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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Major AIDS Denialist Protest at the Village Voice in NYC: A Show of Farce

On April 6, 2009 AIDS Denialists demonstrated in New York City to protest the Village Voice newspaper coverage of the HIV treatment trials conducted with Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) in New York City. AIDS denialist journalist Liam Scheff had alleged that ‘black, Hispanic, and poor’ children in the care of Children’s Services had been enrolled without their knowledge and against the wishes of their parents or guardians in HIV/AIDS clinical trials that were ‘neither safe nor necessary.’ The hysterical distortions resulted in the senseless interruption of the children’s treatment and stopping the drug trials. I discussed the Liam Scheff fiasco in my post below “When Denialists Get Their Due, Do We All Pay?

The protest demonstration was announced at the Rethinking AIDS and AIDS Myth Exposed websites. Calling to arms masses of AIDS denialists in New York and beyond:
On April 1, The Village Voice published a story, "After the Fall," pretending sympathy toward the New York City "orphans" used in painful and sometimes fatal HIV drug trials at Incarnation Children's Center in Washington Heights. These revelations had already hit the city hard in 2004 and were only recently the subject of a sham investigation. At least 200 children, almost all black and Hispanic, died. Asserting that only "denialists" would oppose these practices, the reporter did not disclose that she had received — but refused to read — peer-reviewed, published scientific information on high false HIV positives among pregnant women and newborns, and the terrible side effects of the drugs.

Please join us at 4:00 p.m. Monday, April 6, in front of the Village Voice offices at 36 Cooper Square, New York City, for a demonstration in solidarity with parents and minorities to demand: Publication of a new story about the inaccuracies of HIV testing and the deadly side effects of FDA-designated "Black Box" drugs, using actual scientific evidence; Release of the medical records on these children by the State of New York and Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center.”

I was not about to miss this. I asked my colleague Joe Newton to cover the event.

A total of three demonstrators showed up.

Three? Yes, three.

The ratio of AIDS realists to AIDS denialists was 1:1.

The Villiage Voice had one of their reporters there as well, so the ratio was actually 1:0.7.

I was surprised that only three AIDS denialists would be there to protest one of the most outrageous crimes against children in New York’s history.

The protestors were not even AIDS dissidents! Joe spoke with two of the three demonstrators about their beliefs regarding HIV causing AIDS. One said that they thought there was evidence for both HIV causing and not causing AIDS. Not exactly a firmly committed AIDS dissident! And the other said that they had no doubt that HIV causes AIDS and was there demonstrating for the ethical rights of children in clinical trials. These folks didn't even care to talk about HIV/AIDS. There were interested in getting the kids' medical records made public.

The protesters handed out flyers about children abuse.

Flyers were inserted (looks like Beth Ely hard at work) into Village Voice newspapers. There was one line in the flyer that questions the accuracy of HIV tests. That was it.

And where was Liam Scheff during the demonstration? Was he in California covering another story? And what of other AIDS denialist journalists?

What could possibly have been more important?


  1. Oh this is priceless!!
    Yep, it seems like there certainly are many "Re-Thinkers" out there ready to stand up for what they beleive. (I love that LiaR Scheff was not there!)
    On another post here, Brian Carter, Moderator at AME wrote the following to Snout:
    "In your long winded diatribe describing who the deniers are, you left out the common folk who see right through the diabolical trappings of your overly protected, heavily funded death and dying club. They grow in numbers day by day."
    This blog post proves Brian wrong as usual. Also, I'm so glad you took pics to prove it...but I doubt they will believe it until you culture as well!
    Another example of just how many dissidents there are just takes a stroll over to see BC at AME. The homepage says 2,500 members (about 10 of those are me as BC kept kicking me off) and over 35,000 posts. However, when the "new/improved" site came up a month or so ago, there was a feature that showed how many members were on LIVE! It is now disabled. Probably since there was me and 4 others on at that time!!
    God, those denialists may be as smart as cockroaches, but they breed like dinosaurs...or monsters, Nessie monsters, that is!

  2. JTD
    It is amazing how so few can do so much damage. My goal in writing Denying AIDS was to first understand them and to expose them for what they are. Man do they make it easy. Narcissism and Paranoia are not a good mix of personality traits, and that is what we see in AIDS denialists, from the rats (Deusberg), to the fleas on the rats (Null) to the amoebas that are fleas on the rats (Bauer). Maggiore and her followers are sad cases. Those guys have to protect the rats and fleas to stay in their own denialist bubble.

    I Can't wait for the protest, demonstration, and other public event! Good times!

  3. Just like my min pin's poop:
    Small pile, Big Smell!
    Also, I love the rat/flea/amoeba analogy. It's what Frenchy told Good Sandy in GREASE about men!

  4. So who are these three people? Are any of them in the upper denialism hierarchy or are they just low level nobodies conned into wasting their time by those who couldn't be bothered to show up?

    -Poodle Stomper

  5. On of the advantages (and disadvantages) of the internet is that any two cranks with similar delusions will be able to find each other.

    Denialists of all flavours form small insular groups. They reinforce each others delusions and fool themselves about the level of popular support for their crankologies. You see the same pattern in evolution denial, the 911 troothers and climate change skeptics. They all assemble lists of dissenting scientists (often containing the same names) to fool their lay followers that the paradigm change is imminent.

    The last call to arms for the HIV Denialists was the Change.Org campaign. They only managed around 150 votes and that included some of them self admittedly creating false accounts and voting several times.

  6. Poodle Stomper,

    There were really no AIDS denialists there. Liam was in California, so one of them said. Only one protester was somewhat of an AIDS denialist. The other couple of them were protesting against the ICC affair specifically, not HIV/AIDS.

    This is NYC. You would think that AME and RA could have gotten someone out there. They have a HEAL group in NYC. Gary Null (and Void) is in NYC. I mean come on, its New York! I bet I could organize 100 people to come out and demonstrate against Pizza. Someone there said that there was a bus load of ‘dissidents’ but they canceled because of the rain!

    Goes to show the only commitment among AIDS Denialists is the kind their psychiatrists sign.

  7. With such pathetic support, according to you and your pathetic apologist friends, for all things so called HIV deniers stand for, it behooves one to understand why you, Kalichman, spend every waking hour, and no doubt even in your sleep, tilting with them in support of your phantom HIV as if you were in some Quixotic trance. You are one weird dude. Perhaps all dat psycho book learnin you endured in shrink school has gone to your head.

  8. Thanks for your comment Anonymous.
    Now that was one long sentence!
    Take a breath. You sound a bit like the verbose and obtuse Henry Bauer! (you know, the Nessie hunter guy)

    You are right, of course, I do spend every waking hour, and even sometimes in my sleep, working to combat the human suffering caused by HIV/AIDS. AIDS Denialists such as yourself are just one small facet of the task. But one that has caught my attention given my interest in psychopathology. So thanks for the material.

    So where were you when asked to answer the call to protest the Village Voice? Surely if Joe Newton could be there you could have made the trip? JTD is right. What a joke.

    By the way, the term shrink is usually reserved for psychiatrists and I am a Clinical-Community Psychologist. But that is ok, I will accept the compliment.

  9. You mean the word "shrink" does not offend you yet "denialist" is a fightin' word? Just goes to show who has a sense of humor and who does not.

  10. JTD
    How could anything an AIDS denialist says about me be taken seriously? I certainly can’t take them seriously. That is the whole point of Denying AIDS. They have no credibility. None. The only people who can hurt me are those I respect. They make it easy for us to point out what they are.

  11. Kalichman, you are so full of it. Prof Bauer has had 4 graduate students and two of them are tenured academics! One has been a Dept Chair and a Dean! And you bet he has publications! Over 85 peer reviewed scientific articles. So what do you say to that!! Liar!

  12. Travis, can you please post a few of those esteemed research articles Bauer claims to have? I cannot find a single one. Why not? Go search my name in PubMed Travis, see what you find.

  13. Seth, PubMed doesn't index electrochemistry journals.

    If you search in other databases and go back to the 1970s then you'll his electrochemical papers.

    He doesn't seem to have done any science since then.

    He also knows bugger all about epidemiology, virology and molecular biology.

  14. So Bauer has mentored four graduate students in what must be a 90 year academic career?
    Now that is something. Most academics I know have 4 active students, 1 or 2 new ones a year.

    No kidding, Four? He said that?

    Thanks Chris for the publication information.

    Henry Bauer cannot remember the last time he published science. Interesting that he did not tell Travis “What are you stupid, I have published several recent articles in AIDS science”.

    I guess old Henry does not consider his AIDS papers science either. That is good to know. Gives me hope.

    And what has Henry Bauer been doing since 1972 if that’s when he last published any science?

    We know he spent time at Loch Ness, lurking about looking for monsters. We also know he was deeply involved with leadership at the acclaimed pseudoscience group Society for Scientific Exploration.

    1972? Like 37 years ago? Richard Nixon was President. Super Bowl VI was played. Bloody Sunday occurred in Northern Ireland (you know, Sunday, Bloody Sunday), Brando stared in the God Father. The Watergate break, George Carlin was arrested for obscenities in Milwaukee, baseball great Roberto Clemente dies in a plane crash. So what the hell has Henry Bauer been doing since 1972???

    Maybe he will tell our young friend Travis?

  15. This was just too funny...apparently Bauer got too busy planning his 11th Nessie vacation to come to Travis' rescue...see below (note: in prior post Bauer said he had 85 peer reviewed articles)

    Travis says:
    Dr. Bauer, I am glad that you cleared that up! You are smart for not even bothering with his blog.
    Kalichman claimed that you did not publish in peer reviewed journals because he said that a search of science and medical publishers or ‘pubmed’ found nothing of yours.
    I would love to rub this in his face. Can you post a few of the most important or most recent ones here? I know this might be a hassle, but the more mud on his lying face the better!

    Bauer says:

    I don’t have time at the moment, I’m about to go away for two weeks. You can wade through my CV, on my personal website, to get to the chemistry stuff toward the end.

    (Bless your heart tried!)

  16. Seth,
    If you don't mind, I may just have to copy/paste the above and post it at correctingbauer!
    I know it's not exactly in the spirit of correctingbauer, but it sure is hysterical!

  17. they killed c. magiore 2 !