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Friday, September 28, 2012

AIDS Denialism in the Court: Clark Baker for the Defense

Clark Baker with the late Kari Stockely who
died of AIDS after falling into AIDS denialism
Clark Baker and his crock business venture, the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ) are back at it. Clark and his team of fake HIV experts are infesting the US Military Justice System with AIDS Denialism testimony.

The cases that Baker targets are tragic -- typically involving HIV positive people who are accused of exposing others to HIV without disclosing their status. Failure to disclose HIV is a complicated and serious issue. No one has the right to knowingly expose another person to a life threatening disease. But we live in a society that has made it enormously difficult to disclose HIV status. AIDS stigma has not gone away. People living with HIV face rejection, discrimination, and even violence when they disclose. They have to deal with disclosure issues every day. When accused of a crime for failing to disclose HIV, they deserve a competent defense.

So it may seem hard to believe that defense attorneys would employ the AIDS Deniers at OMSJ.

In recent cases, Baker and the gang have called into question the reliability of Elisa and Western Blot tests. You know, the package insert says a single test is not diagnostic;  the tests cross-react to all sorts of antibodies; clinical algorithms are circular; PCR is not diagnostic; RNA is not the virus; there is no gold standard for testing HIV antibodies; if a lab tech dilutes the specimen wrong everyone tests positive; HIV diagnosis is a sham. Blah, blah, blah. Nothing we have not heard before.

But when unchallenged by real science, the words of a fake expert can confuse a jury and raise reasonable doubt.

When unexposed as crocks, the AIDS Deniers can easily fool people into thinking they are scientists.

Who are the OMSJ experts?

Looks like anyone listed as a member of Rethinking AIDS Society can sign-up. In the case I am most familiar with there were three OMSJ experts:

Rodney Richards -- worked in biotech until around 1992. He has been an AIDS Denier since seeing Peter Duesberg give a talk around that same time. Since then he has been sort of self-employed. He has never published anything in a peer reviewed journal as first author. In fact, it seems he has never written anything at all. Even his Masters Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation were published with his Major Advisor writing the papers and publishing as lead author. He relies on package inserts and technical manuals from  the testing kits for his claim that the tests are invalid. For example, that a positive Western Blot result 'presumes' the presence of HIV. This tactic can work well on the witness stand when unchallenged by a true expert.

Nancy Banks --  has never worked anywhere relevant to AIDS. Amazingly, she made it through Harvard medical School and then actually treated patients as a Gynecologist. She has never worked in research and, at least according to her CV, has not worked anywhere since the year 2000.  She has no peer reviewed, or even non-peer reviewed papers of any kind. But she has written a book called AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire: The Deadly Virus of International Greed, in which she exposes the vast conspiracy of Jews who run the pharmaceutical industry and control the media and Federal Government to kill Africans with toxic poisons. She is a rare bird - both an AIDS Denier and Holocaust Denier. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

David Ransick -- best known as Peter Duesberg's sidekick, has never published on AIDS because of a conspiracy to keep him silent. He has never done research because the government is against him. To this day he claims that the CIA is following him. He was the Scientific Director for German vitamin entrepreneur Mathias Rath -- both found guilty of conducting illegal clinical trials in South Africa. He is most notorious for serving on the infamous AIDS panel of former South African President and AIDS Denialist Thabo Mbeki.  Rasnick claims to have been a visiting scholar at University of California Berkley, but the University says otherwise. On Rasnick's CV, he boasts three failed business attempts, no academic appointments and not much else.

OMSJ Experts are paid $400 per hour per 'expert'. The actual cost breakdown looks like this...

Expert Consultation on documents and records $350/hour
Expert dispositions and testimony $400/hour
Travel paid at standard per diem rates
Travel time $350/hour

Keep in mind that in Military cases these are tax dollars.

I was fortunate to have been called as an expert in a recent OMSJ case.  I will not write about the case itself out of respect for the US Army, the Court, prosecution team, and victims.

I was not called as an expert on AIDS.

I was asked to consult as an Expert on AIDS Denialism because of OMSJ's involvement.

Richards and Banks were at first going to be called to testify on the questions surrounding HIV as the cause of AIDS, testing reliability etc. I testified at a preliminary hearing regarding their views. association with Rethinking AIDS, scientific backgrounds, and connection to AIDS Denialism.

Subsequently, Richard and Banks were not asked to testify at trial.

Rather, on trial day Clark Baker showed up with David Rasnick. AIDS Denialist blogger and 'freelance journalist' Teri Michaels was also present to take notes and chronicle the events.

Clark may not have been feeling well the two days I was in court. He seemed pretty out of it. His eyes were closed most of the time. At times he was definitely asleep. But at other times his eyes were just closed while he shook his leg and coughed quite a bit. In any case, he seemed pretty out of it. Maybe a combination of jet lag and a bad cold? Or perhaps this was Clark's 'normal' state. Hard to tell.

Rasnick, on the other hand, slept through the afternoon on my first day and the morning of the second day. I mean the man was taking some serious Z's.  He did testify, but his expertise was limited to antibody testing. He could not discuss anything else, including PCR, which seemed to sadden him. He was allowed to testify as an expert because he worked at Abbott Labs in 1978.

On the stand Rasnick spoke of how his minority views on AIDS have been silenced by the establishment. He was not sure what journals he had published in that were or were not peer reviewed. He claimed letters and commentaries as peer-reviewed articles. He claimed to be completely unaware of any charges being filed against him in South Africa. He was surprised to find the verdict against him in the case documents -  said he had no idea about it. He said he worked with Rath but was uninvolved in any clinical trials.

Rasnick went on to explain how HIV testing is completely unreliable. When asked about statements made by previous real experts on the stand, Rasnick seemed unaware of what they had said. I suppose because he was sleeping during their testimony.

It was remarkable to see OMSJ deliver crocks and cranks who will actually spew their crazy talk under oath.

I will post updates from the AIDS Deniers and anything public that comes out of this case.  Clark Baker has already started to fill in his Facebook Friends at the Rethinking AIDS Society.

June 29, Rethinking AIDS Facebook page.
(Click on the image to enlarge)

  • Clark Baker unfortunately,, the defendant was convicted on all charges. This is what happpens when the Army forces OMSJ to use Army experts who work in the same office (MHRP) with the prosecution experts. Defense attorney Phil Cave said that there is no way that the conviction reflects negatively against OMSJ in any way. Dr. Rasnick did an outstanding job.


  1. ..oh my... Seth, glad its not Tourettes at least THAT is a recognized disease. but I mean, that probably is a conspiracy made up by parents so that they have an excuse when their seven year olds freak out in court rooms...

    PS- Tranquilizers.. really? I hope he doesnt have kids, I can see him crouched in the bushes while his kids play at a playground and if they get too Tourette-y he can just shoot them with some tranquilizer from his tranq. gun..

  2. Oh- the defense attorney said that the losing verdict "doesn't reflect negatively" on the crackpot organization he employed? GENIUS logic. Love it!

  3. Anonymous, Tranquilizers may explain Clark and Rasnick's cognitive states. Interesting.

    Kralc, I know. But if this guy was found not guilty, it could have been for several reasons...not having anything to do with his HIV status. But I can assure you, Clark would have claimed victory for OMLS.
    Just like they did with the NC case.
    What a loser.
    Maybe if Clark stayed awake during the trial he would have seen what was happening.

    By the way, I was asked by Mr. Cave during the pre-trial hearing if I was you...posting on my blog as Kralk Rekab. It was in the context of my being Joe Newton.


  4. Seth, so glad to finally have first hand knowledge of one of these cases from a credible source!

    With this case, will you have knowledge about how to get the judgement? I would love to know how to find a military judgement, especially for the last military case in which OMSJ claimed victory. It would be good to see words and reasoning by the judge himself, and not the assumptions by Clark Baker.

    Great job, Seth and please provide any further details. I also hope you are involved in future cases so we can keep a watchful eye on Baker.

    Lastly, what a disgrace those fees are! Seriously, what a bunch of lying, thieving crooks.

  5. Clark announces that when he loses, he actually wins. When he wins, he wins.

    Any set of facts actually supports his true goal: the end of logic, and a new era of anarchy.

    We do have sworn affidavits from Clark in which he apparently contradicts himself and thus perjures himself on simple issues. It sounds like the OMSJ crew continues the tradition of falsehood. I hope someone follows up on potential contradictions and perjury.

    Clark's gang can get away with lies on the internet. But it should be a different story when the gang contradicts under oath. If the gang lies under oath, I certainly would contribute to legal actions. Perhaps a reward would be in order.

  6. Wow! Counselor Cave asked if you were posting on your blog as me? I am quite honored. Mr. Cave, respectfully, Sir - I think you should have asked more relevant questions for your client and have more thoroughly investigated the loony sham "organizations" you held under your auspices.

    Seth: I am REALLY glad you are posting about this case. Clark Baker is trying to monetize his sham organization, and he thinks that a military case is great because he can earn some taxpayer cash by advertising his "services" to those who aren't clear on his pathologies. I sincerely hope you maintain, at least in the short term, involvement in a few more of these cases. By establishing the realities of AIDS Denialism in a Court of Law, it would set precedent and OMSJ would have to fold up shop once it is referenced in a deposition and testimony. Perhaps your testimony could be transcribed and freely sent to the parties in any other cases Clarkie is involved in?
    BTW, perhaps Clarkie took a double-dose of thorazine? Maybe that is why he was tired?

  7. I would have a hard time believing that Nancy Banks could pass herself off as a credible witness. Rasnick perhaps, if he stays awake. Duesberg, sure. But Banks? The lady is batshit insane, and it is incredibly obvious when she speaks. Add to the fact that any competent cross-examiner could trick her into revealing several very embarrassing facts about her "expertise" and her associations with anti-Semitic cranks and Ufologists, and the case would tear itself up.

  8. It would be fascinating to read what Rasnick, Banks and Richards actually saying, under oath, for $400 an hour of taxpayer's money. So far, we only have Terry Michael's account of Richards' testimony in a previous case:

    "In an interview after the trial, Dr. Richards said, 'During my testimony, I highlighted that none of the tests used on [the defendant] are validated or approved by the FDA for use in diagnosing actual infection with HIV.'"

    Oh My Sweet Jesus... these crackpots get paid for coming up with this crap? Here he is again, this time in 2001:

    "The problem with these tests is that people use them to diagnose infection with a virus called HIV, and they’re not approved for that purpose. The manufacturers clearly state that the products that they develop are not intended to be used for diagnosing HIV."


    FDA Approved Products: Complete List of Donor Screening Assays for Infectious Agents and HIV Diagnostic Assays

    1. Just because the FDA aprove something it does not mean that that product actualy does what it claims to do , hence why the product , in this case HIV test kits , carry disclaimers and words such as, "At present , there is no recognised standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodies to HIV 1 or HIV 2 in human blood".

      If your gonna post something , make sure you post the correct literature ya muppet.
      They are aproved as screening tests for "non specific" antibodies only. They are not aproved to diagnose infection with anything.

      And by the way , they won that trial too and that fat twisted lump of misery Seth was not called to testify as his testimony was not credible.

      You are now qualified to teach your granny how to suck eggs .

      Me and Clarky boy might not get on , but we grew up on similar mean streets that taught us how to recognise a racket.

    2. Um, the point is Richards LIED. He said under oath the tests were not approved when they in fact were. That is called perjury. Come back when you learn to read, or at least learn a new insult. THe sucking eggs thing is so old hat.

    3. They are not approved to diagnose anything. They are approved only as screening tests. Show me were it says they are approved to diagnose infection.

    4. Sure, my pleasure...

      FDA Approves First Diagnostic Assay to detect both HIV Antigen and Antibodies
      Test advances ability to detect HIV infection earlier
      “The approval of this assay represents an advancement in our ability to better diagnose HIV infection in diagnostic settings where nucleic acid testing to detect the virus itself is not routinely used,” said Karen Midthun, M.D., acting director of FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. “It provides for more sensitive detection of recent HIV infections compared with antibody tests alone.”

      In the case that is the subject of this Post, the Military Prosecution used this FACT to debunk Richards. That was easy.

      Interestingly, they pulled it out during the Rasnick testimony and did not use it. I am not are why, but it was obviously not necessary. As expected, he self-destructed.

      And by he way, don't you just love how these anti-government, don't trust the establishment denialists suddenly hang the balance of diagnosis on the FDA?

      Gotta love it.

    5. Nothing like missing the important bits out isnt there ,but just to keep you right , the literature regarding that test kit above categoricaly states that "This assay is approved for use as an aid in the diagnosis of HIV-1/HIV-2 infection in adults including pregnant women. It is also the first assay for use as an aid in the diagnosis of HIV-1/HIV-2"

      It does not say its a diagnostic test , it says its an "aid" in the diagnosis.

      Nice try though. once again though , just for you Seth , "The highly sensitive assay is intended to be used as an aid in the diagnosis" !

      And as you have no idea as to what the test might be reacting to , your kinda up shit creek without a paddle unless you get someone to say they were in one of your risk groups.

      Apart from that your fucked anyway , because even if this virus were real , then you dont have a test for it . Do you ? This is just another non-specific protein test .

      Yep , you gotta love it. Especialy since ABBOTT do not claim the test can detect HIV 1 or HIV 2 antibodies or a virus in human blood.

      Keep sucking those eggs.

    6. A test that aids diagnosis is a diagnostic test.

    7. Thank you!
      How foolish of me to think that a diagnostic test approved for aiding in diagnosis is not a diagnostic test.
      Thank you, great genius, for illuminating my world.
      Now I understand. Only a PURE diagnostic test that is PROVEN against THE GOLD STANDARD of PURIFIED BODILY FLUIDS can perform the miracle of diagnosis.
      Forever in your debt.

    8. Seth (UCONNARTIST) Kalichman- If you really wish to make a name for yourself in AIDSville.
      Instead of continuously talking out of your ass as if you were an actual scientist yourself, why don't you take the next $28.50 that you make in book royalties and head on down to Perth with an HIV positive, a camera crew, and that baby-burping punk hack that you so openly support (A ONE DR. NICK "THE CALL SCREENER" BENNETT) and have him isolate the damn virus right there and just collect that damn prize money already ?

      Whats up ? Don't tell me....You can't do it because your just way too busy talking shit in U.S. courtrooms ?

      You really need to prove that you actually got a pair already Seth.
      The better part of the people that you target that have no more to do with science than you actually do yourself don't even look to the object of your affection (C. BAKER lol)for their HIV/AIDS info, they don't even look to Duesburg for that matter !

      They just about ALL look in one direction-Autralia, to the Perth Group ! Now, put a clean pair of panties in your pocket and head for the land down under with your paper-boy Nick and snare that damn bug ! LOL!!!!
      Your other three aliases will surely love you even more, and those pesky denialists would no-longer have a leg to stand on.
      They will all be converted to your religion Seth. (KALICHISM)

      Gallo says that he "triple-dog" dares you !

  9. It's also interesting that the ReThinking AIDS facebook page is full of ad hominem attacks against Seth. It's also telling that Baker thinks parents of children with Tourettes Syndrome should restrain and sedate them. Sedate them with pharmaceuticals that he is so against; what a hypocrite. But I guess, being a dirty ex-cop, he is in favor of physically restraining harmless little children. What a psychopath.

  10. I'm sure Baker will sweep this humiliating defeat under the rug. But I am more interested in the previous case of Sgt Tarence Dixon of Ft Bragg that Baker claims to have won by proving to the judge that HIV tests are faulty and fraudulent. IF Baker is so sure this is why the judge ruled as he did, why has Baker not provided the Ruling? It's easy for Baker to make assumptions, but not so easy for him to back up his claims with proof. That is why Baker's OMSJ site is full of cases that he did not win!

    The last case that actually ruled in Bakers favor he has milked on every denialist radio show from Gary Null to Robert Scott Bell to Celia Farber. But it's painfully obvious that he has refused to supply the actually ruling by the judge or even the transcripts for that matter. IF Baker had truly won by proving that HIV tests are fraudulent, you can be damn sure he would have supplied those items. That is how you can know that Baker is hiding something. That is also how you can know that Baker is lying about the other cases listed at his OMSJ site. He has done nothing say he won those cases but he has not given one shred of evidence to back up his claims.

  11. Don't forget, for one full year after Christine Maggiore's death, Baker, Farber, et al claimed that no autopsy was done. But on the one year anniversary of Maggiore's death, they claimed that lo and behold, an autopsy was done! BUT, instead of providing the original autopsy, they provided the Al-Bayati interpretation. Even after demands for the original, they refused. The Al-Bayati version went over like a lead balloon and Farber and Baker dropped that obvious lie and tried to deflect attention from their huge blunder.

    So, if Baker actually had proof of any of the lies he spews, he would provide it. I for one, would be happy to at least see the Al-Bayati interpretation of the judge's ruling in the Ft Bragg/Sgt Dixon case.

    Come on Mr. Baker, I have begging for over two years for you to provide proof of the cases you claim victory. Your silence is deafening and obvious to those of us with a brain that you are full of hot air.

    1. I don't think that Baker and Farber ever claimed there was no autopsy. That misinformation came from the official death certificate completed by the doctor Maggiore chose to "treat" her PCP. And in fairness to her, she probably never knew about the autopsy. But you are right that trying to pass off Al-Bayati's rubbish in place of the actual autopsy was a huge blunder that damaged Faber's and Baker's credibility even in the eyes of their fellow denialists.

      Baker will never supply reliable sources for his claims. Instead, his strategy is to keep moving on to new audiences once the old ones work out that he's a crackpot.

  12. Kralc: Baker somehow figured out how to turn this crazy talk into a business. But at some point Clark has to decide if it is worth it. He looked like shit. I don't know if he was sick or what, but I have seem snails exert more energy.

    This won't last long in the military courts. He has a losing operation and they won't keep wasting money on it.

    And by the way, that Facebook post was not Baker writing. It was Terry Michaels. I am telling you Baker was out of it. Michaels sat right behind me. We exchanged a few words and I pissed him off. I asked him about being a journalist and who he works for. He started giving me his resume. I asked him not about the jobs he has lost, but who he was writing for now. I can just tell you his career path is a touchy subject for him.

    1. "This won't last long in the military courts. He has a losing operation and they won't keep wasting money on it."

      Glad to hear that the US military doesn't like wasting money on losing operations...

      "Michaels sat right behind me. We exchanged a few words and I pissed him off."

      Not hard to do.

    2. Strange , its up on every millitary defence lawyers billboard that HIV testing is a scam.

  13. Seth Kalichman-"UCONNARTIST"
    WOW!!! LOL!!!! Look who finally decided to go ahead and actually post on his very own blog!
    I was begining to think that maybe the cholesterol finally got ya!

    What I truly find funny though Seth is how you yourself somehow managed to use your very own field "which has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the field of virology" in-order to get your own club-foot in the door and on-board the "AIDS GRAVY TRAIN".

    As if there was actually some great difference between you and these few people that you and your knuckle-headed followers here can't seem to stop pissing and moaning about.
    You just found the best way for you to profit from AIDS and appear "SAINTLY" to a bunch of idiots while your actually doing it.

  14. I'll have two pleaseJuly 3, 2012 at 2:15 AM

    Quite right Anonymous. Even if HIV/AIDS was true, Seth has only jumped the gravy train to the next conference where he can harden his arteries with some more canapes.

    I wonder if when he does have a heart attack we can call it AIDS related?

    1. I'll have two please-Kalichman is probably done posting on this thread now that he put his two cents in on the topic.
      That line of his up there was something I just found to be priceless !

      "Baker somehow figured out how to turn this crazy talk into a business."

      Sound familiar ? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! LOL!!!!

      Seth writes books and talks smack on a subject that he really doesn't know squat about and that he could "in-truth" care even less about just so he can make money off of it ?
      Nobody should notice, let alone mind it.
      Nothing wrong with that !
      Right Seth ?

      If Seth himself tested HIV positive he would just jump up and declare that the virus must have finally went airborne. The tests NEVER lie ! LOL!!!

  15. truthless mctruthensteinJuly 3, 2012 at 7:32 AM

    Hey OMSJ, did you really confuse a Donor Screening Assay with a Diagnostic Test?

    Tut tut what a loser and a lying douchebag to boot.

    1. No, I am well aware of the differences. The FDA page I linked lists tests approved as donor screening assays and also lists tests approved as HIV diagnostic assays. Some of the tests have been approved for both uses, while others have only been aproved for one or other use.

      I realise that English is not your first language, so you might not be familiar with the word "and".

      It's a conjunction used to connect two different words, clauses, or sentences that are to be taken jointly, for example Donor Screening Assays for Infectious Agents AND HIV Diagnostic Assays.

  16. The difference is, Seth was asked for his educated, expert opinion. Seth did not volunteer, from my understanding.

    Also, Seth did utilize his expertise and education to provide insight into the mental and psychological pathology that drives denialists to think they are smarter and know more than people who have worked their lives in the field of science. And, because Seth was on the winning side, you don't really have a leg to stand on.

    Lastly, how about providing facts instead of ad hominem attacks?

  17. Truthy - they can't provide facts. Their pathologies get in the way! They will complain about this blog, yet praise the plagiarized idiocy of Clarkie's page. Everything they say is hypocritical. Down is up and right is left. They continue to drudge onwards in their insignificant existences, and angrily feel the need to compensate for their low stations and internalize the common ridicule they face. They fashion a delusional world around themselves and attempt to act more than they are. Sad, but often humorous. Every time they are shot down, it is like watching an ant farm get whacked down. Silly Denialists, science is for those who aren't delusional.

  18. Yes that is right stupid.
    I donate all my book royalties to buy HIV meds in Africa.
    That's just what I did with my consult money the US Military Justice paid me.
    What does Clarkie do with his OMSJ plunder?
    Only gravey train I see is the one Clark Baker must be slopping up his biscuits in.
    Crazy is as crazy does

  19. Dear Clark Baker-
    I would like to get myself a matching seagull muumuu...but, as they say, I am a bit "big-boned." I need A LOT of fabric, preferably wool, to keep me warm as I wait for Bauer to find me on his 22nd Nessie hunt. Damn...I hope he hurries up, he's so old!
    That reminds me, given your steadfast commitment to useless causes will you take the reins when Bauer kicks the bucket? Here are my coordinates 56.4396° N, 4.0532° W.
    Oh yeah, I saw you on Judge Judy, I definitely feel safer knowing that you are taking on the old lady population. Keep them OUT of my community! Ugh, their purple hair! Rapist, murderers and drug pushers steal the spotlight, but you have a keen sense of the REAL threats to public safety. Don't even get me started on immigrants. I bet Judge Judy was impressed by your command of legalese, definitely top ten law school, right?
    Anyways, I digress. Back to my muumuu, I need some quick cash. Any chance of adding me to your expert testimony roster? I have first-hand experience with pseudo-science. I can start with plate tectonics. FYI-I have tourette's caused by Ritalin run off into my pond, -oh that's BRILLIANT---OMSJ we need you here!

  20. Booya! Denialists get another smackdown! Clarkie's gravy-train is simply a crazy-train to Planet Nutjob. But for some reason, enough Denialist termites pop out of the woodwork to defend Emperor Dipshit. Hilariously fun!

  21. Kralc Rekab responding to Truthy McTruthenstein.

    "Silly Denialists, science is for those who aren't delusional."

    Does talking to yourself constitute delusional JT?

    1. I can assure you, I, Kralc Rekab am not Truthy McTruthenstein. However, I can also assure you that Denialism is retarded and Clark Baker is a rusty speculum donning a moomoo. But then again, you Denialists still deny that Kim Bannon died of AIDS and believe that Karri Stokely and Christine Magiorre died of "stress.". Thus, you Denialists are fools. In terms of circumcision, I think at birth the doctor must have mistaken your head for your penis.

  22. Hey where's the circumcision comment Seth? censoring to prop up your arguments does not equal "Science".

  23. I saw the mumu it was more like 32.7828° N, 96.8039° W

    One floor under Grans house

  24. I think Seth is actually playing the role of ALL his most loyal and supportive minion's here.
    Kralc, Truthy, Elon, Snout, all the clown's that appear to have been here since day one in support of Kalichman's crapping on a very select few that he just can't stand while he cast yet another establishment smoke-screen that directs the attention away from the truth about where the AIDS virus really came from.
    Yep! It sure seems like all these character's are in all reality just old Seth himself perping the yet more AIDS fraud !

    "Snout" may very well be the last one of Seth's alter ego's that he just put out to pasture.
    And what happened to that "POODLE HUMPER" character anyway ?
    Having all these alter ego's most certainly does allow Seth more freedom to talk his smack.
    Oh yes! Yet another rat's now finally out of bag there Kalichman ! LOL!!!

  25. Seth (UCONNARTIST) Kalichman- "I donate all my book royalties to buy HIV meds in Africa.
    That's just what I did with my consult money the US Military Justice paid me."

    Sure you did Seth, otherwise what your actually doing couldn't be described as "ARTISTRY" anymore, now could it ?
    Hmmm....Are you sure that it wasn't actually the U.S. D.O.D. that cut you that check out of their "SMOKE-SCREEN KITTY" there doc ?

    By the way, your stock broker called ! He said that now that the home "HIV test" has finally been approved for sale, you can now afford the French maid service seven day's per. week, instead of just five. You can also start taking your vaction's in Bora Bora instead of Maui !,0,3869767.story

    If you book now Seth, you could probably still net the over the water bugalow next to Bob Gallo's!
    Go ahead-Have a look at how the other half lives oh minion's of Kalichman.

  26. Truthy (REALLY SETH KALICHMAN) McTruthenstein-
    "The difference is, Seth was asked for his educated, expert opinion . Seth did not volunteer, from my understanding.

    Also, Seth did utilize his expertise and education to provide insight into the mental and psychological pathology that drives denialists to think they are smarter and know more than people who have worked their lives in the field of science. And, because Seth was on the winning side, you don't really have a leg to stand on.

    Lastly, how about providing facts instead of ad hominem attacks?"

    Seth's educated, expert opinion/expertise ?
    In what may I ask ? DEEP FRYING ! LOL!!!!

    With such a glowing "ASS KISSING" opinion of Kalichman such as that up there (OF WHICH, NOBODY SHOULD ACTUALLY HAVE.), who else could it actually be giving it OTHER than the legend in his own mind himself ? Kalichman !

    Kralc (ALSO SETH KALICHMAN) Rekab- The doctor obviously mistook your head for your ass and up and smacked it a wee-bit too hard on it.
    That would most certainly explain your needing to be put on a leash and wear a crash helmet brand of smartardation.

    As far as "ad hominem attacks" are concerned, what do you expect ? Your all too way stupid for common sense, let alone virology. And besides, when dishing them out is this damn easy ?
    You ain't seen nothing yet ! LOL!!!

  27. Anonymous, did someone hit you even harder on the head that normal, becuase you make less sense than your usual blather.

    As to whether I am Seth's sock puppet, a little research would show I am not, and no not everyone is J Todd either. There are more than two people in the world, you know.

    As for "
    As far as "ad hominem attacks" are concerned, what do you expect ? Your all too way stupid for common sense, let alone virology. And besides, when dishing them out is this damn easy ?
    You ain't seen nothing yet ! LOL!!!

    I know, how do you think I feel? I quote you actual science, while you hang around with people who think garlic is a magic cure-all, deny historical events, and don't even think I exist. Yet, somehow I manage to control myself. Probably because I don't have your infantile sense of "humour".

    1. notElon- Just because there is more than one person in the world does not mean that old Seth isn't playing his own fan boy either. lol

      Kalichmen has denied several of my posts that contained some mighty big questions.

      You people are all just denialist's of another color, none of you appear to be packing any common sense and simply just believe any and ALL the crap you get spoon-fed by whoever got paid to do it.

      The ONLY topic here that really seems to matter in the very least is just a select few people(MAINLY BAKER) that that "UCONN HEAD-SHRINKER" chooses to constanly bring up ? Who even listen's to any of those people anyway ?


      In the mean time, rats like like Robert Gallo are NEVER even made mention of here, nor is the crap he's pulled starting from day one of his horrificly lustrous career ?
      Why is that ?

      Do you or any of the other crusader's for truth and scientific justice here have even a single clue that the knuckle-heads you all think are completely on the level are no-less full of shit than the people that none of you here just can't stop jawing about here on this completely one-sided smoke-screen providing joke of a website ?

      I think that it is really quite sad that you all have been just as "HAD" as those you all choose to target that have absolutely no more to do with science then the better part of those here actually do.

      I know of a historical event that everyone here will deny, and so do you!

    2. Kalichman is indeed an AIDS something.

      "Kalichman, S. C., Amaral, C., Cherry, C., Flanagan, J., Pope, H., Eaton, L., White, D., Kalichman, M., Cain, D., Detorio, M., Caliendo, A., & Schinazi, R. F. (2008). Monitoring antiretroviral adherence by unannounced pill counts conducted by telephone: Reliability and criterion-related validity. HIV Clinical Trials, 9, 298-308.

      Kalichman, S. C. (2008). Co-occurrence of treatment non-adherence and continued HIV transmission risk behaviors: Implications for positive prevention interventions. Psychosomatic Medicine, 70, 593-597.

      Scott-Sheldon, L. A. J., Kalichman, S. C., Carey, M. P., & Fielder, R. (2008). Stress management in adults with HIV/AIDS: A meta-analysis. Health Psychology, 27, 129-139.

      Kalichman, S. C., Simbayi, L. C., Vermaakk, R., Jooste, S., & Cain, D. (2008). HIV/AIDS risks among men and women who drink at informal alcohol serving establishments (Shebeens) in Cape Town, South Africa. Prevention Science, 9, 55-62.

      Kalichman, S. C., DiBerto, G., & Eaton, L. (2008). HIV viral load in blood plasma and semen: Review and implications of empirical findings. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 35, 55-60.

      Eaton, L. E., Kalichman, S. C., Cherry, C., Stearns, H., Flanagan, J., Cain, D., & Amaral, C. (2007). Explaining continued HIV Transmission Among MSM: Serosorting sexual partners and risk for HIV. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 33, 479-485.

      Bogart, L., Walt L., Pavlovic, J., Ober, A., Brown, N., & Kalichman, S. C. (2007). Cognitive strategies affecting recall of sexual behavior among high-risk men and women. Health Psychology, 26, 787-793."

      "# Editor, AIDS and Behavior"

      Disease is not all theoretical virology, much as I would like it to be. It also involves those messy variables called patients. That is where Seth comes in.

      As for Gallo and the like, I have no real opinion on them. If you insist he created AIDS in some elaborate government conspiracy, it is not likely true. But I only say it isn't, because most of these elaborately complicated government conspiracies are not. I do not think technology was that far advanced in the 50s and 60s to lay the ground for it, but it could have been I suppose. Nor do I see the benefit in creating HIV as a biological weapon. And Evolution by Natural Selection from other Lentiviruses seems a plausible explanation for the species jump. All human viruses jumped species at some point. But I wasn't alive then, and frankly that is not the concern. The virus exists, and your hypothesis has no impact on it.

    3. Also get a moniker, loser. I know. I know. That "-" is your trademarked call-sign and we are supposed to know it's you. No one else ever uses dashes. Right! But honestly, it would take less than five seconds and would prevent a lot of mix-ups. If you can't even do that, why should I give you the time of day?

      You are more infantile than Nancy Banks.

    4. notElon- Loser ? What ? Is that list of Kalichman's head-shrinker tripe up there something I'm supposed to find impressive or something ?
      Oh come on !
      That's nothing but worthless crap that only other head-shrinkers who could most certainly use one themselves are impressed with on the subject of AIDS. LOL!!!

      What I told you isn't some made up conspiracy crap made up to sell books anymore than than those U.S. government documents you seen for yourself were planted in the official record by some Russian/German spy tag team.
      The technology was most certainly there back then, we are talking about the 1960's & 70's here, the time of the "Special Virus Cancer Program", not the 1860's & 70's as they would simply just love for everyone to actually believe.
      What is really funny about it all is that advanced technology wasn't actually even required to synthesize the AIDS viruses ! Retroviruses are by far the most thermodynamically unstable viral agents on the face of the earth, inject them into the right animal after a minor adjustment and they simply just recombinate themselves.
      That process will provide you with every thermodynamically stable version of the agent you could hope for.
      Pure Childs Play by todays standards.

      You say you don't have any real opinion of Robert Gallo and the others of his day ?
      Well,I highly suggest that you go out and aquire one then.

  28. I'm offended!

    Mr. Anonymous did not include me in his rants against Kralc, Truthy, Elon, Snout! Obvious, because he knows well that I am not Seth! I am the true voice of OSMJ! I AM CLARK BAKER!

    Yes, the OSMJ formally announces that we are the voice of Dr. Strangelove. We embrace the deaths of the 300,000 Africans killed by denialism. That is just a drop in the bucket! Worldwide, denial of science will wipe out all the pharmasluts. 99.99% of the human race uses pharma drugs, and has allegiance to pharma!

    Keep up anonymous! Onward to the new stage of evolution, as logic and humans are wiped out by the ignorance you spread!

    1. OSMJ NEWSFLASH!- Did I just hear a mouse fart ?

  29. Baker has posted a news article with the title: Judge says Prosecution Must Prove HIV Dangerous. First of all, the journalist chose a very poor title. Nowhere in the article does the journalist supply proof that supports such a headline. He must be as good a "journalist" as Farber and Scheff!

    Also, Baker and his denialist friends can't have it both ways. The judge heavily points to the fact that HIV is now a chronic, manageable disease thanks to the great meds. The denialists claim the meds are only toxic and kill you, but when a judge uses the opposite logic, they completely ignore it.

    Come on, Baker, which is it? The meds save or kill?

    1. Truthy McKalichstein- At least Farber and Scheff are jounalist's, what are you ?
      A lid hinge on Gallo's crapper seat ?

      If you had $12,000 per. month you could start popping Truvada from an Anthony Fauci Pez dispenser.
      Who says that you actually need to be a HIV positive to take the drugs ? Not these days you don't slick !
      You should just go right ahead and put yourself on that drug just for kicks then knuckle-head.
      No worries ! You will be alright !
      Safe as "BABY ASPRIN"!


  31. At the trial that is the subject of this Post, AIDS Denialist 'journalist' Terry Michaels was there to 'witness' and report.
    Clark Baker promised us a full report from Michaels after the verdict.
    I have checked around and can't seem to find it.
    What's the problem?
    AIDS Deniers are routinely losers, what is so hard about spinning this loss?
    Come on AIDS Deniers, we are waiting.

    1. Seth "notElon" Kalichman- Nice one ! Like you just up and skipped right over what I said. LOL!!!
      You simply are NOT that mature UCONNARTIST. Because if you actually were, you would have called it quits with all this a long time ago and wrote a book on pet death denial already.

      May "SNOUT" rest in pieces.

    2. What have Farber and/or Scheff done lately as journalists? Neither of them makes money legitimately reporting on anything, well, er, legitimate!

      Scheff had to self publish his recent conspiracy theory book. He has not eve come close to making the money back that it cost him to self publish.

      To be considered gainfully employed in a field, one needs to make a living. Neither Farber nor Scheff actually makes a living as a journalist.

    3. Um, I freaking told you I am not Seth. If you can't even do a simple Google search to verify that, why in Hell should I believe you when you say you have a "theory" on HIV? Clearly, your evidence-gathering leaves a lot to be desired.

  32. Maybe they can get a veterinarian, say "Dr. Al-Bayati" to write a "full report" on the trial. Regarding "losing"- Clark just needs to look in the mirror every day.

  33. Truthy- don't expect Denialiat Losers like Clark to make any sense. They always contradict themselves and are hypocritical. They don't let anything like "logic" get in the way of their idiocy.

    "Fear the mumu." -Clark Baker

  34. Dr Banks has been branching out: she has been vocally opposed to vaccines- see her website, youtube and the anti-vax site, vaccineliberationarmy.

    Sceptic D

    1. It goes well with her fear of UFOs and Jews.

  35. Clark Baker seems to be trying to sue some people for Assault, Libel, and Slander in Massachusetts.

  36. Interesting that the treasurer for OMSJ is listed as Gregory Dust:$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=26869&P_LTE_ID=651

    Who is "Police Advisor/Trainer at DynCorp International."

    I wonder how many members of Clark Baker's conspiracy theorist fanbase are aware he has links to DynCorp?

  37. SO, Clark Baker is suing "John Does 1-10"! I wonder what that is all about? I'm sure it's 10 people telling the truth about Baker and OMSJ. Baker is such a liar and a loser.

  38. One for Seth

    The report is in, you lost, as usual.

  39. Wrong case.
    But that's ok.
    Crazy shit all looks the same so no difference.

    1. Seth, you know Anonymous did not even read the article. But you're right, it would not matter. One denialist article is the same as the next. They never provide facts and they just repeat themselves. And the denialist lemmings swallow it whole and never question the validity of the statements. They scream about the supposed lack of rigor in HIV research, but they believe anything Clark Baker et. al. says without the least bit of skepticism.

    2. Seth Kalichman- Yeah ! You are correct ! Crazy shit is crazy shit.
      Like this here.
      According to your drinking buddy Clark Baker, your once loyal leg-humping wonder-mutt “SNOUT” is “or was” none other than that fraud you back, a one Dr. Nick Bennett ?
      So, is the strapping young doctor “double-douche” really not just Snout, but also just another “AIDS hobbyist” just like the rest of your other fan-boy’s here, Seth ?

      Please say it isn’t so ! LOL!!!! Even though I bet that it most certainly is !

      Bennett is obviously the monkey in the middle, and how could you actually miss him anyway ? His face is so damn big that he probably can’t even walk on the beach without it actually affecting the tides.

      But who the hell are those other two stooges in the pic ? The first one looks amazingly like the waiter that I had at Chili’s last Monday night ?
      And DAMN!!! The third one looks like he was actually put together in a castle dungeon by a team ghouls headed-up by Robert Gallo somewhere in the foggy backwoods of Transylvania during the new moon ! That dude could easily scare the flies off of a manure truck with that mug ! Yike!

  40. Sorry to change the subject, but another AIDS Denialist has admitted to defrauding the U.S. Gov't.
    Gio Azule claims at RA facebook to be in perfect health and never better since quitting HIV meds, but still cashes his disability checks:

    Gio Observationmode Azule if somebody had just simply explained to me that the hiv test is a drug test about 20 years ago i would have never taken hiv drugs for the 13 years that i did - very glad that we have the internet now otherwise i may not have stopped taking all hiv drugs 5.5 years ago - and i will never willfully take them again - but i might lie to the government and say that i will just to keep getting the disability checks.

    Such integrity!!

    1. And speaking of "integrity!!". lol

      The good folks that brought you the miracle med (AZT) "GlaxoSmithKline" were just slapped on the wrist for $3 billion XL, I just say "slapped" because that is all that it in-fact truly was.
      Why would I say that, you ask ?
      Because they actually made over $18 BILLION off the sales of the said drugs in question, THATS WHY.

      So yeah! After that beat down I'm completely sure that there would most certainly be no incentive left over for them to just go out and actually try it again and again, now would there ? Especially since they can't seem to lose even whe they actually do.

    2. The penalties had nothing to do with AZT or any other HIV med. So what's your point? Just that Pharma Companies are gold digging whores? No one here will disagree with that.

    3. Truthy McSethstein- Whats my point ?
      Gee Dr. Kildare, you really are not the brightest crayon in the box there, are you now ?
      You tossed out the word "integrity" in reference to someone named "Gio Azule" and I tossed the word back at you as it refers to pharma giant "GlaxoSmithKline" who’s motto should be “WE ARE NOT ABOVE ANTHING ! WE ARE GALAXOSMITHKLINE!” What’s the matter ? Not obvious enough for you, or what ?
      And I never said that what I posted had to do with AZT specifically, I said it had to do with the company that's peddling it.
      And no, when it comes to AIDS drugs like AZT along with the other Nucleoslides (NUKES) that are even worse and far more toxic than AZT, pharma most certainly isn't the only "gold digging whore" in the club. They are just by far the most obvious and flashiest dressed.
      The real problem is with lying scientist’s, gullible ding-bats, and just plain liars who are covering pharma’s ever-widening ass with complete crap like this here below.
      Hey! Let’s just go ahead and flat-out blame the virus for all the heart attacks along with everything else actually caused by our drugs and not the virus, on the virus ! We are just one overly gullible cholesterol clogged, heart attack having, HIV positive (perhaps even “false positive”) away from being able to pull it off with no worries !

    4. Actually, if you look at the research paper, heart attacks were most prevalent in the population with the lowest CD4 counts and highest viral loads. That does seem to indicate the virus plays a role, probably because it is known to increase the levels of inflammation and wreak havoc on clotting factor levels. But of course, it is also known that protease inhibitors, not nucloside mimics, increase the blood cholesterol level, so they probably also are a contributing factor.

      The reason why there is a difference between GlaxoSmithKline marketing AZT while being lying scumbags, and that dude cashing checks for a disability he claims to not have, is he is the only one involved in his scam. Glaxo is not. As you point out, the scientists, world governments, and "gullible dingbats" would all have to be helping Glaxo cover up the fact AZT doesn't do anything and lie through its teeth.

      I know Clark Baker claims that we get paid millions of dollars a year by drug companies in bribes to keep the conspiracy going. But if you really believe that [including Seth's 17 million dollar a year contract for this blog. Forget being a star pitcher; just post an article every one in a while.], then I have a bridge to sell you. And please buy that bridge, because my millions from Glaxo got lost in the mail, and I could use the cash.

    5. Yes, notElon, it's very strange that "anonymous" linked to a NY Times article that clearly says the heart issues are as much, if not more, closely correlated to HIV than to the meds. The female in the story stated she had never taken the meds. How can "anonymous" ignore the part of the article that does not support his argument? Because of Denial, that's how.

      That reminds me of the issue of dementia that the AIDS Deniers were claiming was caused by the meds a couple of years back. But I just stumbled upon this at Science Daily that shows HIV Researchers have now found that it is indeed HIV that causes dementia.
      “They found that it was the virus that was responsible for the dementia, not the drugs, and so they set out to discover how the virus was altering neuronal function.”

      Give it a read, "anonymous". Although I doubt it will make a dent in your pathology of denial. I also doubt you will understand it, much like you did not fully grasp the very article you linked.

    6. notElon McSethstien- The inflammation levels brought about by the AIDS virus have always been blown way out of porportion.
      They are by no means as off the charts as so many have claimed, even over time, or even at high viremic levels.

      The oxidative properties of the virus are far greater than it's ability to cause any gross ammount of inflammation in anyone who's actually infected.

      The virus has absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone who's infected having heart attacks. Anyone who's even willing to entertain the notion that it could in any possible way deserves to be sold a bridge.

      It is a well known fact among the drug manufactures and just about everyone else in-between, that "Nucleoslides" do a mighty fine job at causing muscle atrophy.
      And the last time I checked, the heart was still nothing but a great big muscle.

      People infected with the virus DO NOT aquire high levels of cholesterol due to being infected with it either.
      Sharon Hampton's story in that artical is a complete joke ! LOL!!! Heart issue's a plenty ! Then someone up and decides that perhaps an HIV test may just be required in that situation ?
      You see, Sharon had yet to take the NUKES, so it must be that damn AIDS virus that caused her high levels of bad cholesterol, hence her cardiac issues !
      And why the hell were those people having heart attacks with such high viral loads "to boot" when they were already on the nukes in-order to prevent that very thing from ever happening in the first place ?

      I was told that Kalichen got pissed at Baker because Baker postulated that he was bumping uglies with none other than Anthony Fauci of the NIAID divison of the NIH ?

    7. Heart attack ≠ muscle atrophy. You fail at life.

    8. And it is nucleoside. The drugs are nucleoside analogues. Nucleoslide is a type of amusement park ride. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

    9. Truthy McSethstein- The problem with you is that you seem to just plain "STUMBLE" over everything. You also suck tongue depressors at re-ropeing other peoples words as well. lol

      "The female in the story stated she had never taken the meds."

      Duhhh....No foolin ? Damn! Are ever smartarded, catch a clue already you knucklehead. The womans name is Sharon Hampton ? And "DENIAL" ? Are you kidding ?

      I really think that Kalichman needs to go out and get him a new set of fan-boy cronies already, because this group of patty-cake players just ain't getting it.

      Robert Gallo once stated that AZT could actually reverse AIDS dementia ?

      Please, let me know if you (Truthy McSethstein) see anything wrong with that statement made by the now "professor" Gallo ? I wait with bated breath for a reply from YOU.

    10. How about providing one, just one link to something, anything, to back up your outlandish claims? Oh, I know. Because when you do, it proves exactly the opposite of what you're trying to prove! HAHAHAA What an idiot.

    11. Truthy McSethstein- You "selective sight" having wind-bag, you can't answer my question ?
      You brought up "AIDS Dementia" as it pertains to the so-called denialist's postulating that drugs being actually what causes it ?
      Now... try and meander through an attempt at explaining as to why they are not just wrong for saying that, but also why Dr. Robert Gallo is also wrong for saying the drugs can actually reverse it ?
      I will even give you a hint- The reasons are both one and the same.
      Come on now ! I say that you don't really know shit about AIDS and have no buisness here acting as if actually do.

      So, just go ahead and prove me wrong with the correct answer to the question.
      I have faith in you man! Don't make me lose it you the same way that notElon McSnoutstien did.

    12. Truthy McSethenstein- I almost forgot to actually answer you're last bucket of spewed crap, so sorry.

      As far as my "outlandish claims" are concerned.
      Did you somehow miss the first link on the subject due to you're obvious "selective sight" issues on top of you're on-going battle with smartardation, or what ?

      Perhaps you already did at least see the major link "WHICH ISN'T HERE, BECAUSE THE UCONNARTIST WOULDN'T ALLOW IT TO BE HERE.", but just lack the common sense to do even a wee bit of simple research of you're own from that major starting point like you're fellow "Baker Hater" and partner in "WHO CARES! IT'S HERE NOW! SO WHO CARES HOW IT GOT HERE! YOU CAN'T STOP IT NOW! HA! HA! LOSER!" notElon "Oh! You so crazy!" McSethstien.

      Really ! What's the actual 411 on that ?

    13. notElon McSethenstien- LOL!!! My replies to you and you're "selective vision" having partner in AIDS ignorence up there that I attempted to post on -THURSDAY- are unsurprisingly not here ? Hmmm....Imagine that ?
      Lets see if this is actually allowed to post, or qiute possibly, the other two soon appear "as if by magic!" by Monday.
      Perhaps Seth locked himself in the bathroom and can't fit through the window, hence he hasn't been able to approve my posts yet ?
      Who knows ?
      I guess that you still can't figure-out, or see anything strange with that Wolfram Ostertag publishing on AZT that you wholeheartedly must have believed that I wasn't aware of ?

      "Clark Baker claims that we get paid millions of dollars a year by drug companies in bribes to keep the conspiracy going."

      LOL!!! It sure does appear that way, but why would ANYONE actually believe that any of you finger-pointing "In only one direction." good folks here would actually be on anyones payroll ?("EXCEPT FOR SETH, OF COURSE.")

      Because from what I have seen so far, you along with the rest of the regulars poster's here all appear way ignorant enough to just go ahead and back the "Fourth Reich" for free. It appears as if you AIDS hobbyist have
      So why exactly should they wish to actually pay you and the boob's here for your undying alligence and loyalty when it clearly isn't even required ?
      I myself wholeheartedly believe that the word "SUCKER" simply just hits the nail square on head and desribes you all best.

    14. Truthy McSethenstein-I have already tried doing exactly that multiple times, the problem is that Kalichman won't allow it.
      Big mistake on his part, but nonetheless.

      The map to AIDSville obviously isn't something that old Seth wishes anyone whom he deems a "denialist" to ever up and lay eyes on, especially on his very own website !

      The few documents in questions alone could easily create a firestorm among the so called "AIDS denialist's" and do something that mountain of published establishment research on the subject of AIDS could NEVER accomplish, and that would be - turn the bulk of them into genuine AIDS realist's just about over-night.
      But at what cost ? Seth knows, ask him.
      Ask him why he's blocking my posts, as if I don't already know. lol

      And when one factor's in that all thats actually required for anyone who wishes to learn the God awful truth regarding the genuine origen of the AIDS viruses, which most certainly exist, all one really requires is just the simple abilty to be able to read English, see the document's, do general math, and be able to perform basic computer research.
      That is something that notElon either isn't capable of, or simply does not care to do, because he says that he has actually seen them over on "Snount's" website already.

      Asking for "EVIDENCE" after the fact ?
      That spells one of two things- DUMBASS or RAT.

    15. You know what I think? I think you have serious mental problems and nothing of substance to add. And if this were my blog, these posts wouldn't be here either. The fact that you continue to vent hot air and childish insults and I cannot stop you is the biggest indication that Seth and I are separate people.

    16. Anonymous,
      Seriously, are you drunk or what? Jesus God Almighty you need to learn to write. Your rambling is just insane. Get a grip. Try to be coherent with each sentence and then perhaps you will make some sort of sense. I can't follow what the hell you're trying to say.

  41. Wrong case, how many do we have too win? It's a bit like your pharma trials, only accept the ones that show what we want.

    C'est moronic Seth.

    Truthy, you could help stop all the social security fraud, just start admitting that having HIV is not a disability, easy. BTW, you still getting yours?

    1. Uh, how many cases does Seth have to win?

      You won maybe one, and you don't even have the court records on what happened. How many times did the judge totally ignore Clark or make snide remarks about him in the write-up?

  42. Hello:

    An interesting case involving related matters.....


  43. Karl,
    Baker is touting that article because, as I wrote above, of the poor choice for a title. No where in the article does the author support that statement that the judge says HIV must be proven to be "dangerous". The judge points out that the medications are so good now that HIV is no longer a definite death sentence, but is a chronic, manageable disease. The judge simply supports Science Based Medicine regarding the medications.

    If Baker has such respect for this judge, then Baker should admit that the HIV meds are NOT toxic and deadly but are indeed life saving. But Baker is such an idiot tool he probably does not even realize the dichotomy that he is supporting the truth that the meds are life saving.

  44. My faith has been restored in the general population. When faced with AIDS Denial, they are not having it. Over at (remember Mothering Magazine where Maggiore appeared on the cover with AZT and a line thru it on her belly?) a thread was started about HIV Science and's current belief/philosophy.

    A reader started a thread saying she just saw a wikipedia entry on Mothering Magazine about it's AIDS Denial articles. She is asking what their current position is. The thread has gotten very long with 99.9% of the people saying that AIDS Denial is dangerous and that parents should be free to raise their kids any way they want, except when it endangers the health and well being of their kids.

    They are taking founder Peggy Omeara to task regarding's current philosophy on the issue of HIV. Most of them are well versed on the real science of HIV.

    They are also saying that Maggiore was negligent regarding Eliza Jane. It's an interesting read if you have time to peruse it.

  45. AZT Roulette: The Impossible Choices Facing HIV-Positive Women
    By Celia Farber

    "AZT not only failed to cure any cancer in tests on mice, but was so effective in destroying healthy growing cells that the mice died of extreme toxicity. Studies showed that it caused cancer in any dose and that it was too toxic for even short-term use. AZT was shelved for two decades and no patent was every filed.18"

    Celia Farber's source for this (ref 18):

    18. P. Duesberg and D. Rasnick, "The AIDS Dilemma: Drug Diseases Blamed on a Passenger Virus," MS # A461, University of California at Berkeley, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, June 25, 1998.

    Not surprisingly, it is total bullshit:

    This study is from 1974, when AZT was, according to Farber, "shelved."

    it specifically mentions: "The low toxicity of azidothymidine for the cell but high toxicity for the virus" (Friend Virus).

    Even worse, from the same Mothering Magazine article, referring to the ACTG 076 study:

    "The study’s authors themselves, when they reported their findings in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) in 1994 admitted that the efficacy of AZT in reducing maternal transmission of HIV is "impossible to quantify [absolutely] because of the very small numbers of infected babies [studied]." They also noted that the rate of the HIV transmission in the placebo group was inexplicably high.7"

    Reference 7 is the ACTG 076 NEJM paper, note that it includes specific page numbers:

    7. The New England Journal of Medicine 331, no. 18 (November 3, 1994): 1176-1177.

    The full text of this paper is online:

    See if you can find the supposed quotation, or any reference to the rate of transmission in the placebo group being "inexplicably high."

    In fact the only place in the paper that the word "impossible" appears is this quote:

    "The efficacy of zidovudine was observed in all the subgroups. It was impossible to identify prognostic factors for HIV transmission (other than treatment) in this interim analysis because of the small number of infected infants in the zidovudine group."

    What the quote is saying is that AZT was so effective in reducing transmission risk that the only statistically significant prognostic factor associated with risk of transmission was not receiving the treatment. Other possible factors, such as CD4 count, could not be identified in this analysis.

    So both Peggy O'Mara and Celia Farber were complicit in promoting outright falsehoods about prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Mothering Magazine.

    1. No, duh Peggy O'Mara is complicit in promoting outright falsehood. Interestingly, she refuses to say that she is a denialist. She makes it sound like she was just "teaching the controversy" back 10 years ago, when we didn't know entirely better. But, not only is she still on the board of Dead and Mouldering AIDS Alternatives, her "magazine" just published an article by David Crowe three months ago. Sounds like she is in denial about being in denial.

    2. Are you trying to prove that Celia Farber is a shitty journalist with a transparent agenda? You succeeded. But this has been known for three decades. Why else do you think that Farber has not been able to get a job as a journalist or support herself and/or her child in her chosen profession? She is a failure as a journalist and as a human being.

  46. Further proof that the denialists troll this site. Tomas Brewster posted the link to this thread over at RA facebook the same day it was posted here. Coincidence? Naw!

    Also very interesting is that Tomas Brewster was posting as "Edward Thomas" over at RA facebook for a couple of weeks. And a few months ago, he was posting under a completely different name. Back then he explained that he was looking for a job and did not want potential employers seeing the crazy shit he believes about AIDS. That means two things:

    1)Tomas at least is trying to work a real job and not live off of disability like so many other denialists.
    2)He realizes that his belief system is coocoo crazy pants to those who live in the real world!

    Maybe there is hope for him yet? Naw, he's one of the most militant denialists out there.

  47. How can any of Clark Baker's supposed experts pass the legal Daubert Test to testify as experts in any of these HIV Criminal Trials?

  48. Truthy- they can't pass the test. But Clarkie will still try to somehow make a buck with his bullshit organization.

  49. Clark Baker solves another amazing case!

    In the ultimate act of denialism, he announces that the world's largest and greatest AIDS convention in Washington does not exist! It is all smoke and mirrors.

    "Our government staged the moonlanding, faked the JFK assassination, faked the vaccines, faked drugs, faked wars, faked global warming... so faking the convention was duck soup. Like vampires recoiling at dawn, queen Gertrude states that the lady doth protest too much on the streets of Rio and Calcutta. And in Calcutta, Mother Teresa gave sanctuary to disguised JFK and the rest of the Camelot pharmasluts."

    WHAT IS REAL is the secret Denialist meeting that was held this year and was such a smash that OSMJ fooled everyone.

    So remember... this week's AIDS conference is a fake. The real meeting was a double-double underground decoy denialist meeting.

    The real beauty of denialism that reality is all in your mind. Facts are myths... so give in! Wouldn't it really be great if the moon were made of chocolate? Who wants global warming? Imagine a better world.... and just believe in the world you want. Perception is reality. If you can blog it, believe it.

    After all, 1000 OSMJ internet posts can't be wrong.

  50. I have a serious question. I'm really stuck on a real question. Can someone answer what I've been pondering?
    What has more legitimacy- a fetid turd, or Clark Baker? Right now, I'm leaning towards the turd. But I'm not sure.

  51. Is it true the defendant in this case was only sentenced to one year in Jail? That barely seems like a slap on the wrist.

    1. The defendant received a dishonorable discharge after a 25 year career - with all the associated loss of entitlements - as well as a year in jail.

      That's a pretty solid penalty.

  52. Kralc,

    The beauty is you don't have to choose! In the alternate denialist reality, facts don't matter. So it is entirely in your mind what is a fetid turd and what is Clark Baker! Though, I'm not sure you would want either Clark or the fetid in your brain- I don't know how you could tell the difference!

    Denialism is so freeing! Imagine a world without AIDS! Just clap three times if you want tinkerbell to vanquish AIDS forever! So much easier than doing actual research to develop potential AIDS-fighting drugs. Science is such drudgery. We denialists are too good to get our hands dirty and actually experiment. We denialists are too good to spend years getting degrees and studying. You scientists are such pansies! Why not just rely on the thoughts that lie within! The power of myth is greater than fact!

    Rely on the turd! At least it won't lie to you!

  53. Celia Farber lied AGAIN! Two months ago she threw a big ol' hissy fint at ReThinking AIDS facebook page and swore she was done! Never coming back! This is about the 12th time Farber has gotten violent and angry and swore off RA facebook.

    Now, she's back. Not only is she promoting her radio show, she is also promoting Collodial Silver as a cure for everything! She is in Sweden and says the Swedes have a machine in their homes to manufacture it because they are afraid the gov't will take it off the market. I thought the Swedes were smarter than that.

  54. Remember, SILENCE=DEATH.

    What about the era when a generation of gay men were ignored? US hospitals were filled with nothing but AIDS. There was no hope. Victims were desperate for the first drugs.

    Shame, OSMJ! Your defense of Clark Baker is criminal.

    Baker is a thousand times worse that a turd. At least a turd does not commit medical genocide. ACT UP calls on all thinking Americans to go to the streets. Denounce Baker, Farber and Duesberg now!

    1. Shame, ACT UP!


      Your criminal attacks on our members Baker, Farber and Duesberg will be prosecuted! We have the freedom to think whatever we want to think, and we renounce scientific fact!

      SCIENCE=DEATH! Face it, life in the middle ages was balanced. It was as God intended it. AIDS only has power if you think it has. So ignore the reality, and the disease goes away.

      We at OSMJ took over ACT UP San Francisco! We urge all denialists to attack ACT UP! Down with Science! Up with Duesberg!

      Just ask the ghost of Kari Stockely! She ignored the truth, ignored science, but followed Duesberg. Now, Clark Baker dances on her grave!

      We urge all AIDS victims to join Kari! Become a heroic martyr and give up your life to help Duesberg. Clark Baker looks forward to a larger dance of death.

    2. SURE this is a fake comment, most probably written by ACTUP himself... try again, you would've conceived it better

    3. It seems legit. OMSJ puts out press releases like that all the time.

  55. Liam Scheff is disgusting. He is not a journalist and will stoop to any low. He is a sell out of the highest order. He and Robert Scott Bell are now claiming that the shooting in Aurora, CO. was not done by a lone gunman and that it is a gov't cover up! If that were even true, Liam Scheff would not have uncovered it in a matter of days. What a joke. He should be ashamed, but that would require him to be a human being.

    1. Maybe they can hire the prestigious Clark Baker to investigate?

  56. Fascinating discussion of this case with Celia Farber, Dave Rasnick and Clark Baker on Celia's podcast show, Science-Free Radio.

    Dave Rasnick tells us that despite presenting himself an "expert" on HIV diagnostic testing, he was completely ignorant of the concept of a "diagnostic algorithm" before this case.

    You know, as in here here:

    How is it possible this guy could be accepted as an "expert" on HIV diagnostic testing in a court case? It's like having an self-styled "court expert" on the forensic examination of bank transactions who is completely ignorant of the concepts of adding and subtracting.

    What an embarrassment for the US military court system.

  57. Similar to having someone like Clark Baker being taken as an expert on anything.

  58. One would be hard-pressed to find any person with a pathological victimization complex as bad as Celia Farber, or a small-man complex as advanced as Clark Baker. Turds tend to clump together.
    It is nice though to see that Celia is failing- jobless, incomeless, and has to now reside in Scandinavia to leech of their government to live. Next up, loser Clarkie!

  59. Have you seen Clarkie's latest rant against Seth? It's in the guise of a "book review" that he wrote:

    As predictable, he pretends to be a "hero" by equating those who detest Denialists as "Nazis" and reiterates that Maggiore died of an "adverse drug reaction." You'll have to read on for more hilarity!!! Spoiler: there are no references to Stokely, Bannon, etc who he also championed as the paragons of health that arise from Denialism.

    As usual, he does the classic referring to himself in the 3rd person.

    Of course, this "review" is on the prestigious Semmelweis site whose group consists of 3 people, an osteopath with 12 malpractice settlements against him, a criminally convicted nurse, and Clarkie - with no education at all!

    All his hilarious catch-phrases are there: "Despite 28 years and thousands of criminal and civil investigations with the Los Angeles Police Department"

    "Kalichman and his associates targeted the Marine Corps and LAPD veteran when he demonstrated that the allegations against Farber and Duesberg were false."

    "Just as Galileo threatened Rome’s geocentric universe..."

    He's just missing "The Lady Doth Protest Too Much" for a full hat trick!

    Clearly, Clarkie is upset.

    But the best part is that Clarkie "was saddened to see that local, state and federal law enforcement refused to act on his report." Hilarious! Apparently Clarkie is saddened that nobody takes his uneducated pseudo-intellectualism seriously! Read Clarkie's "review" for a hilarious nonsensical take on science and a laughable rant about Seth! Clarkie once again uses his catch-phrases, predictable rants, and nonsensical bullshit to failingly attempt to seem legitimate or educated, yet in the tradition of the 3 stooges, he falls flat on his face! Someone should place a rake in front of the self-proclaimed Steven Seagal. He'd immediately step on it!

    1. Seth,
      Baker says in his "review" that he purchased several copies of your book. Personally, I bet he's lying, but if he did buy them, he helped supply deadly, toxic HIV meds to Africa!

      Baker also proves that he is not incredibly self aware with this statement:

      "...the Internet provides a place where targets suffer a virtual death but never die, allowing the accuser to celebrate the virtual death whenever someone stumbles onto the website. When used in this way, the Internet provides an environment where reputations can be distorted, mutilated and assassinated without firing a bullet, dirtying one’s hands or hearing a scream. The Internet is where anyone with the right disposition can be a sociopath."

      Baker is the ultimate (alleged) sociopath & psychopath, in my humble opinion. (I'm trying to not get sued!)

      Seth, it seems your appearance as an EXPERT at the military trial that Baker LOST, has rattled the little momma's boy! Does Baker not see that his bullshit review simply highlights that you really are an expert in your field and he is nothing but a useless mouthpiece with no education and no skill set? Sad. So sad.

    2. I will add to the description of Baker:
      He IS a psychopath and sociopath. He is also a fat, turfy uneducated loser with a massive personality defect that forces him to define his life by a mission to try and convince people that he is important - when it is obvious he is a silly loser.
      For more fun: Google Image search "Clark Baker." Look at some of the pics - I think a few will generate major laughs.

  60. Seth - I put up a more recent picture of Clark Baker for the article. It is more accurately representative of him right now. He doesn't look well.

  61. Lady Doth protest too muchAugust 4, 2012 at 12:28 AM

    There you go again Kralc!

    Education doesn't make you smarter. Why should elitist scientists define reality? Democracy! Let the people decide what reality is! We don't want AIDS! We don't care about medical genocide, or Clark's clients are dying like flies! Kari was just a stepping stone for Clark!

    Why don't people with AIDS rise up against Clark? Why isn't every victim of serious illness protesting Clark? Why are people asleep while AIDS victims die because of Clark?

    The hippocratic oath is dead. Long live Clark!

    Queen Gertrude is dead, baby. She drank the poison, and Clark denied her the antidote. Who needs her? To die is but to sleep. Like flies to wanton boys... Clark kills them for his sport!

    Long live Queen Clark!

  62. As an added bonus- see the "review" that Clarkie put on Amazon, trying to promote OMSJ in his "review" of the book. Clark is the epitome of utter loser.

  63. There is some very fun in-fighting going on at RA facebook. Gio Azule is whining that no one with money has given him any money for all his hard work. The rest of the group are piling on him relentlessly calling him a nobody that nobody has heard of. And that Gio has done nothing to advance their cause. And the absolute best is they are calling him crazy and a conspiracy theorist and advancing crazy talk. Yet somehow the irony of the "crazy" and "conspiracy" label alludes them. They all think HIV Scientists are colluding to advance a harmless virus that actually does not even exist. And they all worship at the altar or Liam Scheff who just self published a book all about conspiracy theories. Oh, and then there is Dr. Nancy Bigot Banks who wrote a book claiming that the entire medical conglomerate is nothing but a conspiracy theory for the past 100 years!! hahahahahahaaaa They are the least self-aware bunch I have ever seen!

  64. Nancy Banks is a Holocaust denier??!! My God are you looking desperate in making such an accusation.

    Seth, you should ask for a raise as Clark Baker is pulling your pants down on the world-wide-web and there's nothing you can do about it without a bigger propaganda machine.

    Again, there's no conspiracy, all one has to do is read the literature published by HIV experts to see the facts. E.g., that "viral load" is NOT a measure of even the complete "HIV genome". Or approach an HIV expert like Dr Bennett on the kinetics of RNA dependent DNA polymerase activity to realize he's clueless on this important aspect of the science of retroviruses.

    Seth, how can bringing up the kinetics (synthetic, not biological) of the isolation issue possibly be anti-science, as Bennett claimed, or 'denialism' as you call it?

    And if you really believe that I'm a wack-job consider this: I can argue the case FOR HIV as well as any HIV expert.

    So how about dealing with substance instead of YOUR constant gushing out of talking points where you simply insert the term "real science" at key points within the rhetoric.

    Thus, I was stopped cold by the smear against Dr Banks.

    If I continue on, will there be anything of substance? If I continue to respond to this post and thread, e.g. once again providing the mountain of evidence on say RT as a cellular enzyme, will I be censored, once again?

    I will check back on whether or not I'm wasting my time proceeding further, my good friend Seth.

  65. Nancy Banks is a Holocaust denier??!! My God are you looking desperate in making such an accusation.

    Seth, you should ask for a raise as Clark Baker is pulling your pants down on the world wide web and there's nothing you can do about it without a bigger propaganda machine.

    Again, there's no conspiracy, all one has to do is read the literature published by HIV experts to see the facts. E.g., that "viral load" is NOT a measure of even the complete "HIV genome". Or approaching an HIV expert like Dr Bennett on the kinetics of RNA dependent DNA polymerase activity to realize he's clueless on this important aspect of the science of retroviruses.

    Seth, how can bringing up the kinetics (synthetic, not biological) of the isolation issue possibly be anti-science, as Bennett claimed, or 'denialism' as you call it?

    Any literate person can read the published literature on HIV-1 to see that it's a matter of always incorporating a role for the 'always replicating virus' even when the data suggests otherwise. Not a conspiracy theory, it's simply about staying employed in a lucrative profession. I don't blame these guys and gals at all, given their options with high unemployment rate.

    And if you really believe that I'm a wack-job consider this: I can argue the case FOR HIV as well as any HIV expert.

    So how about dealing with substance instead of YOUR constant gushing out of talking points where you simply insert the term "real science" at key points within the rhetoric.

    Thus, I was stopped cold by the smear against Dr Banks.

    If I continue on, will there be anything of substance? If I continue to respond to this post and thread, e.g. once again providing the mountain of evidence on say RT as a cellular enzyme, will I be censored, once again?

    I will check back on whether or not I'm wasting my time proceeding further, my good friend Seth.

  66. Seth old pal, I see my post not yet here.

    I can assure you that I don't "worship at the altar of Liam Scheff" nor is there a shred of evidence that Dr Banks is a bigot. Against who is her prejudice directed one can reasonably ask.

    So Truthy (8/4/12 post) is blowing a lot of smoke?

    Analyze this buddy, the music that formulated the artistic consciousness of my generation:

    First comment: "I was born after my time. THIS was my time; the crap they call music today is nothing in comparison. Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry are my peeps! I'm a weird 13-year-old :) No one but me would appreciate great music like this at such a young age.

    "My favorite song of the 50's is Everyday- Buddy Holly"

    So as far as "least self aware bunch", this too is more crap from your clueless acolytes who don't even have the nerve to post under their own names.


  67. Eugene, you can find Nancy's writings online and see for yourself. You're just going to have to fact the facts, dude. Your friend is a racist bigot, and there is no denying it.

  68. HansAspergerWasCorrectAugust 9, 2012 at 8:39 PM

    Eugene, are you familiar with the term "perseveration"?

    Sometimes it can be a consequence of brain injury, and it is also common in some autism spectrum disorders, so you see it a lot on the net.

    You might find this tutorial gives you some insight into the issue. Or then again, you might not.

  69. Thanks Eugene, it's always nice to see someone serve up a slice of sanity to Seth. Unfortunately though you'd have more chance convincing the pope There's no God such is the depth of his belief system and cognitive dissonance.

    Perhaps he'll console himself by putting in a call to Nicoli for some empathetic crooning to sooth his ruffled feathers.

    Now.....cue Truthy, with some more blah blah blah.

  70. Sorry to bust your bubble, but much of Nancy's writings are available on the internet. You will notice that whenever there is someone she hates, she invariably mentions they are Jewish or *shudder* a Zionist rabbi. You guys are just going to have to face the facts. Your friend is a bigoted racist.

  71. Mr. Semen: a quick google of you showed amazing reports of you being smacked down in your complete lack of biological understanding, as well as your delusional rantings elsewhere. If you somehow think that Baker has any impact or is credible in the slightest of ways, you are not just delusional, but flat-out stupid.

  72. Constance McPseudonymAugust 12, 2012 at 10:11 PM

    "...clueless acolytes who don't even have the nerve to post under their own names"

    For more comprehensive enjoyment of Mr Semen's idiotic internet blitherings, you actually need to google the nom-de-kook "Nick Naylor".

    This is one of the monikers he uses in places like You Bet Your Life, and also in Henry Bauer's HIV Septic blog and Anthony Liversidge's various I Love Duesberg fansites.

    He's a Grade A Internet Wingnut.

  73. A damn good day for Bauer, yet not my best angle:

    1. I agree, Nessie. That's a crap picture.

      I think the best photo of you was when Henry Bauer got you to pose for the cover of his seminal scientific work, The Enigma of Loch Ness - Making Sense of a Mystery.

      They don't make researchers like Henry any more.

  74. Do Mr. Semen and Mr. Baker play checkers together?

  75. Dear Clark:
    I saw you at the Romney/Ryan rally. I must tell you that
    you are irresistible and I am enamored with your charm, intellect, and authority. I am highly interested in spending time with people who studied humanity on the streets of Cairo, and we should swap stories about our time in the trenches of top-secrecy. Clark, I don't know how else to put it, but we must embrace each other and have a loving future together now that California recognizes our right to love each other the way we deserve to be loved, as husband and drill-sergeant.

  76. Mr. Semen:
    You are aware that your eyes are closed in your picture, aren't you?

  77. There was no second post of 8/8/12 which appears to be something obtained from a FB share.

    So while I do advocate moving discussions forward, I have to say the "First Comment" re Buddy Holly and "peeps" wasn't mine. I have visited that site and shared it at FB. Old FB picure is Google Account picture. Eyes closed like some kind of show-off. :o)

    I hope by now the club here realizes we're on to your silly games and bad faith. That Seth, as I said in real post* of 8/8, is not above "editing" and "inserting" to stack the deck against one's appearance in thread's like this.

    As far as "Alec" and my stupidity, You guys just continue to show the world wide web what a bad joke you've become. Making a general statement re my comments on the Internet w/o back-up is Fox News all the way. Way to go gang!

    The point is if comments are stupid, where's the HIV expert who's actually nailed me. At least once? Posting under his or her own name, since if I'm the stupid one there's nothing to be embarrassed about?

    So all you anonymous cowards, we can take this to Clark's Book Review thread, make mincemeat out of me based on specifics, and duplicate every post here.

    This is my stupid plan to get you people into substance and good faith - so far nothing - and have a real scientific discussion.

    *Im not BTTF poke pirate and only recall posting once on 8/8/12.

  78. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Celia Farber is now promoting the "AIDS is a US government bioweapon" theory on facebook.

    Facebook Rethinking AIDS

    "Celia Ingrid Farber:
    No idea what this site is but interesting that they rightly connect International AIDS Conf and Eugenics. Finally, it seems, people are getting it. "

    From the web page she is promoting:

    "Speakers at the conference overlook such facts as in 1962, the US Senate received a report concerning chemical and biological warfare. This is the government contract where HIV-like and Ebola-like viruses were bio-engineered by the US military and the bioweapons contracting lab Biomedics. They were producing viral cancer in monkeys that could then be used through genetic engineering to infect humans.

    Robert Gallo, working with the National Cancer Institute, was part of this project. Millions of people are dying from this US sponsored government project to depopulate certain groups of people because of their ethnic heritage; and the US Congress knew about it, and endorsed its use."

    I think she needs to have a chat with her good friend Peter Duesberg about all this.

    1. I think it is becoming abundantly clear that something is seriously wrong with Celia Farber's mental state. She disappears for months at a time, only to reappear time and again with another crazy new project. Then she overreacts to some slight, real or imagined. And then she angrily stomps off to her own world, only to repeat the cycle in the future.

    2. Definitely. A number of years ago a physician told Celia publicly that she really needed some more effective counseling and some more intense psychiatric treatment. Unfortunately, she waded the other way. She seems to potentially be manic-depressive? A sad, shriveled up old woman...very sad.

    3. A while back a physician publicly asked for sympathy for Celia and professionally advised her to get more effective psychiatric help. Instead, Celia seems to have run the other direction. Along with other psychiatric ailments, Celia seems to perhaps have manic-depression? A sad, shriveled-up elderly woman...sad.

    4. Snout
      I seen what someone posted on your very own website. Nobody in their right mind would doubt the claims that you are poking fun at after seeing that! You must indeed be payed to bark, because you along with anyone else who seen it has completely lost their right to claim ignorance on the subect.
      The person who posted it was right! You are a true denialist, at best!

  79. Seth,
    I thought you might get a laugh out of knowing that Celia Farber is CONSUMED with you right now. She is at RA facebook discussing your new anti-vaccine misinformation monitoring whatever it is...Farber is accusing you of some sort of weird psycho-sexual something or another. Unfortunately she is too pathetically unaware of how this obsession with you says more about her unresolved sexual attraction to you than anything she can project onto you. Sad really, very, very sad.

  80. OMG. This is hilarious. You know who I would like to sue? Everyone who worked in the hospital Celia was born in. I would like to sue them for not responsibly pulling her head off the second she was born. Letting her live was medical malpractice.

  81. The truly hypocritical thing about her association of Seth's new project with sex is that she is the one who cannot get a job without sleeping with her boss. She had to sleep with Bob Guccionne Jr. at SPIN. And she has not been working for years because she is so disgusting no one wants to sleep with her...well that and she has zero credibility!

    Her promoting such outrageous conspiracy theory crap as that posted by Snout is further proof that she has zero credibility. She must really be trying to follow in Liam Scheff's footsteps now. Such high aspirations.

  82. There are other therapies that have shown promise. Drugs only treat the symptoms not the disease. The body needs certain nutrients and trace minerals that are often missing in our food supply. That's one of the reasons we eat too much, our body is seeking what it needs and our food supply is overfarmed and our fields are depleted of nutrients. One example is the lack of magnesium in our food supply, it's been heavily depleted in the last 40 years from herbicides, pesticides and chemical supplementation that isn't absorbed. I have been reading about how some countries have very little HIV and they attribute it to the diet of those people, they are getting needed nutrients they need from their foods. I saw a product on eBay, called Ocean Bounty Plus and it looks very promising and wondered if anyone else has been reading about supplementing with sea vegetables and herbs as a good source for meeting the body's needs?

    1. There are no other therapies that show promise. If you actually have evidence for such a theory, cite it. But once someone contracts HIV, unless the therapy slows the viral reproduction at least a thousandfold over the long term, it will not help.

      Drugs do indeed treat the disease, because they actually target the source of the problem, the replication of an inflammation promoting virus inside T-helper cells, macrophages, and glial cells. There is only so long that the immune system can continue to keep up with the multiplication of the virus, with the inflammation, and with the apoptosis of the cells unproductively infected. Once someone carries the disease, they have a ticking time bomb in their blood. And if that fact is not acknowledged then you go from Alive and Well to dying and ill. All the vitamins and cleanses and magnesium won't stop that.

    2. Thanks notE for putting up substance. I think your wrong because there's no evidence of the 'replication of an inflammation promoting virus'. I mean, forget millions of papers which I will cheerfully concede prove that there are subgenomic transcriptions from the proviral stage. Show me one paper that demonstrates directly from patients (no markers please) replication of the entire dimeric genome. If the immune system, as you say must "continue to keep up with the multiplication of the virus", then surely extractable quantity of 60-70S RNA (say 100-200ng/ml) would be the rule.

      And what about the research on Vitamin D and the immune system? Is Dr Calapai a quack too? ( See, if you were to come out, notE and debate Dr Calapai on supplements and immune dysfunction, at least I could respect you for courage. And that's important since I probably agree with some of your views on the current crisis of our civilization. This in turn makes developing our courage to say what we know to be true in the face of the Nationa Security State, etc, quite important.

    3. You can extract RNA. What do you think the measure of viral load is? If you are asking to bind the entire strand of RNA to pull it out of a sample, well then you would have to get an exact complementary strand to bind to it. And you cannot do that practically. 1) We cannot reliably print out a strand of RNA that long to use as a probe. 2) RNA viruses exist as quasispecies of related but different sequences of genomes. The error rate in copying RNA pretty much guarantees that. Using short markers from conserved sequences of the genome and then amplifying them is the cheapest way to accurately assess how much viral RNA there is without going overboard or missing any. That is how tests for all viral nucleic acids are done.

      As for Dr. Calapi, yes he is a quack. Chelation therapy is bunk, and it has killed people. Even if heavy metals are the cause of brain damage, there is no way that you could administer chelation therapy years later and expect that 1) the heavy metal is still in the brain and 2) that the damage will miraculously reverse. Once you are poisoned, you're poisoned. There is no rational way to expect it to do anything,. Add to that the fact that there is no evidence autism is caused by heavy metal poisoning anyway, and yeah no. It is just the latest fad, because no one stopped to think about it. And as for vitamin D, it is needed to boost the immune system, but alone, it is not enough to make any difference once you carry the infection. Insufficient vitamin D can increase your chances of catching HIV, syphilis, or tuberculosis, and it might even slightly prolong the latent period, but it won't stop an established infection from progressing.

    4. notElon

      You are smart man! Is the HIV virus really the fastest mutating virus known to science?

    5. notElon

      You must be some sort of scientist or something, am I right?
      Do you know if there is an element that the HIV virus requires and depends on?

    6. Yes. What the hell do you think they do when they do PCR? They take a short stable, HIV defining segment of the genome to amplify. Your brilliant suggestion is the standard medical practice. Thank you for the compliment.

    7. notElon

      What brilliant suggestion? I just asked you three simple questions. 1.) If you were a scientist? 2.)If there was an element that the HIV virus requires and depends on?
      3.)Is HIV truly the fastest mutating virus known to science, as so many people have insisted over the years?

    8. 1) Yes
      2) Yes. That is what PCR tests for. Thus my congratulating you.
      3) Not the absolute fastest, but up there. RNA viruses are very error prone copying the genome, because RNA is a bad template for replication.

    9. notElon

      Whats substance, or substances, does the HIV virus actually require?

      What actually are the fastest mutating viruses, and where does HIV rank on the list?


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    1. One can only hope that people won't go out and have unprotected sex after giving you their money and taking your "cure".

  84. Darth Clark and Darth FaberAugust 29, 2012 at 3:00 AM

    Good, good my pretties! Throw out science! Indulge in your fantasies that vitamins will save you! Give in to the dark side!

    Yes, ignore the viral epidemic that sweeps the world. Be strong- ignore the cries and groans of millions of patients- dying of ignorance and aids! Dying of the ignorance Clark Baker/Farber/Duesberg spread!

    Fill the vast empire of the dead!

    But remember Clark/Farber/Peter- some day you will join the strengthless dead in the underworld. And millions will look into your face- and you will know. You are the authors of their destruction- and your own as well!

    Thus, the plan of the Dark Lord continues to unfold. AIDS has killed more than the death star!

    Darth Clark and Darth Farber- I commend you. Your brilliant plan to spread medical genocide has been a smashing success.

  85. Now Seth, HPV vaccine is one of your little gems that doesn't work to prevent anything. It has killed quite a few little girls though.


    1. Michelle Bachmann, is that you?

    2. Gotcha! That Bachmann doesn't know anything. You gotta be a momma grizzly to protect your cubs from the evil HPV vaccine.

      I'm the one that can see Russia and keep an eye on 'em. And don't you know they flourinate their water and give everyone vaccines. They were communist just like S. Korea is today!

      So, like the great Ronald Reagan we gotta fight communism and stop HPV, stop florinating, stop fighting that ol' AIDS. Go back to the good ol' days before science and whatnot. Join my superpack and send all these scientists to Siberia where I can keep an eye on then!

      I agree with Dr. Strangelove- stop polluting our bodily fluids. God has willed that AIDS wipe out all the evil doers, especially evildoers who vote democratic.

      Yes, the momma grizzlies all endorse Baker/Strangelove.

  86. Perhaps you should read more legitimate sources than Clarkie Baker.

    " The CDC has approved these vaccines as safe and effective. Both vaccines were studied in thousands of people around the world, and these studies showed no serious safety concerns. Side effects reported in these studies were mild, including pain where the shot was given, fever, dizziness, and nausea. Vaccine safety continues to be monitored by CDC and the FDA. More than 46 million doses of HPV vaccine have been distributed in the United States as of June 2012.

    Fainting, which can occur after any medical procedure, has also been noted after HPV vaccination. Fainting after any vaccination is more common in adolescents. Because fainting can cause falls and injuries, adolescents and adults should be seated or lying down during HPV vaccination. Sitting or lying down for about 15 minutes after a vaccination can help prevent fainting and injuries."

    "HPV vaccination is recommended with either vaccine for 11 and 12 year-old girls. It is also recommended for girls and women age 13 through 26 years of age who have not yet been vaccinated or completed the vaccine series; HPV vaccine can also be given to girls beginning at age 9 years. "

    "The vaccines target the HPV types that most commonly cause cervical cancer. One of the vaccines (Gardasil) also protects against the HPV types that cause most genital warts. Both vaccines are highly effective in preventing the targeted HPV types, as well as the most common health problems caused by them.

    "The vaccines are less effective in preventing HPV-related disease in young women who have already been exposed to one or more HPV types. That is because the vaccines prevent HPV before a person is exposed to it. HPV vaccines do not treat existing HPV infections or HPV-associated diseases."

  87. @Anon:
    Sounds like your "science" understanding is based on "symptometry" as well as Clarkie Baker!

  88. Has anyone seen this new update on the forum now called "Rethinking AIDS exposed" So the problem is that dissidents "are just not bright enough" to correctly follow the Perthian advice. I would bet that Perthian advice is so complicated and contradictory and changes by the day, so that it is impossible to follow.

    **SPECIAL UPDATE**: It is no secret that there have been many "positive" dissidents who have died or become ill. Of course, every scientifically literate dissident is keenly aware that there is no proof that any such "positive" dissident who has died has ever been infected with "HIV" (just as there is no proof that ANY "positive" person, living or dead, has ever been infected with "HIV"). However, it should be stressed that there is also no evidence that we could find in any account from any dissident or orthodox source that any such dissident who HAS died has ever followed an approach to addressing his or her "positivity" that is aligned with the Perth Group's suggestions which they make in their papers and articles. These suggestions made by the Perth Group are, of course, always supported by published data.

    1. "Rethinking AIDS exposed" is Rod Knoll's personal blogsite. Rod used to be one of the main moderators at AIDS Myth Exposed, until he was rolled by Jon Barnett, Brain Carter and Brian Coogan in a coup de turd. Jon, Brian and Brain locked him out and moved the whole forum lock stock and barrel to their new site at Questioning AIDS.

      Rod set up the new forum in competition, expecting the AIDS Myth Exposed regulars to recognise his obvious genius and scientific rigor.

      Sadly, he's the only one who ever posts there.

      It was one of the more hilarious moments during the Great Denialist Civil War, which was spearheaded by Anthony Brink and the Perth Group in 2009.

      Ah, happy days.

  89. Tell that to my brothers dead 17 year old, perfectly healthy one day, HPV vaccine the next, deceased 2 weeks later after mysterious illness.

    You cretins make me sick, trouble is the poison you peddle makes thousands sick as well.


  90. While I am sorry about the loss of your siblings, there is nothing in the vaccine that would lead to a reaction and death two weeks later.

    In addition, it is almost certain that vaccines save many more people than they harm. Even if you were correct in your assumption that vaccines "make thousands sick as well", they prevent millions of deaths. According to the WHO, 275,000 people in the US died of preventable cervical cancer in the last year alone. You will need a lot more than one anecdote to compete with those kind of results.

    1. I think the 275,000 figure is an estimate of all cervical cancer deaths in the world, not just the US.

      The US figure of annual cervical cancer deaths is closer to 4,000. Which is still too high for a preventable cancer.

    2. Really guys, if you believe that HPV is proven to prevent cervical cancer, I challenge you to a public debate. Meaning I will only do it if you break anonymity so that all participants are actually public.

      Again, so puzzled that if such a debate was to result in MY humiliation, why the anonymous bit?

    3. No one's interested in a public debate with you about whether HPV prevents cervical cancer. In fact, last time I looked, the evidence was pretty convincing that HPV actually causes the cancer.

      There is no "debate" to be had with denialists, whose arguments boil down to puerile semantic games with literature they garble and misrepresent. No one can be bothered with you guys any more: correcting your endless errors is tedious. So go fight among yourselves.

      And no one cares about your personal humiliation, Eugene, certainly not enough to want to contribute any more to the fine job you are doing all by yourself.

  91. My niece is hardly and "Anecdote". I can only hope it happens to you one day.

  92. Well put notElon. I do agree with the name of the person above "HPV kills". It does kill - it puts millions at risk for cervical cancer.

    Vaccines, as most scientifically literate people know, benefitted and benefit humanity in innumerable ways. We no longer have to worry about smallpox, polio, etc. I am sorry for your niece (above) but I think the assumption in your anecdote is misplaced and there are countless analogies which would demonstrate the silliness of your claim. Vaccines aren't "poisons." Salk and Sabin were medical heroes. You Sir, blinded by emotion, have become an irrational cretin. Your "logic" is what leads to murder in the case of Denialism.

  93. "Flying is safe." Tell that to the friend who knows a cousin's friend who died in a plane crash. People who go to airports and support Big Airline - those cretins make me sick. Trouble is the poison they peddle kills many people. Down with Big Airline!

  94. Car crashes kill about 40,000 people a year! Over 100 people a day! Next time you drive to the grocery store, remember what HORRIBLE act and industry you are promoting! Driver's license = murderer.

  95. There is some very fun in-fighting going on at RA facebook. Elizabeth Ely started it all against Kay Lambert. Then Ely and Tomas Brewster blocked each other and Ely is threatening to end Brewsters ability to post since she's a big, bad moderator.

    But the best is Christine Johnson calling her fellow denialists "nut jobs"!!

    Hello, Pot? This is Kettle!! hahhahhahaaaaaaa

    1. Infighting among the HIV/AIDS denialists is very amusing, but there is a deadly serious side too. Here's Elizabeth Ely:

      "I had a discussion with David Crowe last week on that moral dilemma: Advise someone who is doing really poorly in the hospital to relent on his refusal of the drugs, make it out alive, and fight that battle on another day? Not so, he said. Just not that many credible accounts, and possibly some deaths."

      These people are psychopaths.

  96. Kcralk, if you weren't peddling this garbage you'd be selling repackaged home loans to Iceland with a AAA rating attached.

    I think I met you last July 4th, I lit the fuse and nothing happened, a DUD.

    1. Denialist moron @Gnoshed:

      I am not Todd. However, I am flattered that you might think any person who is knowledgeable about science and disagrees with denialist absurdities is Todd. Perhaps Snout is Todd? notElon is Todd? Seth is Todd? Maybe you are Todd? Maybe it is all warped - maybe Clarkie and Celia are Todd. Maybe Duesberg is Todd in disguise? No - wait - I figured it out - Mitt Romney is Todd!

      In any case, although you might think you are clever in referencing the 2008 Iceland collapse (that was caused partly by Republican influence from the US), they are making a very nice recovery.

      Have you been to Iceland? Probably not. I have. Very nice place. Maybe when you remove your cap, get some dental work, pull the confederate flag off your pickup and get some education one day - you could visit!

      If you didn't peddle your absurd nonsense, you'd be cheering at a Tea-Party rally for Sarah Palin. Wait - you already do....

  97. Hello My Pretties,

    Now with my new secret identity, Kralk will never guess who I am! In the election, vote for anti-science. We don't need education! Medicine is just mind control!

    Let HIV flourish. Let it ravage humans! No more science! No more humans!

    Heil Clark!

    1. I'm going backwards through thread because there's good entertainment value here.

      Dr Strangelove, one of my favorite movies of all time, spelled backwards. How cute. So the question pops up, is it corporate repuplicans and corporate democrats who are responsible for poisoning our precious bodily fluids?

      After all, top down corporate collectivism has accomplished a revolution (hiring the Dr Stangeloves of the world for one thing) and power beyond the wildest dreams of Stalin. (See whackos like Chris Hedges at or org for details. Also on today's Looney Tune News, Democracy Now!)

      And yes, I'm delusional enough to believe I can qualify as expert* in the field of financial risk management, the history of economic theories becoming obsolete (like many things in molecular biology) and yes, credit default swaps (insurance of credit defaults not called insurance to esape regulation.) Cassano - the head of AIG's 377 person derivatives unit or virus** that brought down whole company - actually believed that no claims would ever be paid on CDS. See: Behind Insurer’s Crisis, Blind Eye to a Web of Risk:, if you want to see true denialism in action and its catastrophic consequences, my good friend Seth.

      *see my posts at where I bring up my favorite TV Show.

      **See, I believe in the existence of viruses!

  98. Evol, I was going to say "Touche'" but I blurted out "Douche'" instead.

  99. Now Kralc is in Todd, Democrat and Financial Crisis Denial simultaneously!

    Clearly the pathology and prognosis of your mental illness is not good. Perhaps you should book a few reaffirming sessions with Seth. He can display mock empathy as he hypnotises you so that you visit AIDSTRTUTH daily and then start clucking like a chicken as the page opens.

    How can you suggest that I thought you were Todd? By that logic you MUST think I am Clark Baker, I simply used a dyslexic pseudonym like you do. Paranoia at its worst my friend.

    As for Iceland doing quite well now, patently you have as little a grasp of economics as you do biology. The next regurgitation from you will no doubt state that everything is just dandy in Greece too! And before you launch in to a travelogue, yes I have been to Greece.

    As for being Republican...............FAIL, loved both Clinton,Carter and now Obama. But yes you are right about Republicans, I remember it was Reagan who got Heckler to announce to the world the "probable" cause of AIDS, and that little virus has been as hard to isolate as Bush's weapons of mass destruction.

    But like all apologists you cherry pick not only science, but politics and economics to suit your own twisted view on the world.

    You do though prove Hawkins theories of parallel universes, as you aren't on the same plane as the rest of the world and Darwin was correct, as you still sport the bruises from falling out of the evolutionary tree. A little tip for you, your knuckles will stop hurting it you don't drag them on the ground so much while loping about drooling.


    1. Yeah, we evil boffins cherry pick science by citing only one or two of the millions of research papers on HIV. You caught us red-handed.

    2. As far as Icelandic situation, google Michael Hudson + Iceland for someone who actually knows what he's talking about. Essentially they did what Greece should do: pull out of the Euro system and restore sovereign currency. Even Milton Friedman, back in the nineties said that a Eurozone fiat currency was a bad idea.

      And notE, I'm trying to memorize this page, but please be patient, I'm just an old duffer with an old brain:

    3. So which one of those "millions" of research papers proves that HIV causes AIDS?

      please please just one please sir.

    4. @ Just One Please:

      YAWN. You have it all figured out, huh? It's a big conspiracy blah blah blah.

  100. Yes, in the great slave revolt against Rome, everyone was determined that Sparticus not be found by the Romans.

    Now, we all stand up and proclaim: We are all Todd!

    The Apian way is already littered with Clark's clients who were hung out to dry and died because they listened to Clark! Join the revolt! Do not let Clark slaughter you too!

  101. "You do though prove Hawkins theories of parallel universes, as you aren't on the same plane as the rest of the world"

    Uhhhhh.....99.99999% of the world isn't composed of idiot denialists like you - thus your "parallel universe" commentes make no sense (like everything else you say). But that's ok. Facts and logic shouldn't get in the way of denialism. Nor should science!
    And, by the way, Iceland is going through a remarkable recovery.

    More dandy than the US right now. I know it makes you feel better about yourself to inject references about Iceland, Greece, or Stephen Hawking into what you say. But, like Clark and other typical denialists, you are wrong and twisted and transparently compensating for lack of education and low station in life to make yourself feel important. Warped narcissism resulting in hilarious claims.

    But like classic denialism - facts and education and understanding be damned! You'll make up your own!!

    By the way - I am flattered that you feel the need to copy my moniker strategy. Original thought isn't the forte of the run-of-the-mill parrot denialist anyway. Imitation is the best form of flattery!

    I highly suggest you purchase a copy of Seth's denialism book. Clarkie purchased a few! All the profits go to helping provide antiretrovirals to people in Africa. You can do some good that way in your currently vapid life. Good day, Sir!

  102. Hello to all my Pretties!!!!
    Be an "expert" like me! You don't need "knowledge" to be an expert! You can just declare yourself an expert!
    If it doesn't make sense, just say it does!
    And if you feel low about yourself - just claim that you are a Chuck-Norris, top-secret Steven Seagal Ninja warrior traffic cop with Seal Team 6! Edjumucation be damned! You can always marry an elderly woman on death's-door and live off her!
    There will always be insignificant minions like the fellow denialists above to help carry the loser-torch!
    Heil Clarkie! Heil Clarkie!


    I am announcing an IMPORTANT charity auction!!! This will be the first annual "Denial Dinner"!
    The winner of the bidding will enjoy a 5 star four course meal with Clark Baker and a "mystery denialist" at gourmet Chuck E. Cheese!!!!!!!!!!!! Bonus - if the table has a slot for an oxygen tank, Clark's mysterious "significant other" will be there as well!
    Don't miss your chance to break bread with a real American hero - a fired traffic cop who "studied humanity" on the streets of Cairo with a 18th degree black belt and top secret clearance. The man killed Bin Laden!
    Our mystery denialist is currently an extremely influential webmaster who has spent time in love-wavelength chambers in New Mexico, in the welfare system of Sweden, in the unemployment line of America, in the pocketbook of her daddy, and in the pants of her employer! Don't miss this INCREDIBLE opportunity!

    All proceeds will go to funding things like "The Truth Barrier", Clark's rent and muumuu purchases, The Post Office Box of Scientific Justice, and public outreach to fellow denialist tools!
    Bidding for this exclusive, prestigious, and noteworthy dinner will begin at 3 pennies.

    The solution to solve "donut hole" in Medicare - just marry me!

  105. Seth Seth, at least you left up the one post and I thank you for that. As far as not putting up subsequent posts, hey it's your bat and ball so you have the power to kick me out of the game.

    I've also been kicked out of both sides within the denialist camp and am definitley coming to appreciate your use of this term. It really applies to all sides of the HIV/AIDS debate IMO. So what's being denied is the possibility of progress in terms of medical disease syndromes and treating chronic illness.

    Just so you know re that second post allegedly mine, my You Tube account name is gene23z. So here's a taste of my philosophy (Other Side of This Life, by Fred Neill). If you want to call it a sign of mental instability, be my guest, I've heard it all before:

  106. Seal Team Six headed by Clark!September 14, 2012 at 2:31 AM

    OSMJ announces:

    Only one man had the experience to track down Osama Bin Laden. He tracked him through the streets of Rio, then through Calcutta, finally nailing him in Packistan.

    Then, he called in fellow seals to give Osama his just deserts: Clark gave him a traffic ticket!

    Clark always gets his man. If you double park, be prepared to do the time.

  107. Admiral Semen strikes again! The paragon of Denialism, the minion of Clarkie and Farber, the servant of Duesberg and the stooge of OMSJ!!!

  108. Heil Seth, you are the nazi of denialism! you will censor that which is zionist from the cause of arian mainstream dogma. Seig Heil

  109. Adolf Kalichmann, is the doyen of the arian cause of dogmatic HIV/AIDS, he truly is a master race being capable of discerning all that denialism isn't

  110. All Denialists should be made to have a shower and be cleansed of their evil thoughts, a little Zyklon B should solve the problem

  111. Ah Seth, you've missed your calling, in another age you could have been a great Kapo

  112. Types like Seth lead their own to the gas chambers of Auschitz

  113. Fuck you Seth and your Homo erotic fantasies of HIV infection

  114. Don't forget to breathe every once in a while.

  115. @Reality Check:

    Thanks for demonstrating, once again, the crazy mentality of the Denialist. Your string of nutjob posts epitomizes that.

    I would recommend you take some thorazine sometime. You sound like you may have contracted "the Clarkies".

  116. Clark Baker is now claiming that Whooping Cough in Texas is up because of aerial spraying for West Nile carrying mosquitoes. He is making this claim right out of his ass, of course. Hey Baker, whooping cough has a known bacterial cause. I know, I know, pertussis has never been isolated!

    Oh, man, Baker is such an idiot!!

    1. Seriously? Pertussis? Dear god! Is there a pathogen they don't deny?

  117. Wow. Clarkie again takes idiocy to new levels. I suppose that's what you get with the pathology trifecta: no education, baseless arrogance, and pathological narcissism. The result is a constant doubling-down on idiocy. Funny how he is also a right-wing nutjob. That maybe is more than a coincidence?