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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Price of Investing in AIDS Denial Scams

Scam suspect claims he's paying back $200,000

San Antonio Express News

Accused of bilking nearly $200,000 from a partly paralyzed doctor, Douglas McClain Sr. said Friday he was no scam artist and intends to pay back Dr. Charles Arnold.
McClain, 61, said he's already paid back $15,800 — which was news to Arnold.

“That would be nice,” said Arnold, a 73-year-old neuropsychiatrist who was paralyzed in a motorcycle wreck several years ago. “But it isn't true.”

The criminal case is the latest legal headache for McClain, who owns a 3,600-square-foot home in Fair Oaks Ranch appraised by the county at nearly $410,000.

Over the years, angry investors have filed more than $7.8 million in civil court judgments against McClain at the Bexar County courthouse.

Last year, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit accusing McClain of falsely telling investors a drug derived from goat blood could potentially cure HIV and other diseases.

McClain sold $300,000 in stock shares to hopeful investors, some of whom were terminally ill patients at a Texas holistic clinic. He took their money but never gave them any stock, the federal lawsuit alleges.

McClain spoke to a reporter Friday for the first time after Kendall County deputies arrested him Aug. 10 at a UPS store in Boerne on theft charges in Arnold's case. He insists he's not the scammer Arnold claims.

“That is not true,” said McClain, who was waiting in District Court Judge Philip Kazen's courtroom for a hearing in the criminal case that was later rescheduled. “I've known the family for over 10 years.”

Asked why investors kept suing him, McClain said the civil judgments against him are much higher than the actual amount investors lost because he didn't contest them in court.
“The amount of judgments wasn't anywhere near the money that was either invested or borrowed,” he said. “They're default judgments. I didn't fight them. It costs more money to fight them.”

McClain said he was “getting ready to settle all those” cases and declined to talk about the federal lawsuit alleging he tricked terminally ill patients.

“I actually can't discuss that because of the SEC,” McClain said.

Arnold said McClain gained his trust last year after he helped Arnold mend frayed relationships with his children. McClain presented himself as an affable, Bible-quoting businessman who promised to sort out their differences.

The mediation sessions worked and Arnold was grateful. Then McClain asked for an $8,500 loan.

The money was supposed to be spent on business expenses while McClain went through the process of selling his family's coal mine in Kentucky, a deal McClain claimed was worth $41 million.

McClain put up a rifle as collateral for the loan and Arnold was more than happy to help. Over the months, McClain kept asking for more money. Arnold finally called police April 30 after loaning McClain most of his savings — nearly $200,000.
San Antonio police Detective Robert Sholund, who's assigned to the department's white-collar crimes detail, checked McClain's bank records and discovered the funds Arnold paid him “were being used for day-to-day expenses, such as eating, shopping, ATM withdrawals, medical payments, paying bills and wire transfers, to name a few,” Sholund wrote in an arrest warrant affidavit.


  1. Liar. I don't believe him for a second.

  2. McClain of falsely telling investors a drug derived from goat blood could potentially cure HIV and other diseases.

    Sounds a lot like AZT, only Glaxo made a heap more out of that scam than this guy did. Plus how do you rationalise selling a life saving medicine to dying people for 20k per year? and they still died, in fact the more of the drug you gave them the quicker they died, ergo 1800mg monotherapy. How short your memory Seth, perhaps it's alzheimers.

    1. Because you made all that up, and unlike goat blood, there is evidence medicine is effective?

  3. Douglas McClain a.k.a. Clark Baker

  4. Which bit did I make up Elon? are you in Glaxo Denial now or will you try say it wasn't Glaxo in the 80's. I mean a name change from Beecham, Smith Kline Beecham, to Glaxo Smith Kline and then Glaxo only denotes corporate mergers, it doesn't absolve them of guilt or liability, just ask the asbestos manufacturers.

    Q. Was mono therapy with AZT safe and effective?

    1. In that it raised the average lifespan of an AIDS patient from 11 months to 17 months, yes. AZT is not that deadly as you guys seem to think. None of you have ever actually provided a shred of evidence or a mechanism for all the things you claim about it.

    2. "In that it raised the average lifespan of an AIDS patient from 11 months to 17 months, yes."

      Are you referring to Concorde for your data Elon? that most infamous of sham trials that even hardened orthodox shy away from.

      "AZT is not that deadly as you guys seem to think."

      So is it a little bit deadly, moderately deadly or a lot deadly then?

      "None of you have ever actually provided a shred of evidence or a mechanism for all the things you claim about it."

      True, the evidence is actually contained in the orthodox literature. Do I have to dredge it out for you?

      Regardless of any other argument, I can't believe that in this day and age you would still attempt to defend AZT. That in itself shows your total bias, lack of objectivity and exposes you as a total AIDS zealot. All the hallmarks of a pharma-whore. Again, what is your role at Glaxo?

    3. I have no role at Glaxo, just a background in science and common sense.

      Ok then. What is the mechanism for AZT mediated selective CD4+ cell lost? Go on show me. I'm waiting?

  5. Wow, the term "Aids Denialist" is taking on wider and wider meaning away from its origins. I think I'll use it more in conversation from now on seeing it can mean anything.

    1. Anon
      The term "Aids Denialist" is entirely your fabrication, and the meanings you put on it are yours again.

      Of course it is a tautology, in that no one in the dissident world actually denies the existence of AIDS as a clinical syndrome. But like all right wing fascists you seek to deny anyones' right to question the prevailing political dogma. I'm sure if you had your way you'd have our heads shaved, some stripey pyjamas and the tatto "denialist" on our forearms. I've seen some of your fellows rants on execution and internment for all denialists......sounds strangely familiar.

      Seig Heil.

    2. Who are you kidding? You do actually deny AIDS as a clinical syndrome. David Crowe has even convinced himself T cells don't matter. And people like Christine Maggiore died of mysterious causes, not AIDS.

    3. I don't deny anyone's right to question the prevailing political dogma. But if someone throws himself off a cliff, because he does not believe in the political dogma of gravity and tries to convince others to join his madness, then I would indeed make every effort to dissuade them.

    4. "Who are you kidding? You do actually deny AIDS as a clinical syndrome."

      Now you're a mind reader?

      "David Crowe has even convinced himself T cells don't matter."

      No, I think Rodriguez did that in 2008.

      "And people like Christine Maggiore died of mysterious causes, not AIDS."

      I'm prepared to admit I don'know, something you would never do. In fact all HIV "Science" denies a lack of knowledge about anything and refers to glib remarks at the conclusions to papers such as "Not clearly understood" (google it you'll get a million hits in pubmed)Still no cure, no vaccine still no actual improvement in treatment, just what do you lot understand, if anything?

    5. No improvement in treatment? The median life expectancy of an AIDS patient in 1985 was 11 months. You can find that on pubmed.

      Then with the invention of AZT monotherapy, that increased to 17 months.

      With the invention of protease inhibitors, life expectancy shot up dramatically.

      And just this year, a paper was published showing that a smoker on HAART is more at risk of death from the cigarettes than from AIDS. You guys are living in the past; that is why you assume nothing changed.

    6. As for Crowe, I can give you a quote about T cells if you want it. I know you guys deny AIDS as a clinical syndrome, because you constantly write about how it doesn't exist.

    7. I would admit that I also don't know, except I do, because there has been reams of experimental data since the eighties. We do clearly understand the virus's structure and the method of replication. I am not sure why you even bother to claim "no actual improvement in treatment" in light of the fact that HAART has been extremely and obviously effective, so effective that even many denialists end up taking it as a last ditch effort to save their lives.

      A lack of cure or vaccine does not mean we don't know anything. It just means making a cure or vaccine is hard. But we can treat this. Get with the times.

      And if you would like a quote of Crowe insinuating T Cells don't matter, I would be happy to oblige. Your leaders are kooks. You'll just have to face that.

  6. Actually, Mr "Snake Oil" - (a good name for you):
    There has been tremendous improvement in treatment of HIV/AIDS. Yes, there is no cure or vaccine. Primary brain cancer doesn't have a cure or vaccine either. I guess it doesn't exist either?
    You really are a genius! Your logic has been "Clarkified"!

  7. KKK applauds Snake Oil!January 11, 2013 at 10:43 PM

    Yes! Snake Oil Clarkie, we applaud you! You admit you don't know anything!

    That is exactly what the Klarkie Klown Kops stand for! We proudly admit that we don't know anything! We know-nothings deny evolution. We deny science! We are proud of our objectivity that we don't know anything!

    Of course, if we took the time to read we would destroy our objectivity! That is the beauty of Klark! He and Snake oil refuse to be biased by facts!

    Oh my pretties. Join us and let ignorance destroy humanity! Then Dr. Strangelove can finally breed a brave new species free from taint of education!

    Today, all Snake Oil! Tomorrow, the world!

  8. Natural News has done it again. First they bravely reported about how harmless polio is when no one else would. Then they revealed the shocking truth about AIDS medication. Now they bring you the inside scoop on what really happened to Aaron Swartz. Tragic suicide? No! He was assassinated by Chris Dodd and the Motion Picture Agency. Mike also points out that "For the record, no one has attempted to kill me in at least the last 18 months." But now that you revealed the truth, Mike, that will change. That will change.

  9. HILARIOUS! And "naturalnews" is Clarkie's preferred source of information and education which he frequently cites on his blog. I hear Clarkie is getting pretty desparate lately and trying to complain to medical boards about doctors he doesn't like. Whaddaloser.

  10. How long will it be before "naturalnews" and Clarkie "expose" the conspiracy of the Newtown massacre?

    1. Turns out, it was a day.

      ""Or that Lanza kid...maybe he didn't kill anybody at all."
      Yes, he was just dead on the scene with a gun, lots of ammunition and many witnesses. But... maybe.

  11. notElon said: "David Crowe has even convinced himself T cells don't matter."

    The problem is not that David Crowe has convinced himself that T cells don't matter, but rather that he repeatedly and systematically targets people with HIV with this bullshit.

    David Crowe is already personally responsible for a substantial body count, but his best known victim (his pièce de résistance if you like) was Emery Taylor.

    You can see him in action on Jonathan Barnett's blog:

    David Crowe: "I was in a doctor’s office with a recently diagnosed HIV+ person a year or two ago and the doctor assured him that the CD4 count indicated your CURRENT health status. This is the standard dogma. Therefore, the fact that your CD4 counts have declined so much WITHOUT getting PCP, KS etc. is proof that the CD4 counts are bunk. CD4 counts are supposed to indicate the CURRENT health of your immune system, unlike viral load that is supposed to indicate the amount of virus attacking you, and therefore is a forward looking indicator. In other words, with a CD4 count this low you should, according to the dogma, already have PCP and/or KS. And you don’t. So the dogma must be wrong...

    It is insane to take your CD4 counts seriously and poison yourself with ARVs. I don’t know where your head is at but nothing you say above provides justification for what you are doing."

    Jonathan Barnett: "I couldn’t believe the above comment, so I verified that it really is from THE David Crowe. I’ll respond in another post someday."

    As any forensic psychologist would recognize, David Crowe is your bog-standard predatory psychopath.

  12. Yes, David Crowe is completely bonkers. Since HIV does not exist, neither do viral loads and CD4 counts are absurd.

    Why does this blog focus only on Duesberg and his Krummy Klowns? We demand equal time for the true denialists! The time has come to admit the supremacy of the Perth Group!

    We Perthians are the only consistent denialists! HIV does not exist! Why does Crowe crow about absurdities?

    We deny Clark/Duesberg. We deny the KKK. We want an end to Farber. We embrace the end of humanity.

    You scientists would be a lot smarter to support us Perthians against Duesberg. In the cold war, democracy won by pitting Russia against China. Stop treating denialists as if we were one group! We want an end to Clark as much as you do.

    Yes, we want to bury you. But first, let us join together and bury Duesberg.

  13. Down with Perthians!

    They deny that HIV has been photographed with an electron microscope!

    Perhs are heretics. Let them burn, baby!

    The KKK challenges Perth to a rumble. If you guys are real men, show it. Be there, and be ready to fight with rocks, chains, you name it!

    This is how real men decide scientific debates. By fights to the death! Boo on science and logic. Up with might makes right.

    C'Mon Perth- show your metal. Fight, or admit you are chickns!

  14. Perthians are chickens!January 26, 2013 at 8:25 PM

    Ha! I knew those Perth guys are chickens.

    They are afraid to mix it up with Dueberg and the Klarkie Klown Kops. I don't blame you Perth lightweights! Like a vampire recoiling at dawn, the Perthians scatter like rats!

    Methinks the Perthians protest too much. On the mean streets of Rio and Calcutta, we don't cotton to those Pesky Perth Pests (PPP).

    The KKK beats the PPP everytime.

    Everyone in the denialist community: choose sides! We're going to have a rumble tonight.