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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stunning Admission by the NIH: Advances in HIV Treatment have saved countless lives

At a meeting with the (Washington Post) editorial board yesterday, Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, dropped this stunning piece of data on the AIDS epidemic in the United States. In the 1980s, he said, a 21-year-old diagnosed with HIV could expect to live just one year. Today, a 21-year-old who becomes HIV-positive has a life expectancy of 70.
"Pretty remarkable," Dr. Collins said, after noting the impact of anti-retroviral treatments that lower the level of HIV in the blood and boost immune systems. For those whose lives have been saved, it's a miracle.
You can hear more about what he said on AIDS and other topics here: 


  1. Stop it, Seth. You know HAART has not saved one, single life, but killed countless!
    OH, wait. I got that confused with the Duesberg Death Squad who killed 300K+ South Africans but accepted zero responsibility.

  2. You know JTD, only a denialist can deny the benefits of HIV therapies. Sad for those who follow their insane rant.

  3. And I wonder how the 500,000 poisoned with high dose AZT feel about it.

  4. Hey Anonymous...
    Enlighten us...
    Where and when were 500,000 poisoned with high dose AZT?
    Were there any details up your butt as well?

  5. Anonymous made up the 500,000 figure and hopes that by posting it on the net often enough people will believe it. It seems to be based on taking everyone who died in the US over a decade and attributing those deaths to antiretrovirals rather than HIV/AIDS.

    Mind you, the statement attributed to Collins that "in the 1980s, he said, a 21-year-old diagnosed with HIV could expect to live just one year" is nonsense as well. The median survival following infection with untreated HIV in the 1980s was about 10 or 11 years, slightly better for 21 year olds than for older adults. The roughly one-year median survival figure is for people diagnosed with AIDS-defining opportunistic diseases, not those recently infected with HIV.

    From 1987-on, antiretroviral monotherapy with AZT and later ddI (together with prophylaxis against opportunistic infections) added only a modest survival benefit of an extra year or two. It wasn't until the development of triple-plus ARV combinations that the outlook became substantially brighter - although a life expectancy of 70 years for a 21 year old with HIV is perhaps overly optimistic on with current treatments.

    That's not to play down the remarkable advances in the treatment of HIV disease in the last 20 years or so - no one who remembers the horrible times before the development of HAART could deny these. But we still have a way to go, and treatment is always going to be a second best option compared with preventing people getting infected with HIV in the first place.

  6. So who's in Denial now Seth?

    Are you saying that no one was killed through the administering of High Dose AZT as monotherapy?

    What estimate would you put on the numbers?

  7. Just a quickie, Seth comments like "up your Butt" are displaying your anal fixation, are you turning, or was there always a latent homosexual tendency there that led you in to this field?

  8. Snout
    Nice brief summary of where we are with treatment. Always glad to see rational thinking.

    Anonymous 1. Read Snout above.
    Snout obviously anticipated your response. Not that AIDS Deniers are predictable or anything.

    You really should stop getting your science from the likes of Mr. David Crowe, BA,BS. Or Dr. Henry 'Nessie' Bauer. Or David the Paranoid Rasnick. Sad that you cannot provide the where and when for your claim.

    Anonymous 2. Now you sound more like Peter the Homophobic Duesberg. Or Clark the Internalized Homophobic Baker.


  9. Go back to taking your paycheck for this Blog Seth, as usual none of you answer a question. The best thing is that when I hit the log off button, you simply disappear, bye.

  10. Anonymous
    Did you ask a question?
    Go take your Thorazine, please!

  11. Sounds like Anonymous cannot back up what it says.

    Isn't that the Denialist approach to life, log off to make reality disappear?
    Seems to work every time... for a little while anyways.

  12. Seth
    I have seen that Henry Bauer has claimed that Nessies exist. That is wild.
    But does David Crowe really have a BA/BS degree? Or was that a typo? He seems to present himself as a Doctor.
    He must have at least a Masters Degree. Right?

  13. Frank
    Very good observation.
    I guess it is progress when an AIDS Denialist like Mr. Anonymous admits that the best way to deal with reality is to log off.
    Quick, lets change the password...

  14. Just read Celia Farbers excellent deconstruction of the Chigwedere/Essex paper you published in your pulp fiction journal Aids and Behaviour. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting some truth out there. 5 stars.

  15. Tarantino...Pulp Fiction...
    So cool.. Just watched Reservoir Dogs last night!
    Actually I did not know that Celia Fiber had a website... I thought she retired from AIDS Denialism. I am glad she is still around telling friends to go the radical detox route. Oh well.
    Chigwedere are Essex are real scientists. Not that you would comprehend that.
    But thanks for mentioning AIDS and Behavior and those papers...

  16. Hey -how's Kim Bannon doing? I heard she is proof positive that HIV doesn't cause AIDS. "Tarantino" - care to comment on that? Or maybe Christine Maggiore? Or Eliza Jane? Oh. nevermind. They died of "reactions" and "stress" which Celia Farber is removing via her "love wavelength" treatments. I mean - getting paid to be a shill- wait...let's see - "leading" denialists like Clarkie don't do that, right? I mean - quacks like Robert Scott Bell and Sherri Tenpenny that Clarkie promotes are clearly not pushing their own concoctions of snake oil right? I love the name "Tenpenny". The irony is that her nonsensical blatherings aren't even worth ten pennies. Her name should be Sherri Tonshit.

    One more thing: I love the fact that Clarkie the Turd is now head of the esteemed "Office of Medical and Scientific Justice." I mean, a non-college educated cop fired for police brutality who can't even define what a virus is is your "leader"! Awesome! Keep up the good work! Well played, old sports!

  17. Hey - how's Kim Bannon doing? I hear that since she became a denialist, she became the perfect image of health...

    I'm sure the esteemed veterinarian "Dr" Al-Bayati will be called upon to clearly demonstrate that she expired from a "drug reaction."

    Perhaps Bayati can open a Propofol clinic with Conrad Murray...

    Clarkie states on his blog that you can never trust ANY person who is Muslim. (
    How can he trust Al-Bayati then?



  18. Hey - Seth:
    Check out this genius who runs a denialist blog:

    He clearly is of the same intellect (maybe a bit brighter though) then Farber and Clarkie. Of course his articulation is brilliant!!!

  19. Thanks Anonymous for the YouTube link.
    It changed my life.
    I now see the light.
    Why trust scientists and doctors who are corrupt and on the AIDS gravy train.
    This guy is f#@cking genius!
    I bet he even has two BA degrees like David Crowe!
    Changed my life I tell ya.

  20. I married a HIV+ postive woman in 1992. She is still alive. Not taken ART. She is not suffering from any illness now. Whos is fooling whom and for what !!