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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Deconstructing David Crowe

Next to Henry Bauer, David Crowe is my favorite AIDS Denialist.

It was, after all, David Crowe who took me under his wing to give me a bird's eye view of AIDS denialism. Crowe and Henry Bauer taught me that AIDS Deniers are sincere when they say that HIV does not cause AIDS. In fact , they don't just say it -  they live it! Crowe and Bauer really believe that HIV is harmless and that HIV tests are invalid.  It is their reality.  Using my nickname, Joe Newton (for obvious reasons), the psychopathology that runs through Denialism was vividly displayed by my AIDS Denialist mentors. AIDS Denialism is no joke...still it is easy to mistake David Crowe the AIDS Denialist for David Crowe the comedian. 

I recently saw David Crowe's (the AIDS Denialist) latest essay. Trying to keep the legacy of former South African Denialist President Thabo Mbeki in our hearts and minds, David Crowe rants that AIDS In Africa is caused by poverty, HIV tests are invalid, the numbers are cooked, blah ......  

I have not read Crowe's essay myself. I tried. I cannot. I am finding it increasingly difficult to read the same old crap spewed by AIDS Denialists, over and over and over again.

That is why I was happy to see that JTD, a frequent commentator on my blog,  takes Crowe to task and debunks his latest rant.

I met JTD at the Harvard Symposium on AIDS Conspiracy Theories and Denialism last October.  That is also where I met Pride Chigwedere, a Harvard researcher that Crowe targets in his latest rant.

Good to see JTD deconstructing David Crowe. Which is sort of like molding wet tissue paper - just a touch and it falls apart.

A fun read well worth checking out.


  1. Seth,
    I'm glad you linked to the original paper with it's 142 citations. In Crowe's (laughable) disseration, Crowe only discusses a few of those. I wonder why that would be? I believe Crowe bit off more than he could chew. He should stick to 18th Century Crimean History!

    As for me, I am most proud of my Potemkin Village Idiot analogy! I know where my strengths lie (lay?) whatever! hehee

  2. JTD
    The scary thing is that Crowe actually thinks he understands this stuff. The really crazy part is when these guys get past the very basics and lose themselves in what they don't understand. They attribute their not understanding to some flaw in the science when it actually their own limitations at fault.

    When people think of paranoids they usually focus on the persecution beliefs - like Rasnick thinking the CIA is conspiring against him and Duesberg.

    But grandiosity is the core feature of Paranoid Personality. Grandiosity is what makes Rasnick think he is important enough for anyone to persecute him. The same grandiosity that makes David Crowe believe that he could possible read an article by Chigwedere and Essex and understand it.

    Pretty sad.

  3. Do your handlers at AIDSTRUTH pick your material for you? I note this was a 3 prong attack, well 2 and a half as DeShong was involved. The fact you all collude so openly now only reinforces you are a part of the AIDS machinery.

    Oh well keep collecting that salary paid for by NIH grants to keep the faith alive.

    Did you ever stop to think that when the Dissidents are proven right, then everything you have done in your professional career will count for absolutely nothing. 'Spose not, too busy saying "Ka-Ching".

    Can you say why when Duesberg published his peer reviewed rebuttal of Gallo's HIV hypotheses in Cancer Research an emminent medical Journal, there was and never has been an appropriate answer to it?

  4. Jack Newton

    I bet that is not your real name.

    Correction - I am not part of the AIDS machinery. That would be HIV. I am part of the HIV/AIDS scientific research establishment.

    When the Dissidents are proven right?
    Help me out. How exactly is that going to happen?

    Is Peter Duesberg using private lab funding to feed common pet mice poppers?

    Is David Rasnick still conducting illegal 'clinical trials' to convince Africans with AIDS to replace medications with Rath vitamins?

    Is Roberto Geraldo conducting more experiments to show that when you do not follow instructions you get invalid test results?

    Are Andy Maniotis and David Crowe monitoring the health of people they have convinced to stop their treatment? (I know I am)

    Is Henry Bauer conducting a case control study of impure viruses in Nessies?

    There have been countless replies to Duesberg's cancer research paper. The best was of course the series in Science. I discuss several in the Duesberg Given his Due section of Denying AIDS.

    Duesberg is no longer taken seriously on anything. He has been reduced to a mere curiosity. A promising scientist whose mental state did him in. What will be his enduring contributions when he gone?

    Have you stopped to think how exactly the denialists will be proven right?

    Have you stopped to think at all?

    Can you think, at all??

  5. I would be interested to know what this 2 and a half prong attack of David Crowe is? If Seth is one and I am the half, who is two?

    Please Jack Newton, provide details at to who else has written about Crowe's silly, unsubstantiated Potemkin Village. In other words, I am believe you are lying.

  6. "I am believe you are lying"

    Todd you can't even string 6 words together correctly. How does anyone trust you in a Laboratory.

  7. Anonymous Denialist.
    We are waiting for your answer to how it is that the Dissidents will eventually be proven right. How about just one example of what we might look forward to. Just one.

  8. Just watched Law and Order SVU Retro episode again. They should show it in a 24 hour loop on Rethinking AIDS Day. Such a tribute to the AIDS Deniers and their most famous victim Christine Maggiore.
    Really too bad, but a great show!!

  9. Anyone care to comment on how Kim Bannon is doing?
    That seems to shut up the denialists for a bit...

  10. Henry Bauer's StudentMarch 26, 2010 at 10:42 AM

    You can see for yourself how Kim is doing at her Facebook page, where her friends post. I think the handy work of Crowe and his pals is more than apparent. When will these guys be charged with murder?

  11. Henry Bauer's StudentMarch 26, 2010 at 10:43 AM

    Here is the link to Kim's page

  12. Read what Celia Farber just wrote about Kim Bannon, if you have the stomach:

    Farber is also begging for money again on the same message board, in the Tony Lance video thread.

  13. Oh my dear, sweet Josephine in heaven! I made a grammatical mistake! I am a mere human and I made an error! I know anonymous will never forgive me, but Seth, can you forgive me for defiling this thread?

    Hey, how about this, anonymous. I will try to stop making honest mistakes, if Crowe et al will stop intentionally lying!

    I think I found who Jack Newton is claiming is the second person ganging up on Crowe. This is from and that site as well as the author, Zack Kaufmann, have nothing whatsoever to do with "the AIDS machinery".
    However, it is very well written and further proves that most rational people do not buy into the junk science Crowe et al are selling.


  14. "...Anyone care to comment on how Kim Bannon is doing? That seems to shut up the denialists for a bit..."

    It takes more than that to shut Celia Farber up. She has already started speculating about what's really causing Kim's current illness.

    Farber seems to be blaming here current illness on the alleged physical abuse Kim suffered during her marriage between 1992 and 2001. This, in turn, is apparently the fault of her dad ("join the dots") who failed to intervene to stop it, and who caused her to have an unhappy childhood: "...WHY SHE WAS NOT PROTECTED by those charged with her protection on this earth. Find me one woman who is the victim of domestic abuse who had a loving childhood and a sane and good and loving father. Find ONE."

    Farber is utterly shameless.

    She does, however, have the answer to Kim's problems - sitting in a magic box that produces "vibrations at the frequency of pure love": "I believe that Kim could be healed if she could be taken to the Life Vessel Institute in New Mexico, where they help people recover from the most severe mental and neurological breakdowns, in an atmosphere of Christ like compassion, which is what Kim needs."

    Farber is shameless, clueless, and completely nuts.

  15. Interesting. Kim Bannon, according to the page is dying of "full-blown AIDS" according to her doctors. She is in a hospice, and her doctors said, according to her facebook page:
    "This could have been prevented if she would have taken the drugs when her symptoms started, within the past few years."

    How tragic. This is what happens when delusional uneducated narcissists like Baker and Crowe implant their rants in a vulnerable and naive person.

  16. This is a classic!
    Go to this link to read what they are saying about Crowe, his crazy article, and AIDS Denialism.

  17. Does anybody knows how Karri Stockley doing? I heard she has only 90 T-cell left and doing that true? Isn't she suppose to be dead by now? Just curious.

  18. Hi Seth,

    I recently read your book and coincidentally met David Crowe within the same week (I live in Calgary). I completely understand why you dislike/hate David Crowe considering your understanding of HIV/AIDS. Although I do believe that HIV leads to AIDS I understand the questioning of the scientific community.

    As a complete outsider to this community I would like to say that I found parts of your book as well as the above thread to be somewhat damaging to your position. You appear to be just as certain of your facts as David Crowe is of his. You both (you within your book and David Crowe in conversation) use character assassinations to discredit one another and you attempt to frame others as pathological in their views because they decide to disbelieve what you hold to be truth.

    I personally would have found your book more convincing if you had embedded the denial of science within a context of the problematic nature of the scientific community. We all know that ideally science is this entity that exists outside of human influence but we also know that paradigms can influence people to think in similar ways and lead to a continuation of false beliefs. (i.e "The Crime of Galileo" by Giorgio de Santillana, as opposed to your statement that science is always accepting of dissidents - it does not appear that Galileo was supported by other scientists of his time).

    Although I do believe that HIV leads to AIDS, I recognize inconsistencies and anecdotes that give support to additional explanations of the path between testing HIV positive and developing AIDS, that the scientific community is not particularly good at funding.

    Sorry to break your threads with this aside.....hope everyone is having a wonderful day, don't let the AIDS denialists get under your skin too far....