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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tommy Morrison Died Tragically of Denial

By Tom Friend |
Tommy Morrison died Sunday night of an undisclosed illness. But for all intents and purposes, he died of denial.
In 1996, Morrison was diagnosed with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. In 1997, he told me he was still having unprotected sex with his first wife.
"I'll trust an attorney before I'll trust a doctor," he said.
I'm not sure how many wives he ended up with (I lost count after the fourth), but nothing ever changed. His last wife, Trisha, recently told's Elizabeth Merrill that they, too, had had unprotected sex. As far as Tommy was concerned, his HIV never existed. He searched high and low for rogue doctors who would assure him he was fine, who would clear him to go back to boxing. He was nothing without boxing, nothing without sex -- so he looked the other way.
He tried AZT for a month and threw it in the trash; he thought the HIV therapy drug taken by most HIV patients was propoganda. His family staged an intervention to get him back on meds, but he cursed at them and said, "I will lay down and die before I take any drugs." Magic Johnson tried to reach out to him in 1996 -- the same Magic Johnson who is thriving 22 years after his own HIV diagnosis -- and Tommy Morrison plum ignored him.
"I remember talking to Magic the day I announced I had HIV," Morrison told me in 1998. "He was preaching, 'Do what your doctor tells you.' Well, I didn't have a doctor then, so I got down on my knees and I prayed. Every day, I was like, 'God, what do I do?' Hell, I saw myself dying. And then I started getting all these books in the mail, and they all said, 'Don't worry about it. Just live your life.' So that's what I did."
Morrison was a distant relative of John Wayne. But the problem was he lived his whole life like he was in the Wild West. His mother gave him his first tattoo. And his father gave him his first woman -- at a strip club when Tommy was 14.
They entered him, as an eighth-grader, in "tough man" contests. In other words, his parents essentially signed him up for bar fights. That's how he made his name. That and setting fire to his high school football field when he was cut from the team.
The best thing he had going was his blue eyes, his blond hair and muscles on top of muscles. He moved to Kansas City, got a promoter and entered the fight game. Morrison would later admit to me that he was on steroids, but Sylvester Stallone couldn't take his eyes off of him and cast him as Tommy Gunn in "Rocky V."
 As a writer for the New York Times, I later watched him defeat 44-year-old George Foreman in Las Vegas for a heavyweight title. That night, while they were clenching seconds before the final bell, Foreman whispered to the new champ: "Don't curse in public." Morrison must not have heard him.
He would later be arrested for multiple DUIs and was always allegedly profane with the police officers. Morrison and Stallone had had a falling out by then. So had Tommy and his trainer. But Bill Cayton was his manager, and had Morrison not been diagnosed with HIV, Cayton was about to get him a deal to fight Mike Tyson. The hype would have been through the roof, or at least through the MGM Grand.
But after the diagnosis, Morrison became a pariah. His words were mumbled and nonsensical. His family assumed he contracted HIV from a dirty steroid needle, but there was no discussing it with him, no discussing anything with him. Before the new millennium, he bought a cave, convinced that the world was coming to an end at the stroke of midnight on Jan. 1, 2000. That's where he slept on Dec. 31, 1999 -- delusional then, and obviously in the years to come.
He had a good heart. That was never the issue. He was friendly, would talk to any kid. But he would also talk to animals, too. He once did an interview with me with his cat in his arms.
He died Sunday at the age of 44, the same age Foreman was when Morrison beat him for the title. Hopefully, he finally took George's advice. Hopefully, Tommy Morrison wasn't cursing at the end.


  1. Good old Elizabeth Ely wrote this at RA facebook:
    Elizabeth Ely
    To those AIDS "activists" rejoicing at Tommy Morrison's death: "Have you, sir, at long last, no decency?"

    Of course she neglects to give even one specific example. No one is rejoicing except for the AIDS Denialists who are rejoicing that Tommy had other ailments so they have something to SPIN his death with. What a bunch of.....

  2. Clark Baker and Elizabeth Ely have no decency! Celia Farber and Miltenberg, Gary Null who have no decency! They let their friends and clients die.

    I have personally written Clark's clients who were dying. I urged them to choose life- take the drugs and live, even if you tell the world you are not! No one had to die for Clark/Farber propaganda.

    Every human life is sacred. Even Clark should take drugs if he needs them.

    No one rejoices at a death. But Clark uses faked autopsies to advance his propaganda. Clark is dancing on the graves of his clients.

    Let others be warned. Clark false claims become evident when his clients die of AIDS. Have you no decency sir?

  3. Listen - Tommy didn't die of AIDS Denialism. He died of "Climate Propagandism" - just ask Constable Clarkie! He has exposed "Big Climate."

  4. Ah the Gyps Fulvus of UConn circles relentlessly.

  5. Has anyone seen the huge in-fighting over at RA facebook?

    Tomas Brewster and Christine Johnson are going at it big time. Calling each other idiots and so forth. And it's not just them. Brewster let Clark Baker have it as well. And others are jumping into the fray.

    In-fighting is funny.

  6. I was a fan of Tommy Morrison when he boxed. When I heard about his death, it was the first time I heard about HIV denialists, and I was intrigued. I'm a physician and I was a med student during the late 90s when protease inhibitors first became available. I can remember AIDS patients who were close to death suddenly have remarkable improvement. I consider this therapy to be one of the greatest triumphs of medical science in the last generation. I can understand people being skeptical of AZT during the 1980s when much less was known. The term that comes to mind to describe HIV denialists is "cognitive dissonance". As more and more evidence mounts which proves them wrong, they still cannot admit that they're incorrect. I only hope that more people don't get suckered into rejecting this effective therapy, as Tommy Morrison did.

    Dr. G.

  7. Why dont you post news such as these as well?

  8. When is this blog finally going to acknowledge the one, true, anti-AIDS faith?

    For the record, Duesberg and Clark are clowns! We renounce them forcefully!

    This blog needs to oppose the REAL anti-HIV group!



    1. Hey- Perth panzies, take a hike!

      Methink you Perthians protest too much. Time you gave up your little club. Real men join our innocence group and admit HIV is a harmless passenger. Bozos-



      If you don't like it- talk to our lawyers like Miltenberg. We have all the journalists- Celia Farber, Gary Null.

      The Perthian Pitty Party is dead. Time for you to suit up with the Duesberg Dudes!

  9. I am surprised that you have a blog with this as the topic.

    then I remember there are Flat-earthers, Moon Landing Deniers, Holocaust deniers, etc. So I should not be surprised

    Still I shake my head.

    but hey, since the problem exists, you are fighting the good fight.


    1. It is hard to believe. I first heard about it when I delivered a talk on vaccine denial and why we should care.

      Unfortunately, thousands upon thousands of people have already died of AIDS denial, particularly in South Africa where people were selling lemon juice and vitamins instead of needed drugs. But, luckily, the case is slowly making itself. And also, luckily, the AIDS deniers like the Holocaust deniers, are their own worst enemies. If you can get them to talk long enough, they will reveal themselves for the paranoid, crazed, often spiteful bigots they are. Even they cannot stand each other.

  10. AHAHAHAA...where copied this article? espn?
    please at least should have approached the hospital to find out the truth?

    ahahaha and that has to do magic here?
      he is THE "hiv jesus"? ahahha
    transmissions up to parties has spoken of his "alleged" HIV.
      so dear editors
    at least take the time to wait any article made ​​by any official website in response to this article, to finish "swallow" this story

    1. Was that article written by a reporter on laughing gas? It is barely coherent.

      As for electron microscopy of blood, it has bee explained many times why you are EXTREMELY unlikely to directly see any viruses.

      Most of his other symptoms, namely non-healing wounds, respiratory problems, and neurosis are indeed all signs of late term AIDS.

    2. Does something wrong, the laugh of this: ARTICLE SPORTS?
      For that it is it, a SPORTS ARTICLE written by SPORTS JOURNALISTS

      Alone where they speak and speak (as many here)
      On the death of a pèrsona.,Without being doctors and without reading the medical report

      But this SPORTS article is very enterteining, For that it looks like a GREEK EPIC , Where " THE GREEK GOD OF THE HIV " magic jhonson, tries to save the poor fighter, And since I do not listen to the Greek god,The Olympus was bad with the poor "gladiator"

    3. I wrote that article, with info from Trisha Morrison. You know people just make me wonder. What is this? A medical condition or a fight for who's god is the real one. Just reading all of this makes me shake my head...I just don't get it.

      "As for electron microscopy of blood, it has bee explained many times why you are EXTREMELY unlikely to directly see any viruses"

      So what is the correct method? The virgin mary appearing and telling us all where to find it. No wait...the antibody test or PCR.

      For crying out loud. No doubt you're gonna have your saying about me too now. John Strangis you rat bastards, have at it. Have a good laugh, use my name in your future posts if you feel like doing so. Have fun.

  11. Dario,

    I thought you guys did not like to dance on graves? You find Tommy's death funny? Magic Johnson had to give up a great career in basketball. Was that funny too?

    Everyone is going to be sick someday. Nobody should find this funny. How would you like people laughing at your illness or death?

    Illness is a reality my friend. No cause for dancing.

    It is especially sad when life is cut short young. Needless death is sad. But sadder still is the denialist brain- your brain is a terrible thing to waste. Don't use it to encourage your friends like Karri to throw their lives away. Choose life.

  12. Perthians agree- microscopy useless!September 17, 2013 at 1:45 AM

    We Perthians agree that electron microscopy is useless- you can't see HIV because it does not exist!

    That Dario is a megalo-maniac completely typical of your Duesbergian. In fact, it sounds like Duesberg himself! Stop these crazies! Stop Duesberg, Farber, Miltenberg, Gary Null and all the rest of these nuts.

    The Perthians agree that Duesberg Denialists have become unhinged. They are melting down in their self-contradictions. Get with it! You are playing into the hands of scientists by relying on scientific microscopy.

    A little logic shows the Perthian position is the only possibility.

    Go away Farber and Gary Null- go play in your little sandbox

    Stop the crazies!

  13. ahaha the most fun is to read the fan club of GALO AHHAHAAA
    These types that believe in the scientist mas honestly of the history.
    Saying his typical things, his " CYCLICAL " words,


    I go a lot of time, seeing the same thing, Up to IDIOTS,
    Crying out for: THEY SHOULD BE IN PRISON For the only reason, " THEY DO NOT THINK LIKE I "

    And they need to say only the USA, in order that they them should help.


    1. Clark W Baker, Chiefnutz of OMSJSeptember 19, 2013 at 10:35 PM

      Would you mind actually have someone who speaks English write your responses for you? Google translate makes your untintelligable rubbish seem even more stupid.
      Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, "dario".
      Clark Baker

  14. Hey Perthians...

    Who are you calling crazy? We will meet you anywhere, anytime.






  15. ahaha the most fun is to read the fan club of GALO AHHAHAAA
    These types that believe in the scientist mas honestly of the history. ahahahhahhaa
    Saying his typical things, his " CYCLICAL " words,


    I go a lot of time, seeing the same thing, Up to IDIOTS,
    Crying out for: THEY SHOULD BE IN PRISON For the only reason, " THEY DO NOT THINK LIKE I "

    And they need to say only the USA, in order that they them should help.


  16. Who are you calling chicken, Duesberg?

    HAHAHAHA! We've been waiiting to take you down!


    Stop Duesberg! Stop Farber! Stop Gary Null! Stop their crazy lemming-like followers. Clark has pied piper led his clients, Morrison, Karri and many others to their unfortunate demise.

    Dario- are you with us Perthians or against us?


  17. Does someone have Tommy Morrison's positive HIV test handy?

    1. He had several. Ask his parents. But you don't believe in HIV tests, anyway. Or T cells. So what is the point in looking at his blood work?

    2. Yeah. I carry them around in my back pocket along with Clark Bakers psychiatric evaluation.

    3. Perthians denounce Crowe!October 4, 2013 at 10:26 PM

      Crowe- you are as chicken as Celia Farber.

      We Perthians challenge Crowe and his useless gang of Douchebags- Clark, Milternberg, Gary Null, Duesberg, Mileokowsky, Counce, Pardo.

      Have the guts to face us!

      Perth rules!

    4. David Crowe asks: Does someone have Tommy Morrison's positive HIV test handy?

      Yes David, someone does. On your recent radio podcast show Trisha Morrison says that they received a copy of Tommy's 1996 test results from Quest Labs.

      Elizabeth Ely then asked her what the results said.

      Trisha replied, "it had a bunch of two plusses and markings and all kinds of stuff like that, so presumably you’d have to be a virologist or a proper doctor to know what that test really meant."

      So there you have it.

  18. Baker- the model for Breaking Bad.

    Baker cooked up this denialist nonsense- then he went futher and further. People died. Karri, Tommy- Clark's clients are dropping like flies.

    Now Dario and the Perthians are cracking up!

    Clark, Farber- get a hold of your selves!

    You already have a body count higher than breaking bad!

    1. Hardly surprising an ageing meth tranny has a fixation with Breaking Bad

    2. Don't know who you are referring to as an "aging" meth tranny, Clark. And I don't know what you mean by a reference to "Breaking Bad" being a "fixation." I do know that almost 7 million people watched the finale though.

    3. Clark who? clearly your amphetamine fueled paranoia is getting the better of you again.

  19. Why everybody make fun of my cousin Clark Baker?!!! Meester Clarkie is number one boolsheeter in US of A! He is very important man who knows very important people like a Meesus Cecilia Farter. Meester Clarkie Baker is from mean streets of Los Angeles and is very important agent. Please no make fun of my cousin. Just because he born retarded doesn't mean you should make fun of him.

  20. From what we can read on another prominent denialist,Gos,is close to death,When will this madness end :(

  21. Gos Blank,one of the moderators from passed away now.According to his wife his cd4 count was 4.Another tragedy.RIP Gos

    1. I spent many hours "debating" with Gos on the net over the years. Some people would say that was a waste of time, because I never succeeded in getting him to accept the reality of having HIV/AIDS.

      He was irritating, bombastic and stubborn. But at the same time, even though he annoyed me immensely - or perhaps because he did - I couldn't help feeling enormous affection for the guy. He could be funny, sometimes smart, sometimes generous, sometimes insightful, and despite everything he compelled people to like him. And you can't say that about many people you only know through the net.

      So, despite everything, I don't think it was not a waste of time.

      I am genuinely sad at his death, and for those who loved him in that strange zone known as "real life" I hope you will accept my condolences.

    2. The following was posted on facebook a few hours ago by "Gabriele Aldestein".

      re. @Gos Blank's autopsy

      Lisa Dugger posted to Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness

      Hello all of you. Thank you for all of your support regarding my husband's death on 10/13. Despite the hospital doctors saying he died of AIDS, the official cause of death on the certificate is bronchopneumonia and Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

      I got the preliminary autopsy today. No where does it mention pulmonary fibrosis or PCP pneumonia. Both of which is what the doctors said my husband had. The final report that includes all of the findings will take another 5-6 weeks.

      Here is the provisional diagnosis:

      Respiratory System
      - Consolidation consistent with bronchopneumonia, right and left lobes, lungs.
      - Centrilobular emphysema, right and left upper lobes, lungs.
      - Probably diffuse alveolar damage (Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome), right and left lobes, lungs
      - Congestion and edema (combined weight 3490 grams), right and left lobes, lungs [normal range 685-1050 grams]
      - Serous effusion (approximately 150 ml), right pleural cavity.
      - Serous effusion (approx 150 ml), left pleural cavity.

      Cardiovascular System
      - Mild atherosclerotic plaque, aorta
      - Hypertrophy (1.9 cm thickness), left ventricle, heart.
      - Hypertrophy (0.7cm thickness), right ventricle, heart.

      Gastrointestinal System
      - Round lesion- unclassified (up to 1.4 cm), ileocecal valve, cecum (histologic exam pending)
      - Polyp (up to 3.0 cm), ileum

      Hematopoietic System
      - Cyst (up to 1.4 cm), spleen

      Like · · Follow Post · Share · 6 hours ago near Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina

      The permalink, if it survives, is here:

  22. Apparently this death set Clark Baker over the limit! He is now concentrating all his energies on "proving" that climate change is a "hoax"!

  23. Clark is guilty. He convinced all of these people to throw away their lives. There was no reason that Karri or Gos or Morrison had to die.

    If we had a decent justice system, Clark, Farber, Null, Miltenberg would all pay for the lives that have been lost.

    Clark and his gang treat this like a joke. This is not a joke. These are real lives.

    Clark- face up to what you have done. Your clients and friends are dead. Stop this madness.

    Be a man Clark. Admit what you have done- and try to prevent more needless death.

  24. Methinks Clarkie's "friends" doth die too much.

  25. ROBobo gallo gallo fans club DETECTEDDDD

  26. How dare you!

    Clark is man enough to make up his own mind despite science or facts or anyone! He has the strength to create his own reality!

    Wouldn't you science guys rather live in a world without AIDS? It is possible if you just ignore it!

    Sure, people die. You can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs. Or a few eggheads!

    Are you not entertained? It was the Christians fault that they were thrown to the lions. People who get sick have no one to blame but themselves!

    It is comical that you don't blame the weak-willed people that listen to Clark. Karri and Gos and Morrison chose to die. They made the decision to listen to lunatic Clark instead of their doctors.

    Clark loaded the gun. His clients pulled the trigger.

  27. Snout is right. I also sincerely mourn all who have died at Clark's hands.

    I had correspondence with Karri Stokely. I did everything possible. I told her to take the meds and tell the world she didn't take them. I told her there was no need to die for ideology.

    I wrote to David Crowe and leaders of the denialists. I asked them not to let Karri die. I told them to tell the world anything they wanted- continue to denounce science, but don't let their friend die.

    Karri died a horrible death alone. She regretted what she had done.

    Many of the dying and dead denialists had a wonderful spirit, and were good persons. Clark Baker knew what he was doing, he loaded the gun, and gave it to people who trusted him.

    Clark Baker is guilty of medical genocide, and of betraying his clients. Why does he do it? He is smart enough to know his deceit is killing his friends.

    How can this man live with himself? I feel sorry for Clark. It must be terrible to live knowing that he is fully guilty.

    1. I don't know if he is sane enough to reflect on what he has done. I think he fully believes that he is an unrecognized scientific and legal genius at this point, and that the proof is just around the corner. He has been lying so long, he cannot accept the truth.

  28. Every positive front figure the denialists has dies,like Maria Papagiannidou-St Pierre,Emery Taylor,Kim Bannon,Karri Stokely,Tommy Morrison and Gos Blank,average age around 40 i would guess,but Peter Duesberg,David Rasnick,Etienne de Harven,Karry Mullis,Clark Baker and David Crowe continues to live into old age....Coincidence?!

    1. The issue and efficacy of ARVs do not help with proving the existence or exogenous nature of "HIV" beyond it being a cellular marker.

    2. Are you daft? How could a drug designed specifically to be antiretroviral possibly save lives if the virus it supposedly targets is a myth. How would it even be designed?

    3. Great!

      Logan admits that ARVs are effective. Finally, denialists will stop practicing medicine, and stop telling people not to take ARVs.

      Karri Stokely could have been saved if she just took the ARVs. At least, the denialists are admitting that ARVs work.

      ARVs work against viruses. So, Logan needs to admit that viruses cause AIDS. But maybe he thinks a different virus causes AIDS? Maybe he calls it RHIV- real HIV?

    4. Viruses don't even exist, De Harven has halfway admitted this by saying the exogenous element is non existent, but clings to an endogenous existence, I think neither exist. All diseases can be more or less explained by cellular/molecular deficiency and imbalance. What causes AIDS? Many things, mostly related to endogenous not exogenous elements.

    5. You "think"."More or less" Unfortunately, the rest of the world has actual evidence that your "cellular deficiency" is caused by pathogens killing off the cells. Depending on the disease, this can often be observed in real time.

    6. Well no they don't actually as Janine Roberts and others like DeHarven are now pointing out.

  29. And lets not forget Christine Maggiore,David Pasquarelli and Ken Anderlini.Its just to sad

  30. With all this blood on his hands, can Clark be rehabilitated?

    Yes- there is room in his heart for change. He could convince all the denialists to mend their ways.

    Clark is part of the Christian right. He promoted the deaths of millions of Africans.

    Clark needs to remember his Christian roots- and stop killing people! This is the only way.

  31. Please stop insulting Clark. He is a poet. A philosopher. A top-secret agent and investigative genius! An undiscovered science prodigy exposing the frauds perpetuated on all of us! Clark Baker is a sexy, sexy doughboy that studied humanity on the streets of Calcutta! This man is not a tool, he is a resource! A national treasure!

  32. Can EM find Farber's brain?October 28, 2013 at 9:15 PM

    The real question- can EM find Farber's brain?

    Can EM find Clark's heart?

    Can EM find courage in any denialist?

  33. Clark Baker's greatest hitsNovember 2, 2013 at 11:01 PM

    The time has come to make a comprehensive list of all of Clark Baker's misconduct.

    1.How many of his clients have died after he convinced them not to take medicine?

    2. How many times has Baker practiced medicine without a license?

    3. How many times has he demanded that doctors ignore standard medical therapy?

    4. How many times has he harassed families?

    5. How many times has he threatened scientists and doctors jobs?

    Now is the time. Let's make a complete list!

  34. If Clark really believes what he says, why doesn't he stand and fight like a man? Why does he hide behind his not-so-clever blogs?

    If Clark really believes what he says, he would stop at nothing. He rattles sabers, but when the going gets tough he takes off!

    Admit it Clark- you are willing to see your clients die of AIDS, but you aren't really going to face any of us real men or real women.

    Enlarge your reading of Shakespeare Clark! Clark is but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then Clark is heard no more; Clark is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  35. Yet another victim :

  36. No new commentry, obviously your pharma-funding has dried up finally. Still, got Gates Foundation to mild for canapes now, just change the headings to Vaccine Denialists and apply your famous toxic dissonance theorem on them, perhaps Joe Newton could attempt to infiltrate the vaccine denialists. Troll.