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Friday, September 9, 2011

Clark Baker's Appeal

Clark Baker with the late Karri Stokely
(died of AIDS after refusing treatment)
AIDS Denialist Clark Baker sent me the following letter. I thought you might enjoy it as much as I did. Does California just hand out Private Detective licenses to anyone who applies?
      If you have experienced discrimination due to your HIV status, I recommend that you contact a legitimate legal aide group, such as the HIV/AIDS Law Project or a state organization such as AIDS Law Project Pennsylvania. To learn more about what Clark Baker is up to, particularly the 'cases' he mentions below, visit The HIV Innocence Project Truth.
Professor Kalichman:

As you know, OMSJ (Office of Medical and Scientific Justice) has been involved in several dozen criminal HIV cases since October 2009. Our strategy is simple – we ask prosecutors to produce all of the medical and scientific evidence that they plan to use against the accused. We then examine the evidence and render opinions as to whether they have sufficient evidence or not.

In every case that defense attorneys have worked with OMSJ, prosecutors have been forced to significantly reduce or drop all HIV-related criminal charges. Not only is there no evidence that competent physicians have tested and diagnosed their patients, but prosecutors can’t find credible HIV experts who are willing to testify about HIV and AIDS under oath and under penalty of perjury. You’d think that after thirty years as humanity’s biggest existential threat, someone would know somethingabout the testing, treatment and diagnosis of HIV. Sadly, we can’t find any credible experts.

As a trained HIV/AIDS expert, you know that looks very bad. Those pseudo-experts blather all day long about AIDS and HIV but the moment they’re forced to tell the truth in a real courtroom, they recoil like vampires in church. And when asked about their sudden bashfulness, they are as indignant as chocolate-faced six-year-olds who are asked about the missing chocolate cake.

As you know, OMSJ has been extremely impressed by your knowledge and expertise in the field of HIV and AIDS. Because of this, we’d like to forward your name and copies of your CV to prosecutors who are handling our criminal HIV cases. As hopeful as we’ve been to secure a criminal trial, prosecutors are simply giving up when we’re involved. As strange as it seems, the only wins they’ve enjoyed since 2009 have usually occurred in small towns where the accused (usually black men) were defended by white lawyers whose families attend the same schools and ice cream socials as the prosecutors and judges. These lawyers usually say something like we don’t need your services. The next thing you know, their client is goes to prison.

So please let me know if you or Mrs. Kalichman would like to testify as AIDS experts. Prosecutors don’t pay as well as Tony Fauci, but think of the prestige that comes with being a leader in your field. With your help, they might start winning cases. BTW, can you ask Dr. Fauci if he wants to testify as an expert too?

On another note, how many people have written to you complaining about “denialists?” Your list must be getting very long. Let us know if you require any investigative assistance. We’re trained and licensed to do that too.


Clark Baker CPI #26869
PO Box 1507
Studio City, CA 91614-0507
(323) 650-6667
(323) 656-3909 (fax)
CWBPIØ1 (Skype)


  1. Seth, if you do take up his offer, there is one piece of advice you can give these prosecutors: Before pressing charges, actually make sure the defendant tests positive for HIV. Then there would be a heck of a lot less cases for Baker to fraudulently call victories.

  2. Exactly! See, Clarkie is getting desperate right now. He constantly refers to his organization as "we" - it is a one-man frivolous garbage dump. He talks about "dozens" of cases - but he is a complete liar.

    What happened was that his pension has been reduced, so he is employing a PR firm to "pump up" his silly one-man joke. Problem is, that "PR firm" is also a one-man operation run by a teenager, Peter Nilsson.

    Clark is a joke - he talks about himself as though he is more than a grade A jackass of a human being. People like him sometimes make me wish it was acceptable to physically punish a certain level of idiocy.

  3. Baker is desperate! Such a blatant attempt for exposure. He writes a letter to you hoping and praying that you will give him some advertising. This is the only respected blog from which he could garner some credibility! Although, with pathetic grammar and shoddy editing and amateur attention to detail like this:
    "The next thing you know, their client is goes to prison."
    I'm not sure who would ever take him seriously! Well, I guess the entire content of that letter is as specious as that poorly contrived sentence!
    hahahaa Thanks for the laughs, Seth!

  4. Baker directly lies in the above letter. He claims that OMSJ gets charges dropped by proving there is "no evidence that competent physicians have tested and diagnosed their patients." But that is not true. Three cases he lists at his site directly refute this claim. In three cases the very HIV Tests that Baker claims are fraudulent and worthless are the reasons these three cases were dropped:
    Jose Alex Perez
    Daniel Hay Lewis
    Lenny Love
    This further proves that Baker and/or OMSJ was in no way involved in these cases.

    He also lies when he claims: "prosecutors can’t find credible HIV experts who are willing to testify about HIV and AIDS under oath and under penalty of perjury." At least three cases listed at his site prove this as well.
    Daniel Allen
    Cordlin Comer
    Jerome Walker
    Again, further proof that Baker and/or OMSJ was in no way involved in these three cases.

    So far, that is 6 out of 21 cases listed at his site that proves he has not been involved in cases he claims to have directly influenced.

    Also, if Baker's organization is so credible, why did The Innocence Project take legal action against him and him force him to change the name of his organization from HIV Innocence Project to HIV Innocence Group? Because Baker is a liar and has zero credibility. Why else would he blatantly lie about all these cases?

    For further proof see:

  5. I think this Clark Baker guy's a couple of cherries short of a Black Forest gâteau.

  6. Clark Baker is right! You science guys ruined the world. Look, everyone is going to die anyway, so why not beat the rush and die sooner? Medicine is ultimately futile. 100% of patients die eventually. Baker has openly said he doesn't like doctors of any kind. He opposes vaccines. Baker denies climate change. Why not get it over, let the surplus population decrease, let the Tiny Tim's of the world die and be out of their agony. Then, the remnant of humanity can start a bold new adventure. Dr. Strangelove was foiled at the end of the cold war. But if we adopt Clarkism, we can enjoy whole new catastrophes and still remake the human race. Heil Clark!

  7. You fucking Jew cunt, it's a shame Hitler didn't kill you all off, the world would be a better place now. Publish that Hymie.

  8. Hey Kite, your "Science" has as much validity as cluster bombing the lebanese. Eat shit and die Jew Boy.

  9. Wow, Clark has some interesting friends. At least they are showing their true colors.

    Crazy is as crazy does.

  10. There is no reason to be impolite. It is a historical fact that science is a destabalizing force that must be removed so the human race can evolve to the next level. Fortunately, God invented AIDS to depopulate the world of gays. Clark realizes that he and his gay friends must die- it is the only Christiam thing to do. Yes, all science- climate science, evolution, vaccines, even medicine and pharmaceutical companies- stand in the way of God's great plan to wipe out unbelievers and sodomites. Down with science! Up with Clark! No one needs to think- just leave everything to the gestapo police private detectives. Clark has an erie way to know exactly who is a criminal. No need for tribunals or courts. Clark alone is the new grand inquisitor.

  11. Baker also claims in his letter to Seth that OMSJ has been involved in "several dozen cases". That would be a minimum of 36 cases, but his site only lists 21 or so. WOW another lie? Shocking!

    Also, why would he be asking Seth to testify as an expert? Why is Baker trying to get people to testify for the Prosecution when Baker supposedly works with Defense Attorneys? Sounds like a conflict of interest which would be unethical and unprofessional. But what else would one expect of someone like Baker? He is a liar and a creep.

    Such desperation. Maybe Baker is trying to get his children to speak to him again. They have disowned him since he did so many horrible things to their mother.

  12. The anti-Semitic comments above by "Anonymous" and "Heil Hitler" are not surprising. AIDS Denialism shares many characteristics of other Denialist tendencies, including Holocaust Denialism. Just ask David Irving!

    And by the way, who is "Kite"? And who "cluster bombed" the Lebanese? Strange.

    I do like humus though. Mmmmm...

  13. One more thing: In case you wonder, who, in their right mind would ever commit to being in any sort of relationship to doughboy Clarkie, here is Clarkie's wife:

    As you may notice, his "lady friend" that he gigolos for has massive amounts of poor-quality plastic surgery and is 72 YEARS OLD!!!!

    Clarkie is a gigolo for a 72 year old!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  14. Hush. Baker is making extraordinary sacrifice for the sake of human progress. Why would he care if his woman were 72 or 172? He is sacrificing for the good of us all! He is gay, and just needs to pose with a woman so he can destroy all fellow gays. Once humans are so confused that they throw off the burden of science, the mass die offs can begin. The dark ages are the new future! Pestilence, plague, pandemics! Clark and his gang revel. Ignorance is Bliss! Freedom is slavery! Clark indeed shows how to serve mankind.

  15. Kralc, the cluster-bombing the Lebanese is a reference to the fact that Seth Kalichman is Jewish, and therefore, presumably Israeli. I ran across this claim before by 9/11 truthers, who in addition to claiming that the tower fell as a result of a thermite explosion, also claimed that Israel used biological and chemical weapons during the 2006 Lebanon War.

    I guess it it just more proof of the overlap between loony circles.

  16. Yep, they are pretty nuts. Connection to the 9/11 Truthers too.Like I wrote in Denying AIDS, these people all share a common psychopathology. Sometime they are the same people too. I plan to go to a Tea Party Rally (as Joe the Newton) to ask Gov. Perry about all that stuff I have read about HIV being a myth and the government failing to look into it because of all that money that the NIH gives to the liberal elite universities. What about that, huh?

  17. Take a deep breath and read your own posts guys. Anyone outside the argument is going to label you the nutters.

  18. Us? Rather than the perfectly rational Nazis that posted earlier? Right.

  19. Yeah - great logic. Every Jew is Israeli. Hilarious - "Jews=Israelis behind 9-11". And Israelis used chemical weapons? Against Hezbollah which is armed by Iran and who celebrates Al-Qaeda?

    Wow - there is no end to the lunacy descent of the Denialists... I suppose one has to be a nut-job who allows him/herself to take anything seriously uttered by the King of Fools, Clark Baker.

    Seth - I too would go to a Tea-Party rally, but I would come out of there depressed and angry and feel dirty to be surrounded by so many Baker-like fleas. Rick Perry's hair is a Fonzi-scheme.

  20. I have a question? Where is Robert Gallo's final paper on the isolation part of a retro virus? Where are his pictures for this retro virus? Why haven't these questions been answered? I guess because there is not such thing?

  21. Funny thing. I just saw a bunch of pictures of retroviruses at a colloquium on Monday. Of course, Gallo didn't take them, so I guess that means they weren't actually real.

  22. Wow, you created an entire website (actually just a free blog) to criticize others who happen to hold another viewpoint on HIV/AIDS. It becomes obvious that you fear the opposition and you're paranoid. Any thinking man can review both sides and quickly see you are biased in favor of deception and attempting to hide the truth. You're a discredit to the human race; I hope you get your just reward.