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Thursday, August 19, 2010

AIDS Denialism in the US Senate? Not yet but stay tuned

No surprise, Kentucky US Senate Candidate Rand Paul is aligned with AIDS Deniers. The Tea Baggers are anti-government, mistrust medicine, deny global warming, and oppose same sex anything. Why would they not be AIDS Deniers? Celia Farber, a well known Libertarian AIDS Denier, likes to say that there is no political connection between the AIDS 'dissidents' and politics. Is she lying? Who can say? But to the sane observer the connection could not be any clearer.  

From POZ Magazine
Rand Paul Belongs to HIV Denialist Group

Rand Paul, MD, the Republican Senate candidate from Kentucky, is a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), reports. According to the article, AAPS denies that HIV causes AIDS. The AAPS statement of principles say that it's "evil" and "immoral" to participate in Medicare and Social Security. The group also has organized protests against the new health care reform law. Rand Paul is the son of former presidential candidate and current Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul.

From PR
A Doctors' Group on the Fringe

Senate candidate Rand Paul belongs to an organization with the professional-sounding name "Association of American Physicians and Surgeons," a doctors' group that has made headlines lately by organizing protests against the new health insurance reform law. AAPS urges members to appear at these rallies wearing their white coats. But AAPS isn't your average professional group; its members hold views far outside the medical mainstream. AAPS' Statement of Principles maintains that it is "evil" and "immoral" to participate in Medicare and Social Security. The group argues that President Obama uses a covert form of hypnosis called "neurolinguistic programming" to control his audiences and coerce voters. 

AAPS denies the link between HIV and AIDS and opposes mandatory vaccinations. The group has also fought expanded health care coverage for children. Philip Morris considered the group a friendly third party ally who would togenerate press releases favorable to tobacco issues. AAPS has filed a lawsuit to block the mandate in the new health reform law that every citizen purchase health insurance.

NOTE: My favorite pic from the Paul Family, Ron Paul, Rand's Dad, and Bruno caught with his pants down.


  1. Not surprising. Rand Paul is a lunatic. It only makes sense that he is also an AIDS denialist. What an idiot.

  2. The classic analysis of JPandS (the pseudoscience "journal" put out by the AAPS) appeared on Neurodiversity back in 2006.

    David Gorski has also written about them:

    Since both those articles, JPandS has published three further AIDS denialist pseudoscholarship pieces by Henry Bauer. Most editions also include a screed by their house-lawyer, prominent young-earth creationist and homophobe Andy Schlafly, the guy who set up the unintentionally hilarious Conservapedia wiki. I have a suspicion that their next edition will feature Etienne de Harven trying to claim that HIV is endogenous. It looks like they're going the whole AIDS denialist hog.

  3. FYI: I just learned that "Rand" is short for "Randal" (sic?)- Wikipedia. I had been wondering if he might have been named after Ayn Rand.

  4. I'm obviously no expert on US political dynasties, and I realise now I've been getting Ron Paul and Rand Paul mixed up because of their similar names. Thanks for clarifying this for me.

    Where does Ru Paul fit in the family?

  5. Hey Snot,

    You're equally confused on must matters scientific, too.

    I say -- Good for Rand Paul! He may be a right-wing wacko, but if he has an open mind about this retroviral nonsense, I'd vote for him.

  6. Snot's just a Dogma Drone, he has no personal opinion.

  7. Hey Bill, found another study apart from Padian that studied 26 HIV discordant couples over 312 months and found once more that there were ZERO sero conversions. This one in Lesbians practising unsafe and high risk sex.

  8. He may be a right-wing wacko, but if he has an open mind about this retroviral nonsense, I'd vote for him.

    Yet another example of crank magnetism.

  9. Bill

    A Gay Guy who supports the crazy ultra-right when they show signs of being AIDS deniers?

    Have you gotten any help yet?

    So Bill, Anonymous did you the big favor of bringing up Nancy Padian's research.

    For new readers, Bill is an AIDS Denier who regurgitates whatever he sees at AIDS Denial websites. One of his favorites is that Nancy Padian, a world class scientist, shows that HIV is not heterosexually transmitted.

    Bill's obsession with Padian is really odd because Bill does not believe HIV exists, and yet he seems to think HIV exists but is not heterosexually transmitted.

    I asked Bill to read a review paper by Boily that summarizes the body of research of transmission of HIV and explain how he can reconcile the Boily paper with his Padian rant.

    He has not had a chance to do that.. it was 6 months ago.

    I stopped posting Bill's comments until he would reply to the Boily question.

    For some reason I was nice and let him back despite is failure to admit that he has no clue what any of this really means.

    Here we go again

    Bill, go and read the Padien study that your anonymous comrade in denial mentions. Then go read this paper by Deborah Donnell and her colleagues.

    "Heterosexual HIV-1 transmission after initiation of antiretroviral therapy: a prospective cohort analysis"

    Your next comment on my blog will explain why Donnell observed 103 HIV infections in a cohort of 3381 serodiscordant couples (3%) over 2 years?

    Explain the differences between the studies that would account for this discrepancy, or do not bother writing a comment because it will not make onto my blog.

    Bye Bye Bill.

  10. For those interested in how AIDS Denialists misuse science... the Padian studies are perfect examples.


  11. FYI
    Bill tried to reply...and after a couple of predictable whatevers, he writes...

    "Yes, I will read both papers and report back, this time. As you know, I had writer's block on the Boily Book Report which vexed me so."

    Check back in 6 months to see what has not happened.

  12. How about that, more proof that Texas is a backwoods, back~ass, Set~your~clock~back~200~years State full of bigots, hypocrites and in~bred dumb~asses!

    As for Snout, I love the comment about RuPaul! I wish I had said it! However, RuPaul has proven to be much more intelligent and open minded than any politician.

  13. As previously stated the Boily "paper" is a flawed (concocted) meta analysis generated to attempt and put Padian to bed, it didn't. In that same thread you even agreed with the flaws of meta analyses but hten it doesn't suit you to remember that right now.

    Snout's now on the bandwagon, not that he ever gets off it though stating that Rand, Rau, Ran (can't even get a neame right)is a right wing wacko which is the atypical personal attack of the Dogma Drone when someone doesn't agree with AIDSTRUTH's version of events.

    On AIDSTRTUH, a pharma construct designed to keep the pedalling of poisons to South Africans going nicely, the Chief there is Jeanne Bergman who is a self confessed "treatment activist" in the pay of pharma (what is her PhD? you never did answer that one Seth {and never will}). You can always spot a drone when they regurgitate and of the cud from that site, profesionally produced and updated with the assistance of several pharma marketing divisions, strangely never referred to by the CDC or NIH such is the quality of "science" referred to.

    On Bill, when he gets too hot to handle, let's censor him, but then Seth has history with that behaviour, let's just check on Elsevier shall we?

    On the whole title of this blog, "Denying AIDS" no one has actually done that at any stage, especially Bill, just what is your point Seth? Every Dissident out there acknowledges AIDS as a serious disease of humanity. We just don't buy your particular brand of single oraganism causality, which coincidentally is the backbone of pharmas money making empire in this sphere.

    Pharma sluts? absolutely, unqualified and in totality, that you are gentlemen.

    Bye Bye Seth

  14. Here's one for Seth,


    Just like Africans have to in their drinking water.

  15. Circumcision Humbug

  16. I posted a question once that was ostensibly being forwarded to Peter Duesberg in which I asked how he explained a phylogenetic analysis indicating that within a cohort of known sexual partners HIV sequences were clearly more related than in other HIV positive individuals who were not part of that cohort. The answer I got back was a request for the pdf of the paper.

  17. Bill wrote:
    "He may be a right-wing wacko, but if he has an open mind about this retroviral nonsense, I'd vote for him."

    Bill, just how desperate are you to push your false HIV/AIDS agenda that you would vote for a "right wing wacko" just because he may be "open minded about this retroviral nonsense"? Do you have any idea just how "wacko" these Tea Partiers can be?

    This further supports a post I wrote at D4D that all these AIDS "Dissidents" are so desperately aggressive in their pursuit of followers for their agenda, they will support anyone who also pushes this agenda.

    Gays support bigots and homophobes.

    Women support misogynists.

    People of color support racists and bigots.

    People who are not normally interested in politics support politicians who will most likely not further any political agenda that will benefit them.

    It is really pathetic and hypocritical the depths to which people will sacrifice their integrity to further ignorance thru fear and ego.

  18. Hey Anonymous who told Seth to "eat shit and die":
    I agree that clean drinking water is a big issue that needs to be addressed in Africa. But can you please explain what that has to do with AIDS denialism?

  19. "I agree that clean drinking water is a big issue that needs to be addressed in Africa. But can you please explain what that has to do with AIDS denialism?"

    I don't quite get the question but I'll try to answer it anyway:

    When the label of the drug you are taking says that it is toxic by:
    -in contact with the skin
    -and if SWALLOWED
    and(my favorite):
    -to wear suitable protective clothing!!! is no wonder that the more frightened ones amongst us will shiver in angst, especially when you are told to swallow it with dirty water.... gasp!

    ok, enough of that. Aids denialism is simply the result of really poor marketing and an AIDS awareness programme in total disarray. One would simply needs to spend more on water sanitation in the third world. I think that every dollar spent on ARV's for the third world needs to be matched with one dollar spent on clean drinking water (minimum). If that could be achieved then we can really chalk one up for Victory against AIDS. Until then all monies spent on AIDS medicine in the the third world is money pissed away into someone's unscrupulous wallet.

    BTW, why not make a post on drug labels and truely inform the masses in denial on what they really mean?
    Also, why not another post that shames drug donors into providing safe drinking water to wash down all those life-saving medicines?

    Pills for...medi..ehem FOOD for thought.

  20. Still waiting for my cheque from 'Big Pharma'. Seth, when next you meet our evil overlords can you ask what's going on with that?

  21. Still no Bill...just complaining that he is being censored. It is sad that he believes things like the Padian rant and yet is unable to read even a basic study that refutes his beliefs.

    To Bill's credit he is not full of crap like Rasnick and Crowe who fake it. They would spit back a bunch of word salad and claim victory for science. I think Bill has something that is foreign to the Nulls, Rasnicks, Crowes, etc... I think he may have integrity.

    Luke, you are not alone. I sent in my rebate coupon to Advil and still no big check from Big Pharma. I, like you , am still waiting.

  22. The makers of Advil and others only pay their shills when they actually perform, unlike this pathetic blog by Krazy Kal, the wannabe Mother Theresa of Africa.

  23. Anonymous, if AIDS can be "fixed" with clean water, how do you account for AIDS in America, France, England, Italy etc...?

    Clean water is awesome, but it does not account for AIDS. Period.

  24. I do have integrity! And, now, I am on disability, so I can post here more often ...during the day time. Yippee.

    As for Padian, I just found it remarkable that she found ZERO seroconversions from all those infected heteros having sex. Seems to defy logic, don't it?

    Hey Toad! I don't like the teabaggers, but, Yes, I like Rand Paul's open mind on the issue of AIDS.

    Hey, am I allowed to post this? I haven't yet finished the various assignments about sexual transmission of HIV -- although, anonymous directed me to a paper, like Padian, where Lesbians don't get HIV either.

    How to prevent AIDS? Become a Lesbian!

  25. True Todd, but there is no use conversing with a madman. Hey- Clark just autodipshitted himself again with a UK magazine calling him and Geiger abusive and liars! And they donated to an AIDS charity as well because of the abuse and lies that Geiger and Clarkie posted. So once again, douchebag Clarkie autodipshits. Btw, there will be a major announcement in a couple of weeks about Clarkie autodipshitting as a defendant in an ongoing lawsuit against him. Looks like Clarkie has his hands full!!!

  26. No prizes for guessing whose papers are going to be found in this person's 146 pages of “HIV related research articles.”

    Air Force "Swinger" In HIV Probe

    "In a June 2007 posting on, Gutierrez conducted a poll on whether respondents were willing to 'play' with partners infected with herpes simplex virus (HSV) or HIV. In a follow-up post, he asked, 'Why are people scared of the HIV virus, don’t you wear condoms to protect yourself from HSV?' He added, 'The research I have done raises several questions on weather or not HIV is even related to AIDs.'"

  27. Point of clarification. Am I allowed to post anything until I do my book report on the viral transmission thru lesbian sex? This seems somewhat harsh and a double standard. Nobody else gets censored like I do on this blog.

    Oh Well. I have some free time on my hands.

  28. Bill
    It is too bad you cannot admit that you have no clue about the science behind AIDS.

    Why should I post anything you you have to say and why would anyone care to listen? You cannot even read a simple article that refutes your flawed beliefs.

    Anyone wanting to see how sad AIDS denialism is need not look any further.

  29. Bill,
    I would love to know why you are on disability. Is it "AIDS" related? Are you, like Jonathan Barnett and Karri Stokely, now commiting fraud?

  30. I am continually astonished that this mishegos continues. I worked for 20 years as a researcher and evaluator for community based organizations that served people with HIV and AIDS, before the antiretroviral era, just as it began, and long after. We went from watching helplessly as thousands suffered long, painful deaths, to watching people who weighed 80 pounds and who could not lift their heads from the pillow or even speak suddenly rise up like Lazarus -- and that's what we called it, the Lazarus syndrome. Today I routinely meet people who have lived with HIV for 20 years or more, who take ARVs faithfully every single day, and whose only health related worries are the usual complaints of advancing age. And I have interviewed countless people who tell me that they stopped taking their meds at some time in the past, and got sick. So they started taking them again, and they got better.

    In our research, ARV adherence is closely correlated with viral loads, and viral loads are correlated with CD4 cell counts, and low CD4 cell counts make you sick. Start adhering to your meds, your viral load goes down, your CD4 count goes up, and you get better.

    That's just the truth. Morning comes and the sun rises. HIV causes AIDS, and ARVs control HIV and prevent or reverse AIDS. Both are equally established facts. End of story.

  31. Cervantes
    Thanks for commenting.
    It is hard to believe they are still at it, but they are. Actually more than ever! Amazes me as well.
    Thanks again!

  32. Clarkie now claims that Sustiva causes AIDS in his latest rants. These loons are still at it because like Clarkie, they have to compensate for their lack of standing in the world by carving out a fake niche.

    Here is Clarkie's crazy analogy:

    "Consider this analogy: In peacetime most soldiers are located within military bases and not throughout the general population. But when a disaster occurs, soldiers leave the bases and swarm towards attacked sites. While the absolute number of soldiers has not changed, where you find them has.

    HAART treatment causes CD4 cells residing in lymphatic tissue to be released into the blood. That’s why the number of CD4 cells, as well as most other immune cells, increases after taking the drugs. This is a non-specific toxic effect of the drugs. The same thing occurs during chemotherapy for cancer. "

    You see, you can't argue with such lunacy. Especially coming from a guy who can't even explain what DNA is...a fired ex-cop without a college degree...

  33. I love how Clark says "OMSJ researchers" discovered that HAART treatment causes AIDS. Hilarious!!! OMSJ researchers! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  34. Rumor has it that there is an audio interview by phone of Clarkie being asked to define what a retrovirus is and he had to admit he couldn't. This my friends is the genius trying to explain HAARTS. That some idiots may believe him only serves to show their desperation to support their beliefs.

  35. Snout said (on August 19, 2010 6:26 PM)

    "I have a suspicion that their next edition will feature Etienne de Harven trying to claim that HIV is endogenous."

    Well lookee here. Who would have thought.

    Henry Bauer is wetting himself (more than usual) with excitement:

    "In my opinion, a recognition of the existence and characteristics of HERVs offers the possibility of resolving differing views among AIDS Rethinkers, as to whether HIV exists or whether it exists but is harmless."

    Yep, I'm sure that De Harven's senile ramblings in a joke magazine are going to result in the Perthian nuts and the Duesbergian nuts putting aside their sociopathic hatred of each other, which is based on equally insane but mutually contradictory delusions.


    One group of nutters hates another group of nutters - but look! Here comes a "third way" nutter trying to resolve the nut-fight. In a nut magazine.

    Nuts, anyone?.

  36. Poodle Stomper said:

    "Rumor has it that there is an audio interview by phone of Clarkie being asked to define what a retrovirus is and he had to admit he couldn't."

    No, it's not a "rumor", Poodles. It went viral months ago and it's now all over the net. I particularly liked the part where he said "It (AIDS) obviously is a gay-related thingie related to a behavioral problem."

    The guy's a genius.

  37. I finally took a look at Bauer's site last night, something I only do once a month if that often. I was equally shocked (and secretly thrilled) to read the HERV comments. At the same time, it really and deeply saddens me that they glob onto something like Endogenous Retrovirus and use it to further obfuscate HIV science. It is extremely obvious to a rational person who takes the time to read a bit about endogenous retrovirus just what they are and what they represent. I am certainly no genius (well, compared to Baker, Scheff et al, yeah, I am, but so is Sarah Palin...YIKES) and I only looked into HERVs six months ago, but it is clear what they are and what they are not. Yet it does not stop Scheff from writing about them infinitum and completely getting it wrong! (Just like everything else he writes...did anyone read where he got pissed off at a commenter recently and called Darwin an asshole?)

  38. JTD
    Bauer may be right about Darwin.
    The Theory of Evolution cannot account for Bauer surviving his 80 some years..

  39. So , can anyone here shed some light on the all too forgoton HIV virus since your all so knowlegable ?

    Bearing in mind there has to be a specific HIV Antigen produced from HIV Virus in order to produce that specific HIV Antibody .

    How is HIV Antigen not able to be detected if this so called HIV Virus is replicating all the time knocking out the immune system (antibodys) that protect us ?