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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holocaust Deniers, AIDS Denialists, and Other Conspiracy Theorists

Just a few days after President Obama renounced Holocaust Denial, 89 year old white supremacist James Von Brunn opened gun fire at the National Holocaust Museum in Washington DC killing at least one person. Von Brunn apparently had quite a following and some of his Holocaust Dinier fans are also rather active AIDS Denialists.

There is a long history of racist and homophobic undertones to AIDS denialism which I discuss in Denying AIDS. Perhaps even more disturbing are the recent homophobic remarks made by some of the more outspoken AIDS Denialist bloggers. has expressed concern about this trend with a post well worth reading. Of particular concern to all of us are comments posted online by AIDS Denialist Clark Baker regarding homosexual ‘lifestles’.

Members of Rethinking AIDS complain that they are mischaracterized as conspiracy theorists and are never happy when their parallels to Holocaust denial are pointed out. The evidence of course is in their rhetoric. (see post "What is HIV/AIDS Denialism")

If AIDS Rethinkers are not essentially a group of deconstructing conspiracy theorists, then why are they embraced by the most extreme of all conspiracy nut cases? There are several examples of extremists reaching out to Rethinking AIDS. For example, David Rasnick is well known among fellow conspiracy theorists. Rasnick’s theory “The AIDS Blunder” is singled out in discussions of 9/11 Truth Seeking, Secret Sterilizations, and CIA Mind Control Experiments. Rasnick is quoted by conspiracy theory extremist David Kay, where he discusses Rasnick’s views on “The AIDS-HIV Guinea Pig Kids” fiasco that baselessly caused the stop of pediatric HIV treatment trials in New York City.

Surprisingly even more repugnant is the link to Rethinking AIDS neo-Nazi hate group websites. First Light Forum has connected to Rethinking AIDS and AIDS denialist Janine Roberts’s homepage and her blog, by just clicking “The Great HIV/AIDS Hoax - reaping loot for Jew pharmaceutical cartels and killing Gentiles.” First Light Forum focuses on anything anti-Semitic and all conspiracy theories. You can read about the fabricated JFK assassination, the ‘Great Adolf Hitler”, refuting the Holocaust, how Jews brought down the Twin Towers on 9/11, and of course “ - HIV/AIDS Scam exposed”.

Are the AIDS denialists a hate group? No.

Are AIDS denialists neo-Nazis? No.

The point is not that AIDS Denialists are even like Neo-Nazis. The point is that AIDS denialists are like Holocaust Denialists. Just as they are similar to 9/11 Truth Seekers, Global Warming Denialists, Creationists, and Flat Earthers. What connects them all is a shared constellation of personality characteristics, including paranoia, anti-government passions, mis-representation of history, manipulation of facts, and attention seeking. The similarities are undeniable.


  1. AIDS Truth's latest posting reveals yet again the obnoxious homophobia that pervades so much of AIDS denialism. For Clark Baker to refer on his Blog to people with HIV/AIDS as being ""a small group of promiscuous, addicted, nitrite-huffing, gonorrheal and syphilitic bath house veterans " says all that needs to be said about the man. But, unfortunately, such attitudes are far from unique to Baker among the AIDS denilists, as previous AIDS Truth postings on Harvey Bialy and Hank Bauer have revealed. Throw in Peter Duesberg's derogatory references to black-skinned Africans and there is a serious issue to be addressed by those in the AIDS denialist clique who claim to be supporters of gay rights and/or civilized Liberals.

    There are several sub-groups within AIDS denialism. Some denialists are profiteers who attack the use of ARVs to try to increase the sales of their own quack remedies. Others are in personal denial of their own mortality at the hands of a lethal virus that will probably kill them unless they take ARVs. Yet more are simply crazy people who will adopt any fringe cause (such as the alleged 9/11 conspiracy). There are also "pharmanoiacs" who distrust and fear the alleged influence of the pharmaceutical industry on American society. And of course, there are various combinations of the above attitudes on display.

    And yet the most sinister aspect of AIDS denialism is something that Seth Kalichman has covered in his book: The influence of extreme Right-Wingers on the movement. The various racist and/or homophobic comments made by several AIDS denilists really need to be looked at in this context. I think posters to this Blog might well like to consider the argument that at least some of the AIDS denialist opposition to ARV use is rooted in the knowledge that these drugs save the lives of people that extreme Right-Wingers regard as "undesirables". The majority of HIV-1 infections nowadays arise in black-skinned Africans, African-American men and women, and male homosexuals. These groups are all targets for the hatred of the Extreme-Right, so it is logical to infer that the use of ARVs to prolong their lives is something the Extreme-Right would oppose.

    Some AIDS denialists, such as David Crowe, Elizabeth Ely and Celia Farber, have claimed to be left-wing Liberals who support gay rights and abhor racism. Well, if that be true, let them prove it by publicly (for example, here on this Blog) disowning Clark Baker's homophobic rant, and earlier comments of a similar nature by other AIDS denialists. Silence on this issue would be very revealing about these individuals' true attitudes. In the particular case of Celia Farber, should her silly libel case against Richard Jefferys, Jim Murtagh and Kevin Kurilzky ever make it to court, it will be interesting to see how a Manhattan Jury responds to Clark Baker's comments, given his close links to Farber and her libel suit.

  2. Hi Seth,

    You said, "The point is that AIDS denialists are like Holocaust Denialists".

    As a gay man, and as an aids dissident, that is where you and I will have to agree to disagree.

    My own perspective is I see the aids issue as simply another holocaust. A modern day holocaust, where-in primarily gays, but also many blacks and hemophiliacs, and even a much smaller number of white heterosexuals got caught up in the belief that what we now define as aids was caused by a transmitted virus, and that the massive paranoia and the well-known-to-be-toxic treatments, given for it by otherwise well meaning virologists and medical care-givers, who mistakenly believed the cause was a retrovirus, exacerbated far more deaths and damage, resulting in what I clearly see as the AIDS holocaust here in the USA from the years of 1987 to 1996. And after all, even the FDA itself claims aids drugs, particularly the AZT that was given in the early days, are well known to be highly toxic. That is the very reason they carry the FDA's highest warning of "Black Box" labels.

    As for the ever emotionally charged Dr. Moore above, who insists Clark Baker is a homophobe, I would think this would be very difficult to substantiate, considering Baker was a singer in the LA gay men's chorus, and as he has many long time gay friends who even agree with his statement.

    Well known gay writer and Act-Up NY founder Larry Kramer wrote the book "Faggots" back in 1978, and very clearly described in it the lifestyle that Baker was referring to, that was prevalent with a high number of gay men in the late 70's and early 80's. Some gays are still getting stuck in that self destructive lifestyle of intense drug abuse and chronic std infections to this day. I myself would like to assure Dr. Moore that there is nothing homophobic about Baker so succinctly again pointing this out. I myself as a gay man, who has witnessed the entire aids epidemic, have also pointed it out many times, as have many other gay men who over the years have decried and condemned such a dangerous and self destructive lifestyle.

  3. You guys are really grasping at straws now. After years of refusing to debate dissidents, you now demand that everyone do as you say. Jump!

    Since you are incapable of debating the real important health issues at stake here, let's all go way off-topic into the inverted netherworld of how homophobia is an element of "denialism." This is completely unrelated to whether "HIV" can cause AIDS. Are all the readers of this blog really that stupid? Wait, don't answer that. John Moore is recording all these conversations to use them against us in a court of his own choosing.

    As a gay man, I do not even find Clark Baker's remarks homophobic. I appreciate someone who is fearless enough to speak about these issues.

    From Merriam-Webster:

    : irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals

    I do not find any of Clark Baker's comments to exhibit an "irrational fear of" gays or to fit this definition at all. He is boldly stating (as many gay men have for 25 years now) that there are aspects to a "fast-track" lifestyle that can be damaging to one's immune system. Is this even debatable?

    Many of the people you are trying to lump together as "AIDS denialists" (which is an absurd, pseudo-psychological classification) have nothing more in common than the fact that they question the causative role of "HIV" in AIDS. You're attempts at labeling me (keep in mind I am a German, a Jew and a gay man) as a Nazi, Holocaust denier and a homophobe is utterly insulting and says much more about the way your mind works than mine.

  4. well, as a gay man, dissident and a couple to somone found HIV positive (who happened to just have a fungal infection and nothing more)... i found this rather insulting...
    the way u invite people to call somone else a homophobic, only because he stated the THRUT about the big majority of gay men lifestyle...
    i myself am not proud of it. but u have to admit this is the thrut, gay lifestyles in the 70's and 80's, were so selfdestructing, even now, its a fact that more than 70% of gay man, are poppers users or have used it in the past...
    domestic drugs, std's, several sexual partners, ITS NOT A MYTH... its a reality... im telling this ... a gay man.

  5. Well I guess this answers the post someone left on another thread that said something to the extent of "show me one AIDS denialiast that is also a holocaust denialist". Touche, Seth!

  6. Anyone who defends Clark Baker's actions is beyond help! The denialist movement must be in very bad shape indeed if Clark Baker is held up in any way. Baker has proven that he is nothing more than a Felon, a bully and stupid when it comes to science.
    I will take on Baker any way on any day at any venue. I would really like to have a pay-per-view fist fight with him. I will make that proposition to Baker, as I did with Liam Scheff, and we'll see if Baker is man enough to take me on. Scheff ran like a little girl when I made the proposition to him.

  7. Onedumbasskid, how can you say this?
    "As a gay man, I do not even find Clark Baker's remarks homophobic. I appreciate someone who is fearless enough to speak about these issues."
    Clark Baker is the pathetic quintesential closeted fag who has sex in alley ways, and back rooms (yeah, sounds HOT, I know, but not when you have seen Baker with his shirt off, as I had the unfortunate "pleasure" recently) and then goes on a "Fag Attack" like the one Kalichman quoted above. It will not be long until Baker gets arrested and the frozen heads in his freezer are found...found by REAL cops and not the fake wanna~be cops like Baker who have to beat up 76 year old, hand~cuffed Jay~Walkers!!

  8. Dr. Moore,

    You stated: "... at least some of the AIDS denialist opposition to ARV use is rooted in the knowledge that these drugs save the lives of people that extreme Right-Wingers regard as "undesirables"".

    So you think there is a group of extreme Right Wingers who have invaded and only pretend to support the Rethinking AIDS movement to achieve their sinister goals? Well, at least would they without any doubt believe and share your "knowledge that ARV-drugs save the lives of people", no?

    But on the other hand - how can you be sure that there are not also a bunch of equally evil Right Extremists who - as you suggest - actually tend to give credit to the Rethinker's arguments about the ARV treatments and that they do far more harm than any good?

    Of course, this guys would also pretend to support your AIDSTruth-movement and thus help you to encourage "people they regard as undesirables" to take the - in their opinion - highly toxic and deadly ARVs. And they would also vocally oppose the Rethinking AIDS movement instead of supporting it - just the way you and your fellow Truthers do.

    So, for one group of extremists ("The Realists") you've got the homophopic and racist HI-virus that causes AIDS, preferrably in gays, haemophiliacs and black people, and for the other group ("The Denialists") you've got the ARVs to treat this very groups of people to death, just in case the virus alone is not sufficcient.

    The Rethinkers do not have any of the above to promote instead.

    Thus, if I were a right extremist, I'd rather join your side since it has a lot more to offer for me and my sinister agenda.


  9. Are you denialists really ready to lay down your arms and admit defeat?
    How many deaths will it take?
    Christine died (from a broken heart and guilt from letting her own daughter die) and now you all are more than happy to lay CM's torch at Karri Stokely's door. Just what will you say when Karri dies? Actually, I doubt she will die. I have a strong suspicion that Karri Stokely is not and never was HIV+. I have a feeling this was all a set up. Otherwise, Karri would not have changed her story a million times before that lying, childish, cock~sucking Tranny Clark Baker had posted her "story"!!
    Come on, you denialists. You have more addendums and changes than a mob boss changing his route to the Italian Deli!!

  10. Clark Baker himself on a Facebook page says he is Bisexual. He is like the character Roy Cohn of Angels in America. Clark Baker appears to be both gay and homophobic at the same time - an internalized homophobe. You know, the kind that screw men and then beat them up in self-hatred.

    But regardless of what Baker is, it is what he says in his comments that is certainly homophobic. That is what is important, not his sexuality.

    Baker has made himself a public figure on this issue. He has put himself out there just as Maggiore, Rasnick, Duesberg etc. How does not libel a public figure?

    Baker has sought and gained notoriety as a public figure on this issue.

  11. "Some AIDS denialists, such as David Crowe, Elizabeth Ely and Celia Farber, have claimed to be left-wing Liberals who support gay rights and abhor racism. Well, if that be true, let them prove it by publicly (for example, here on this Blog) disowning Clark Baker's homophobic rant, and earlier comments of a similar nature by other AIDS denialists."

    Are any of you going to disown JTD's anti-semitic outbursts?

    go here to feel the stupid:

  12. Well I guess this answers the post someone left on another thread that said something to the extent of "show me one AIDS denialiast that is also a holocaust denialist". Touche, Seth!

    You could have used science fiction author James P Hogan as another example. He is also a global warming 'skeptic', and evolution denier and 911 truther.

  13. Are any of you going to disown JTD's anti-semitic outbursts?

    Sure. I disown all of these statements whether Todd personally meant them to be anti-semitic or not. I am not Jewish so I can't see the self-reflexive joke side of it.

  14. Ok, so JTD (a Gay Jew) called Henry Bauer a Kike.
    I am a Jew.
    Baker (an internalized Homophobic Gay guy) makes homophobic remarks.
    I am not Gay.

    But what is the difference between JTD calling Bauer a Kike and Baker saying Gay men live an unhealthy lifestyle?

    The difference is JTD ran out of words to express his gut wrenching disgust with Henry Bauer and Clark Baker is speaking of a whole class of people – Gay Men and their unhealthy lifestyle (by the way, Baker is just using Duesberg’s words probably because Baker has an IQ of around 70 and can play follow the leader and that is about it).

    I understand where JTD is coming from. I find Bauer so repulsive because he accepts paychecks from the State of Virginia at an institution I hold in high regard (I was accepted to Virginia Tech’s Clinical Psychology Program, have friends on the faculty, and have best friends who received their PhDs there) and Bauer is a pseudoscientist’s pseudoscientist, claims the Loch Ness Monster exists, proclaims HIV cannot cause AIDS, and presents himself as if he could even pronounce epidemiology and I am quite sure he cannot.

    Reaching deep into my inner gut to express my feelings toward Henry Bauer (and recall, my friend Joe Newton developed a close personal correspondence with him for well over a year) I do not come up with the word Kike.

    I understand how one could, but I do not.

    For me words that come to mind are for Henry Bauer are buffoon, pseudoscientist, self-indulging ignoramus, Fucktard (thanks JTD), sad old man, Campus Joke, reason to dissolve tenure, reckless narcissist, and sociopath. I suppose Kike could work, it is just not my style.

    Baker, however, is saying Gay men have an unhealthy lifestyle that causes AIDS. This is not only stupid, it is also homophobic.

  15. I like Baker's blog. He has exposed AIDS Inc. as a $100 Billion industry, fueled by greed and fear.

    You all stigmatized a generation of gays with a bullshit "antibody" test and then killed them off with massive doses of AZT.

  16. CIA Mind Control Experiments???!!

    Like Holocaust Denial?

    Let's all just sign up for the Proressive Bizarro Party right now, where one is cleansed verily from pseudoscience and related corruptions of the human spirit ...

    First dictum: me am pwogwessive; me no have belief in unathorized patterns; bad thinkig patterns are no good.

    Second dictum: memorize The Skeptic's current column in Scientific American!

    Third dictum: We detect neonazi infiltrator's by watching them read Marin Lee's Book, The Beast Reawakens.

    Anyway, speaking of revising hisory (or not) re CIA Mind Control Experiments, there WERE Conressional Hearings and an excellent book by John Marks, The Search for the Manhurian Candidate.

    But did the "wrong guy", the "true defector" from KGB actually jump out a window tripping on acid* thanks to James Jesus Angleton?

    I don't know ...

    *as portrayed in the movie: The Good Shepard

  17. Oh, Pat, I'm glad that the lobotomy scar has healed and you are back dredging up the old "Todd called Bauer a KIKE!" That is so old that when I first said it, Clark Baker actually thought Gallo's Egg would be published somewhere other than the internet and make him famous!
    Again, I'll explain this. The entire point of the KIKE comment was that I had called him and all of Re-Thinking AIDS liars, killers, murderers, hypocrites, baby~killers etc, and the ONLY thing that offended you *@$# is KIKE!!
    Have any of you ever considered sorting out your prioritites?
    Personally, the last thing I would ever want to be is a hypocrite. But not for you of noble blood, KIKE is the nail in the coffin!
    Did you know that calling someone a "chicken~head" in some cultures will get you killed? Yeah, the offensive pejorative "chicken head"!
    God forbid I call you all "denialist"!! At least give me credit in that I now call you twisted fucks "Re~Thinkers"!
    When are we all going to learn what Lenny Bruce tried to teach us (and Joan Rivers still practices) and that is words ain't shit, it's your actions that matter!
    Keep dwelling on the KIKE word, Pat, and according to Michael Geiger, the stress will give you AIDS!!!

  18. Rob Jenson, is your IQ 2 or 3 points higher than Baker? You like Baker's Blog? Baker (and all Re~Thinkers) say that Big Pharma is killing people with toxic HIV Medications and doing so on purpose. Are you a logical person, Rob? I guess not. Because by Baker's logic and all of the Re~Thinkers, Big Pharma would be Big Dummees by intentionally killing the very people who buy their product!
    Sorry to burst your Baker bubble, there Rob. Oh, and one more thing Rob, Baker is fooling around on you!!

  19. JTD

    Please do not ever call me a Kike!
    Genocidal Maniac, fine.
    Baby Killer, sure.
    Murderer, no problem.
    Pseudoscientist, you bet.
    Loch Ness Monster Hunter, well maybe.
    But NEVER a Kike.
    And do not call me a Holocaust Denier, I hate that too!

    JTD, if any of these AIDS Denialists had half the brains that you OR Snout OR PoodleStomper OR Chris Nobel has they, well, they would not be AIDS Denialists.

  20. I just find it odd that Seth would go to such trouble comparing denialists with holocaust deniers and even going so far as to suggest that they are nazis and then add a link to his "favorite blogs" where one finds nothing but nonsensical rants laced with boorish anti-semitic verbiage.

    Noble had the sense of mind to disown it but Seth tried to make excuses for it. Trying to have the cake and eat it too?

    Todd may be gay but I'll never believe he is Jewish and if he is I think his Rabbi should give him a thorough dress-down of the like he is not accustomed to and that for morally obvious reasons that apparently fly above his and Seth's heads.

    If gutter logic is your overall strategy in this ehem..."war" then please go for it but I fear you do no one any good except for Henry Bauer where one finds no such open and vile hate.

    Maybe this will spark that brain wave for you:

    Nobody talks about how Wellington won the battle of Waterloo but rather how Napoleon LOST it.

  21. Pat
    If you had any sense at all you would not be an AIDS Denialist.

    Henry Bauer is civil, yes, and stupid.
    Bauer defines Pseudoscientist.
    He edited the pseudoscience ‘Journal of Scientific Exploration’.
    He claims the Loch Ness Monster exists.
    He is on record for being a Homophobe.
    Not one colleague at Virginia Tech takes him serious.
    He has had fewer doctoral students than right hand fingers (He may have 6 fingers on his right hand).
    Bauer is a sad old man who lost some marbles on his way to AIDS Denial.

    JTD can call Henry Bauer whatever he wants and I could not care less. Being Jewish offers no protection and using a religious slur may offend you but it is just words to me.

    I think JTD and Shlomo are right. Bauer tells HIV+ pregnant women that their HIV test results are invalid and they should not take AZT. He is in fact a Baby Killer. Just as Duesberg has Baby EJ’s blood on his hands as well as the blood of tens of thousands of other babies in what was Mbeki’s South Africa.

    Pat, this not a war.

    You may think so. I know John Moore has said so.
    As impossible as it may seem to you, there isn’t even a conspiracy to deconstruct.

    From my perspective this is not even a battle of wits. AIDS Denialism is psychological anomaly. You are merely a specimen on display for readers of my Author’s Blog. So thanks for your contributions.

  22. Oh, Pat, if I and my blog offer nothing but "non~sensical rants laced with borish anti~semitic verbage..." then do not read it. But also spare us all your outrageous hypocrisy by exaggerating. One example of anti~semitism by me, yet you blindly ignore the many, many homophobic statements by Henry Bauer and Clark Baker and you even justify such statements.
    It is so typical of you denialists to try and put the focus where it does not belong. Somewhere you can sensationalize (i.e. Scheff and Farber's "journalism") and appeal to emotions rather than logic. If I am so anti~semitic why is there only the one example you keep harping on? My blog is truly non~sensical? Why do you think Clark Baker hates me so much? Because many of my blogs have had the sole purpose of proving what a lying, scientifically illiterate asshole, and I am doing a great job. However, if you genuinely can accept the writings of Clark Baker over mine, then you are obviously in deep need of more than just a reality check. Now please, Pat, get a life and stop trying to make one for yourself upon my coat~tails!

  23. As an Aussie, I'm a little confused about why Todd's use of the word "kike" to describe Henry Bauer has anything to do with whether HIV causes AIDS.

    "Kike" isn't a commonly used word here. I first heard it uttered by Graham Chapman playing Brian in the Monty Python film The Life of Brian. It's a scene where he is claiming his Jewish heritage in the most profound and emphatic way he can:

    "I'm not a Roman mum, I'm a kike, a yid, a heebie, a hook-nose, I'm kosher mum, I'm a Red Sea pedestrian, and proud of it!"

    Reclaiming politically incorrect pejoratives like "nigga" or "fag" or "kike" or even words like "cunt" is both radical and fraught. Sometimes it falls flat and sometimes it doesn't.

    For the record, I think Henry Bauer's attempts to paint himself a scientific iconoclast are nuts and morally reprehensible. This has nothing to do with his Jewish identity. One of my scientific heroes is (like Bauer) another Jewish kid who fled the Nazi takeover of Austria with his family in 1939 and lobbed into Australia with no English. Australians claim him as a National Living Treasure.

    He is the worldwide renowned immunologist Sir Gustav Nossal.

    Oh, and as a sometimes confused gay kid growing up in the 70's, my personal hero was the openly gay English comedian Graham Chapman.

  24. Hi Everyone:

    My name is Sérgio and I live in Brazil. I just would like to say that, when I was diagnosed back in 1991, I was seduced by the "AIDS CONSPIRACY THEORY". It took 10 years for me to be proven very wrong. I almost died of pneumonia with a CD4 count of 44. After that I decided to grow and started meds. I gained 40 pounds in two months and I am now healthier than never before! I have productive life with no side efects whatsoever! I would like to thank all HIV researchers for allowing me to survive in a good shape...thanks a lot!

  25. Thank you Sergio!
    Great to hear from you.
    Maybe your story will help get others out of Denial and in control of their HIV infection. Thank you again!

  26. Christ... thats the best you can do??? Comparing denialists to Nazi's?

    Look up the term, 'godwin', Seth.
    Its well-known in the internet world that anybody who invokes nazi's, hitler, and the holocaust as a comparison to their opponent, has just employed the tackiest, moot arguement possible. This entire page is a godwin.

    By pointing out 1 dude who is a racist, and trying to discredit the denialist movement based on that 1 guy, is beyond ridiculous. It actually hurts your own case that you are forced to use such a sneaky tactic.

    Furthermore, its entirely moot if Duesberg has used an offensive term for gays. By harping on that fact, its simply obvious that your goal is to make gays mad at him. Guess what... whether Duesberg is a jerk or not has nothing to do with how sound his theories are.

  27. Tony

    The point is not that AIDS deniers are like Nazis. I do not think I have ever said that.

    I have said AIDS Deniers are like Holocaust Deniers.

    This post is about the homophobic remarks of Baker, Duesberg, and Bauer. They are not Nazis, but they surely are not overly concerned about the health of 'homos’ that live ‘unhealthy lifestyles’.

    I also posted to show how there are Nazis who link to AIDS denialists. NeoNazi websites link to Rethinkers because of the anti-government, conspiracy, racist, and homophobic appeal.

    There is also discussion about my pointing out the number of Germans (and Austrians) who surround Duesberg. In fact, many if not most, academic AIDS Denialists intersect Duesberg’s national heritage or UC Berkeley.

    In Denying AIDS, I wrote the Nazi Thing not to say AIDS Denialists are Nazi-like. Rather I wanted to point out the irony of AIDS Denialists calling AIDS scientists murders and Nazis.

    Finally, I agree that if Duesberg is a jerk it has no impact on how sound his theories are. Same is true for Gallo. In either case, a theory is just a theory. I am an empiricist. It is all about the evidence. I also trust peer-review. The science on HIV causing AIDS is clear.

  28. "Pat
    If you had any sense at all you would not be an AIDS Denialist"

    I deny the existance of AIDS???

    "JTD can call Henry Bauer whatever he wants and I could not care less."

    Obviously you couldn't care less and obviously you couldn't care less as to how people would react to his complete idiocy. As I said, this is your awareness campaign and you run it the way you see fit.

    "However, if you genuinely can accept the writings of Clark Baker over mine, then you are obviously in deep need of more than just a reality check." JTD

    For the record: Clark Baker claims to love facts but I am weary of it because he lists Ann Coulter as a friend and that alone should scare anyone who loves facts. I truely hope that puts a smile on your face.