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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

AIDS Denier Clark Baker invades the US Military Justice System

I posted earlier that AIDS Denialist and LA Private Investigator Clark Baker is focusing his attention on the US Military justice system. Baker’s storefront business, the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ) is paid by US taxpayers to bring AIDS denialists to the court.

How are AIDS Denialists used as experts in legal cases?

According to the defense attorneys involved in these cases, denialist testimony concentrates on HIV testing, diagnosis and treatment. Court petitions show that their expertise is needed to explain sample processing, the use of testing equipment, interpretation of test results, and dozens of other factors that are necessary to establish whether someone is or is not infected with HIV.

AIDS Denialists testify under oath that people living with HIV infection who are accused of having unprotected sex without disclosing their HIV status cannot possibly be guilty of endangering anyone because HIV does not cause AIDS. And even if HIV does cause AIDS, HIV tests are invalid and cannot be used to diagnose HIV infection.

The defense attorneys themselves are not buying into the OMSJ story. But as one of them told me, if it can get their guy off they will use it. 

OMSJ is not about the truth. Clark Baker is paid to deliver doubt.

Defense attorneys contract Baker because they have been convinced that AIDS deniers can raise doubt, even if based on lies, pseudoscience, and conspiracy theories. Anyone who has listened to AIDS Denialists knows all too well that they can raise doubt. 

And it gets worse when prosecutors call true experts, allowing the AIDS Denialists to create the illusion of a scientific debate.

Is AIDS denialism a competent defense?

There is not a single case where AIDS Denialists actually accounted for an acquittal or dismissal. Despite their trying, AIDS denialists in courts have failed in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

The military case that Clark Baker boasts winning was actually thrown out of court. People close to the case have told me that the judge’s ruling had nothing to do with OMSJ testimony delivered by Nancy Turner Banks and Rodney Richards. In fact there were technical factors regarding the alleged assault that resulted in the dismissal.

In another military case, the accused was found guilty after OMSJ experts testified. Not surprisingly, Baker does not have much to say about this case.

US Taxpayers are funding OMSJ in Military Courts

In the Military Justice System, the US government is responsible for both prosecuting the accused and providing a sound defense. That means the prosecution has to ensure that the case is properly tried. Because the Military is responsible for both prosecuting and defending the accused, they are required to clear defense experts and approve their cost to taxpayers.

That is why the Army has required the defense to use Army experts in cases involving OMSJ. (see post below for Baker’s whining about it) And by the way, those Army experts are actually true experts who are very helpful in making the AIDS Deniers of OMSJ look like idiots. The true experts will not lie under oath. Of course, when experts on the same side do not agree it can cause even more confusion and potentially more doubt.

As a matter of military due process, service members are entitled to expert assistance and the military defense has the resources of the government at its disposal to pay for this assistance. The basis for the requests comes from cases such as US v. Garries. It is understandable that the defense has a right to government-funded expert assistance. And at the same time the government has the responsibility not to waste its funds on cranks, quacks and frauds. Hence, the OMSJ experts are most often not accepted as experts and not allowed to testify. 

What's in it for OM$J? 

Baker and OMSJ act as the agents in this theatre of the absurd. The $3500 that is charged for pre-trial consultation goes to Baker. If the AIDS denialist expert testifies, Baker gets another $400+ per hour + travel + fees.

In my previous blog post on OMSJ (see below), I discussed David Rasnick and Rodney Richards. I only mentioned Nancy Turner Banks briefly without much detail. She seems to be on the witness / consultants list for all of these OMSJ Military cases. My previous post raised questions about her perceptions of reality. Here is a more complete accounting.

Nancy Turner Banks received an MD from Harvard in 1978 and a Masters of Business Administration in the area of Finance in 1996. Her most recent professional appointment was as a consultant physician in private practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Nyack, New York. She has never held an academic appointment and she has only published one work -- Her self-published book entitled  AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, the Deadly Virus of International Greed, published by Universal in 2010.  According to Dr. Banks, she “tells the dramatic story of a financial ideology that is damaging to everything that it means to be human. It is the story of a long running global conspiracy and business model that can be traced back to the British East India Company that places profits over people. In the end, it is the story of hope and how we can regain our sanity and our health in a world gone mad.”

In reality, her ideas are firmly rooted on AIDS denialism. This is not surprising given that she is a long-term member of the Rethinking AIDS Society. Nancy Turner Banks believes that AIDS is a conspiracy between secret government agencies, the CDC, and pharmaceutical companies. But what is unique about Nancy Turner Banks is that she includes the DeBeers Mining Company in her conspiracy. These forces are believed to conspire to kill blacks and profit from HIV. To build her case, she cites Andrew Carrington Hitchock’s 2006 book ‘The Synagogue of Satan’ and Eustace Mullins’ ‘The New History of the Jews’.

If you are not familiar with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, here is a sample of his views.

“Hitler had been doing phenomenally well in turning his country around economically by breaking with the Jewish international bankers and trading by barter

Hitler simply issued what money was needed on the authority of the German Government, which was backed by the productivity of the German labour force, and not the empty promises of Jewish international bankers

The citizens of Germany were able to make Germany the most powerful and prosperous state in Europe in only a seven year period

The Jews could not let this continue as they knew that it would spell the death of their debt driven money system and so World War 2 starts

This is not a war between Germany and the Allies, it is a war between Germany and the Jewish money power”

Nancy Turner Banks herself is a regular on the anti-Semitic radio program ‘The French Connection’. Banks therefore is a rare find – a blend of genocidal conspiracy theories, AIDS denialism and a clear link to Holocaust Denial.

Nancy Turner Banks is at the center of the OMSJ defense team.

I think that says it all.


  1. Let's see in Eugene Semon will still try to deny Bank's anti-Semitism, which is as obvious as the viruses in the micrograph. [] So probably.

  2. I still find it surprising that a defense attorney would try to use Clark Baker or Nancy Banks to sow doubt. True, you use whatever imperfect tools you can to make your case, particularly since most of these affairs are open-shut matter and lost causes from the get-go. But these people are such obvious nutcases, that even a non-science person will soon shudder in disbelief of their stupidity and hatred on the cross exam. Duesberg might sow some doubt among the uniformed, but employing the kooks at OMSJ is just throwing away money. There is good reason they have never yet helped any case. Hopefully, everyone will soon realize this, and we won't have to listen to their deranged rants.

  3. I want to know how NTB graduated Harvard Medical School. Want she always the insane, hate filled, know-nothing she is today? Because now, I wouldn't let her be in the same room with a baby. And I certainly wouldn't trust her to know which end of a woman is up. So how did she pass?

  4. Dr. Banks has zero credibility. In her self-published book she claimed that gay men would take Bactrim as a prophylactic for STDs before going out to have sex with multiple partners. This is false for one big reason: Bactrim is not used as a prophylactic nor as a treatment for STDs. If she were a decent doctor she would know that. The statement that gay men are all whores also shows what bigot she is, hence the name:
    Dr. Bigot-Banks.

    Also in her self-published book, she came right out and said that everyone in the scientific field, including doctors, nurses, researchers etc were all involved in a huge and complete conspiracy going back at least 50 years and probably even 100 years.

    She is right where she belongs in the company of Baker et al. She should feel right at home.

  5. Hi Seth,

    I've only recently fallen down the rabbit hole and discovered the fascinating world of aids denial. I've gotten a lot out of this blog, and ordered your book :)

    Have you read the book, "Why People Believe Weird Things", by Michael Shermer? There is a chapter in it, which examines holocaust denial. It's striking just how identical the methodologies of these groups are; ignoring a vast body of mutually supportive data, and instead grasping at apparent - and disparate - anomalies.

    Also, the work of Celia Farber, Brent Leung et al, has a David Irving-esque quality - they aggressively promote rarefied positions, yet insist they are disinterested journalists/historians.

    Anyway, from the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock quotes in your post, it seems like we're dealing with something a little more than a bog-standard holocaust denier. They read as uninhibited, genocidal, Nazism.

    Turner Banks sounds unhinged.

    1. The violent Nazi "anti-Zionist" movement has two other things in common with AIDS denial, besides Nancy Turner Banks. 1) They plagiarize off each other like crazy. 2) They are perpetually engaged in feuds over which of them is "too whacko".

  6. I am so glad you posted a dedicated piece on the OM$J scam. Baker figures if he can get paid by military defense attorneys, he'll have a good cash scam going. I am glad this piece is now on the internet so it serves as further evidence for any reasonable person to use if they ever look up the bloated fool of Clarkie Parking Cop Baker.

  7. "My previous post raised questions about her perceptions of reality."

    Your questions are answered here:
    Where other conferences end... Conspiracy Con Begins!

  8. Snout

    Where have you been? I thought you got squashed by a garbage truck!
    Nick "SNOUT" Bennett, need I say more?
    Sure as hell makes of a lot more sense than your claim to be some lonesome sheepherder who preaches in church on Sundays being this damn interested in AIDS anything, tell you what!
    Your buddy BAKER let the cat out of the bag, you hack.

    I just love the that way you swithched around the topic list on that lame duck website of yours after you were completely beat-down too. lol
    Keep on with the subject that you are preaching now and see where it gets you, dog-breath.

    1. Man, even when you guys smack-talk, you can't avoid sounding like imbeciles.

  9. notElon

    Whatever you say.
    I have also seen what you said about what that person put on the dogs website. You are perhaps the cross-eyed king of all the imbeciles here, zoonosis-boy.

  10. Intelligent defense, perfectly legitimate and it delivers resulsts.

    Delivering doubt is a piece of cake when you're dealing with the pseudoscience of HIV testinf, which is the art of covering as many cross-reacting antibodies as you practically can to have as many conditions as possible can relabeled as "infection with HIV", so you can justify treating them with expensive, chronifying ARVs isntead of their generic known remedies.