best with your recovery, take care, God Bless.

  84. Seth,

    You're gonna LOVE this!

    QuestioningAIDS has replaced Brian on their moderation team with someone named Linda Steiner. She is on ARVs and says that they're the only thing that has helped her with the HIV infection that she claims doesn't exist.

    One of the members of QuestioningAIDS said this:

    "Now that Brian is gone, I can think of no one more qualified to help manage this "frustratingly divisive" bunch than Linda. Welcome aboard and congratulations, Linda!

    I do still wish that there were someone on the mod team who represented the views of Brian and people like him, because as much as I differ from Brian's views on key points, I feel that it's important that they be adequately represented.

    However, considering the circumstances under which we lost Brian, perhaps it's for the best to have someone on the mod team who is actually on ARV therapy."

    Jesus H. Christ! How deep in denial are these people? They're replacing a moderator who died because he wouldn't take ARVs with someone who is alive and healthy because she's taking ARVs, and yet they STILL deny that AIDS exists and that ARVs save lives! Unbelievable!

  85. According to the article in the Independent, Clint Walters was diagnosed due to an opportunistic infection requiring hospitalization. He lived for 14 years after that. Emery Taylor's first opportunistic infection was fatal. And it was the same OI POZ founder Sean Strub was dealing with, 16 years ago.

    The risk of cardiovascular disease is increased in people who interrupt ART compared to those who take it continuously, this was shown definitively in a randomized controlled study of 5,472 people. The strongest predictor was inflammation, not surprising as it is a known predictor of heart disease in aging and other settings. Inflammation can remain persistently elevated in people with HIV on ART compared to uninfected controls, and the magnitude of the inflammation that persists after starting ART is correlated with the CD4 level at the time of starting: the lower the CD4 count, the higher the persistent inflammation. Although anonymous's sneering reference to 'haart attack' shows they want to believe that heart attacks in people with HIV are caused by ART, they don't know what ART drugs the four individuals they mention were on, whether those ART drugs had had any effect on potential heart disease risk factors (such as cholesterol levels) or whether they had used ART intermittently or continuously.

    There are huge cohort studies of people with HIV on ART, in places all over the world, comprising hundreds of thousands of people; they provide no evidence to support the claim of "1000s of deaths among young men on HAART."

  86. Anonymous says Emery received "support not condemenation" from friends and loved ones. Is that the difference between "manslaughter vs murder"? Because they may not have killed Embery outright, but they were damn complacent in his death!

    As for the "1000s of deaths among young men on HAART" please notice how you make the direct and dubious assumption that they died from the meds and not from the result of the immune destroying virus that lead to Emery's death, or from old age or a disease that they would not have lived long enough to get without HAART!

    Lastly, do NOT be a hypocrite and say that you Denialists do not gloat. Maybe not directly, but you do constantly try to make people believe the meds are the killers and not the virus/disease. OR you stoop even lower and put Skull & Crossbones over the faces of dead friends for propaganda! Now THAT is despicable!

  87. You mean like the 'skull & cross bones' on the black warning boxes on every single HAART drug, bar none, that the FDA insists upon? lol

  88. are right...Questioning AIDS clearly shows something happened to Brian Carter...

    "Now that Brian is gone..."
    "I do still wish that there were someone on the mod team who represented the views of Brian..."
    "considering the circumstances under which we lost Brian, perhaps it's for the best to have someone on the mod team who is actually on ARV therapy."

    I do not understand why Rethinking AIDS has not posted a memorial for Brian Carter or Emery Taylor? I am sure he expressed not wanting to give the 'Orthodoxy' the 'satisfaction' of his passing. But what do they expect? I mean, just look at the posts at QA.

    I keep getting comments from 'Brian Carters'...about a dozen now. They are so desperate they have stooped to this.

    Of course, it is possible that he is alive and one of those commenting is him. It is just impossible to tell.

    I think some people are looking into obituaries and such to confirm his death.

    If he is alive, I agree the best thing would be a YouTube video with a proof of time stamp.

    Again, really sad.

  89. Why would want a moderator who takes HAART since they firmly believe that its the the therapy and not the the virus that is killing people ("1000s of deaths among young men on HAART")?

    Nobody on facebook seems want to respond to my questions about the late Brian Carter ... so I guess he's gone to meet the big denialist in the sky.

  90. What was the original source that Brian Carter had passed away? Was it in these comments or did it originate elsewhere?

  91. Sam
    I was directed to the Questioning AIDS website for comments on Emery Taylor's death. That discussion group had been moderated by Brian Carter for years. I stumbled on just a few of the comments about his being 'gone'.
    So I raised the question...the possibility...that he has passed away. I am not saying Brian Carter is dead..I am just asking questions.

    Anyway, others have chimed in and things are becoming clearer...

  92. Excuse me... but is there any concrete proof that support the claim that Emery died as a result of AIDS aside from circumstantial evidence of him having a low t-cell count?

    His health may have been in steady decline, but nevertheless, we don't know what he did with himself that might have contributed to this.

    Claiming his death was directly caused by AIDS simply due to a low t-cell count is jumping to conclusions the last time I checked.
    The article is directly implying that AIDS was the only cause of his death, but we have no way of proving that.
    Insinuation can be very dangerous simply because of prior (and unfavorable) diagnosis.

    Furthermore... is there any actual proof behind claims that Brian Carter's death aside from someone claiming it online?

    One more thing... just because a friend is unable to reach Brian, doesn't mean he died or that something necessarily happened to him.
    I had numerous occasions where I was out of touch with my friends (or family members) for one reason or another, and the important lesson I learned a long time ago is to NOT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS.

    Life is actually much simpler when you do assume, but I prefer making a theory and keeping it in mind as a possibility, and not as something that is necessarily accurate (something a lot of individuals have an issue with).

  93. Excuse me... but is there any concrete proof that support the claim that Emery died as a result of AIDS aside from circumstantial evidence of him having a low t-cell count?

    I guess you missed the post by Jonathan Barnett where he interviewed Taylor's partner, Billy, and noted that Taylor died of Karposi's Sarcoma.

  94. I was directed to the Questioning AIDS website for comments on Emery Taylor's death. That discussion group had been moderated by Brian Carter for years. I stumbled on just a few of the comments about his being 'gone'.
    So I raised the question...the possibility...that he has passed away. I am not saying Brian Carter is dead..I am just asking questions.

    Brian Carter just stepped down as moderator. The fact that he has to say it's not for health reasons makes me suspicious.

  95. Does anyone know what happened to David Collins' blog in which he showed pictures of his KS lesions and how it almost killed him until he finally went thru with Chemo? It was pretty amazing. Now it is gone! Imagine that.

    I found a cache of the post. Regardless, I hope he's doing well now.

  96. Don't look now, but it looks like they've posted a video of Brian at QuestioningAIDS.

    It would appear that "He is Risen". (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

  97. OMG - I just heard Celia Farber saying that Clark Baker tested HIV + and is trying to make an appointment at the Life Vessel Institute in New Mexico that she speaks about (The "Love" Waves). Holy Cow - what is happening to these people?

  98. i heard from a friend on facebook that peter staley died of complications from a cheek implant. is that true? he hasn't blogged for over a year now. is trying to cover up his demise?

  99. The denialists have a point.

    They are not dying because of HIV.
    That much is true. *

    They are dying because God in royally fed up with them.

    * Though if God were not actively pleased to expunge them sooner, HIV would get nearly all some years later.

  100. Apparently Karri Stokely, Celia Farber, and the other whack jobs are saying that Emery died of "lung cancer" which had nothing to do
    with AIDS.
    Celia says anything else is "voodoo". Btw, the anonymous post where the person gave a fake obituary to Seth's reputation is by another nutcase whose real name isf "Gos Blank". I know he somehow thinks he wrote something witty, but it is not very funny and unoriginal.

    But the irony of Love Box Celia and Hyperbaric Stokely calling Emery's death due to KS "voodoo" is amazing...

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  104. I dont know if anyone posted this yet but Emery Taylor didn't just die of lung cancer, He had KS in his lungs and on his upper thigh, So it wasn't just lung cancer that killed the man, It was a well known AIDS defining illness that killed this man, and I'm sorry that he chose to believe the crap, But I have to say I love this page, Keep up the good work man!