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Friday, April 30, 2010

(Near) Death From Stupidity: Gary Null's Personal Product Endorsement

Putting the 'die' in diet

Health guru nearly killed eating own product

Last Updated: 10:20 AM, April 28, 2010
UPDATE: AOL NEWS picks up the story.

That's not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Nutrition guru Gary Null says he was almost killed by eating a dietary supplement -- his own.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the controversial alternative-medicine advocate says he suffered "mentally and physically" after eating his Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal.
Over the month Null, 65, ate the powdered product, he suffered "excruciating fatigue along with bodily pain," and "began to suffer from extreme cracks and bleeding from within his feet," the suit says.

"Null had to be in bed with his feet elevated because it was so painful he did not have the strength to walk" -- but he kept eating Gary Null's Ultimate Power Meal, "thinking that it would help him and relieve his condition."

Instead, it made it worse, according to the suit, which blames a contractor that mixed the powder.

The health nut went to see his doctor, and tests showed he had elevated levels of Vitamin D in his system. He later discovered that the Ultimate Power Meal had 1,000 times the amount of Vitamin D than the label claimed.

That meant that instead of ingesting 2,000 IU of Vitamin D daily, he was ingesting 2 million IU, the suit says. Most doctors recommend 1,000 IU a day.

Null said he was later told that if he hadn't visited his doctor when he did, "he could have died within a short period of time."

When Null discovered what the problem was, he "sequestered himself and fasted, only consuming massive amounts of water, as he was told that there was no medical treatment to lower the amount of Vitamin D in his system," the suit says.

"It took three months to get his blood seemingly back to where he was able to function. Even now, Null's condition is questionable, as he continues to occasionally urinate blood," the suit says.

Null -- who markets fitness DVDs, as well as hair-care, anti-aging, anti-stress, air-purification, weight-loss and pet-care goods on his Web site -- soon discovered he wasn't the only one who couldn't handle his product.

While he was recuperating, "six consumers were hospitalized with severe kidney damage, and Null, in the midst of all this, while he was suffering in bed, had dozens of his customers calling him, along with condemning and threatening him," the suit says.

The suit -- seeking $10 million -- says New Jersey company Triarco was responsible for mixing the Vitamin D for the product, which has since been recalled. It charges Triarco failed to do proper tests before sending the ingredient on.

Triarco didn't return a call for comment.


  1. Oh dear! So much for natural therapies. I'd rather swallow hemlock, a natural therapy for those with a death wish.

    I remember a report about a patient under care at Chelsea & Westminster Kolber clinic who had been self-prescribing mega dose vitamins and subsequently wrecked his liver. I can't find the article but it was a warning at the time to be sane on supplementation.

    Its incredible that quacks like Patrick Holford can build up multi-million pound vitamin sales outfits on the basis of doctored evidence and dodgy science. Most of these nutrionist gurus have no recognised scientific qualifications.

    In the case of Mr Holford he decided british universities weren't good enough for him and founded his own college who promptly awarded him a diploma! (see the fantastic holfordwatch blog for news on his latest antics).

  2. Check out his websites( and ProgressiveRadioNetwork,including radio show archives-noon,4/28/10) for his "explanation".

  3. Gary Null is a fraud and a liar! The worst part of this is that Null is lying to his consumers:
    "Last December it was brought to my attention that one our subcontractors made a mathematical error of adding too much Vitamin D to the Power Meal product. It was immediately removed from the market and we commenced with a thorough recall and warning campaign to all customers who purchased it."

    Now the worst:
    "...only one lot of Power Meal was defective and none of product reached the retail market."

    Why would Null go forward with "warning campaign to all customrer who purchased it"? And then state that "none of the product made it to the retail market"?!?!

    And ALL the news stories state that at least 6 consumers were indeed hospitalized!!!

    Gary Null is a liar and a fraud and it's too bad this was such a near miss! What does humanity always get the short end of the stick?

  4. Dude simply didn't realise that colloidal silver can cure every single ailment known to man!

  5. HIV/AIDS campaigner dies from HAART attack, at 31.

    No doubt you'll attribute this to anything but treatment with toxic ARV drugs.

  6. Anonymous
    You must be some kind of genius.
    Show me one scientific citation or package insert that even remotely suggests antiretrovirals can cause heart attack.
    In contrast, Gary Null's idiotic potions can kill you. Just ask Gary Null.

  7. Man, you do not need to ask Null. Just look at him. The guy is pastier than Clark Baker's panties!

  8. Well this took all of about 4 seconds to find

    Just which crap propaganda do you actually read about the ARV's you so ardently promote?

    The references are replete with examples of heart disease being caused through various ARV treatments. Most notably through the action of pancreatitis causing dilated myocardial disease which is fatal in 2 out of 3 cases. Pancreatitis is a well documented adverse event in ARV treatment. As is liver disease and a host of other conditions.

    Is that humble pie I hear you chewing on? Nah you'll just go off thread throw in an insult or two etc etc etc etc etc adinfinitum.

  9. Protease Inhibitors are good for you!

    Ritonavir; Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea

    (Norvir®) Hypercholesterolaemia and hypertriglyceridaemia

    Nelfinavir; Diarrhoea

    (Viracept®) Can exacerbate chronic liver disease
    Hypercholesterolaemia and hypertriglyceridaemia

    Kaletra®; Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea
    Hypercholesterolaemia and hypertriglyceridaemia

    Hypocholeserolaemia and Hypertriglyceridaemia both lead to pancreatitis and/or artheriosclosis which both lead to heart disease. Exacerbating chronic liver disease ain't too good for you either.

    Now whilst I fully agree that there is NO evidence that high dose vitamin therapy does any good, and in the case of the fat soluble vitamins like A and D, are downright bad or lethal for you. You however remain a DENIALIST of the dangers of ARV therapy. Is that through sheer ignorance or your pharma connections?

    Curious to know though, what you think of Professor Montagniers promotion of Fermented Papaya? Just reminding you he won a Nobel Prize for discovering HIV. Unlike Fauci's and Essex's friend, Gallo.

    Could be that Papaya which contains Papain (a Protease) just cancels out the Protease Inhibitors that kill you.

    Pharma Shills are as Pharma Shills Do.

  10. Null's lawsuit is a pretty transparent attempt to shift the uninsured and indefensible liability resulting from his negligence in promoting, selling and profiting from dangerous products. I imagine he has quite a few former clients gunning for him.

    The strategy is "Blame the subcontractor". Yeah, like that will work.

    Expect his entire operation to be shortly transferred lock stock and barrel to an address in Tijuana, Mexico. I gather Hulda Clark's former premises are currently vacant.

    Oh, and if there are any readers of this thread from the Inland Revenue Compliance Community, I suspect the answer to your question is "The Bahamas". Check with David Rasnick. He'll know.

  11. I was going to say that anonymous probably does not know either of these words:

    "Hypercholesterolaemia and hypertriglyceridaemia"

    Then anonymous proved me correct by later claiming they "lead to pancreatitis etc..." BUT some how, HYPERcholesterolaemia

    changed to

    HYPOcholeserol (I'll forgive him/her for misspelling "cholesterol" but HYPER and HYPO are just a teeny, tiny bit different. One might even say they are opposites. *sarcasm*!

    But nice try! And for the last time, real scientists have never claimed that ARV's do not have side effects...even some very bad side effects! If it were not for the truth and facts printed right on the package inserts, you denialists would have no idea what the meds do. Hell, you guys will not even admit the meds decrease mortality!

  12. "Curious to know though, what you think of Professor Montagniers promotion of Fermented Papaya?"

    Unless there is data to show it works I wouldn't put too much faith in it. Just like anything else, it is the data and facts that count. If he can provide data to show it is effective then great. But last I'd heard he flat out stated that his "extract" alone was ineffective when given without standard antiretrovirals.

    "Could be that Papaya which contains Papain (a Protease) just cancels out the Protease Inhibitors that kill you."

    Any evidence for this or are you just pulling crap out of your nether regions? See the thing about science is that if you wish to make a claim you then need to support it with evidence. Just making a silly claim such as "Papain will cancel out the protease inhibitors". So do you have solid evidence for this? Thought not.

  13. Every prescription medicine has side effect. Should a person not take Amphotericin for a severe infection because it has issues with nephrotoxicity? Should someone not take Isoniazid when they are infected for tuberculosis because it can have some neuropathic effects related to vitamin B? What about paclitaxel or chemotherapies - should cancer patients not take them because some are related to heart issues and they have side effect profiles?
    So, are denialists just going to list side effect profiles of medicines as a "reason" not to take them? Are they really that densely stupid?

    Even Gary Null's "Elixirs" are potentially deadly according to....Gary Null!

  14. "You must be some kind of genius.
    Show me one scientific citation or package insert that even remotely suggests antiretrovirals can cause heart attack."

    I complied with your request Seth.

    DeShongs only response is to pick on a Typo, or is that a Typer? I get them confused. And no, I don't discount that ARV's may have their place, they just aren't the allmighty panacea you profess. Besides, can't Seth answer his own arguements these days? He drivels out statements that have no basis in fact and then relies on attack drones to come to his rescue, so typical.

    Gutless is as Gutless does.

  15. Anonymous
    I wanted to go through your citations and insert snips before replying.
    JTD and Kralc are correct, you AIDS Deniers see all the bad in medications and none of the good. Manto/Mbeki/ killed a few hundred thousand people with her focus on side effects. And yet, you see all the good in criminals like Rasnick and Null... and none of the bad. Go figure.

    I do not see anything in what you included about antiretrovirals causing heart attacks. Are you saying that every adverse event from any organ system will cause a heart attack? Are you equating every ailment of the peripheral nervous system with cardiac arrest? Are you really that stupid? Show me the one study that proves AZT or any antiretroviral causes cardiac arrest?
    Go head. Make my day.

    And yes, Crazy is as crazy does.

  16. Your day is made.

    "FDA Announces Possible Safety Concern for HIV Drug Combination
    Review of data indicating life-threatening heart abnormality underway".

    You keep munching on that humble pie.

    Personally I don't listen to Rasnick or Null either, they're as full of shit as you. The FDA though does carry a bit of credence. Thought it was Duesberg who killed all the South Africans? suppose it just depends on who you're picking on at any given time.

    Stupid is as Stupid does.

  17. Bingo?
    You are the first AIDS Denier to trust the FDA. That is comforting. I guess? It is too bad that you will not identify yourself, Anonymous. It would be good for the Virus Myth crowd to know that they can trust the FDA and that Rasnick and Null are as full of shit as I am.

    But you seem to be chasing your tail. The FDA notice on Invirase says nothing about cardiac arrest... "torsades de pointes, an abnormal heart rhythm" is hardly cardiac arrest. Even the most severe event, ventricular fibrillation, only occurs in patients with an underlying cardiac condition.

    No one is saying that these drugs are a cake walk. No one is saying that they are without risk of adverse events. These drugs all have side effects. We all agree on this. So why is it that you do not see the benefits? Answer JTD, do you see these drugs extend the lives of people infected with HIV?

    It will help us if you clarify your position. Especially given that you trust the FDA!

  18. Anonymous trusts the FDA. Fantastic! Well, let me put an end to his confusion:
    Being that the FDA has credence, just check out:

    So, the FDA has approved about 35 antiretrovirals to treat HIV/AIDS. That should be very clear now.
    Glad to see you trust the FDA and now support antiretrovirals! Excellent - I'm glad that you are trusting the FDA and not denialist idiots, Anon! Good for you and congrats!!!

  19. Oh - Anon - here are the guidelines the FDA uses to treat HIV/AIDS:

    Fantastic! So now you see the importance of these medicines. Good for you! Hopefully now you can talk to the others and tell them what crackpots they are being (Clarkie, Celia, etc).

  20. Never mentioned the word "Trust" you shills, said "Credence", big difference. Just as they have never licensed specific tests to "Diagnose" HIV infections.

    That you focus on word substituion and spelling mistakes only makes you look sillier, if that's possible.

    That they license ARV drugs as well as lots of others based on pharmas research which is supposed to be honest is nothing new. Also not new is the eventual withdrawal of those drugs when it becomes so blatantly obvious that they are causing harm. Does Paxil ring a bell???? Dong!

    Now they put out a warning on a combination therapy and you lot scurry to defend the drugs once more. You're starting to look like 2010's version of the Marlboro man. You couldn't by any chance sell me a good used car?

    Shills are as Shills do.

  21. P.S.

    Thalidomide was licensed by the FDA for pregnant women based on pharma research. How about you go and tell the surviving armless and legless people out there that there was nothing wrong with the drugs, perhaps it was a retro virus once more.

    Worse still, they've starting selling it again in South America. Oh good golly, will you people stop at nothing to make a quick buck.

    Do you want me to mention a few more drugs?? Yes the FDA has credence, stemming from wheny they start withdrawing drugs from the market they are duped in to licensing. It's a shame they don't have prosecutorial powers to go after the snake oilers.

    YOU are a part of a profit machine killing people, YOU are guilty of MURDER and the Nuremburg defence wont save you.

    Killers are as Killers do

  22. What is with the paranoid rant?
    Can't a court order force this guy to take his anti-psychotics?

  23. Just as they have never licensed specific tests to "Diagnose" HIV infections.

    Except that the FDA has licensed specific tests to diagnose HIV infection.

    The point that the other people are making is that you are guilty of double standards. You give credence to the FDA when you think that they agree with your beliefs and you don't when they don't agree with your beliefs. The only thing that this demonstrates is your own confirmation bias.

    This is a common theme in HIV Denial. Thousands of papers that show that HIV exists and causes AIDS are dutifully ignored and the odd paper that can be twisted or misinterpreted to support denial are trumpeted.

  24. Hey TJ, you sound just like one of those fascists that forces pregnant women to take ARV's or they lose their kids.

    Pharma Police or mandated profits now.

    Not that Big Pharma have had any input in to the psychiactric profession of course....GUFFAW

  25. Anonymous,
    Do you have any idea how bizarre is what you wrote? "fascists forcing pregnant women to to take ARVs".

    I am sorry, but AIDS denialism is pure insanity. It is hard to believe how the people who originally thought HIV does not cause AIDS still believe that. Some, like Duesberg, probably keep arguing that for pure ego purposes. However, I would not be surprised if others have more selfish motives. Like publicity and in some cases, making money out of it (i.e. selling books, lectures, etc). I think most people who believe these bizarre things are simply victims of others who use aids denialism as means to make money or advance themselves in other ways.

    For anyone with minimal scientific background, it is very easy to recognize how out of touch with reality AIDS denialism is. People who buy into it seem to be usually lay people who are vulnerable and really want to believe that AIDS is not what really is. The whole thing is sad.

  26. What happened to Bill? You know, that guy who you hassled about some article. AME has not been posting on his death. Was Bill his real name? Is he still alive? He was against HIV meds and consumed Null products. I fear the worst.

  27. Anyone care to comment on the irony of Gary Null's products confirming the NULL hypothesis? HAhahahahahaa!!!

  28. Actually, "Anon" - Thalidomide is being used in Brazil under very tight control for erythema nodosum leprosum, as leprosy is an issue for them. Your psychotic rants lead me to believe that there is a very high likelihood that you are Clarkie Baker - and if you aren't, perhaps you have a panic room installed in your house filled with guns and food supplies for the upcoming "Rapture" that the communist Kenyan Obama will bring?
    Hey - when you talk about "Snake Oilers" - care to elaborate on Gary Null or Robert Scott Bell? Funny that a denialist would even mention the term "snake oil" - the irony is magnificent!
    Your lack of understanding of the antiretroviral data is incredible. The longer that they have been around, the higher their benefits have been shown.

    Here is a challenge to you Anon - care to publicly state your scientific background?

    Denialist is as Denialist Does.
    Idiot is as Idiot Does.
    Uneducated is as Uneducated Does.
    Paranoid is as Paranoid Does.

  29. I notice that "House of Numbers" will soon be showing at the "Health Freedom" expo in Chicago Illinois. It is a distinguished symposium featuring acclaimed scientists such as Kevin Trudeau (of infomercial fame before he was convicted of multiple felonies), Sherry Tenpenny, and other people who will be selling their nutriceuticals like Robert Scott Bell and Dick Gregory.

    House of Numbers is a Nutrislut! HAHAHAHA!!!

  30. As usual it's all in the fine print, Noble trots out a list of licensed "Diagnostic Tests". But when we read the list, it's Screening Test, Donor Test etc etc. And when we look at a licensed "Diagnositc Test" we can read the actual disclosure to the FDA.

    Although a Positive result may indicate infection with HIV-l, a diagnosis of
    Acquired lmmunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) can be made only if an
    individual meets the case definition of AIDS established by the Centers for
    Disease Control.

    And with all things AIDS, you people have substituted the word "MAY" as found in the product literature, and confused it with "SHALL" to show some sort of a proof of something. I could make the claim that there MAY be Martians, that would hardly constitute any form of proof except in the world of your VOODOO Science.

    "There is not a single stand alone test licensed by the FDA to prove infection with HIV in a living human being."

    Now read the statement, it's pretty simple so even you morons should be able to understand it and come back with one when you find it.

    Make my Day.

  31. Anothergone
    I have no idea what happened to Bill. He had been ranting about HIV not being a sexually transmitted infection, you know the Padian Rant. I told him to put up or shut up and read a recent review article on heterosexually transmitted HIV. He could not read it. Unable to understand a word, I told him to admit that he can only recite back the denialist one-liners he finds at Rethinking AIDS etc. or I would not post his comments. He tried and kept my word. Then he disappeared. I now worry that maybe something did happen to him. I cannot say he has fallen sick or has died, and I hope not. But I suppose it is most likely.

  32. I can see why 'Anonymous' chooses to remain anonymous.

    There is a difference between HIV and AIDS. Of course you need to assess the immune suppression caused by HIV before a diagnosis of AIDS can be made.

    Face it. You read the myth that there are no licensed specific tests to "Diagnose" HIV infections on denialist websites and you have parroted it here without bothering to check on the FDA website. As I have shown there are several tests that have been licensed for exactly this purpose.

    Your attempt to obfuscate by changing the topic to AIDS diagnosis is noted.

  33. Anon: "Thalidomide was licensed by the FDA for pregnant women based on pharma research."

    Good point. Or at least it would be except that thalidomide was not licensed by the FDA until 1998 when it was strictly controlled for use with leprosy.

  34. "And with all things AIDS, you people have substituted the word "MAY"...I could make the claim that there MAY be Martians, that would hardly constitute any form of proof except in the world of your VOODOO Science."

    Actually, if you paid attention to any sort of real science you'd find the word "MAY" in there quite a bit. There is always the acknowledged possibility for errors in science. In this case, since there is a very remote chance of false positives, a positive result MAY indicate infection rather than SHALL because even 99.98% specificity has a 0.02% chance of false positive. There is no Voodoo. You will find this type of wording elsewhere in diagnostic tests as well. Are you saying that any test that is not 100% specific and 100% sensitive is voodoo?

    "There is not a single stand alone test licensed by the FDA to prove infection with HIV in a living human being." Now read the statement, it's pretty simple so even you morons should be able to understand it and come back with one when you find it."

    The key words here are stand-alone". It takes a combination of high sensitivity and high specificity tests. Since high-sensitivity tests have a higher chance of false positives, confirmation is generally done with a high specificity test afterward. It's "pretty simple" and is not unique to HIV. Do you likewise distrust other diseases with such testing protocols? Did you even know that other diseases follow the same testing protocol or do you only "know" what you read on denialist sites?

  35. Brave "anonymous" said:
    "Hey TJ, you sound just like one of those fascists that forces pregnant women to take ARV's or they lose their kids."

    Where were these "fascists" when Eliza Jane needed them? EJ would be alive had Maggiore given her own daughter the benefit of the doubt that just maybe Maggiore was wrong.

    Tell EJ about those "fascists". OH, wait, you can't. She's dead!

  36. Nice little video on youtube from c0nc0rdance:

    Might be worth linking from the main post, Seth.