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Monday, February 7, 2011

Peter Duesberg and the Other Top 9 Most Controversial Professors in America

Peter DuesbergThis professor was much admired and respected at his University of California-Berkeley campus, and has completed some incredibly respectable work. But a recent article in Discovermagazine brought to light some of Duesberg’s more controversial, perhaps even unsavory, beliefs to light. Since 1986, Duesberg has been an adamant AIDS denier, believing that the illness is caused by drug use rather than by the HIV virus. Despite a lack of evidence backing up his claims, as well as some concerns about ethics in regard to his published articles, Duesberg’s views have affected international AIDS policy, especially in South Africa. It is thought that the government’s refusal to provide anti-viral medications to AIDS patients, believing with Duesberg that their condition was not caused by a virus, led to hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths.


  1. Thats shocking! Is there any justifications, reports or experiments to prove that AIDS is caused by drugs?

  2. Non.
    That was theory in 1982.
    Duesberg ignores 30 years of solid research.
    Drugs are not good for you...they can suppress the immune system. But comparing what happens to the immune system from drugs and what happens from HIV infection is like comparing a ripple in a pond to a tsunami.

  3. Seth, you can't even count you putz, he didn't publish his rebuttal of HIV/AIDS until 1986.

    A rebuttal that was never answered by the way.

    And just how does your doctorate in pseudoscience qualify you to comment against his in microbiology? Doesn't matter though does it, your NIH grant to run this blog allows you to behave any way you want.

    corrupt is as corrupt does.

    Still, you provide the laughs constantly, the latest being when I checked on your published papers and who cites do! 3 from 3 on the latest one.

    That's just how you manufacture a consensus and verify your own findings. Interesting research though, random phone calls for pill compliance. Glaxo and Pfizer must want to know who actually is taking their poisons on time.

    I like the way Harvey Bialy descibes you best;

    "That moron Kalichman".

  4. Clark Baker..
    Why not just post using your real name?
    Why? Paranoid is as Paranoid does?
    Actually, I think the original Forrest applies well to you...Stupid.

  5. Baker is a retard.
    I suppose Duesberg was not thinking AIDS was caused by a 'Gay Life Style' in 1982?
    Sure, his ideas just spontaneously combusted on paper in 1986.

    Who is this guy Baker?
    He is not the very same Baker we fired from the LA PD for brutality against an elderly man?
    Why even bother posting his comments?

    What an asshole.

  6. Who is Clark Baker?

  7. Clarkie Baker is a self-described Steven Seagal ninja who calls himself a "writer, producer, journalist, grew up on the streets of Calcutta and Rio, etc."

    In reality, Clarkie grew up in LA, couldn't get into college so ended up working as a security guard in a few places, joined the police and worked as a traffic cop until he got fired. Then his wife and children left him when they couldn't stand his defective personality anymore.

    Then he had a psychotic break and began blaming all his failures on "liberals" and created conspiracy theories. He trolls blogs and posts his racist rants and conspiracy theories on HIV, Global Warming, etc. He also has been known to lie about his involvement in various things and ignores people when they point out his failures. He then claimed he was a California State Representative (not true) in a letter to to which the editor requested that he not contact them anymore as he is "bat shit crazy". All in all, Clarkie is a mess of a man with a mental mess that he can't deal with. It would actually be sad, if it weren't so pathetically funny.

  8. "Despite a lack of evidence backing up his claims..."
    Maybe you're right, even though Dr. Duesberg gave a number of statistical evidences in this document:, published by a peer-reviewed journal.

    Moreover,, it isn't correct to say that according to him, AIDS illness " caused by drug use", since he stated that it is due to malnutrition too, with special reference to African AIDS.

    Maybe that's why South Africa Government refused " provide anti-viral medications to AIDS patients..."; however, I don't know of any statistical research stating that this "...led to hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths."
    So, here we have "...a lack of evidence backing up YOUR claims".

  9. I have been positive since 2003 and never been on any kind of ARV drugs. I'm perfectly fine so what do you say about me? Would you say it's not scientifically proven that you are fine?

  10. I habe been diagnosed POS in 1996. Have not considered taking drugs as studies all based in Surrogate markers (e.g. Viral Load) etc. Only solid endpoints like overall survival are convincing for me. Had a great adverse drug effect Free Life since then. 4 years ago i suffered from dlbcl, a AIDS defining disease, and medics only wanted to treat me with proper chemotherapy after having started with HAART regimen. I successfully refused with support of my lawyer and managed to receive full chemotherapy regimen without the need for dose adjustments and had not any major side effects. Still alive and well even though highest stage lymphoma and still not on antiretrovirals.

  11. One day the truth will be in the light thanks to people like Peter Duesberg...he's saving life !
    Notice that the spherical shape of the earth has been accepted by everybody very lately, but during centuries people were thinking that the earth was's about the same for AIDS.

    Arthur Schopenhauer : " All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

    Now we're at stage 2 :)

  12. Peter Duesberg did not prove his theory.

  13. Peter Duesberg asserted his theory that drug abuse
    or exposure caused the almost 10,000 deaths that occured before AZT was approved for AIDS in March 1987.
    After AZT was used for a while he could blame AZT
    because he knew it was an evil drug; one study I just
    read from 1998 found that AZT targets cardiac mtDNA.
    All Duesberg offered for the 10,000 pre-AZT seemed to be based on Newspaper reports of individual accounts of extraordinary amount of popper use. Poppers did have a history as a prescribed medication. And of extraordinary drug use suggesting IV drugs. The popular drugs of the 1970's
    were marijuana and alcohol, and lingering use of 60's LSD. This was true forfor many straight and gay young people in that time and perhaps now.
    Duesberg's assertion, as I recall, was that the people who got sick and died were the heavy, or excessive element of drug takers in the gay community. He did not say they all used poppers, I expect.
    There is no presentation of proof that all or even a major part of the 10,000 deaths fit Duesberg's
    theory. If there is such documentation, I would like to see it.
    Duesberg did not just deny HIV he denied that there was any causative communicable organism. That was a hefty stretch and not reasonable without discarding his logical fallacies rhetorick and proved with the first 10,000 deaths that his theory was true.
    I think Duesberg rushed out on that limb to divert attention from the highly qualified Dr. Strecher who discovered the genetic makeup of the putative HIV was a combo of two animal viruses and could not possibly be a natural occuring virus. His attorney brother worked with him and obtained some significant documents from the government before he was murdered and Dr. Strecker stepped away from the limelight as Duesberg loudly rushed in.
    Christine Maggiore appears to have died from AIDS. She was misled into believing there was no infectious agent whether or not it was HIV.
    If I may add,
    Just yesterday I read about a TAT gene assoc with HIV and found it is something shared with the visna virus which has been suggested to be, in a lab modified form, the co-factor with M.fermentans incognitus for the illness, and deaths associated with AIDS.

  14. I used to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he is beyond irrationality rooted in mean spirited incredulity. He is completely ignorant with regard to HIV which is a shame because his earlier work was very respectable. It is time for him to shut up and go away. He has become a very dangerous voice if he is not relegated to irrelevance.

  15. What Seth isn't mentioning on this topic is that he's actually number eleven on that there list. "shhhh..."

  16. This condition known as HIV-AIDS is caused by the solvent used in the processing of illicit drugs such as cocaine and poppers. Duesberg will be proven right. This is not a virus. There is a reason why you people will not keep this Posted comment up, because when people start to investigate the issue of solvents and the connection to cocaine they will find that it is not merely coincidental but has some relevance to the fact that these solvents is doing something to the human body that is not normal. This blog should not be here just to criticize Duesberg for his opinions but to find relevancy to anything that might be a solution to this problem of HIV-AIDS.



  17. I wish ppl would wake up 4rm the trance.aids is a massive schem,population reduction plan in progress