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Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Snake Oil for Sale": Gary Null (and void) back on the air?

WBAI (the NYC Pacifica radio station) is putting AIDS denialist Gary Null back on the air. They plan to give him five days a week to spout misinformation like HIV is not the cause of AIDS and all AIDS treatments are poison.
Null aims to expand his lies about HIV not causing AIDS, and the marketing of his own products, to all the listener-sponsored Pacifica stations.  No matter where you live, we need your help opposing this dangerous situation.
This is unacceptable:
- There is no valid debate on HIV as the cause of AIDS, just like there is no valid debate that the Holocaust occured.
- AIDS denialism kills people. Individuals are told to reject possible treatments and government leaders are encouraged to deny access to treatment.
- Arguing with denialists takes valuable time away from efforts fighting HIV/AIDS.

Note: If this is an ORGANIZATIONAL ENDORSEMENT as well as an INDIVIDUAL ENDORSEMENT, please fill in the ORGANIZATION field in the petition.
2) Call and email WBAI and Pacifica leaders to tell them that AIDS denialists have led to the deaths of people with HIV and that there is no longer any valid debate that HIV is the cause of AIDS:
Interim WBAI Program Director Tony, 212-209-2835 M-F, 9am-1pm; 2- 5pm EST or leave a message at the switchboard 212-209-2800.

WBAI Interim General Manager Berthold Reimers, 212-209-2820 EST, or leave a message at the switchboard 212-209-2800.

WBAI Station Board Chair Mitchel Cohen:

Pacifica National Board and Executive Director 
Arlene, 510-849-2590 x208 PST; if you can't get through try 510-849-2590 and ask to leave a message for her.
3) Share this information with everyone who cares about the fight against HIV/AIDS, urging them to take action..


  1. This is truly effin' out-effin'-rageous. I sent Bates an e-mail pulling no punches, as well as signed the petition.

  2. So you are just an activist. Which one of your pharma sponsors suggested this?

  3. I called and spoke with Bertold and he asked me, "why should I have you on to debate as opposed to the hundred others who are calling?"
    YES! I told him I would send him my resume and I hope others more qualified send their CVs.

  4. I will be sending him a copy of Denying Aids along with my cv

  5. Todd's CV! oh now that is a good belly laugh, does he list his degree in microbiolgy on it? Does he include some examples of his "work" from D4D? please please stop it, it's too much.

    And what a gesture Seth, sending him your book! guess you have plenty of unsold copies kicking around to give away.

    Todd's CV, love it, keep the humour coming it makes my day.

  6. I love the anonymous commenter who used the talking point that anyone who doesn't buy HIV denialism is working on behalf of Big Pharma. Big Pharma made big money by using HIV denialism as political cover for politicians who blocked the manufacture of HIV drugs in Africa. A lot of people in Africa died as a result.

  7. Seth: You should contact Lee Phillips. E-mail :

  8. Boy, how much more stupid, idiotic and retarded can a person be? Please tell me where I wrote that I was sending MY CV?!?!?!!? NOPE, you won't find it. I said I will send my resume, which is a bit more impressive than Clark Baker's, Celia Farber's, David Crowe, Liam Scheff and YES Gary Null as far as science goes.

    I said "I hope others MORE QUALIFIED will send their CVs" Please, never stop beind a stupid fuck!!

  9. Careful JTD,
    You may not be aware of it, but David Crowe has TWO BS degrees..Yes TWO -- one in science AND the other in math! I think he never went to graduate school because he believes it is just a scam for universities to collect tuition to fuel their pro--government agenda.

    And Gary Null's degree is from a correspondence college. My understanding is that he is pretty sensitive about his education...he sued someone for calling the place a matchbook school.

    Liam and Celia are exempt from having gone to college...they have psychiatric waivers.
    Good thing or they could have ended up like Duesberg/Bialy/Rasnick et al... as you can see crazy people are far more dangerous when they have credentials, even when they have no credibility.

  10. You're totally correct, Seth. I just thought it was really funny that 'anonymous' derided my "CV" when I never claimed to HAVE a CV.

    Sounds to me like someone needs to start with a reading comprehension certificate!

  11. But Clarkie:
    He doesn't need a degree. He "studied humanity" on the streets of Calcutta. He already has a PhD from the University of Life!!!

  12. That judge in Celia Farber's case had some interesting comments to make:

    The judge explains the use of the term ‘dissenter’, “Their detractors calls these individuals ‘AIDS Denialists’, a more pejorative expression which incorrectly suggests that this group denies the existence of AIDS…An analogous pejorative is the phrase ‘AIDS Vigilantes’ or ‘so-called AIDS activists,’ which Farber and others use to denote their detractors. This Court chooses to use the more neutral expressions, ‘the traditional HIV-AIDS community’ for those who share Jeffery’s point of view, and ‘HIV dissenters’…for those who support Duesberg and Farber’s position.”

    So, obviously, if there are 2 competing positions, then there is a debate.

    -Bill (sober for 3 weeks)

  13. Bill,

    "So, obviously, if there are 2 competing positions, then there is a debate."

    Actually, as Seth posted "There is no valid debate on HIV as the cause of AIDS, just like there is no valid debate that the Holocaust occurred."

    Just because some nutters decide that they don't want to believe the evidence, mainly based on ignorance of the facts, does not mean that there is a VALID debate. There is no VALID debate that the moon landing was faked or that the earth is flat, even though some idiots still choose to stick to those beliefs.

  14. Bill,

    The sky is not blue, it is green. Much like AIDS denialism this statement, while being contrary to established fact, is not a debate.

  15. Seth, Todd and Poodle:

    Have you guys decided what to spend your cheque from Big Pharma on yet? I'm buying a speedboat with mine!

  16. Umm, did you read the judge's opinion?

    He wrote that the term "AIDS Denialist" was incorrect and perjorative (just as calling you folks "AIDS vigilantes")

    Who cares about these little Retroviruses -- an obscure little niche of modern science promoted by Temin, Baltimore and the Ig-Noble Prize winner, bob Gallo. Nobody outside this little niche thinks much of their science and once Celia knocks the beejezus outta these paid pharma-stooges, mebbe a few folks will have a change of view.

    But, what do I know? I'm just glad to be sober for the holidays. Thank God for football and friends.


  17. Luke,
    I think I'm going to spend all my pharma-checks on an 18th mansion for myself and maybe some slim jims.

    The judge is incorrect, in my opinion about the term denialist. The ability to throw away all evidence from the past decades requires denial similar to those denying evolution, the moon landing and the holocaust. Said deniers also the exact same tactics. Denial is very much a part of it. Dissenters would have long ago weighed the emerging evidence and accepted HIV's role in AIDS. Deniers, however are still stuck in an endless loop of denial.

  18. I disagree, Poodles. I think the judge was probably correct in law to avoid the term "denialist", no matter how accurate it might be in reality.

    He has yet to make a judgement. For him to use the term "denialist" at this stage would prejudge the case and possibly constitute grounds for appeal. He's dodging an obvious mine. He seems to me to be bending over backwards to be scrupulously fair to Farber.

    On the other hand, describing mainstream science as "traditional" is a bit silly in my view. Where I live, the term "traditional" is the term to describe the exact opposite. But I don't think anyone's going to bother quibbling with terms.

    Of course, denialists will for years afterwards try to spin this order to claim they are not really denialists, no matter what the outcome of the case is. That's what denialists do - they cherry pick and misrepresent.

    They've been doing this with science for decades. Why should the law be exempt?

  19. Snout,
    I agree with the reason why the judge decided not to use it for the purposes of the hearings, but nonetheless, denier is the more accurate term imo, due to the similarities in tactics used, ect...

  20. Sure, Poodles. And the judge does seem a little bit confused about what the term "AIDS denialist" usually means.

    But it seems to me what he is trying to do is make sure that his judgement (when it comes) will not be subject to interminable trolling through the courts by cranks and nutters who are unwilling or unable to face reality.

    We've got the internet for that.

  21. This is what happens when you listen to denialists:

  22. On today's show - Null informs his young female assistant about how BigPharma et al have always been trying to undermine and discredit him : in 1972, he had a book coming out with nutritional information, his original copy said " x *mcg.* Selenium". He later saw that the printed copies said, "x *mg* Selenium" so that readers would get the wrong information. He corrected the misprints with a handstamp. ( OMFG, that's 1000 times the right amount! Sound familiar?) Recently, someone came forward saying that now that he has retired he wants to confess how he was paid to sabotage Null's career over the years. Null says he will continue to "fight on", knowing that there are many who continue to oppose him and his important work.

    The exerpt above is not my feeble attempt at writing bad noir fiction but accurate reportage.

  23. The results of an interesting study that seems to have finally elucidated how HIV kills those uninfected T-Cells. Very fascinating. The link is to a reporting of the paper as the paper itself isn't available yet that I can find.

  24. LOL. Are you serious Puddles?

    In a heroic act of sacrifice, HIV-infected white blood cells known as T cells self-destruct to prevent proliferation of the virus, according to a new study.

    This is nice romanic science fiction, but not science. T4 cells have a shelf life of, what, a few days? Sorry, "Heroic suicide" ain't a known scientific phenomena -- the mere fact that dolts can write this tripe and dupes like you buy it, shows how bogus HIV science is.


  25. Poodle Stomper..
    I saw this important study and decided it would not be worth posting because AIDS deniers would just not get it. I remember seeing Celia Farber joke about cell suicide a while back..I think before Maggiore died of AIDS.

    And so here we have Bill, who has already proven he cannot read original science. He reads the press release, which is written for common consumption and then mocks the story as if it were the science.

    Pretty sad.

    Bill, did you even look at the Cell paper?? I seriously doubt it. But I think you should. Before it is too late. Your treatment options may not have run out yet.

    I hear Kari Stokely is not doing so well. She is reporting more bad days than good.

    What will it take for you to wake up, Bill? The Crowes, Rasnicks, Nulls and other psychopaths have nothing to lose. But what about you Bill? What do you have to lose?

  26. Bill,

    " Sorry, "Heroic suicide" ain't a known scientific phenomena..."

    Errr, yes it is. It is called apoptosis. It's one of the ways in which most pre-cancer cells sacrifice themselves for the good of the whole organism. Sure, the writer wrote "heroic act of sacrifice" but that is most likely because writing "apoptosis" would leave too many lay readers scratching their heads (kinda like you). That you don't know about apoptosis, claiming it is not a scientific phenomenon, and yet make such silly statements is...well, to be honest at this point it's expected.

    I agree. Denialists most likely will not understand the significance of this paper (see Bill) but I thought it was worth mentioning as it could lead to new treatment options and new venues of research regarding elite controllers.

  27. Poodle Stomper...
    Right to mention it... We are not trying to rescue Bill from Rethinking Aids... Rather the goal is to prevent others from falling for their fraudulent rants.. So more information is better...

  28. These days HIV is more about poetic expression rather than the science. Next you'll be ascribing emotions to these Heroic little cells.

    Quite sad really.

  29. Actually the "heroic" thing was written by a journalist, not by the researchers (I realize denialists have problems telling the two apart). That the researchers stated was:

    We demonstrate that the nonpermissive state exhibited by the majority of resting CD4 tonsil T cells leads to accumulation of incomplete reverse transcripts. These cytoplasmic nucleic acids activate a host defense program that elicits a coordinated proapoptotic and proinflammatory response involving caspase-3 and caspase-1 activation. While this response likely evolved to protect the host, it centrally contributes to the immunopathogenic effects of HIV.

    Hardly poetic.

  30. Hah! Joseph Sonnabend at Poz knocks y'all out of the park both on the Gary Null thing:

    We might expect calls for censorship from religious zealots, not from those who claim to respect science.

    and this bogus "new" heroic suicide nonsense of preemptive Truvada:

    Confining the analysis to a sub group of trial participants can lead to misleading interpretations of clinical trial results. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but subgroup analysis is less politely called data dredging.

    One sane voice on Poz-- well done, Dr. Sonnabend.

  31. Bill,
    You're all over the place here, bud. The PrEP trial did not deal with the " "new" heroic suicide nonsense". Secondly, there is nothing "new" about apoptosis. It's been known for a long time now and affects much more than HIV. Apoptosis is relevant in limiting viral infections, in embryonic development, in limiting cancer growth and many others. How could you possibly consider this new? Just because it is new to you does not mean it is new to everyone. You need some serious bio classes, my friend. That you claim apoptosis first does not exist, then that it is a new concept and yet purport yourself an expert on things related to HIV biology speaks volumes for you and denialists in general.

  32. I have never said apoptosis was new, Moron. It's a catch-all explanation for cell death, used when researchers can't find enough HIV to infect the cells.

    Why don't you read, Sonnabend? You might learn something.

  33. Bill...
    Good to know you read Poz...I think you may be a closeted sane person. There is hope after all.

    Sonnabend is an interesting character in AIDS Denial. I may post an essay on him that someone I know is preparing. He was more destructive than I knew when I wrote Denying AIDS.

    I saw the posts on Poz and Tweeted them.

    He is wrong in both of these posts.

    The Null situation has nothing to do with free speech. It has everything to do with responsible broadcast and protecting the public from fraud.

    And Sonnabend is wrong on PReP. 44% protection is hardly a failure. And the dose response effect is pretty amazing. I have no clue why Sonnabend is thinking intermittent PReP may be effective if he sees 44% protection as a failure.

    Sonnabend...once again provocative and twice again wrong.

  34. Of course, I read Poz. sean strub is a heluva guy.

    Well, Sonnabend may be wrong -- that's how life works. You allow FREE EXCHANGE of viewpoints and you hash them out. I would note, though, Sonnabend is an MD, and AIDS researcher who has been there from the beginning. You, however, are a psychologist with a buncha anonymous goofs on your blog.

    So, who has more credibility on the issue?

    -Your friend, Bill

  35. I think the true Denialists here are those that ascribe ANY credibility to the published results from companies that conduct "research" on their own marketable products.

    Oh Dang, that's the whole pharmaceutical industry.

    Peer Review = Product Endorsement.

    HIV/AIDS isn't a scientific debacle, it's a marketing miracle.

  36. Freedom of speech does not imply an obligation to provide a soap box to anyone who demands one (or is prepared to pay for one). And as with all freedoms, it carries an obligation to be accountable for the consequences of exercising that freedom. And that accountability extends to the provider of the soapbox - whether it be a university, a "medical" journal or a struggling radio station desperate for cash.

    Of course Freedom of Speech includes the right of WBAI to take Gary Null's money and put him on air if they so choose. However, it doesn't stop there: it also includes the right of people who vigorously object to this to do so, and to hold those who made this decision accountable.

    For some reason, many self-described libertarians seem to think that Freedom of Speech extends only to themselves, and that they should be immune from criticism or from sanction for the consequences of that speech. That's infantile.

    And no, Bill, the freedom of speech of HIV/AIDS denialists does not imply an obligation on any of us to engage in a "free exchange of viewpoints" with them. The major denialist players have demonstrated again and again that they are not honest brokers, and as a result they have no right to the respect that such a "free exchange" entails.

  37. Seth - please do post the essay on Sonnabend when it is available, would be deeply interested in reading it!

  38. Bills Friend....You forgot to say "And stop staring at me!"

    I wonder if the DSM V will place Denialism under delusional disorders or personality disorders? I have suggested the former using the new spectrum diagnosis. I have also suggested a new symptom for Personality Disorder - Conspiracy Prone Thinking. Then you can have both, Parnoid Personality Disorder with Delusional Spectrum.

    Sound like anyone you know, Bills Friend?

    See Bill, as a Clinical Psychologist, I get to do stuff like that.

  39. CPT? Sounds good, Seth ! This should be entertaining to watch as some alt med proponents are already ranting and raving about Orthorexia and ODD : "'They' call you mentally ill if you want to eat healthily and oppose authority!" (e.g. Natural News' Mike Adams ) Wonder why they hate psychologists so much?

  40. You keep cofusing yourself with a psychiatrist Seth, is that due to your illusions of grandeur?

    Have a think about it next time you jet off business class to Africa and stay at the Cape Grace Hotel, all courtesy of the NIH.

  41. Bill has a friend?
    Hmm.. The Cape Grace does give me a good rate. But I prefer the Westin..complies with the Travel American Act.
    Nope... I definitely know my credentials and my credibility.. How about yours?

  42. I have a lot of friends -- and not all of them are imaginary:)

    Your friend, Bill

    p.s. AIDS drugs suck!


    This is your credibility $eth, the establishment you belong to and protect, is directly harming more people than it helps.

  44. Like to be Bill's friendNovember 29, 2010 at 11:08 PM

    "Some research just leaves you with more questions," he said, "but these are very directed questions."

    That pretty much sums up AIDS science. Roughly translated in to common sense speak for the science blinded among you (aka Snout, Poodle Stomper. It means "We haven't got a clue but give us some more money and we'll try find out".

    If science has turned in to a religion, then HIV/AIDS is the fundamentalist version, and like all fundamentalists there's only one way to heaven.

  45. "p.s. AIDS drugs suck!"

    What is your opinion, Mr. Manning, on trying to treat CMV colitis by putting someone in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for two hours every day?

  46. Bill's Friend,
    You're not much of a psychiatrist, either. I believe the term you were looking for was "delusions of grandeur". Who is the one that is really "cofused", I wonder.

  47. Is Bill's Friend an oxymoron or just a moron?

  48. Has anyone checked out Stokely's latest round of Magcal Thinking? She's had 20 hyperbaric treatments with Zero results. OH, but wait....they "professionals have told her the miracle comes in the next 21-30 treatments. Of course she fails to mention the cost of each 2 hour, claustrophobic treatemtns which she admits are incredibly stressful on her. HUH? Stress vs Lot O' Good H2O! Oxygen wins every time. Isn't the O in Oxygen a big part of Orac's patented "WOOOOOO" statement?

  49. JTD

    I saw it.

    I was going to post it here as a new installment of my "How AIDS Denialism Can Kill You" series.

    Her latest chapter, along with Celia Fiber's comments, seem worth a look. But I decided not not least not now. This is as sad a case as any.

    I think worse than Maggiore in some ways. I know we blame Duesberg, Baker and the other crazies, but you know who I think should be held accountable? Her doctors from back when she was taking HIV meds. I am not sure how they alienated her, but they sure did. She should be taking treatments that she can tolerate and dealing with her underlying HIV infection. Nothing will get better for her until she starts to deal with the underlying cause...and it may be too late.

    Kari Stokely is a sad case. I bet she is a nice person and my heart goes out to her...even though I know she would never believe that.

    I hope David Crowe sits on a toilet in bleeding anguishing screaming constipation, 10 days for every hour she lies in the hyperbaric chamber.

  50. Sad, isn't it? Denialists blame pharmaceutical companies, saying that they are propagating a myth about HIV to make money but how many of them question the dipshits running that "hyperbaric treatments" place? It seems that as a whole they have no problem with it as long as it isn't real science. I wouldn't blame Kari's doctors, though. At least not until we had the whole story. It could be yet another story fabricated to rationalize her denial but then I could be wrong, too.

  51. True Poodle Stomper.
    I wonder how much money Maggiore wasted on coffee enemas (Asspressos?)and Celia's Light Therapy Witchdoctors? Did anyone ever look into whether Celia gets a discount for everyone she refers? Hmmm..speaking of the gravy train.

  52. Hah! You guys are funny, stomping on these two AIDS patients. But, why not focus on the hundreds of thousands of AIDS patients who were poisoned to death by AZT monotherapy between 1987 - 1996?

    Are you gonna mock them too, because they were foolish to take this beastly drug?

    Your friend, Bill

  53. Oh, Bill, you hypocritical dipshit douchebag!

    "These two AIDS patients"? Seriously? But AIDS does not exist. It's all in their heads!

    Besides, no one is "mocking" them. We're still too busy mocking you.

  54. Kalichmans' Kosher KashDecember 5, 2010 at 11:12 PM


    Such is the quality of $eth's clinical psychology.

  55. What?
    You prefer Maggiore's Crapachino's?

  56. Tell me it is not true...but I heard Kari Stokely has died. Can anyone confirm?

  57. Anonymous
    No way Kari Stokely has died. We would know.

    Her AIDS Denialist 'friends' would be doing the big denial reaction. There would be a dramatic memorial for her at David Crowe's ARAS website...complete with a slide show of her and Clark Baker. He would be screaming how AZT killed her. Celia Farber would be leading the tears... "How could this have happened?..she followed every natural remedy there is - light therapy, homeopathy, hyperbarics..."

    Believe me; there will be no guessing.

    I seriously doubt she will go quietly.

  58. Karri is gravely ill right now. She has weeks, at most.

  59. Give me a coffee enema over AZT any day of the week.

    Medicare covers hyperbaric treatments, incidentally. I don't really understand how someone who takes pills that cause liver damage heart disease, and fat redistribution has the gall to mock a big box that pumps oxygen.

    Christ, she is doing what she feels is best for her own health, with recommendation from her trained medical doctors.... Same as you when you take meds.... Just because she is on the other side of the debate with HIV=AIDS, doesn't mean that everything she does you must disagree with.

  60. Anonymous...Got a source on that?

    Tony...Could be Tony Lance?
    If so, any idea when that BBC Horizon's on Denialism is coming out?

    About Kari S, it is fine that 'she is doing what she feels is best for her health.' The problem is she is misinforming others in her desperate struggle against reality. I do not believe hyperbaric treatment is recommended for CMV colitis.

    She is not on any side of a debate. There is no debate among credible scientists regarding HIV causing AIDS. She has bought into AIDS denialism, and it is killing her.

  61. Hi Seth. No, i'm just a normal guy, not affiliated with any official movement or organization.

    Kari felt like she was dying BEFORE she became a denialist. Her colitis is a condition she claimed surfaced before she became a denialist. Thus, i don't think one can conclude that her current health, or lack thereof, has been made worse by her decision to stop taking meds.

  62. "my husband and I have just found out this past week about this whole "other side of AIDS", dissident movement, Peter Duesberg, AZT toxic....ect."
    "I m VERY healthy, never had an opport. infection, and do an all natural approach with everything else."
    "not being sick, I ve never questioned it before"
    "with me being so healthy, sometimes I wonder if I should just "leave well enough alone""
    "I "power walk" 3 1/2 miles a day"

  63. my husband and I have just found out this past week about this whole "other side of AIDS, dissident movement, Peter Duesberg, AZT toxic....ect." "I m VERY healthy, never had an opport. infection, and do an all natural approach with everything else. not being sick, I ve never questioned it before with me being so healthy, sometimes I wonder if I should just "leave well enough alone I power walk" 3 1/2 miles a day.

  64. Anonymous
    Glad you are well.
    Best I can say is...
    Ignore Duesberg-he is insane. I plan to watch Dr. Strangelove much like Duesberg.
    The 'AIDS dissident movement' is actually AIDS denialism.

    If you have a good doctor listen to him/her.
    If you don't, get one.
    Do what is right for you, but don't rely on crazy people to build your confidence.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  65. Those quotes are from Karri Stokely in April, 2007, after 11 years taking antiretrovirals. There is another post at the end of the first thread that sort of revises them:

  66. It definitely is sad to read her posts and see just what the stupidity of others can drive a person to do.

    She asks "I experiencing [neuropathy] now that I have stopped the meds, I never felt like this while taking them??? Will it go away?"

    and stated in an earlier post that "Docs put me on AZT, 3TC, Crix. (changed out Crix for Sustiva after 7 yrs) Still on same 3 drugs for 11 yrs. now. (I take no other meds) Never really had any side effects to speak of, guess I ve adapted well to them, surprisingly. I m VERY healthy, never had an opport. infection, and do an all natural approach with everything else."

    Yet, later she claimed that she was feeling horrible on ARVs and they were killing her, ect... I don't think it takes a genius to realize that her outward health problems didn't start until after she got off of them. I hope she sees reason before it's too late but I'm not holding my breath.

  67. Karri Stokely did not get into her predicament alone, she was lead and pushed there by her fellow denialists. On Gary Null's radio shows at WBAI, December 8th and 10th, the attention whore Celia Farber complains about her own problems with AIDS denial. Her narcicism does not let her even consider those like Christine Maggiore and David Pasquarelli who lost their lives, or those like Karri Stokely who have lost their health due to the lies told by Peter Duesberg and his fellow denialists. Nor is she able to think about the bigger problems such as what happened in South Africa between 1998 and 2006.

  68. I have pointed out directly to Karri Stokely those very statements of hers. In rebuttal to the part where she said "I never had any side effects to speak of" she said: "Well, I meant that I felt lucky not to be in a wheel chair!"

    What a lying, hypocritical (blank)! She is just looking for the wee tiny bit of "celebrity" that she can get from these sickos that she can not get from telling her real story. If she just fit in with the other millions of people doing fine on HAART, then she would not be "special"!

    It's exactly the same reason Clark Baker, Liam Scheff, Celia Farber etc, etc, etc, all do this as well. They need to be made to feel special.

  69. JTD

    There are 2 types of AIDS Deniers.
    The attention seeking, self indulging, narcissistic, anti-establishment, paranoids....Duesberg, Rasnick, Bauer, Crowe, Farber, Bake, Liam... They are special.... Special Cases...
    They make us angry.

    And then there are maladjusted people who cannot face their HIV infection and have escaped into the la-la Land of AIDS Denial...the Maggiores, Baby Eliza's, Stockely's, Kim Bannon's....
    They make us sad.

  70. As part of their pledge drive, WBAI is auctioning off "dinner and conversation" with radio hosts ( choose from Null/ 3 others): each host will have 6 "guests" at the table; bids start at $250. You may bid until 12/26/2010, 10 pm.

  71. OK, so I get it now.
    The people that run WBAI are high on drugs.
    Makes sense that they would hang with Null.
    There can be no other explanation.
    Yep, hard drugs.

  72. An "ultimate power meal" with Gary Null?

    Is the cost of medical treatment for vitamin poisoning included in the price?

  73. Karri Stokely is hanging in there. She is in pain, has missed out on important things in her life, and has lost a lot of blood. The graft apparently has not fully taken; the lesion is smaller but not resolved.

    At least she knows who her friends are when she refers to the 'truth fighters'.

    Fighting the truth sure says it all.

    I am not much of a Freudian, but is that a slip, or what?

  74. She certainly cannot make up her mind can she? I thought she found this great doctor who decided to go ahead and do the surgery despite Ms. Stokelys refusal to follow any of the doctors' advice. NOW she is claiming these "doctors" have let her bleed almost to death (and yet one of these "doctors" gave her 4 units of blood...that's hardly letting her bleed to death.)

    She also claims that she is in incredible pain but goes on to say that the hyperbaric chamber is making it better. But still in incredible pain, but she's getting better (reminds me of her original statements before she discovered denialism that she "Never really had any side effects to speak of, guess I ve adapted well to them, surprisingly. I m VERY healthy, never had an opport. infection...")

    So then she gets so mad at the doctor's response to her question about "What else can be done?" The doctor responds: "I guess you'll have to learn to live with the pain and the drainage." WELL, if Stokely REFUSES to follow one iota of the doctors advice, what the HELL else is he supposed to say? That is giving her the benefit of the doubt that that was his true and real response! Remember, this is the woman who claimed SEVEN doctors refused to answer her questions, spoke over her and did not know what Black Box side effects were!!!

    She must really be in deep with mental issues if she is in extreme pain evem with now having completed at least 40 hyperbaric treatments and still not well. Hey, how about trying a different approach? Like say antiretrovirals and have your very own Lazarus Effect and then claim the hyperbaric treatments kicked in "post treatment"!!

  75. what, pray tell, do you think meds will do for her, at this point?

    Just as the orthodoxy claims that every single ailment found in a hiv+ person is caused by hiv, they also believe that meds are the be-all, cure-all for every ailment.


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  78. Gee, Tony, sounds like you're really concerned about Ms. Stokely. She seems to hang all her hopes on Hyperbaric Ox. Therapy. After 45 sessions, her lesion shrunk, as she states, from the size of a quarter to the size of a nickel. That is hardly anything. Take out a quarter and a nickel and lay the nickel on top of the quarter and see for yourself. Also, she admits to being in excrutiating pain and that her life is miserable and "on hold"! She even missed her 20th Anniversary because of this! Don't you think she should try gancyclovir or some other CMV therapy that has proven to work in thousands of others? Grow up, Tony. Medications work for MOST people. She needs to try something in addition to the HBOT.

  79. Well no one is writing here anymore.

    Gary Null is no working through Pacifica's KPFK.

    May 23, 2012