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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Montagnier Joins Mullis in the Nobel Prize Crackpot Club

By Steven Salzberg for Forbes magazine
If you’re reading this from anywhere but Chicago, you just missed the Autism One conference, which ends today. This conference, run by Jenny McCarthy and Generation Rescue, purports to tell parents “the truth” about autism.
The conference is a veritable festival of unproven claims, offering a powerful but false message of hope to parents who are desperately searching for new treatments for their children. It’s also a nexus for anti-vaccinationists, who run special seminars educating parents about how to get vaccine exemptions so that they can enroll their unvaccinated children in public schools.
A look at the presentations reveals that rather than presenting “the truth,” one speaker after another is making unsupported, unscientific claims and then offering their own special therapy. The one thing that most of these presentations have in common is that the speaker is making money from selling their so-called treatments. For example, Anat Baniel offers her self-named “Anat Baniel method” and is promoting it through ads in the conference program. Other speakers are offering special diets, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and in perhaps the most damaging treatment, Mark and David Geier’s chemical castration therapy. Mark Blaxill is there, still pushing the thoroughly disproven link between mercury and autism, and hawking his book on the topic.
The other major theme of the conference is conspiracies: how the government, big pharma, and the scientific establishment are all conspiring to hide “the truth” about autism, which the speaker will reveal to the audience. Coincidentally, many of the speakers also offer treatments, for a fee.
This year’s speakers include Jenny McCarthy and Andrew Wakefield, as usual, but also a new entry: Luc Montagnier.

Jenny McCarthy has been a leader of the anti-vaccine movement for over a decade. She’s a former Playboy playmate and MTV host, with no medical qualifications whatsoever, who is convinced that vaccines caused her son’s autism. She’s been spreading her anti-vaccine message very effectively, with particular help from Oprah Winfrey and Larry King, who gave her prime television exposure countless times. Oprah even offered McCarthy her own show, until McCarthy ditched Oprah for NBC.
Andrew Wakefield, the thoroughly discredited doctor who falsified data in order to push his false hypothesis that autism is caused by the MMR vaccine – whose medical license was revoked in the UK, and whose famous 1998 paper on autism and vaccines was retracted after it was shown to be fraudulent – claims that his talk ”offers solutions [that] will be ignored by those in power and the more dire of its predictions will result.” Too bad I missed that one.
It’s no surprise that Jenny McCarthy and Andrew Wakefield, leaders of the anti-vaccine movement, are speaking at AutismOne. Much more surprising is the presence of Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of the link between the HIV virus and AIDS. What is he doing at this festival of pseudoscience?
Well, apparently Montagnier has gone off the deep end into pseudoscience himself. He claims that his new group, Chronimed, has discovered in autistic children
“DNA sequences that emit, in certain conditions, electromagnetic waves. The analysis by molecular biology techniques allows us to identify these electromagnetic waves as coming from … bacterial species.”
What the heck? In what seems to be a desperate effort to stay relevant, Montagnier is promoting wild theories with little scientific basis, and now he is taking advantage of vulnerable parents (see his appeal here) to push a therapy of long-term antibiotic treatment for autistic children.
This is truly a wacky theory. Montagnier hasn’t been able to publish this in a proper journal, for a very good reason: it’s nonsense. He claims that quantum field theory – an area of physics in which he has no qualifications – explains how electromagnetic waves emanating from DNA can explain not only autism, but also Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. Montagnier makes these claims and more in a self-published paper that heposted on arXiv.


  1. Seth Kalichman-How many posts will you be making on this silly thread before you disappear like a fart in a catagory (5) hurricane?

    Autism isn't my bag, but contaminated vaccines sure the hell are!
    SV40 most surely does cause cancer and virologists have known it for decades.
    Dr Maurice Hilleman (MERCK) said "yes!" it does cause cancer in humans.
    Dr. Bernice Eddy said so as well, got the boot for her trouble.
    Many scientists agree SV40 causes cancer in humans, the same Salk POLIO vaccine was also found to be contaminated with SIVagm!,descCd-tableOfContents.html

    And the viruses can both transfer mother/child in the womb as well. CDC never can seem to find enough evidence on SV40, more research is ALWAYS unsurprisingly required.

    Wanna chat about AIDS and the old hepatitis-B vaccine trials held back in the mid-70's Seth?

    1. SV-40 causes cancer, yes. I don't remember denying that.

      Except that the current vaccine is almost certainly not contaminated with SV-40. Every batch since 1963 has tested negative, and it certainly prevented a lot of paralysis.

      And SV-40 has nothing to do with Montagnier and his homeopathic mycoplasmas. Or castrating Autistic children. Or killing people with chelation therapy. Or anything to do with autism at all, actually.

    2. notElon- I don't remember ever addressing you about anything regarding SV40? So...when would you have ever even had the chance to deny it that it caused cancer in the first place ?
      Are you actually Seth Kalichmen ? Kalichmen's mouth-piece, or just a plain PIECE ?

      This goes much farther than just vaccines against Poliomyelitis.
      Vaccinces would be great and they are most certainly required for many diseases, they have helped greatly.
      I am not by any means against vaccines, I'm against "HOT DOSED" vaccines and those who have made them so without a single solitary worry of EVER being caught! Case closed !

      Then if some whistle blower comes forward they just out and out deny it all completely and then just wind-up being backed by some "Jerry-Rigged" studies that ignorant people from Never-Land like YOU buy into and back totally and completely without issue!

      You must live in Disney Land pal! lol
      Because in your perfect world there is most certainly, not by any means, any such thing as dirty cops or corrupt politicians, let alone, anything like scientific fraud or cover-up's. Is that it ? Sure seems like that must be the case.

      And since when did mycoplasmas become some sort of "homeopathic" invention anyway ?
      You may be made to regret ever even mentioning the word "mycoplasma" on this thread.

    3. If you had read Montangier's paper, he wrote that he could detect the "Electromagnetic vibrations" of mycoplasmas and HIV among others when the original sample was diluted to 10^-15 times. It you include the concentration of the original sample, you will notice that less than one particle would likely end up in the final test tube. And then he claims that the minute fraction of a particle in that test tube could direct DNA and lipids in a different test tube to assemble into functioning mycoplasmas.

    4. notElon-Kalichmen is getting very selective with what he will allow me to post again.
      Must be afraid of me, right SETH ?
      He should try inlisting more creative liars that at least know what the true arguements actually are.

      As far as that Montagnier paper is concered, who cares? That isn't life & death. I think it would be quite fummy if he were actually correct about that! lol
      Jumping genes were once seen by many as quackery at one time as well.
      Judge not. Unless you yourself have tried duplicating the experiment with differnt results.

      The current vaccine?
      "The current vaccine is almost certainly not contaminated with SV-40."
      Almost certainly?
      The damage with SV40 has already been done, its water long past the underside of the bridge! The same goes for the AIDS virus.

      The problem now with vaccines is what sort of latent lenti-crap are the latest and greatest vaccine lots packing that they put there on purpose?

    5. "As far as that Montagnier paper is concered, who cares? That isn't life & death."

      It is actually, for you especially because he, in the paper, recommends people take higher doses of anti-virals due to his EM machine detecting HIV, even when current methods don't. Isn't that the exact opposite of what you guys preach? If he is right, you are even more homicidally wrong that I thought you were. You guys should really read what someone says before praising them for it.

    6. notElon- No, it actually isn't any of my concern.
      I am not an HIV+, nor am I even gay.


      I am also more than just a slight bit aware that the AIDS virus not just exists, but that it actually exists in many forms.

      The last time I checked, Dr. Luc Montagnier wasn't writing the rules regarding HIV treatment protocol's for the whole of science from China, the N.I.H./N.A.I.D. does.


      As far as Dr. Montagniers EM machine being capable of detecting HIV, even when current methods can't or don't is concerned.
      Well, whats so difficult to believe about the virus is obviously still being there?

      The DRUGS are simply not capable completely exterminating that damn thing without also exterminating the person who's packing it.

      The other "NO-BRAINER" there is- Dr. Luc's method of detection appears as if it is MUCH BETTER than the mainstream methods currently in use, make sense to you ? It makes sense to me!

      I don't "PRAISE" any AIDS researcher that you ever heard of.
      Montagnier just isn't quite the horses-ass that Gallo along with the rest of the lying sacks of sh*T that you have most likely for a fact heard of and praise.

    7. It doesn't make sense to me, as I am a chemist and I know what a dilution limit is.

      There is no physical way that if you take a sample and dilute it that many times that there will be anything left to detect.

      There is no way that a virus can "transmit" itself from one test tube to another.

      This is not me pooh-pooing a new discovery. This would require a rewrite of the laws of nature. It violates what we know about chemistry. It violates what we know about biology and viruses. The transmission violates what we know of the laws of physics, as the signals aren't strong enough to propagate that far. It's a cool idea, but it is pretty much impossible by every objective measure.

    8. "not that I'm even gay" ????

      Who the hell said that HIV was a gay virus anyway? Where's your head stuck man, or rather when is it stuck, 1983? good god I sure as hell hope that you don't really think that only homosexuals get HIV

  2. If there was ever a chance of me being able to take Jenny McCarthy seriously as a self professed autism expert, well, it's gone. Is anyone going to be able to take her seriously now? What are they gonna ask her at autism awareness events now? Autism expert and playboy playmate just don't work well together. I talk about it more here:

    1. the mommy psychologist- Being a hetrosexual male, Jenny could sell me a butt pinching cracked toilet seat and I would be fine with it. What crack? I see no crack?

      Oh my lord! Does that make me a "DENIALIST"?
      I bet that Seth could actually write a book on that topic! lol

  3. Seth , its all coming back to haunt your wee army now , including the leader of your gang , ahh , excuse me , the whistleblower with the award hahaha

  4. Poor Poor $eth, is the only defence of your dogma you have is to call the Nobel Laureate mad? let's not forget he did get the prize and not Gallo and even after he had started to voice his doubts about the correlations of HIV/AIDS.

    None is so blind that refuses to see.

    Still you might like to get back on your pharma funded teat and suckle some more dogma flavoured milk.

    1. hahaha brilliant !

  5. Hey! Remember my megavitamin hypothesis? I, Linus Pauling have come back from the dead to inspire the crackpot Nobel Laureate club.

    Don't forget I was the only person to ever win two Nobel's in two different areas- chemistry and Peace completely on my own. Marie Curie is the only other person to come close- but she shared her prize with her husband.

    But all this brilliance did not stop me from joining the crackpot club. Indeed, I may have founded the crackpots.

    Just goes to show even brilliant people go off track. Perhaps the stardom of being brilliant leads some of us astray- who knows?

    That is why it is important to focus on the science, not the person. Every single person is fallible. But the science moves forward despite the crackpots.

    1. Linus Pauling-How long did you actually have cancer and take vitamin-C before it finally killed you professor?

      Try looking into that one pharma-slut.

  6. Well Montagnier got a bad case of nobelitis.His experiment with the super diluted bacterial DNA sample was severe flawed:Montagnier ignored the fact that the area around the sample was full of electromagnetic fields(for example the laptop that was close by and used to analyse the signal from the sample emitted it's own electromagnetic field.It took no mesures to prevent or calculate the influence of those electromagnetic fields in the messured signal.(he could use a negative control for example,messure the emmited signal and compare the two signals).

    The paper was peer reviewed in the record time of 2 days and published in a journal that had Montagnier as chairman of the editorial board!

  7. I'll take the word of an honest layperson like Jenny McCarthy over the prevarications of a pseudo-scientist like Seth any day.

  8. WOW ! Have you all seen this ?

  9. When your God upsets you, denounce your God and find another one.

  10. Finally, vaccines are being exposed as frauds!

    The world was great before vaccines- smallpox, polio, you name it. Life was solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short- the way God meant it! Diseases are great for evolution. Weed out the poor buggers like Tiny Tim. It is time for the 99% to die and decrease the surplus population!

    Who needs the middle class anyway? Vaccines have done more than anything to extend life-span...and we don't need that! Better that the sniveling hordes breed and die quickly. We need to evolve to superman! The master race! Only the 1% need survive. Sieg Heil!

    Of course, we OSMJ know-nothings don't believe in evolution. But we do believe in killing off the under class. AIDS is beautiful! Polio is beautiful! Exterminate the weak. The weak die like flies on the streets of humanity in Rio and Calcutta.

    Dr. Strangelove loves Clark Baker!

  11. Linus and Anonymous. I suppose with such sloppy science being exhibited by Montagnier, we should do a proper revision of the discovery of HIV, I mean he may have made dodgy mistakes all over the place there too, and let's face it the only peer review was Gallo stealing the phial and claiming it as his own due to his love affair with the HTLV series of virus's, I mean he discovered HTLV I that doesn't cause anything and remains confined to a village in Japan, and HTLV II that doesn't cause anything either and there was that other one which was a mixture of several monkey virus's and isn't even mentioned anymore. Gallo's peer review consisted of a press conference!

    Lately the 2nd generation of retrovirologists have been trying to claim that XMRV is responsible for everything including obesity (the fat virus) and chronic fatigue syndrome but no one can replicate any of those findings either. You talk about junk or pseudo science and really you define retrovirology in it's entirety, no one pretends to understand it except the practitioners which places it firmly in the religious category of zealotry.

    Talk about homeopathic dilutions??? Hey 1 in 1000 T cells infected can cause a disease don't you know just refer back to HIV 101 mainstream. In fact the mere presence of HIV in any concentration (viral load) can cause T Cells to just up and die (apoptosis) spontaneously, the virion don't even have to contact the cell to make it give in the ghost, maybe they tune in to those electromagnetic signatures you are in denial about and decide to capitulate on the spot. And that's where the big laugh is boys, when you break down your particular theory in to its constituent parts it's just as hokey as the maddest pseudo science out there. You might as well have said it came from outer space as that's as credible as the bush meat theory which was changed when Africans objected to the suggestion they'd been having intimate relations with our primate cousins.

    Obviously eating bush meat was a new phenomenon to Africa being introduced at about the same time as 7/11's and gay rights how else could it have infected a nation?

  12. You seem to think the existence of HIV depends on Montangier. It doesn't. He discovered it, but the existence has been verified hundreds of thousands of times since then.

    Nor does his old age senility or eccentric views have any relevance to the work then. I don't deny the importance of PCR, simply because Kary Mullis believes in glowing raccoons. I don't deny gravity because of Isaac Newton's obsession with alchemy and theology.

  13. Einstein the Pharmaslut?June 6, 2012 at 1:20 AM

    I, Albert Einstein, have come back to defend the honor of my fellow genius Linus Pauling. Yes, Linus fundamentally developed the chemistry that led to pharma's wonder drugs. Without Linus, it is inconceivable that pharma drugs could have been synthesized. But without my work on quantum mechanics, Linus could never have gotten to the fundamental creation of pharma drugs.

    But no matter what OSMJ says, we are not pharma sluts!

    Indeed, most fundamental scientists in history helped discovery of pharmaslut drugs! Gregory Mendel helped pharmasluts discover genetic drugs!?. Was Hippocrates a pharmaslut? Semmelweis helped discover germ theory, leading to pharmaslut drugs!

    Without the discovery of dastardly gravity those pharmasluts would be stuck in the middle ages!

    God does not play dice with the Universe. And the great scientists are not pharmasluts- no matter what OSMJ says!

  14. George Washington the Pharmaslut?June 6, 2012 at 4:57 PM

    Verily, in 1776 Ben Franklin and I pledged our lives and our sacred honor to bring forth a new democracy on this continent. The promotion of science was crucial to our plan for prosperity in the new nation.

    Together with the other founders, many Universities were started with the purpose of fundamental science. Ben Franklin spent a lot of time in the rain with kites. His work on electricity made new drug development possible!

    The OSMJ appears to claim that "we don't need education." For the OSMJ, Ignorance is Bliss. But that is not the American way. Give us science, or give us death!

    I cannot tell a lie: the founding fathers were not pharmasluts, no matter what OSMJ says!

  15. Kary Mullis, Pharmaslut!June 7, 2012 at 1:17 PM

    Oh my God!

    We have just discovered that purported denialist Kary Mullis is a double agent! Pharma is using PCR big time to design genetic designer drugs! Pharma has invested big time into PCR and Mullis! Roche- one of the biggest Big Pharmas- underwrites PCR and Mullis!

    Pharmaslut denialists are hiding behind Duesberg. Their real goal is to convert everyone to being a Pharmaslut by saying the opposite!

    Mullis even wrote a Scientific American article about how he discovered PCR while high on drugs! Diabolical! Big Pharma gets Mullis high so that he can unwittingly do their bidding and open the door of discovery to thousands of new Pharmaslut drugs!

    We finally know the hidden hand behind the denialists- they are all deep undercover Pharmasluts! Clark Baker, the servant of the undercover Pharmasluts, is himself a master pharmaslut! The OSMJ is a front organization for Roche Pharma! OSMJ is diabolically stupid, so as to convince persons to become pharmasluts. OSMJ is crazy like a fox!

    George Washington, Kari Mullis, Einstein, Linus Pauling- my God, can we trust no one? The pharmasluts are everywhere.

    1. The pharmasluts are in-fact everywhere, especially here.
      Are all drugs bad ?
      But the list of the ones that are just seems to be quickly getting longer and longer!
      Click on the T.V. and what do you keep seeing more and more of ?
      Why it’s one lawyer after another asking the question if you or a loved one came down with some form of cancer or another, suffered a heart attack or stroke, had a child born with a MAJOR birth defect(s), or had someone in your family who just out & out up and died from organ failure while they were taking the certain drug that they are speaking of.

      Pharma don't care, they actually expect it !
      Publicly traded companies MUST make sick amounts of cash for their stock- holders. They know how long it will take for their latest and greatest wonder med to hammer who's ever on it.
      Many times they will pull the drug as if they just found-out that there MAY BE some issues with it, because they most certainly care for EVERYONES well-being!
      How dare anyone say different! Right knuckle-heads ?
      lol Yeah right !
      The pharma CEO calls a meeting, he then asks a room full of their scientists if they are having any luck with anything that they are working with ?
      If any say "yes!" they are then asked to elaborate- "Well sir! I got something that eliminates post nasal drip if you keep on it, but it also appears to cause cancer in the lab animals that we have been testing it on within six to eight months?"
      Well, that matters not ! Get our bought & paid for puppet boy on the horn and get it approved pronto!
      We will then just go ahead and pull the drug after five months! No problem man!

      They ALL have a "LAW SUIT" kitty firmly in-place that they toss their chump- change in for that very reason. They get away with crap all the time, pay a few lame out of court settlements, big deal.
      As soon as a drug gets the FDA stamp of approval it’s a cool billion dead presidents in their bank account, all thanks to their bought and paid for FDA puppet who made it all so.
      The agents don't take any pay-offs for their services on delivery, they wait many years, doing it many times over, then they just go and work for the pharma Co. that they were in the pocket of, but only on paper.
      Their office is usually located underneath a palm tree on a beach in Bermuda.

      After all, it’s not against the law to simply just change jobs in U.S., is it ?
      It sure wasn't the last time I checked!

      lol You dense rigged double-blind study touting pharmaslut bastards.

    2. Kary Mullis, Pharmaslut!-Spoken like the dense-ass "University of Phoenix" grad you most surely are. Good luck paying-off your loan there, Merck always needs more poison-pimps, you really should hit their asses up!
      Unless you are already turning-tricks at the FDA, of course.

  16. Clark Baker isn't a "Pharmaslut." he is simply a fat "Slut-slut". And Celia Farber is simply a "Stupid Slut". She was declared an actual slut during the Bob Guccione lawsuit where she was proven to have been promoted because of her slut activities with Guccione while "employed" by him.

  17. Great news!!!

    The end of HIV tests:
    Military Court Acquits Soldier in OMSJ Case

  18. To anon above:
    Yeah, Merck is all evil and all their drugs are "poisons". Especially their MMR vaccines, flu vaccines, and Hemophilus Influenza vaccines for children. And we all know that their Gardasil is a scam- just ask the esteemed
    Scientist Michelle Bachman! Oh, and we know their tetanus and diphtheria vaccines are just a tool of the rusty nail industry! And their Hepatitis A vaccine- total scam, along with their cholesterol lowering medicines. And Claritin- you guessed it- a tool of Big Pollen, not to mention the horrible Nuva Ring! Because we all know birth control is evil. Go back to the stone-age you retarded Clark Baker moron Tea-Bagging afficianado. The more you "profess" the bigger idiot you show yourself to be.

  19. Kralc Rekab- I was wondering how long it was gonna take for you to start firing that crap in my direction. lol
    Do you actually work at Merck then ?
    What the hell do you know about Merck and their involvements you "AIDS HALFTRUTHER" denialist moron ?
    Obviously not squat.

    A few of you seeming distracted clowns here (NAMELY YOU) all seem to really like forming circles of fire around a bunch of lab-rats and companies that you obviously know nothing about and defend them as if they were actually cutting you checks ? Why ?
    Because they are ?

    You obviously can't read very well either, I didn't say ALL that drugs OR vaccines are bad, I said the list of the ones that are just seems to be getting longer and longer.
    And "Gardasil" you say ? Just give it a few more years doc, then we shall all see what type of Cracker-Jack surprise that miracle of publicly traded company science has in-store for its recipients. Bank on it ! lol
    You ignorant pharma-butt polishing denialist knuckle-head.
    Whats up ?

    1. I actually thought Gardasil was a scam back in the day. I wasn't really convinced about the efficacy of it when it was approved. But so far the studies not sponsored by Merck have been supportive. It does prevent the transmission of cancer causing strains of HPV, and even though there are other strains of HPV the vaccine does not prevent, those strains have so far not surged to fill the niche. So score one for Merck. I know that Merck likes to dish out the bribes. I have seen it firsthand, but if the evidence supports them, and it does on vaccines, then what can I do?

      Xigris is another matter. I knew scientists who were skeptical of it. Eli Lilly advertised it heavily and got it approved. Then several unbiased studies came out, and it turns out those skeptical scientists were right. It was a Big Pharma scam. And Eli Lilly got a lot of bad publicity and forced it from the market.

      Then you have Big Alternative. Their products do diddly squat. Some sell for thousands of dollars. There is no quality control. Some of them are harmful. Some illegally contain counterfeit drugs. These are also publicly traded companies, and people take them at their word. Weird.

  20. You are correct- Clark Baker is in reality a Pharma-Slut!

    Baker has fooled you all! We have run a front for the pharma-sluts. Big Pharma did not want AIDs victims to be healed. Pharma reasoned that more money could be made after AIDS victims got really sick and needed ICU care.

    Now, we pull off the mask- WE ARE PROUD PHARMASLUTS! Baker, Duesberg, Mullis. We have been in the pocket of Big Pharma the whole time!

  21. notElon-There are things going on in the world of medical microbiology that make Montagnier's expect appear old-hat.
    Things that most university professor's would bet their jobs along with every thin dime that have against ever being even remotely possible.
    lol They would then lose their job along with every thin dime that they have for doing so.

    I learned a long time ago that I wasn't as all knowning regarding certain aspects of science and humanity as I at one time so wholeheartedly believed that I was.

    And yes, that thing with Montagnier is a cool idea.
    Imagine how much cooler it would actually be if Luc was actually right about ! lol

    If at all possible. You should try and contact him and tell him you would be interested in making an attempt at duplicating that experiment, maybe get a few pointers.
    Then if you actually pulled it off, imagine having to deal with all the doubter's that would be saying the very same thing about you as you are about Montagnier ?
    The would sure suck and bite at the same time huh ?
    Especially if they could actually go ahead and duplicate it as you did, but they just simply chose instead not to even bother while they continued to point the finger at you laugh and call you a quack.

    By the way, a mycoplasma is actually nothing like a virus. One major difference is that mycoplasma's don't need to infect a cell in-order to replicate, they can do so outside of cells.

    1. Read his paper. He cites Homeopath Jacques Benveniste for the equipment setup for crying out loud. Also, the "effect" is not present at normal concentrations, but only appears when there is one infectious particle per ml or less. It is present in TEST TUBES, when there is one infectious particle per LITRE. And it is not present when you cut out all the backround radiation, as the backround radiation is necessary to "induce the field". Those claims don't raise any red flags with you?

  22. If you say Montagnier is "old hat," I do not think you understand what Montagnier did. He diluted a sample to mathematical nothingness, and still detected it. He then had that test tube beam its stored energy to another testtube, which was supposed to to spontaneously regenerate a mycoplasma. He then said that quantum physics probably explains how information can be stored in the random movements of water. Well, he is wrong, there; quantum physics cannot.

    So, if Montagnier is right, we need to rewrite we know of entropy and information storage, rewrite quantum physics, rewrite cellular biology, possibly rewrite the laws of thermodynamics, rewrite principles of chemistry etc. All these laws and common sense truths have been tested on a hundred, more plausible, other fronts and have not been found lacking, So precedent is against him as well. We have to face facts. His paper violates all reason, and he does not have evidence to support it.

    But Montagnier is "old hat" in one way. The Homeopathy people claim their "medicines" work in a similar way. Except they don't. We have tested homeopathy's claims of memory water and beaming data from one glass to another, and those are total bunk. Yet Montagnier has not told the homeopaths that their stuff is total garbage, but his still works; instead he has embraced the comparison. He even encouraged it, as he writes in his paper that the "coil" he used was invented by a well known crank. Considering homeopathy is probably the most ridiculous sham medical treatment out there, encouraging the comparisons with it does no favors. Nor does going to a "conference" with a bunch of quacks, claiming to cure autism for money.

    So yeah, unless he comes up with something solid, I would put my money on the laws of nature, which means not wasting it building a device that was debunked, to detect something that doesn't exist.

    1. notElon- You are correct.
      Just keep in mind though- When it comes to the science of medical-microbiology, science really isn't in anywhere near all that big of a hurry as you may think to actually have to rewrite anything.
      Ever heard of an AIDS researcher having their house foreclosed on ? I know I never have.

      If AIDS ended next week, what viral agent would that huge group of overly specialized researchers take up on next?
      They wouldn't take up any viral issue, they would just simply flood the other field of milk & honey yet again, cancer research!

      Nobody expects shit for those people anymore, which is good, because thats exactly what they are gonna get from them.
      All I have EVER heard from any cancer researcher is that they don't expect any cures for ANY of the worst forms of the disease in their life time, because it's just way too difficult to actually make any real progress in the field.
      Another one in a different location actually told me that he didn't believe that there was EVER going to be a cure for any of worst forms of it PERIOD! He said it would require an advanced race of aliens to drop in and actually gifts us with it! How messed up is that ? That guy was someone who knew all to well where mainstream cancer research stands at this momment, in a hole.
      Do you have any idea how much money is just sitting there waiting for anyone wishing to do cancer research ?
      Most people doing it actually have not the grey matter it really requires, most will even admit it that they don't.

      Did you know that David Baltimore still actually mucks around with the polio virus? Figure that one out?
      Because I sure as hell can't.

  23. I didn't compare mycoplasmas to viruses. Montagnier did. He said his machine detects both.

  24. Ahhh, "Anonymous": I was referring to your description of Merck as being comprised of "poison pimps." I'm sorry your histrionic behavior seems to get the best of you, every time you get smacked down by people who actually know what they are talking about. I know you are bothered by the term "Denialist" which is why you throw it back at people, but alas, it does not conform. It refers to nincompoops like you, Clarkie, Celia, etc who deny the obvious science because of your own little narcissism complexes and lack of understanding/education and sad attempts to compensate (e.g. "I studied humanity on the streets of Calcutta." "Mother Theresa used to flirt with me." "I am a top-secret super-agent." etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.) Yawn. Your stupidity is now a little more boring and a little less amusing. C'mon - kick it up a notch! Give me more of your scatological ruminations and histrionic twiddlings!

    1. Kralc Rekab / SlumDogMillionare- I see that you obviously still can't read.

      As I have already said- You don't know squat about Merck or their dealings, past or present.
      Could I possibly be wrong about that ? Ahhhh….NOPE !
      You come across as nothing but a complete push-rod with a superiority complex that seems to have stemmed solely from the fact that you know that there truly is an AIDS virus and it will kill anyone who’s infected with it if they don’t seek treatment with drugs A.S.A.P. that could actually kill them as sure as the virus itself can, perhaps even quicker than said virus can in-fact.
      This I suppose all goes without saying even if said person isn’t actually even infected with the virus in the first place, take the drugs anyway! (TRUVADA-Look into it.)

      But you’re true field of expertise in this entire matter as a whole appears to be simply in knowing how many times per. day that Baker guy actually cop's a squat. Can't get enough BAKER!
      With the exceptions of only Montagnier and Duesburg, none of you monkeys appear to have any problems or interests at all whatsoever win ANY of the other MAJOR players that have been involved in all this crap since day one ?
      That of course is most likely all just due to the fact that you and the rest of your partners in crime here are all just far too distractedly busy feeding your already overly inflated egos by bad-mouthing people that you could truly care less about under no uncertain terms.
      You say that "I" get smacked down by people who actually know what they are talking about ? Really ? I have had just about a books worth of posts denied by your guru S.K. here already you knuckle-head.
      Perhaps maybe I should water it down so I don’t show people up and hurt anyore “AIDSHALFTRUTHER” feelings ? No, thanks ! lol
      You really do belong in the black-hole of Calcutta pal, or anywhere else that has no availble internet service would also suffice quite nicely.
      And "Yes!" You really are a denialist of another color.

    2. Wow - thanks for adding racism to the histrionics, anon! You amusingly kicked it up a notch like I asked! Thanks!
      How do you suppose I know nothing regarding Merck or pharmaceutical companies? Do you know me?
      I don't think HIV is a death sentence. I know that antiretrovirals have extended the lifespans of millions of people, and I know that there are many good protocols and scientific evidence to back up when to use or not use them.
      I know you presumptuously accused me of having a "superiority complex" but unfortunately that isn't the case. I am just stating facts - that you don't know science and I, as well as many others here (including notElon) have a much better grasp of the relevant information than you apparently do.
      If you have read my posts in the past, you would see that I feature Clarkie Baker because he is the epitome of you Denialists: uneducated, narcissistic, conspiratorial, idiotic, and histrionic. Like you! There is only one person who has "studied humanity on the streets of Calcutta." It is the venerable Inspector Clarkie - your fearless leader! Thanks for the laugh again, chump!

    3. Kralc Rekab / SlumDogMillionaire- lol

      From where I'm standing you appear as if you have no real stake in AIDS at all.
      No different than the better part of all the others regulars here.
      This is all most likely nothing more than just some sort of twisted hobby for you.

      "antiretrovirals have extended the lifespans of millions of people"

      Yeah! They also claimed more than their fair share of people as well ! But you don't seem as if you believe that as even being remotely possible.

      My remark about Merck being "poison pimps" was obviously more than that one-track mind (BAKER!DENIALIST'S!!BAKER!!!) of yours could actually wrap itself around.

      Virus is actually Latin for "POISON".
      I should have have simply called Merck the "VIRUS PIMPING FOURTH REICH NAZI'S" they actually are instead, perhaps it would have been far less confusing for you.

      Do you have anymore sparkling happy facts regarding Merck and their publicly traded products that you would care to share with professor Kalichmen along with the rest of the class there KR/SDM ?

      The obsession you seem to have with that Baker guy is really starting to appear quite cute!

      You two should probably get a room.
      You know that you wanna. Wooooo....

    4. Hey ClarkieFanBoy "Anon" above. Shooting down idiots like you, watching idiots like you get shot down, and watching Denialists like you are not a "twisted hobby" of mine, they are more of an "amusing fascination."
      Please show me where antiretrovirals are killing millions of people. Oh. Yeah. You can't. Again, you just insult "evil BigPharma Conspiracy Merck." Booo - you say! Boo! Again, no substance.
      In terms of having "no stake" in "AIDS." That is partly true. But I consider myself to have a stake in correcting and exposing idiocy. Like your stupidity. That's more of a public service though.

      Your blathering about the etymology of the word "virus" isn't really relevant - kind of nonsensical, like you. "Denialist" has its meaning in Latin as well! It means to "repudiate." Big whoopie.

      I know Clarkie would want to get a room, if he could get over his self-loathing. Unfortunately for him I am heterosexual - but from what I've heard, his doughy bloated mannatee-self is pretty unattractive to even most homosexuals.

      Anyway, I'll be glad to once again hear your citing the original research of the prestigious Post Office Box of "Medical and Scientific Justice." It gives me a good chuckle!

    5. Kralc Rekab / SlumDogMillionaire -
      You obviously couldn't shoot down a low floating blimp with an elephant gun.
      You keep calling me a denialist when I'm actually nothing of the sort. You keep saying that simply because you got squat and don't know what else to say. lol
      You actually call just few sentences from me on a subject "blathering" there stretch ? That’s just brilliant.
      As far as this "amusing fascination" of yours (as you call it) is concerned. Perhaps you should take a basket weaving class, or maybe take a crack at building ships in bottles or something of that nature instead.

      Next on the list-What are you even talking about regarding the total fact that you truly have absolutely "NO" genuine stake in AIDS as being only "partly true" ?
      What are you anyway ? A Pharmacist !
      That sure would explain in full this little "fascination" of yours that you have going here with all this ! lol
      When you sit there demanding proof from me regarding the deaths that have resulted from the anti-HIV drugs the ignorance that you have going regarding the drugs along with how the world works quickly becomes painfully obvious.
      First off- There are not, and cannot be MILLIONS of deaths being caused by the drug’s, if there were as many it could NEVER be hidden.
      They also can’t just up and kill all their customers off either, that would be quite bad for business even if they could actually pull it off and get away with it. Especially when you consider that a month supply of the anti-HIV drug Truvada “for example” runs around $12,000 dollars a month.
      The reason for the flat-out stupid price-tag of course is mainly due to the fact that it actually contains saliva from the elusive Jackalope, crushed-up rocks from Jupiter’s moon Titan, and genuine powdered Unicorn horn.
      There are thousands of deaths per. year caused by the anti-HIV drugs in the here and now. Just as some cancer patients can also handle chemo-treatments with the most horrifically toxic forms of the drugs like champs, while others cannot in the very least.
      If a chemo treatment actually kills a cancer patient who’s cancer isn’t even all that aggressive the death is still ALWAYS just calked-up to the disease.
      It NEVER gets attributed to the approved treatment that actually in-truth caused the persons death five years quicker than the actual type of cancer they had ever could have even if the patient were to have been left untreated.
      They just go ahead and simply just proclaim the death as being related to complications resulting from their cancer and the case is quickly closed.
      AIDS drugs and cancer drugs, same shit, different toilet. Some can handle them, while others cannot.
      This link here below actually goes ahead and actually blames the virus for everything under the SUN, including those on the drugs having heart attacks? How much more par for the course can it get? LOL ! ! ! You buy it without issue though, I’m sure.
      I just love the pet name that you picked-out for your boy there by the way- “CLARKIE”, how cute !
      Sorry for singling you out the way I did, I honestly had no idea that you were actually mentally retarded.

    6. Kralc Rekab / SlumDogMillionaire -
      You obviously couldn't shoot down a low floating blimp with an elephant gun.
      You actually call just few sentences from me on a subject "blathering" there stretch ? That’s just simply brilliant.
      As far as this "amusing fascination" of yours (as you call it) is concerned. Perhaps you should take a basket weaving class, or maybe take a crack at building ships in bottles or something of that nature instead.

      Using a sneering term such as “Conspiracy Merck” only serves to display more of your complete ignorance on entire subject of AIDS. I told you that you didn't know shit about Merck and that remark proved it.

      What are you even talking about regarding the total fact that you truly have absolutely "NO" genuine stake in AIDS as being only "partly true" ?
      What are you anyway ? A Pharmacist ! That sure would explain in full this little "fascination" of yours that you have going here with all this !

      When you sit there demanding proof from me regarding the deaths that have resulted from the anti-HIV drugs the ignorance that you have going regarding the drugs along with how the world works quickly becomes painfully obvious.
      First off- There are not, and cannot be MILLIONS of deaths being caused by the drug’s, if there were as many it could NEVER be hidden. They also can’t just up and kill all their customers off either, that would be quite bad for business even if they could actually pull it off and get away with it. Especially when you consider a month supply of the anti-HIV drug Truvada “for example” runs around $12,000 dollars a month.

      The reason for the flat-out stupid price-tag of course is mainly due to the fact that it actually contains saliva from the elusive Jackalope, crushed-up rocks from Jupiter’s moon Titan, and genuine powdered Unicorn horn.
      There are thousands of deaths per. year caused by the anti-HIV drugs in the here and now. Just like some cancer patients can also handle chemo-treatments with the most horrifically toxic forms of the drug like champs, while others cannot in the very least.
      If a chemo treatment actually kills a cancer patient a few weeks or months after recieving it the death is still ALWAYS just calked-up to the disease. Even if the type of cancer they had wasn't even all that aggressive to begin with.
      The death NEVER gets attributed to the approved treatment that actually in -truth caused it five years quicker than the actual type of cancer they had ever could have even if the patient were to have been left untreated.
      They just go ahead and simply just proclaim the death as being related to complications resulting from their cancer and the case is closed.

      AIDS drugs and cancer drugs, same shit, different toilet. Some can handle them, while others cannot.
      In the link here below they actually go ahead and actually blame the AIDS virus for everything under the SUN, including those on the drugs having heart attacks? How much more par for the course can it get?

      LOL ! ! ! You most likely will just buy it all without issue though, I’m sure.

      I just love the pet name that you picked-out for your boy there by the way- “CLARKIE”, how cute.

  25. The 99% are pharmasluts!!June 12, 2012 at 10:51 PM

    Another Flash from OMSJ:

    More than 99% of the population take drugs from Big Pharma! Some sick patients actually take more than 10 life-saving drugs at a time! Disgusting! All these people would rather live.


    Who are all these horrible people who take life-saving drugs? Have they no morals? Don't they know that all these life-saving drugs are scams? Sure, they might save your life for 40 years, but people are going to die anyway! No drug has proven to be a perfect elixir!

    Back in the good old days, humans knew their lives were destined to be brutish horrible and short. Now, humans depend on pharma-slut drugs to stay healthy and wise. They even take drugs to feel better and have fresher breath.

    The only way to save the planet from Pharma-sluts is to go back to the caves. Get ready to bury the majority of young children.

    No wonder Dr. Strangelove is Clarkie's biggest fan!

    1. More than 99% of the population take drugs from Big Pharma, most of them have absolutely no idea that they actually being over-medicated for every ill reason they could ever possibly even dream of by thier their M.D.s, WHO ACTUALLY FU#KI@G CARES! LOL!!!

      If you think thats funny, you should view whats in these links here below as a balls-out laugh riot! Hey!!!!

      From the good folks who brought you AZT, now there's something for a wider audience! Please give a fine pharmaslut "HELLO!" to PAXIL! Hey! It's at least it was cheaper than the chemo! Quit all yer damn bitchin!

      It isn't our fault that your daugher was a chain-smoking slut who simply refused to close her legs! She should have also been taking our asprin! Would have knocked them blood-clots right out !
      She at least wouldn't have been stroked-out dead before she even hit the floor anyway!

      So what if your stupid wife died of a heart attack while on our drug "YAZ!" buddy?
      It could be worse ! At least your not raising a child alone that you can't afford right now!
      So quit your bitching!
      Next time wear a condom Mr. I.T. Justdontfeelasgood !

    2. 99% are pharmaslutsJune 16, 2012 at 1:01 AM

      Hey! We at the OMSJ completely agree with you anonymous. We aren't complaining. We are planning to do something about it.

      Virtually everyone on the globe takes drugs and is a pharmaslut. No once can deny it. That is why the only solution is mass extermination. We agree with you that pharmasluts must be eliminated.

      This is just a fact. It is wrong for the human race to try and escape its destiny. Stop drug use now. It is against the Bible. The sooner people stop taking drugs and die, the sooner they will see their creator.

      It is time for all pharmasluts to drink the Koolaid.

      Join us! Humans have been here just too long. Terminate the pharmasluts Bring back suffering, death, premature aging.

    3. 99% are pharmasluts- I must say !
      Look at the "BIG BRAIN" on you!
      So, how long do you think it will actually take before you must sell the computer, and (OR, start turning tricks in-order to continue happily along with that
      raging K-2/Spice habit that you obviously aquired after the woman who birthed you and then dropped you one you're pointed-head "lol-obviously more than just once" put that heavy-duty lock/alarm on her medicine cabinet ?

      Do everyone a favor, please off the computer first. Better hurry and stock-up quick on that shit before it becomes illegal in EVERY state and the desperation causes you to go and wack-out the people next door there itchy !
      The clock she is ticking! Chop! Chop!!

    4. More threats! Chop Chop!June 22, 2012 at 11:11 PM

      Anonymous apparently does not like OSMJ coming out and expressing its real opinion. Chop Chop! What does this mean? More threats to jobs and families?

      The OSMJ is dedicated to the eradication of pharmasluts. Mr. Anonymous merely demonstrates he will go to any length to chop chop this author.

      It is the OSMJ that will become illegal in every state- as soon as all OSMJ lies, scams, threats and extortions are made public.

  26. Now Clarkie claims that "over 90% of those who test positive for HIV are false positives"! I wonder where he gets that from?

    But rest assured:
    For a fee, he will correspond back and forth to your doctor for you to explain this:

    Clarkie sure knows how to try and desperately make a buck off people when he knows nothing about anything! Funny and sad... His hilarious description of OMSJ in his article makes it worth a chuckle.

  27. The Rotten Smell of Operation Clarkie Desperation:

    "For a flat service fee, OMSJ will prepare customized correspondence for patients whose questions about their own testing, diagnosis and treatment remain unanswered. For patients who sign up, OMSJ’s consultants will review your case and prepare a series of carefully written letters for our clients. If the letters accurately represent questions that the patient wants asks, the patient will sign and mail the letter (USPS certified with receipt) as his/her own to ensure delivery. Doctors who receive correspondence from patients are ethically bound to explain how they tested and diagnosed the patient as HIV-positive. Clinicians are required to save all correspondence as part of the patient’s medical record.

    In this way, OMSJ can help patients untangle themselves from incompetent and fraudulent diagnosis so that they can regain control of their lives."

  28. Form for complaining to the California attorney general about a non-profit (e.g. non-profits offering insane medical advice and charging a fee for it):

  29. War on Pharmasluts!June 15, 2012 at 1:15 PM

    OSMJ is pleased to announce: war on pharmasluts!

    Yes, death to the entire population who takes drugs! No more penicillin! No more aspirin! No more disease, because no more people!

    It is time to return the world to purity! Everyone must drink the Koolaid!

    Yea, it is written that only the denialists will inherit the earth. Only the pure at heart, the ignorant, all yearning to breathe free! Eliminate drugs. Eliminate pharmasluts. Eliminate people. No one needs education. We don't need mind control.

    A new race of man can emerge, free from science, free from drugs.

  30. This blog has become inane

    1. When was it ever anything but ?

    2. Methink anonymous protests too much....

      What is the matter anonymous? Cat got your tongue?

      Surely, it is inane to talk about the inane denialists... but even the inane can destroy people. We must stop the inane denialists before their insance plan to destory humanity.

  31. OSMJ announces: victory!

    Finally, we have outlasted the pharmasluts! They have no response other than to claim that they are "inane." At OSMJ, we take the war on science seriously. We work hard round the clock to wipe out logic.

    Now that humanity is losing interest, we are the victors!

    As one famous twilight zone episode announced, OSMJ is here "to serve humanity." Roasted, broiled but ignorant.

  32. To the "Anon" denialist above:
    In terms of antiretrovirals killing people: well, they didn't exactly kill Maggiore, Stokely, Papagiannidou, etc. Snap!

    1. Those people have taken ARVs for years, then abandoned them because of the horrible side-effeect (main effect) pathologies that was ruining their quality of life.

      Liver failure is now the 1st cause of death in treated HIV patients:

      in contrast, Long Term Non Progressors are those that never took ARVs.

  33. According to N.Y. court..."HIV" not so deadly. The beginning of the end of "HIV" equals AIDS idiocy?

    1. Did you read the article?

      "The court unanimously said saliva should be treated the same as teeth, which it concluded in 1999 don’t qualify as dangerous instruments because body parts come with the defendant and cannot heighten their criminal liability beyond the victim’s injury."

      Guess every disease doesn't exist, then.

  34. Uhhhh, Anon:
    That's not what the Court said. Per usual, you didn't read the decision. It said that "saliva should be treated like teeth which don't qualify as dangerous instruments because body parts come with the defendant."
    Also, as everyone knows and the CDC reports, the risk of HIV transmission through bites is very rare.

    But no one is arguing HIV is still necessarily an AIDS death sentence, as you imply! With proper medical care and antiretroviral therapy when medically decided, HIV is becoming more of a long-term manageable illness. But you are a classic Denialist: you cherry pick words, don't read the text, and distort what people say. Cheers!

    1. But no one is arguing HIV is still necessarily an AIDS death sentence, as you imply!

      HIV isn't even necessary a diagnostic, for none of the surrogate markers used in clinical practive are exclusive of HIV.

      See absolutory military Fort Bragg sentence here:

  35. Even the folks at ReThinking AIDS facebook are questioning Baker's "Operation Letterhead" as a scam!! They are saying people can write their own letters and for Baker to charge a fee is ludicrous and bordering on fraud! Maybe those guys are not all gullible lemmings after all.

    1. So the picture about the "discovery" of HIV becomes clear: One is a crackpot (Montagnier) and the other a fraudster (Gallo).

      Now about all that "death by denial" garbage... show us one HIV-positive "denialist" fatality that hasn't had several years of ARV consumption.

    2. ... Well, apparently Montagnier has gone off the deep end into pseudoscience himself. He claims that his new group, Chronimed, has discovered in autistic children...
      ... What the heck? In what seems to be a desperate effort to stay relevant, Montagnier is promoting wild theories with little scientific basis...

      To which I may add... HASN'T IT ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE? We the AIDS skeptics have been WARNING you all this time!

      Little respect you AIDS-pushers are showing for the Messiahs of your own belief system!

      Then we have the bad-science and criminal activities of Mr. Capone/Gallo:

      Robert C. Gallo Biography

      "... In 1975, Gallo and Robert E. Gallagher announced that they had discovered a human leukemia virus, but other laboratories were unable to replicate their results (junk science). Scientists to whom they had sent samples for independent confirmation had found two different retroviruses not from humans, but from animals. The samples hadbeen contaminated by viruses from a monkey or a chimp and the idea that a virus could cause cancer was publicly ridiculed..."

    3. Um we had this discussion before, and I conclusively proved YOU are a crackpot. Thus by your reasoning, AIDS cannot NOT exist. So we have a quantum paradox on our sleeve.

    4. It's conclusive that YOU need no help to pat YOURSELF in the back to compensate for YOUR obvious three lacks of stature. But we'ave alredy discussed YOUR shortfalls before.

    5. Truthy McTruthenstein-
      You along with a few others here appear to have actually written the book on "gullibility". Just another overly opinionated spectator on just one worthless aspect of all this I see.
      "BAKER IS THE DEVIL!" Satisfied?
      Now, go pick another hobby. lol

    6. Let's see we did have a talk before. About how you think sanitation mysteriously improved to an astonishing degree in the US during the early 1960s. About how you thought the US is covering up cases of smallpox, and that it somehow could get away with it. About your interest in the millions of people, who apparently left their hair and shoes behind before traveling to deserted islands and disappearing from history.

      Yeah, crackpot. Sorry

    7. Cut the crap and answer my request:

      show us one HIV-positive "denialist" fatality that hasn't had several years of ARV consumption.

    8. Christine Maggiore.

  36. HL23V - Enough said

  37. Pseudo Science

    HTLV I

    We'll be officially adding HTLV III (HIV) to that list shortly enough.

    Interesting that Bob (the thief) Gallo has waded in to the fight against Mnsr Montagnier being employed by an Aids foundation in Africa, still smarting I guess about the Nobel Prize snub in '08.

    Strange that the Microbiologist that mapped the very first Retroviral genome says HIV is harmless.

    The guy that actually discovered the virus says that co factors are required (Nobel Prize)

    And then when no virus could be cultured from semen (ever) and it was proven to be non sexually infectious, they went ahead and used PCR to locate broken fragments of the RNA and said that proved it was. The inventor (another Nobel Laureate) also says "His" technology shouldn't be used that way and HIV has NOT been shown to exist.

    However you AIDS GROUPIES continue to fall over yourselves to take Bob Gallos version of events even though he fabricated the first retro virus HL23V from 3 monkey virus', then he stated that his newly discovered HTLVI caused leukemia (only in Japanese though) even though only 1 in 20 "infected" with it ever get leukemia, proving that a 5% incidence is enough to correlate causation, then he came up with HTLVII which he could find an association with anything for, except it's supposed 70% similarity to HTLVI.

    Then when sent a sample of LAV from Montagnier, he renamed it HTLVIII and claimed he'd found it!!! subsquent analysis showed it was French after all and once again he claimed it was contamination in his lab that led to the mistake.

    Oh Pleeeeease you groupies, you keep talking of proofs, it is right in front of you, the proof shows that US retrovirology from the 70's on was replete with sloppy science, sloppy lab practices (contamination everywhere) and plain old lying and theivery. Yet you still maintain their god like status.

    HIV and WMD share common ancestry - fabrication.

    C'mon Elon bring it on you absolute moron, or fade away like Snout and Poodle Stomper or at least be honest enough to admit your in Glaxo's employ like Superfly Dud Robby. And J-Todd you and your multiple personalities should just piss off you Meth Tranny.

    1. I did bring it on. We have electron microscope pictures. I know they are only "cellular debris". But denialist Etienne de Harven has "real virus" pictures on his website. I posted a side by side comparison and challenged Putin to tell me why one was cellular debris and the other a virus. He couldn't.

      You guys don't get it. In science, WHO discovered something doesn't matter. It matters if he is right. The evidence is pretty much ironclad.

      And if I admitted to be in Glaxo's employ, I'd be lying. So, no, not admitting that.

      PS: There are also pictures of Human T-cell Lymphotropic Virus I. So why you deny it as well, I cannot imagine.

    2. >> We have electron microscope pictures.

      We've been there, done that... but' your cling to your bad science.

      Those virus-like particles have been arbitrarily identified as a "new virus", when in fact the analysis of their composition hsâs been later provent tobe exactly that of exosomes. These are are endogenous messanger particles, not infective viruses.

      Discrimination between exosomes and HIV-1: Purification of both vesicles
      from cell-free supernatants

      "Exosomes, physiological nanoparticles produced by hematopoietic cells, egress from this same pathway and are similar to retroviruses in terms of size, density, the molecules they incorporate and their ability to activate immune cells....Retroviruses are therefore likely to contaminate in vitro preparations of exosomes and vice versa and sucrose gradients are inefficient at separating them...."

      1. Composition = exosomes,
      2. Infectiousness nver proven,
      3. Obtained by chemical-stimulated co-culture, never from a patient's blood.
      4. Present only in 30% of patients diagnosed with AIDS.


    3. Exosomes that looked exactly like viruses, yes.

    4. "...separating them. However, we have found that their sedimentation velocities in an iodixanol (Optiprep) velocity gradient are sufficiently different to allow separation and purification of both vesicles. Using acetylcholinesterase as an exosome marker, we demonstrate that Optiprep velocity gradients are very efficient in separating exosomes from HIV-1 particles produced on 293T cells, primary CD4(+) T cells, macrophages or DCs, with exosomes collecting at 8.4-12% iodixanol and HIV-1 at 15.6%. We also show that immunodepletion with an anti-acetylcholinesterase antibody rapidly produces highly purified preparations of HIV-1 or exosomes. These findings have applications in fundamental research on exosomes and/or AIDS, as well as in clinical applications where exosomes are involved, more specifically in tumour therapy or in gene therapy using exosomes generated from DCs genetically modified by transfection with virus."

      We know that you will never read a whole scientific article, Putinreloaded, but can you at least try reading the whole abstract?

    5. Read it all, pal, don't leave out the iffy bits!

      The authors claim to have separated exosomes and virions using velocity gradient:

      "...that exosomes can be separated from HIV virions
      by Optiprep™ velocity gradient..."

      but what does the Optiprep™ velocity gradient actually measure?

      "...Optiprep separation. Virus production was estimated
      by measuring p24 levels in culture supernatants by ELISA..."

      SURPRISE! ... what the're measuring is not HIV, but our good old non-specific "bait and switch" surrogate p24 which is found everywhere...


      The paper dates form 2008, which means that even assuming the authors' claim to have successfully separated exosomes from HIV, STILL the HIV tests of all kinds (PCR, antigen and antibody) haven been using materials ontained from highly contaminated supernatants where such separation was not performed.

      This just adds to the evidence of massive fraud/error/misdiagnosis in HIV testing that's unnecessary destrying so many lives.

    6. You keep saying that, Putin, but you have never explained why you can visually see an image of pure virus when it is done.

  38. Make sure you Email my last to Elon before you post it to make sure he gives an intelligent impromptu action. No doubt he'll have to troll the archives for some kind of response

  39. OSMJ continues to announce that facts don't matter. We believe what we want to believe, when we believe it. America stands for freedom of belief! It is in our first amendment.

    The beauty of denialism is that we can't be refuted. We believe HIV doesn't exist, and no one can challenge our belief. In fact, the stronger the evidence the more we deny it. We specialize in ad hominem attacks. In fact, we have a cut-rate special sale- if any of our readers want to take advantage of our special services. We'll even put our lies on special letterhead for you to be especially official. We have a "lies for cash" program- why not take advantage? Ignorance is bliss- and right now, America can use a lot more bliss. Just declare that AIDS is over- that is one big headache off America's plate! Forget about the poor slobs who suffer from the disease. Who wants to think about them?

    This blog is completely elitist. Scientists claim that science should be settled by electron microscopes, PCR, antibiodies, etc. When will they get that facts don't matter?

    Anybody can put out a blog reporting facts. The true beauty of OSMJ is that we are much more creative. We can actually make up the facts- and that is true democracy at work. The common man can be as much of an expert as high-brow egghead pointy head scientists.

    So, war on pharmasluts! War on Science! Read your bible.

    The OSMJ way is the American way.

  40. OSMJ NEWSFLASH!- I know the virus exits, yet all the better part of you knuckle-heads can do is refer to me as a Baker backing denialist who is against all drugs ?


    LOL!!! You suck!

    1. Maybe cause you post on a blog called DENYING AIDS?

    2. S. Kalichmen- Where are you Seth ? I have some question's for you along with the other genuine rats that your in bed with ?
      The other so-called debunkers and specialist's like you that are either lying or truly don't really know their collective asses from a cup of buttermilk.

      And what actually happened to your ever loyal leg-humping pooch "Snout"! lol
      Did you have that bitch mounted yet, or is he still on ice ? ?

  41. Denying Aids - AIDSTRUTH

    Same shit same protagonists, just another arm of AIDS Inc. Lets face it, without HIV/AIDS a lot of Phd's will have to sell their BMW's.

    You don't just need pharma cash to provide an incentive for paradigm maintenance. Much like the prostrate cancer specialists bleating that the PSA Test is valid/sensitive/specific. It's been one of the biggest money spinners for doctors in ages.

    Then there's 1 million unnecessarily impotent males in the US who might disagree. All good consensus science.

    War on Science? you don't have any "Science", you simply have a belief system based on the thought that some doctors may follow a hypocratic oath, seriously these days my fellow capitalists it should by the hypocrytic oath. 10 more points of stock boys and a blockbuster drug in the pipeline, and don't forget to patent something nature came up with, not mankind.

    1. Who brought up anything about prostate exams? You seem to have real anger management problems.

    2. Rather a false-diagnosis management problem... PSA testing is to cancer what HIV testing is to 30+ unrelated old, known and treatable conditions.

      Many doctors know PSA tests don't work. But they'll keep doing them ...

    3. Except, no. It is entirely different. In one case, the science doesn't support something and the guidelines were changed to reflect that. In the other case, the science continues to show what it always has: That you are a loony. Same with vaccines. Same with antibiotics.

  42. Ah Elon, can you provide the link to Etienne's website please, I can't seem to find it.


  43. Denialist Movement Declares Clark Baker "the devil!"

    Incredibly, in the above blog, the denialist movement has finally admitted what we all knew: Clark Baker is the devil!

    Even Celia Farber, Duesberg and all other prominent denialists finally admit that Baker has a long red pointy tail. He has made a deal with the majority of his clan to gather their souls. They are all destined for the ninth circle- along with all others who "protest too much" but don't do anything to cure the foul excrement of denialism.

    Given the demonic purpose of Baker, we the editorial board of OSMJ have decided to cut all ties with devil Baker. We urge all remaining to save themselves and shun this monster! Baker cackles at the 300,000 dead he contributed to in South Africa! Only a few more souls to enslave, and he can spread this genocide!

    Workers of the world, unite! Throw off Baker! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

    1. It's not 300,00 but 350,000 acciording to UNAIDS Inc.

      The infamous 350,000 are estimates concocted in a US room, ridiculously blown up by a factor of 20 relative to the actual Sudafrican data.

      The actual causes of death during the period, as duly registerd by Sudafrican physicians on the ground, are as follows:

      Statistical release: Mortality and causes of death in South Africa, 2007: Findings from death notification

      See table 4.4

      The first cause of death in SA is Tuberculosis, and in particular, during 2006 and 2007 only 14.000 deaths were registered as AIDS.

      UNAIDS blows up its estimates by a factor of 20 to 350,000, so blunt and obvious is their manipulation of this Phatma mouthpice that lives off selling AIDS where there's actually none.

    2. It's funny that you mention TB, because research has proved time and again that a major reason tuberculosis cases are on the rise is HIV infection.

      The fact that the leading cause of death is infectious disease, and that people in South Africa are more likely to die when they are 35 than when they are 55 points to something horribly wrong. The fact that we can see the deaths by age change to be that way in over the past 30 years, even when you denialists were in charge in South Africa shows there indeed is a new pandemic, more likely to strike the young. That, historically, has not been TB. TB always killed the elderly and the sickly.

      Also, what do you think this ninth leading cause means: "Certain disorders involving the immune mechanism" Did South Africa have a sudden influx of people with bad genes? Is SCIDS more likely now? Or is it possible that there is a pathogenic agent responsible?

      But all this doesn't matter,because as Duesberg says, there are more people in South Africa than before, so there can't be a pandemic.

    3. "...a major reason tuberculosis cases are on the rise is HIV infection..."

      More unsubstantiated, outrageous claims from the usual suspect.

      AIDS deaths in South Africa are registered as such, TB is also registered as such, then it's you, an anonymous ghost of the web pretending SA physicians cannot tell one from the other.

      Where's the science to lin TB and HIV? and more important... how can infeciton with HIV be diagnosed?

      We've seen how what pop culture calls "HIV tests" are rejected by courts as proof of infection because the surrogate parameters they detect are not specific of HIV.

      You HIV-pushers have buit a castle on sand and it's beginning to crumble.

    4. They were never rejected by courts. Those cases, if they were dismissed, were all dismissed for reasons that had nothing to do with you crazy deniers. In fact, several times the judges ridiculed you in the summary decisions and you still claimed it as victories.

      But you are not one to know your history.

    5. When a court acknowledges HIV tests are not proof of infection and dismiss a case, the winner is ridiculed? That's more cognitive dissonance from the pharma-lackey front.

    6. You are delusional. Did you read the transcripts? Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos was ridiculed in an Australian case, and Clark Baker, who apparently testified under a pseudonym was in another. But I wouldn't expect a history denier to understand testimony and transcripts.

  44. Elon Proved He's a DickJune 27, 2012 at 8:03 AM

    No anger management issues Elon, just anger at the hacks like you trolling the blogosphere. The reference to PSA tests is simply an example of how mainstream, consensus approved medical science can be so so wrong. I could have selected a drug say like VIOXX FDA approved, peer reviewed, consensus mandated and yet quite quite deadly and now removed from sale.

    I could pick on a drug banned then reborn after causing countless deformities, remember Thalidomide?

    But you keep coming up with the "Science" argument, the literature is replete with instances of dodgy tests and down right lethal medications that have all passed your "Science" only to be found later to be nothing of the sort, should we discuss the history of AZT?

    This is the point Elon, you fixate on HIV/AIDS and defend the "Science" and clearly the science is less than adequate at policing itself in any manner whatsoever. Just Google up Psychiatry at present to see the controversies raging there in diagnoses and medications, and these aren't fringe lunatic denialists questioning. Indeed in all science branches with the glaring exception of HIV/AIDS raising questions and doubting is encouraged, only HIV has achieved a thou shan't question religious faith based.

    In my experience when people say it just is, usually it isn't.

    I also checked your reference regarding De Harven, you must be shitting me if you can't pick the difference in his purified friend virus EM compared to the cellular debris called purified HIV that has been presented so far. Here's a hint, try reading the captions for a start.

    You remind me of one of those 4th of July Cherry Bombs that you light...........and it just goes Fizz.

    1. Don't look at "his" picture of HIV. Clearly he'll pick a terrible one. Look at this picture.

      Those are obvious, identical virus particles with no cellular debris in site. And of COURSE I fixate on AIDS. The blog is called DENYING AIDS, not anything else. It's not my business if you want to go off topic so much.

  45. I hear Seth isn't even running this blog anymore, he has one of his flunky Phd students doing it. Seth's taking time out to do more grant writing.

  46. AHA!

    Now that OSMJ has been exposed as a Devil's plot, the denialists are making their next move that CANCER IS A SCAM! Not just prostate- OSMJ announces ALL CANCER IS A SCAM!

    Instead of a war on CANCER, we need a war on CANCER SCAMMERS! Let's face it, over the last hundreds of years, people have had all kind of scams on Cancer.

    Yes, any time any scientist is wrong on anything, the deviis at OSMJ are ready to show that all science is a scam.

    Doctors are the real cause of cancer- they would all lose their BMWs if people knew! In fact, doctors inject babies during infancy. DOCTORS GIVE VACCINES SOLELY TO CAUSE CANCER! What a great business model.

    People- wake up! Doctors blame cancer on smoking, but it is all a smokescreen. Smoke all you want- forget doctors! Don't let doctors stop your freedom to believe what you want.

    OSMJ stands for freedom of thought- freedom to deny that cancer, AIDS, evolution exists. We don't want these things to exist- so don't let them. Clap three times and let tinkerbell wipe them from your consciousness.

    Real freedom comes from real ignorance.

    Everything I ever needed to know is in a July 4 Cherry Bomb. Science is a Fizz. Time to experience real wisdom- with the Devil Brigade at OSMJ.

  47. Yes!!! Why trust any medicines, since some medicines are taken off the market? They are all a scam! Antibiotic resistance is simply a figment of imagination!
    I, for one, completely agree with this logic. Data and science mean nothing! An Asian-American stole a car in
    my neighborhood the other day. Clearly this means they should all be placed in internment camps. Stokely, Maggiore, et al all realized this. That is why they didn't die. They are simply in the Witness Protection Program- far away from the prying eyes of evil billionaire scientists with lairs in mountains. We all know science is bad. There is no AIDS. There is no cancer or tuberculosis. All numbers are false. Numbers were invented by overlords to subjugate people. So was language! Down with language! Pffft Djdjfty23838^{^{*{ sjskene2727{*{*#

  48. BREAKING news: flatulence is an invention of the
    simethicone industry! Mendel lied about how his peas cross-bred so we now know that genetics is all a scam! There are no genes! And although we can see HIV under a microscope, we can't see gravity, so gravity doesn't exist! Hold yourself down! You might fly away!
    Also, the subject of "History" is a scam! No one is able to offer convincing proof that things happened! Were you there to see the Constitution signed? The Constitution is simply a pawn of BigTextbook! Everything that you ever knew is backwards! Don't believe "science"! Believe Clark! Believe OMSJ! Believe "Putin-Re-Ejaculated"! Down with Mendel!

  49. Kralc Re-Re-LoadedJune 29, 2012 at 1:52 AM

    Also- a food product was recalled at some point not too long ago. DOWN WITH FOOD! We all know that food can't be trusted now because food has to periodically be recalled. Don't eat! Let Denialism sustain you!

    Who knew George Carlin was right? REAL scientists have now verified that the cause of death is the swallowing of small amounts of saliva over a very long time.
    OMSJ now announces the Saliva Hope and Innocence Target (S.H.I.T.) campaign. For a nominal fee, our highly trained expert will write your doctor on our distinguished
    letterhead that we know people who swallow saliva eventually die, so we demand that your doctor immediately cease being in the pocket of BigSaliva. 10 out of 10 people who swallow saliva eventually die! Don't let this be your last day- let our highly accomplished former traffic cop supply your physician with a very serious warning that he/she really doesn't know the bad effects of saliva consumption! If your physician doesn't take our initial letter seriously, for a higher fee we will supply you with our "fecolith" package where we will strongly rebuke and reprimand your physician for not listening to us the first time. You even have the option of using our text so it looks like you wrote it yourself!
    ----------------OMSJ'S S.H.I.T. PROJECT--------------
    "Supplying S.H.I.T. one envelope at a time" (for a fee)

  51. OSMJ announces: we want Kralc for President!

    Kralc, more than Baker, represents the OMSJ fiendish outlook. Brilliant! We want the death of logic, the death of science, the death of medicine. Freedom! Freedom from logic! Socrates started the elitist craze that ruined the west. His pals Archimedes and Euclid had 5,000 bogus scientists sign the original Durban Declaration that the Pythagoras theorem was true! Fortunately, an Athenian ex-cop exposed the whole geometry scam and turned the Republic into a police state.

    But it was only a theorem, so they lied! Further, Pythagoras stole his theorem from the Eygptians- he'd be snubbed by the Nobel committee. Thief! How can anyone believe the sloppy nonsense from pharmaslut Pythagoras? Hemlock for all the logic Greeks! Listen to police, not philosophers.

    Break free of these bogus bonds! Vote for Kralc! Down with Clark!